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File 150642168140.jpg - (83.96KB , 640x562 , 321333.jpg )
185 No. 185 [Edit]
RIP Kemono friends.
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>> No. 186 [Edit]
What will become of this board?
>> No. 189 [Edit]
File 150648138526.png - (315.58KB , 700x892 , image.png )
What happened?
>> No. 190 [Edit]
Here's the summery.
Kadokawa, the company that owns the rights to Kemono friends gave Yaoyorozu the director of the anime near full creative control of the anime because it's a worthless property that they expected nothing from. Kemono Friends turned out to be a smash mega hit.
Kadokawa now having a property that now prints money goes cooperation mode and tries to take control from Yaoyorozu(the production studio made of ten people). Yaoyorozu(director) threatens to leave in response. Kadokawa fires Tatsuki, and uses episode 12.1 as justification for it, claiming he released that short for free on the net without their permission and that it was meant to be a BD extra. This is kind of BS however, as it was heavily implied he full creative control over the property as it was seen worthless garbage and no one would care anyway. (source is a tweet from the Yaoyorozu CA back in April saying "in their final meeting they were told they could continue to produce freely") Yaoyorozu either quits in response to the firing or is pushed out by the production committee, it's not clear yet.
Word is now the entirety of yaoyorozu has now disbanded due to this turn of events, and VAs are leaving one by one.

So at this point it seems like Kemono friends is just about dead. Kadokawa will likely try to suck some blood from the corpse and possibly produce a second season, but without any of the original staff or VAs involved, it will be a soulless unrecognizable bastard version of Kemono friends. If they're stupid enough to even bother producing something no one would buy anyway. Japan is fucking pissed, many other countries in asia too. Kadokawa doesn't seem to realize most of the reason Kemono friends is so popular, is the underdog story associated with it and they've completely undermined that. If people gave a shit about the character designs alone, the original game wouldn't have died like it did. It's nothing short of amazing that they'd be too stupid to figure that out themselves.
>> No. 192 [Edit]
File 15065769235.jpg - (186.77KB , 1417x1888 , 584b5b34a8f501f8c4f1e20e9ea43e54.jpg )
>> No. 193 [Edit]
Only goes to show that misfortune can arise at any time, anywhere, with anything. You really never know.
>> No. 194 [Edit]
File 150661244917.jpg - (38.92KB , 700x700 , DKt-mfcUQAA__nh.jpg )

A recent talk show live stream featured the show’s numerous seiyuu apologizing for the controversial firing incident. It's wildly believed by fans that this was staged by Kadokawa, who forced the VAs to say everything they did (less they never work in the industry again).
The phrase “声優の盾” (seiyuu shield) had begun to trend on Twitter as a result. Fans were also unsurprisingly quick to accuse Twitter of defending Kadokawa after the tag vanished off the notoriously heavily censored trending page. So now we got twitter pushing corporate agendas yet again.
>> No. 196 [Edit]
Thread theme.
>> No. 199 [Edit]
File 150690720721.jpg - (77.32KB , 942x1200 , DKvew7kVAAA86Zi.jpg )
Kadokawa's stock did indeed drop a bit when that infamous tweet went out, just a shame it bounced right back soon after. Had it stayed down or went lower they might have swallowed their pride and actually tried to do something to fix the situation. Corporate greed got us into this mess, and investor greed kept us in it.
>> No. 200 [Edit]
When these types of things happen, stock initially drops, but often goes back up to the original level or higher. It's pretty common.

Post edited on 1st Oct 2017, 6:44pm
>> No. 201 [Edit]
File 150709184890.jpg - (84.62KB , 800x431 , kemono.jpg )
Things are looking better now
>> No. 202 [Edit]
What if this scandal was a conspiracy to get media attention, so more people will watch S2 when they hear Tatsuki and the team are back?
>> No. 203 [Edit]
That was my first thought. Japanese are very good at shock-marketing and staging things.
>> No. 204 [Edit]
Yes. Negative press is better than no press they say. And if they really do end up going back and rehiring Tatsuki, Kadokawa will be seen positively. I'm sure more people know about Kemono Friends now due to this whole deal, so it'd be a bad move not to.

Post edited on 4th Oct 2017, 9:39pm
>> No. 205 [Edit]
Has this ever happened with an anime though? Plus, it's already insanely popular.
>> No. 369 [Edit]
File 15144080645.png - (68.87KB , 592x466 , rip.png )
>"We are truly sorry for having caused trouble and we extend our apologies to making everyone worry. This is the final report: we did not overturn the issue about leaving season 2. We tackled it with everything we had with Manager Inoue to answer to everyone's expectations, but we're sorry that it was beyond our powers."

i.e. Team won't return for S2, if it ever happens.
>> No. 388 [Edit]
There's a new game, Pavilion, which is doing terribly in sales because few are using the gacha. Now they announced a puzzle game that uses cut-outs of the the characters from the anime. Apparently Kadokawa doesn't own the rights to re-utilize anime assets for other things, so Fukuhara (Yaoyorozu Bossu) tweeted he was looking to sue them for infringement (
https://twitter.com/fukuhara_ystd/status/959797512293924865). In other news, Tatsuki unfollowed the KF twitter account.

These two events seem like the final nail in the partnership's coffin. Seems KF is spiralling down into oblivion.
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