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File 162277493538.jpg - (223.84KB , 850x1154 , 158935215.jpg )
2385 No. 2385 [Edit]
I want to know everything I need to know to get into it. What games I should play, to the most old to the most recent, the mangas, the doujishins, the best fan-games, the music, and the things I should read/play to know all the lore.

I want to know everything.
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>> No. 2386 [Edit]
File 162277565938.jpg - (568.58KB , 2148x3054 , 9ec3183d75b1a51590c56c9bc463193d.jpg )
Have you tried doing any of your own research? You might want to look into that.
>> No. 2387 [Edit]
I doing it right now, asking here.
>> No. 2388 [Edit]
There's a lot of information that already exists and you don't have to ask anyone for.
>> No. 2389 [Edit]
The wiki replies to none of what I'm asking for. And is provides not entry to the series besides giving a list of the games to play, which is only a part of what I want to know.
>> No. 2390 [Edit]
File 162278132166.jpg - (668.95KB , 1158x946 , dd262363d74275bc9d58b568b0f8d760.jpg )
This is more what you're looking for.
"Getting into something" requires enough interest to look for things on your own and experience them for yourself in a winding, meandering path. That's how people here got into touhou for the most part. There's no tour guide in real hobbies.
>> No. 2391 [Edit]
I was asking for the opposite of an 'tourist guide' which was exactly what I was going to find if I just put "how to get into touhou" in whatever browser.

Anyways, the link you posted seems to be useful. So, thanks.
>> No. 2392 [Edit]
>I want to know everything I need to know to get into it.

You don't need to know anything to get into it, most don't seem to.

>What games I should play

Start with EOSD, it's the most important one with the most recognisable and frequently recurring characters. Touhou essentially starts from there(there are people that will get angry at such a statement but even ZUN said that the pre-EOSD games are not really cannon).
>to the most recent
You kind of have to play them all if you want to meet all of the characters, each game introduces new ones. That said, if you don't like the games you can just read the Dialogue on Touhou wiki.

>the mangas
>and the things I should read/play to know all the lore.

Touhou Wiki lists all the official works, read them. You can find the works themselves on Moriya Shrine. The games contain character dialogue and some basic backstory but most of the lore is in literature.

>the doujishins,

They are doujins so don't really matter. Youkai to Oni no Kyoukai Jou and The beauty of scarlet are some good stories about Meiling, but again, they are just Doujins.

>the best fan-games

Again, they don't matter. Touhou Genso Wanderer is a good game though. You can download fan-games from Moriya Shrine as well.

>the music,

You will pick that up by playing the game. Other than that Phoneix Kappashiro, Flan and Tenshi are pretty good Youtube channels for renditions, you can then look for anything that you like on their channels at 9 Tensu f you want to get the album. There are so many different people making so many different genres of Touhou music renditions.
>> No. 2393 [Edit]
>"Getting into something" requires enough interest to look for things on your own
Yeah, this thread is a bit baffling. If you like the thing, go do the thing. If you haven't already done the thing, the why the drive to get into it?

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