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File 160160022099.jpg - (566.44KB , 1446x2048 , a ghost and a cat.jpg )
3906 No. 3906 [Edit]
Ms. Corporate Slave Wants to be Healed by a Loli Spirit
Since it's October now how about a spookier manga? Loli Spirit is about an overworked wagie that doesn't look at all like Kobayashi who is told to leave her workplace by a ghost child and all of the cute antics that ensue from a ghost child trying to be scary to be helpful. Unfortunately, the ghost child does not succeed often but she still does her best to scare the wagie away for her own good!
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>> No. 3907 [Edit]
File 160160214499.jpg - (170.16KB , 441x440 , dokidokivampire.jpg )
DokiDoki Vampire. I love this author's style. It's that early 90s cute, or rather a precursor of that since this came out in 89. It's perfect, even if you don't read jp, just flip through this book, it looks gorgeous and adorable. It's about a half vampire girl, Shelly, and her weird friends getting themselves in funny situations. It's a homage to western horror tropes and characters.

You can read it for free on

Kokoma is on twitter and still very active. He recently made a post about dokidoki, too.
>> No. 3908 [Edit]
I mean since it's october and we're talking about spooky manga, let me just drop that post about DokiDoki in here, hopefully it won't bother OP.
>> No. 3909 [Edit]
File 160160601784.jpg - (142.01KB , 822x466 , headpats.jpg )
I didn't really want the halloween manga to be kept in one thread since I wanted /ma/ to have more threads to post in but I guess that's fine too.
>> No. 3910 [Edit]
Healing damages the undead.
>> No. 3911 [Edit]
It feels like the artist doesn't know how to draw non-loli faces. maybe its for effect.

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