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File 154364328230.jpg - (176.50KB , 1002x958 , 1536732814337.jpg )
1102 No. 1102 [Edit]
why didnt you invest, tc?
>> No. 1105 [Edit]
I don't invest, I mine it myself every day.
>> No. 1433 [Edit]
Forget cryptokitties, where are cryptonekos? There's a billion dollar industry waiting to be tapped right here: you can use GANs (รก la thiswaifudoesnotexist) to create cat girls and then people can own NFTs for these cat girls and their ownership will be verified via the blockchain. We will partner with anime studios to release limited-edition exclusive cat girls that all the otakus will fight over. All the bitcoin miners in China will switch to mining cryptonekos overnight once their otaku staff get word of this.
>> No. 1434 [Edit]
So do it and become a millionaire.
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