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File 135311821193.jpg - (80.47KB , 426x716 , Japanese puzzle box 2sun 7step.jpg )
2235 No. 2235 [Edit]
ITT: General collectibles / Random objects you keep as dear.
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>> No. 2236 [Edit]
File 135312109499.jpg - (160.69KB , 482x610 , Japanese Boxwood Wood Carving Netsuke Of Cicada.jpg )
>> No. 2874 [Edit]
File 143051027496.jpg - (0.96MB , 845x1263 , cubes 0.jpg )
I commented on /ot/ about this sometime ago.

Here's my little puzzle collection so far.

The Mirror Cubes, as expected, are a fest for the eyes and fingers.The Axis Cube is really nice to look at when scrambled but it turns horribly (might lub it later). The Megaminx isn't nearly as hard as it seems; just a bit time time-consuming as you must perform the same simple tasks over and over again. I kept having troubles with the Ghost Cube but today I finally found the solution (I was misplacing two identical tringles, ending up with impossible situations). From now, apart from getting a few 2x2 and 4x4 I might focus on trying to learn Fridrich method (at least F2L) and improving my finger tricks (BTW: this week Collin Burns broke the 3x3 world record by solving it in only 5.25' seconds).

It might not seem so, but these things are really, really soothing. They're very sensual to manipulate and you can really forget about everything around while you immerse in solving them. I highly recommend them to any of you who might be interested.

Post edited on 1st May 2015, 5:08pm
>> No. 2875 [Edit]
File 143051040325.jpg - (553.97KB , 640x718 , 3x3 - axis cube.jpg )
Yulong and Axis 3x3 in Checkerboard pattern.
>> No. 2876 [Edit]
File 143051047638.jpg - (486.38KB , 768x576 , Mirror cube 0.jpg )
Near-solved Mirror Cube.
>> No. 2877 [Edit]
File 143051063542.jpg - (424.66KB , 722x799 , metallic ghost cubes.jpg )
I do am considering getting one of these if possible. Problem is, I'm not rich.

The metallic limited series were made to commemorate the release of the mass produced Ghost Cube by Meffert's, to this day priced $36.00. It's been clearly and repeatedly stated that they'll never be produced again, so I was too late. Four colors were available for the general public: silver, gold, blue and purple; a special green version was only available for Meffert's Jade club and an ultra rare red version could never be purchased at all but could only be given as a gift directly by Meffert, who gave them to speedcubing champions and to a few collectors and designers who he believed have made a special contribution to the puzzle community. Originally priced $39.00, some regular metallic colors are now resold for about $200, some green ones for about $1000 and the red ones, of course, will never be given away by their owners (there's also an artistic ghost cube made from actual metal). So: am I going to spend $200 in a puzzle? I do am considering it, cause it's indeed rare and beautiful (I already spent $800 only in my gorgeous Dollfie Dream and I still think it was worth every cent and more).

Post edited on 1st May 2015, 3:04pm
>> No. 2878 [Edit]
File 143052480966.jpg - (271.73KB , 941x795 , rare ghost cubes.jpg )
Little update: CrazyBadCuber is accepting offers for one of his custom made all-color metallic Ghost Cubes (including red). Also, a certain store is selling a limited edition of a "crystal" version for $150 each. Hand-made higher order ghost cubes can also be made on request by a certain guy for a few hundreds.

What can I say? Ghost cubes do are the shit.
>> No. 2883 [Edit]
File 143367132982.jpg - (1.43MB , 1102x1139 , puzzles ii.jpg )
A few more puzzles:

- Star
- Astrolabrium
- Uhrwerk
- Steuerrad
- Square-1
- Baguenaudier
- Dayan Gem VI

Will talk more about them later.
I still have many others on the way.
>> No. 2884 [Edit]
File 143381136510.jpg - (364.83KB , 849x419 , Aurora.jpg )
Cube in a cube in cube on a Shengshou Aurora.
>> No. 2885 [Edit]
File 143381149449.jpg - (0.97MB , 795x1191 , bauhinia.jpg )
Finally tension adjusted, lubricated an scrambled: Bauhinia Dodecahedron
>> No. 2886 [Edit]
File 143381169680.jpg - (502.76KB , 576x768 , scramble.jpg )
Full scramble (except Dayan Gem VI, just partially scrambled; still needs work).
>> No. 2887 [Edit]
That's a pretty nice collection.
>> No. 2891 [Edit]
How do you solve those, Anon? I remember having some friends during highschool that told me once that they used some kind of mathematical formula after glancing around the positions of the colours of the cube, but I never really understood what they meant by that. Can the same approach be done with these more complex ones?
>> No. 2896 [Edit]
File 143843457754.jpg - (1.84MB , 1690x1267 , Hexadecimal 79.jpg )
I've gotten several more puzzles delivered and happily learned to solve some more and stuff, which I might post about sometime later when I have time.

