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File 167219933758.jpg - (1.99MB , 4096x3724 , map.jpg )
2460 No. 2460 [Edit]
What makes Gensokyo so appealing that people would hope to go there if they kill themselves?
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>> No. 2461 [Edit]
This is such a shitty map.

Sanzu River is in the north, not the south, and so is the Netherworld. Misty Lake is where the Great Youkai Forest is in this map. Garden of the Sun is in the west, not the east. Muenzuka is further north. Hill of the Nameless is a place in Muenzuka. And there's many, many more errors.
>> No. 2463 [Edit]
I think people are quick to forget Gensokyo is a death trap full of monsters that wouldn't hesitate to rip you limb from limb.

Don't suppose you've seen better maps?
>> No. 2464 [Edit]
File 167441547259.jpg - (261.56KB , 1024x1003 , approximate map.jpg )
Not him, but I personally feel that pic rel, while not the prettiest nor too detailed, is the most accurate map
>> No. 2465 [Edit]
File 167441562542.jpg - (657.38KB , 1968x1518 , Gensokyo.jpg )
I've also seen some prettier ones
>> No. 2466 [Edit]
File 167441600252.jpg - (428.46KB , 2000x2000 , map.jpg )
This one even shows exactly where the games take place, though it ends at PoFV. I think it's a translation, you can still see the chinese text
>> No. 2483 [Edit]
Ignorance. Gensokyo is an extremely shitty place to live for humans, and 99% of fans who want to go there couldn't handle it.

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