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File 163336709223.jpg - (263.36KB , 960x720 , ss_3d060f545860748936230560fd3ce6cbc04d5112_1920x1.jpg )
2401 No. 2401 [Edit]
I'm playing Touhou Shoujo Tale of Beautiful Memories. It's an action rpg similar to Mario & Luigi where there's timed button presses. It's pretty fun and the presentation is mostly solid(purposefully pixelating art to make it look more retro is a questionable decision).

It is annoying how there's no consistent visual cue for when to press buttons, so you have to memorize when for each of your attacks and the opponent's attacks, after figuring them out through trial and error. For bosses this is especially a problem. I don't think having to correctly interpret sprite animations is a fair way of adding challenge.

The isometric platforming is also kind of awkward.

As a side note, the artist is obviously a tits man
>> No. 2434 [Edit]
the artist is a tentacle rape man first then a tits man

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