This, however, it's so exciting that I just can't wait.

After thinking it might have been stolen or lost at the sea, I just finally got delivered my copy of the legendary Hexadecimal puzzle, which is basically a set of 16 8-bit binary challenges all in one beautiful single artifact.

You can see a guy doing a speedsolve of the hardest challenge here (n-ary puzzles usually involve several hundreds of moves even for the most efficient solution):

You can learn more about the puzzle here:

Finally, you can still purchase it here:

The current license for its production expires at the 190 copies; mine was #79 so there still might be some time, but if you happen to fall in love with it like I did I'd advice to get it as soon as possible (it's really expensive, I know, but totally worth it).

Post edited on 1st Aug 2015, 6:57am
>> No. 2897 [Edit]
File 143843652886.jpg - (96.72KB , 842x343 , 5x5.jpg )
Yes, it is solved partly using formulae but you don't really need to have any special mathematical knowledge for doing it; you just learn the appropriate algorithms for each situation (say, like you learn combo sequences in a fighting videogame) and make your way through until the end.

A normal 3x3 you can learn to solve it by beginners method in like half an hour (less if you're quick), as it only involves 3-4 (including the cross) intuitive steps and then like 4 algorithms. A 4x4 only needs you to learn 2 more intuitive steps (aligning centers and reducing edges) and 2 more parity algorithms, in order to reduce it to an unsolved state of a 3x3 and then solve it as one; a 5x5 only needs you to learn 1 more intuitive process (change pairs of center pieces) and 1 more algorithm (reduce the last 2 edges) to do the same; after that you should be able to solve any given nxn cube with the exact same techniques; it won't be harder, just more time consuming.

The next step is to learn speed solving techniques, including the so called "finger tricks" but specially a famous solving theory for the 3x3 named Fridrich Method (divided in F2L, OLL and PLL; I've only learned it partially, since it has several versions that range from learning about 20 algorithms to over a hundred; each one helps you to progressively reduce time). A minimally respectable speedcuber solves the 3x3 in under 30 seconds (I'm still around one minute); a world competition solver is normally under 20 seconds; an to have good rank you must forcibly be under 10 seconds; the current single and average world records are a little over 5 seconds (Feliks Zemdegs is widely considered the best speedcuber alive and in history).

Back in the 80's it sure must have been a hell of a challenge since people had to figure it out all on their own (here's a veteran hero who explains how he did it all alone: But now we have the results of decades of other people's experience, internet and lots of tutorials to fully guide you or just partly help you whenever you need to, as there's not just one way of solving these things and people keep discovering new techniques and sharing them all the time. Personally, I always look for tutorial for twisty puzzles, but n-ary puzzles, mazes and burrs I've decided (and managed) to solve them on my own... and it's a sometimes frustrating but finally joyful experience.

Post edited on 1st Aug 2015, 10:27am
>> No. 2899 [Edit]
File 143844200729.jpg - (649.62KB , 789x970 , solved urhwerk steuerrad.jpg )
2 gorgeous puzzles in their solved state: Uhrwerk (80 moves) and Steuerrad (127*4=508 moves), both by Jean-Claude Constantin.

The revealed Steuerrad message is a german pun about the rudder form of the puzzle: "Do not spin (it recklessly)!" = "Do not lose your mind".
>> No. 2900 [Edit]
File 143844205966.jpg - (405.22KB , 954x470 , gearcube.jpg )
Lan Lan Gearcube
>> No. 2901 [Edit]
File 143844212249.jpg - (323.93KB , 945x452 , Curvycopter.jpg )
Lanlan Curvycopter.
I'm not jumbling it again for a while.
>> No. 2902 [Edit]
File 143844216850.jpg - (661.11KB , 620x1400 , Tower of Hanoi.jpg )
Tower of Hanoi. One of my absolute favorites yet.
>> No. 2903 [Edit]
File 143844233495.jpg - (1.14MB , 1592x1408 , Chess Puck.jpg )
Some patterns on the Chess Puck. A very beautiful but finger-destroying puzzle and extremely hard (if not impossible) to get by now.
>> No. 2904 [Edit]
I'm super fucking pro on that shit.
>> No. 2905 [Edit]
It's TEH shit, isn't it? and once you've understood the general logical theory of the solution (well, of the Chinese Rings' one actually), in principle you're ready to deal with any n-ary puzzle they put in front of you.

