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File 158332547481.jpg - (262.54KB , 850x1202 , __ebisuzawa_kurumi_wakasa_yuuri_takeya_yuki_and_na.jpg )
3804 No. 3804 [Edit]
Gakkou Gurashi recently ended. It was an nice ride. I normally don't like zombie stories, but this one captured something interesting about the scenario not focused on a lot by others, what makes life valuable enough to continue struggling to survive. You can sit in a room with nothing but a cd player to keep you occupied, and you'd be able to live for a while, but would it be worth it?

If you're living in this kind of world, you'd do everything to keep having fun like before. What's going around you wouldn't be what you want to focus on. Parts of it were messy or underwhelming, and the ending was a tad anti-climactic, but it was decent.
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>> No. 3805 [Edit]
That's good news, I'll try and get through what I had left to read soon. It was a fun series.
>> No. 3806 [Edit]
I remember reading it up to the point where they "graduate" from school, although I don't remember much. Maybe I'll give it another read.
>> No. 3918 [Edit]
File 160182836569.jpg - (177.52KB , 850x1471 , sample_7d4a20ebe112a531a65f71038bcc8d68.jpg )
A sequel manga has begun called Gakkou Gurashi! Otayori. The first two chapters have been released and translated.

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