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File 155881624551.jpg - (275.99KB , 1152x2048 , D7bKgUnXoAgGIiK.jpg )
484 No. 484 [Edit]
Discotek Media, the US publisher known for putting out older/niche titles on Blu-Ray, has announced another niche title: Kemono Friends.

This is the announcement.
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>> No. 485 [Edit]
File 155881639522.jpg - (342.99KB , 1521x1878 , D7bL_f9WkAI03zN.jpg )
And this is the initial cover design. It's also going to receive an English dub produced by Sound Cadence Studios, but cast information will only trickle out in the coming months.

I'm both amazed and surprised it's not Funimation or Sentai. Discotek is not a company I would expect to put this one out, especially not with a dubbed track.
>> No. 486 [Edit]
But why?
>> No. 487 [Edit]
That's a fair question. After all, Discotek doesn't really do dubbed releases a lot. I think it's because of the appeal the show could have among younger viewers, who aren't likely to tolerate subtitles - and also to give fans of dubbed releases more incentive to buy the physical release when the show's free on Crunchyroll in the West.
>> No. 488 [Edit]
So little kids that can’t read them for whatever reason can watch it?
>> No. 489 [Edit]
Or people who just don't like reading subtitles. I see a lot of potential in a well-produced Kemono Friends dub, but everything hinges on how they approach Serval's voice - similar "vocal profiles", so to say, usually didn't translate well to English dubbing.
>> No. 490 [Edit]
English dubs never work and they are all awful. Unless it's a Shakespearian anime or something then it would make sense for it to be in English but the Americans who dub it would still ruin it.
>> No. 492 [Edit]
And here's the preview for the dubs.

Trying to replicate "cuteness" by raising the pitch of the voice just doesn't work in english and it sounds awful.
>> No. 497 [Edit]
The bloopers are quite hilarious in surrealist way: https://files.catbox.moe/yilkh5.webm

Post edited on 11th Sep 2019, 8:04pm
>> No. 516 [Edit]
Why is it that American VAs always have this nasally, whiny voice? It's 100% not cute at all.
>> No. 517 [Edit]
If you watch multiple works by the same VA, you'll also find they can only do one voice. They do the same voice for every anime they dub. Really talentless.
>> No. 518 [Edit]
Simple. All the 'good' VAs (the ones from western movies, games, and tv shows) are too expensive.
>> No. 519 [Edit]
I think part of it might also be that English as a language doesn't work well for saying things in a cute manner. Maybe this has to do with its germanic influence, since German is a very harsh sounding and powerful language. So you have to resort to tricks like pitch shifting to make it seem more child-like.
>> No. 520 [Edit]
I don't think that's true at all and German can actually be quite a beautiful language, western media just likes to portray it as otherwise. But American is a terrible language, if VAs spoke English they might be able to make it work.
>> No. 521 [Edit]
>American is a terrible language, if VAs spoke English they might be able to make it work.
What the fuck are you talking about? Are you trying to pretend Europeans are better than Americans for some reason?
>> No. 522 [Edit]
American just doesn't sound good, it's far too bastardised and casualised, it does not sound civilised or pleasant. Sure there are bad English accents too but they are not all bad.
>> No. 523 [Edit]
Maybe English isn't your first language. Calling "American" a language isn't correct. The way Americans speak is also actually closer to the how earlier English sounded. The stereotypical British, "English" accent is non-rhotic(they don't pronounce their r's clearly) and was created more recently by nobles before spreading out among commoners, so their sound is the "bastardized" one.
>> No. 524 [Edit]
It is my first language.

In some very minute ways it is, the early English weren't calling autumn fall or saying 'it's cold out'. If the pronunciation of the R and the other minute things were the only issues then it wouldn't even be that bad.
>> No. 525 [Edit]
File 157412507530.jpg - (803.48KB , 600x847 , __misaka_mikoto_to_aru_majutsu_no_index_and_1_more.jpg )
>the early English weren't calling autumn fall
They were. Autumn comes from French and came into English centuries later. Brits just don't call it Fall anymore because it fell out of favor with them. Spring is when leaves "spring" from the Earth; fall is when they fall from trees. They're natural pairs.

