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File 165250531448.png - (78.22KB , 197x199 , Screenshot from 2022-05-12 22-11-57.png )
603 No. 603 [Edit]
Can we revive this board
Can we get some kemobros posting anything?
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>> No. 604 [Edit]
File 165250536325.png - (21.96KB , 500x500 , unknown6.png )
tfw last activity was a year ago

Post edited on 13th May 2022, 10:17pm
>> No. 606 [Edit]
KF always lives on in my heart. I don't remember if I posted this already, but the nexon shorts (youkouso japari park) are very nice. Despite the shoestring budget, the quality of the content makes up for it, (especially compared to S2).
>> No. 607 [Edit]
What are some good MMD videos you've seen with KF? I recently stumbled across these two videos and the choreography is mesmerizing:

>> No. 608 [Edit]

There's like a dozen of these videos that I found recently, they're nothing like the ones you posted but I thought they were funny
>> No. 609 [Edit]
Thanks anon, Just watched the first episode and it's definitely got a lot of charm
>> No. 610 [Edit]
If you haven't already also check out the official KF audio drama/episode 12.4/Japari Bun Hunt.

And these two aren't official but I think it's worth plugging them because of how well done they are and how much they capture the original KF spriti:

>> No. 612 [Edit]
Have you read the full doujin? It's fairly long and it's really good too, it has the same feel and personality as S1
>> No. 630 [Edit]
File 165681972082.jpg - (49.97KB , 500x500 , boku_no_friend.jpg )
Kirei na mono sagashi ni ikō
Oishii mono takusan tabeyō
Tsumari wa korekara mo dōka yoroshiku ne
>> No. 640 [Edit]
Does anyone here who's more familiar with JP parts of the internet know where the choreography used in the [a]ddiction MMD videos originally came from? All of them have the same dance so it must have come from somewhere, but the official music video EVO+ doesn't have any dancing at all, so that can't be it.
>> No. 641 [Edit]
Oh I found this
https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm32142474 which says it traced https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm30167510 (*)

That might be the original source? Not 100% sure though. Also apparently NND doesn't allow you to have more than 2 tabs open at once? What a weird restriction, and trivially bypassed as well.

(*) The latter is a real, live 3D dance. (At least given the 2016 upload date I'm fairly confident it is. These days it wouldn't be out of reach to CG that).

Post edited on 29th Dec 2022, 4:12pm

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