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No. 453 [Edit]
Season2 PV dropped recently.
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>> No. 454 [Edit]
While the PV itself says basically nothing about it, seems it should be doubted by everyone if it'll live up to the original, which of course it won't without tatsuki and the original cast. I wouldn't expect it to be bad, maybe just okay, but I also expect people to nit pick it to death over the original and complain endlessly. Of course, it is understandable why, but I expect this fact alone to make the series overall less enjoyable to even those that weren't around for the events following the original. I also wouldn't be surprised if some character personalities change a bit due to different director/VAs for characters that are in both seasons. All in all I'm surprised it happened at all, but maybe not really. They did wait a while for people to lose their hatred, but it seems that didn't really work judging from dislikes on that vid.

Post edited on 4th Sep 2018, 9:05pm
>> No. 455 [Edit]
Looks devoid of authenticity and soulless, for lack of a better term. Those little generic sparks and generics sounds and generic sequence tell me this is nothing more than an attempt to make turn whatever little was left of this franchise into a cash grab. But I guess nobody really expected something better.
>> No. 456 [Edit]
File 153802288920.jpg - (281.32KB , 848x1200 , Dn_RMl-U0AE1Knw.jpg )
Speaking of soulless. those eyes...
>> No. 460 [Edit]
File 154503279059.jpg - (55.65KB , 1278x720 , DESU.jpg )
>> No. 461 [Edit]
What the flip? Why isn't it a continuation of the first season? Where did Kaban go?
>> No. 464 [Edit]
It might be, we wont know for sure until it airs.

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