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File 160147713941.jpg - (135.47KB , 728x1024 , 3.jpg )
3901 No. 3901 [Edit]
The fluffy series you've all heard of. If you watched the anime, you know what it's about though the anime deviates in order a little bit as well as the ending. The manga, however, is still going and updates with some frequency (I think that's frequent, I'm not sure). It still features the things that people who started reading early read the manga for but has deviated over time deciding to explore the strange black mist that plagues Nakano or introducing other characters to keep things going. With that said, s2 is probably a never ever but you can always read this. and cry yourself to sleep knowing you'll never come home to a fluffy tail wife
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>> No. 3902 [Edit]
The edits implying she's a figment of his imagination and certain animations hurt me pre-emptively hurt me and I refuse to get invested in this.
>> No. 3903 [Edit]
File 160148261761.jpg - (422.07KB , 1440x2048 , 22723v7.jpg )
I like it. It's a very cozy series. I haven't caught up just yet but it helps me feel better in hard times.
>> No. 3904 [Edit]
File 160148435622.jpg - (81.81KB , 724x1023 , milf senko from @EggNoodl.jpg )
I can't blame you, I don't appreciate those images either. I would tell you to check out the manga anyway since none of those images are canon but I understand your caution.
It is. I appreciate that Rimukoro brought the world such a wonderful character. On the other hand, I feel an intense sadness I'll never have a fluffy tail wife.
>> No. 3905 [Edit]
>I feel an intense sadness
This seems to be a common reaction to these sorts of things. Healing seems to upset certain personalities.
It kind of reminds me of how people can't read things like Aria or Lucky Star because the nostalgia makes them sad.
>> No. 3917 [Edit]
Touch the fluffy tail.
I have been enjoying this after giving it a chance, like all healing it is something to be savored instead of binged.
I really wish they would do first person pov chapters because seeing another man is throwing off my healing receptors.

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