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File 132260305073.jpg - (168.96KB , 640x800 , d382829768504aaed22664e10ce8a651.jpg )
1 No. 1 [Edit]
ITT pictures of lighthouses
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>> No. 36 [Edit]
File 142909157429.jpg - (616.31KB , 1875x860 , 250815dae4a46efe01af90ab3f67f5e9.jpg )
>> No. 37 [Edit]
File 142909170129.jpg - (325.71KB , 1500x825 , d93edf1fb460555b46102538f6d33afb.jpg )
>> No. 85 [Edit]
File 153119294822.gif - (302.39KB , 547x718 , Minot_light.gif )
>> No. 108 [Edit]
File 154908468166.png - (587.91KB , 1415x1000 , lh.png )
I made this for you.
I'm not very happy with it though.
>> No. 115 [Edit]
File 155207457556.jpg - (895.50KB , 3508x2482 , af6568b28cb7983ee6564317bb236aa8.jpg )
I appreciate it though, it's pretty cool. I assume you drew it yourself?
>> No. 116 [Edit]
>> No. 117 [Edit]
File 155284525593.jpg - (1.52MB , 1061x1500 , bbf350f5267746fa95900ea247c99e26.jpg )
Like I said I think it's really nice, thank you.

I can't even draw stick figures and my mom took care of basically every art assignment I ever got in school but if you'd like to listen to my worthless opinion then here goes:
The lightning you have on the lighthouse feels off; it's too shiny. It wouldn't really shine light on itself. Coupled with the fact that it's in seemingly perfect condition - looks freshly painted with not a scratch on it - makes it feel a little out of place.
The shape is a little odd, it'd be better if it were a little thinner, with roughly the same radius throughout. With it being so stumpy it appears to be small and it throws off the entire feeling of scale.
>> No. 120 [Edit]
Thanks for the tips.

I know the lighthouse looks plastic-y. I tried to make it look better and with some sort of texture to it but I failed, it all looked horrible. Unfortunately what you see is the best I can do.

The lighting was supposed to be interesting in theory. Sometimes on stormy days you get these gaps between clouds with sunlight coming through them, making parts of the landscape look intense against dark overcast sky. That's the kind of effect I wanted to get in the foreground, obviously a failed attempt.
>> No. 121 [Edit]
File 155441162598.png - (432.64KB , 1500x500 , lh2.png )
Tried to make another one.
>> No. 125 [Edit]
File 155456848190.jpg - (2.37MB , 1600x1131 , 286777812f504fd7e7d789ca33d1438b.jpg )
A vast improvement! Although it's not your skills that got better but your resolve I bet. It looks like you put so much effort and care into this piece.

It's really good. I find it hard to point to any areas that could be improved. I guess the lighthouse isn't symmetrical - it should be - but that's somewhat of a nitick.
One other thing I suppose. You did really well with the rocks in the foreground and farthest background - they really do look the part. But the ones in the middle 'crawling' towads the sea look a little like roots. Its mostly the lack of cracks/shading: solid brown makes it look like it's one relatively smooth surface.

Anyway, thanks!
>> No. 126 [Edit]
I agree with your remarks.
I think it looks better than in the previous picture, but unfortunately I have to admit that the end result is largely a fluke.
I struggled to make the basic shore line that I started out with more interesting. This led to the somewhat weird rocks. I tried different shapes, but at some point I just gave up and left it as is.
I had trouble with the water too. I attempted to do make it wavy at first, then smoother but with wind ripples and failed both times. Had to leave it completely flat and mirror-like.
Overall I feel like I was blindly throwing crap against a wall to see what sticks.
As I have problems even with greyscale I very rarely dare to try anything in colour. It took a lot of guessing, trial and error to make it look more or less right.
In the end the images I make are not an outcome of conscious effort like they should be. Instead they're a result of countless cop-outs and cheap workarounds.
I use digital editing as a crutch, it allows me to retry and redo everything multiple times, hoping something will come out right eventually. It's kind of a typical low-level amateur brute force approach.
Sometimes I manage to make things look acceptable in the end, but the whole process is awkward and pretty shameful regardless.
The rocks for example are a cheat in and of itself, it's easier to draw sharp rocks than softer terrain and vegetation.
I chose to make the lighthouse distant and the landscape poorly lit because I could hide a lot of errors and skill deficiencies that way. I completely omitted perspective.
The clouds are a collection of superposed flat blots because I couldn't manage to do it the correct way, with proper volume and lighting.
The best way to describe the way I work would be "slow hack job."
That picture was probably more time consuming than the first one, but not by much- both took considerably longer than they should have.

