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File 169776466315.jpg - (5.22KB , 251x190 , 1238848219773s.jpg )
1617 No. 1617 [Edit]
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>> No. 1618 [Edit]
File 169777138124.jpg - (141.67KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault (1).jpg )
>> No. 1619 [Edit]
File 169777149472.jpg - (147.78KB , 1020x765 , 14122104.jpg )
>> No. 1620 [Edit]
File 169777155090.jpg - (444.34KB , 3090x2945 , NATTO.jpg )
>> No. 1624 [Edit]
Alright. Which one of you sick fucks has actually eaten this crap, and did you like it?
>> No. 1625 [Edit]
I'll try it someday anon!!
>> No. 1626 [Edit]
Natto? I've eaten it, you can go to a local japanese supermarket and buy it refrigerated. I didn't like it all that much without the accompanying seasoning. Basically the anime trope of it being very stringy/sticky is completely true (c.f. sabagebu), I was actually surprised by that considering that they also considered "okra" as sticky which is not really true. In terms of taste, eating it directly it tastes a bit bitter, maybe best comparison would be some like really aged cheeses. I did not consider it a pleasant taste on its own. When paired with a savory sauce like in dashitsuyu natto (the pack I bought came with mustard and fish-soy-umami sauce) it's not bad. I still would not eat it in bulk, but with the sauce and as a side-dish for rice it would probably be fine.
>> No. 1643 [Edit]
It's been two months, anon. I'm still waiting!

I wasn't expecting an informative reply, but it's much appreciated nonetheless.

>maybe [the] best comparison would be some like really aged cheeses
I'll have tap out on the natto experience then, even if it were sauced up.
>> No. 1644 [Edit]
I hate smelly food, and it doesn't even looks appetizing. I'll be skipping it.
>> No. 1645 [Edit]
I wonder if people have experimented with strains of natto that are less... acrid. Just as there's different types of cheeses, if they altered the bacterial cultures they could probably produce one more on the savory side.

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