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File 152235090371.jpg - (542.52KB , 1440x2560 , funpоsting with sеrval.jpg )
414 No. 414 [Edit]
Here's a Pacman mod I made set in the Underground Labyrinth from ep.4

You play as Tsuchinoko in her Underground Labyrinth, collecting Sandstar and occasionally eating blue Japari buns as the colourful ceruleans pursue you.

The game has two modes, the classic one is just for practice, the original Pacman with little modifications, for training purposes. The real game starts once you enable Japari Mode. This is where the new game tech emerges - the Fog of War, that limits the visibility by direct sight. Fortunately, as we might remember from the series, Tsuchinoko has IR-vision, so you will not be completely in the dark regarding the enemy movements.

Beware of the barred walls, for you can't go through them while Ceruleans can and there will be more of those unexpected passages with every level. Make use of the vantage points - Ceruleans can't go up to high places. Should you find yourself in a pinch, be sure to summon Friends to help you, provided that you've found their items and have Japari Coins. Kaban will reveal the map for a while and Serval will protect you from cerulean attacks.

Let's see how well you can do in this reimagined classic, the highscores are tracked and the leaderboards are available after beating level 4.

With the latest 1.1 update the game now can be played on mobile as well.
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>> No. 415 [Edit]
Ah, just in time for the anniversary of the series ending (29th March 2017). I love Pac-Man so this was fun. Thanks for your contribution.
>> No. 416 [Edit]
File 152235601377.jpg - (532.65KB , 1306x1629 , 52Pzg5t.jpg )

Here's also a map I made for the labyrinth, derived from the overview screenshot of the anime. I mapped some of the episode's events on it.
>> No. 419 [Edit]
This is awesome, and a lot of work! Do you reckon the labyrinth was ever supposed to be open for people? It seems kinda dangerous to me.
>> No. 420 [Edit]
File 152243232556.jpg - (141.97KB , 1200x675 , DXEArOQX4AUJcWq.jpg )
Well since Mirai herself says it was an attraction pretty sure it was and probably it wasn't that dangerous before the ceruleans came, there were lots of exits (now blocked by lava).
Kaban managed to find a way out no problem.
I'm more interested in what kind of Friends were supposed to dwell there and why only Tsuchinoko is left.
>> No. 421 [Edit]
File 152243546825.jpg - (12.34KB , 364x119 , DXEBZwBX0AANWyE.jpg )
So I'd like to post some making of for the game here since no other place seems to be interested about it anyway. Namely, the techniques I implemented.

I wanted to recreate the maze feel of the ep.4, but in Pacman you see the whole map at once instead of exploring it. I added the "TrueSight" system by tracing rays from the player to walls.
>> No. 422 [Edit]
File 152243555464.jpg - (52.76KB , 508x342 , ss+(2018-03-30+at+09_45_22).jpg )
To compensate for that I added the IR sight of Tsuchinoko so she can see the ghosts' movements in the dark. The maze also had vantage points and since ceruleans cant go up I made them safe spaces for the player, giving him an oversight. But calculating the sight range was tricky.
>> No. 423 [Edit]
File 152243565066.png - (140.20KB , 289x330 , fov.png )
I compared the height of player's tile with walls & floor when tracing rays, but that gave unlimited sight from vantages. So I had to reduce the ray height with distance, emulating FOV.
Now vantages reveal a small circular area with longer sights down the tunnel.
>> No. 424 [Edit]
Kind of amazing they'd build something so large as an indoor attraction. What's more amazing is the roof didn't cave in over the years. Must have been really well built.
>> No. 448 [Edit]
File 153204235574.jpg - (728.39KB , 2048x1080 , prospects.jpg )
so I wonder

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