Post edited on 18th Nov 2019, 5:00pm
>> No. 526 [Edit]
I'm pretty sure that fell out of favour long before America was colonised. And it's just one example, there are many. Even disregarding vocabulary, the way the language itself is spoken is different. Yes you may pronounce the R more forcefully(in some words) but in general all other pronunciation is slurred and abbreviated. Ts turn into soft ds, the starting and ending sounds of words are often made soft or dropped altogether, ou turns to o, u is often pronounced as o etc.
>> No. 527 [Edit]
I think American dubs tend to sound too valley-girlesque and that makes it sound bad. It can be alright if they speak more normally and subdued but that depends on the context of the media being voiced. I would always go for Japanese but if it makes sense context wise some english voiceovers can be good, for example the souls games and dragon quest dubs. I think British english sounds better for medieval settings but American english could work for more contemporary settings like MGS. It might be bias but one exception for me would be Disgaea, maybe it was because I played the game with the English dubs first but I thought the VA did well in it. In fact, some of the Japanese voices didn't work for me when I played the PC release.
>> No. 529 [Edit]
I tried listening to the Disgaea dub a little and I couldn't stand it, especially Laharl. Besides cutesey voices, I feel most female English VAs also can't pull of an agressive, deeper voice. They come off as sarcastic or something instead.
>> No. 530 [Edit]
I think we can summarize the discussion as saying that female American VAs can't, well, voice act.
>> No. 531 [Edit]
I suppose it is nothing more than nostalgia goggles. I understand what you mean, their delivery tend to give off an air of snide.

The rest of the world are certainly behind Japan in terms of voice acting but I can't help but wonder if linguistics might have an element as well as >>519 mentioned.
>> No. 532 [Edit]
I think Disgaea dub was mostly bad and annoying, but I have a fond memory of Persona 4-5 dub, I remember them being great and those games have a shitton of voiced dialogue.
Also not too much to do with it but Deadly Premonition MC has one of my favourite voices in a videogame ever.
>> No. 533 [Edit]
They 'can' voice act just fine, watch western animations to see. As I said before, it's these companies cheaping out. No one is going to spend big bucks on expensive highly skilled celebrity VAs to dub an anime or rpg. The same shit happens in japan with anime/games when they cheap out on VAs, the result is a crappy native voice work too. Why do you think VAs get paid more than everyone else on anime projects?
>> No. 534 [Edit]
>highly skilled celebrity VAs
There's no such thing in the US. "Celebrity" VAs consist of pop singers and actors. People who just do voices aren't well known here period. Disney dubs of Ghibli also suck and part of why is because they get random famous people to do the voices so they can sell tickets.
>> No. 535 [Edit]
Even when Japanese VAs try to speak American it sounds awful.
>> No. 537 [Edit]
VAs in japan are often actors and pop singers too.
>> No. 538 [Edit]
Would you say people who talk with a Kansai accent speak "Osakan"?
>> No. 539 [Edit]
I don't see the problem.
>> No. 540 [Edit]
Do you say people in Australia speak Australian? The problem is that it's incorrect and stupid.
>> No. 541 [Edit]
I'm not knowledgable enough on the matter to know how much of a difference there is in vocabulary and linguistics so I could not say.

They do kind of but it's not as different from English as American is and it's not incorrect or stupid. Would you then say that Swabian, Alsatian or any such dialect are not languages? But anyway, you are arguing semantics.
>> No. 542 [Edit]
>Would you then say that Swabian, Alsatian
I wouldn't. They're dialects. If I wanted to refer to a specific dialect I would say Swabian German or American English.

Here's a British English dub for you. How do you like it, huh?

Post edited on 20th Nov 2019, 5:50pm
>> No. 543 [Edit]
Well it's most often called simply Swabian, calling it Swabian German would not strictly be incorrect like calling a katana a katana sword would not strictly be incorrect but it's not often done and saying just Swabian would be far from incorrect.

I'm not really sure that picking that dub would be the best for your argument considering how old it is, it's still better than American though.
>> No. 544 [Edit]
> If I wanted to refer to a specific dialect I would say Swabian German or American English.
And if you did so, I wouldn't comment on it, much less start an argument about it. Can you extend the same understanding in return?
>> No. 545 [Edit]
>Well it's most often called simply Swabian
Among who? Maybe Germans since they all live in the same place and common German is the "default" language there. If I went in public and said I speak American people would either think i'm joking or retarded. It's simply not done.
>like calling a katana a katana sword
No, it's like if I called a horror movie a horror.

I wont bring it up again, but I want you to understand how stupid it sounds to most English speakers, so avoid doing it in real life.

Post edited on 20th Nov 2019, 6:10pm
>> No. 546 [Edit]
Well I checked Wikipedia and it's listed as that there, only the title lists Swabian German(which makes sense as they are creating context).
>Swabian (About this soundSchwäbisch (help·info)) is one of the dialect groups of Alemannic German that belong to the High German dialect continuum.


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