Thanks for making an effort to find and point out the stuff that stands out or seems wrong.
When tinkering with the same picture for an extended period of time you get used to the image and it can be easy to make obvious mistakes without noticing.
It's helpful when someone can provide some honest observations, and I feel it's important to try thinking critically about all creative works regardless of personal skill.

In general I find my attempts at art taxing, often stressful and the conclusions I come to regarding my abilities are pretty depressing, but I'm glad you like the picture.
>> No. 127 [Edit]
File 155492026916.jpg - (760.90KB , 1000x707 , 11c0a1184f2c276420451e746d311df2.jpg )

Well, you're pretty hard on yourself, but that's not a bad thing (unless you take it too far). Being able to analyze your works and figuring out where you came up short is a valuable skill.

I was okay with the mirror state of water. If you think about it in terms of actual seas then yeah it's weird. I wanted to comment on it even, except there's one 'but': it's kind of how most people handle it in such landscape pictures to begin with, a standard of sorts. I see it all the time and as such it doesn't bother me and I don't feel it looks off.

As a rule of thumb rocks might be easier to draw but since your lines are a little washed out and not sharp it's actually not easy to make the rocks look the part. That's why I pointed out the foreground ones look good. The far background aren't on the same level but they're still perfectly fine. What comes in the middle looks a bit too soft, and yeah the shape feels off too.

I think the clouds are fine really. If I had any complaints about the sky is that perhaps - and I'm not even sure, unfortunately I'm the type who has to see things side by side to pick what's better, doing so in my head never works - it would be better if the gradation of the lighting was more gradual. That's how it looks to the right of the lighthouse - small steps. But it feels like you ran out of patience at some point and then the steps get very large.
As for perspective, to a laic it means little, and I think that's how it is for most people. If they saw things side by side they could tell you that the one with proper perspective is better, but if they can't they won't notice. I might be projecting a little but I think it's mostly true.

To sum things up a bit: the first time you posted the greyscale picture I was happy about it, but mostly because of the fact that you drew something for this board. It wasn't bad - frankly I really wish I could draw something anywhere close to that level - but it wasn't great. The second picture I find good, full stop. Not 'good for /lh/' or 'good when compared', just good. Gotta give credit where it's due.
>> No. 128 [Edit]
I'll try to post things once in a while. I don't know when I'll get around to making another one, can't even manage to get out of bed right now.
>> No. 129 [Edit]
File 155536791595.jpg - (2.83MB , 1920x1080 , 43497d98fd4a61e225c4a0136672fc60.jpg )
Not much point in forcing yourself - just draw whenever you'll feel like it. Yukkuri.
>> No. 130 [Edit]
I was trying to paint something new but it turned out to be harder than I anticipated, I don't think I'm going to be able to finish it any time soon.
>> No. 134 [Edit]
File 156088034848.png - (1.87MB , 1700x1200 , gave_up.png )
I give up.
Attached image shows what I was trying to use as a reference, and where I got.
I spent a lot of time trying different things over and over but I'm unable to understand how water is supposed to look and behave.
I was having so much trouble with the sea that I never even got to drawing of the actual lighthouse.
I thought I could provide a small amount of content for this place, a tiny kindness for TC and its anons but I'm not good enough.
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