More about that beautiful family of puzzles here:

Post edited on 1st Aug 2015, 9:26am
>> No. 2907 [Edit]
File 143881847649.jpg - (654.23KB , 1128x583 , Skewb and Rex.jpg )
A couple corner-turning puzzles: Skewb and Rex cube. Rex was the original concept which the Bauhinia dodecahedron was based upon.
>> No. 2915 [Edit]
File 144064082916.jpg - (858.67KB , 640x962 , frogs toads schiebubg minotaurus.jpg )
Here a few more wooden puzzles:

- Frogs and Toads
- Schiebung
- Minotaurus mini

Last two by Siebenstein Spiele.
>> No. 2916 [Edit]
File 144064093863.jpg - (558.62KB , 800x632 , Purple Ghost Cube.jpg )
And well, in the end I got it: a purple metallised Ghost Cube.

It costed me a little fortune, but I knew it was most likely my last chance ever to get one (an auction from an old veteran selling his collection made over decades to invest in land) so I gave it my all for it, even borrowing some money from relatives. It was worth every cent.

In many ways, the jewel of my collection (together with Hexadecimal, of course).
>> No. 2917 [Edit]
File 144064124633.jpg - (159.37KB , 437x412 , Ghost Cube.jpg )
Here's a regular Meffert's mass-produced Ghost Cube, for reference.
>> No. 2918 [Edit]
File 144089897230.jpg - (1.12MB , 1102x708 , 6x6 7x7.jpg )
Shengshou 6x6 and Lanlan 7x7.

I think this is my limit in cube size. Up to 5x5 it was increasingly fun but this is too tedious already, specially making the centers (edges aren't so bad since it's fun to adapt the respective 4x4 or 5x5 algorithms for each case). They're also starting to be rather heavy; I might just get a Shengshou 7x7 mini to have a proper/better 7x7 and that's it. I don't even remotely feel like stepping into the equivalent higher order dodecahedron series (kilominx, petaminx, yotaminx,...); megaminx was enough.

Anyway, for all I've seen, cuboids are overall a much harder challenge. I've avoied them because they shapeshift wildly (almost nonsensically) and never seem quite right even in their solved state, which disgusts me. However, WitEden cube-shaped ones can look really beautiful; 3x3x7 II, 3x3x9 and RoadBlock II in particular caught my attention; they're intimidating but very attractive, so I might give that family of puzzles a try.

Post edited on 29th Aug 2015, 6:56pm
>> No. 2919 [Edit]
File 144089904653.jpg - (592.21KB , 640x672 , snake.jpg )
BTW, this was a gift that came along with Hexadecimal: a small pocket version of Snake.

Very beautiful classic puzzle. I will get a normal sized version sometime soon (I'm also interested in the Soma Cube and others).
>> No. 2920 [Edit]
Do those weird cubes even fit neatly in something like the symmetric group the way rubik's one does? I can't even picture what transformations are possible on some of those.
>> No. 2921 [Edit]
File 144090950561.jpg - (71.84KB , 654x341 , mix up cube.jpg )
I'm not sure which ones you're refering to, but as far as I know most if not all twisties' solutions are developed over the same basic process: permuting and rotating pieces through a combination of commutators and conjugates...

Of course each family of twisty puzzles has their own sets of basic problems to deal with and the resulting general algorithms governing them, depending on if they are face-turning, corner-turning, edge-turning, petal/orbit-exchanging, combinations of families (like Dayan gems and others), rather sui generis, etc. Say, all normal nxn Rubik's cubes belong to the face-turning family, as well as most of their shape mods (including the Ghost Cube, which essentially/structurally behaves exactly the same as any Supercube, i.e. a normal nxn with orientation in centers); the Megaminx family, despite being dodecahedrons, are also face turning an so adaptions of nxn cube strategies and algorithms can be used on them; however, the Mixup family are mods that can turn edges into centers and viceversa... I mean, in twisties is not really the seeming shape what matters but the function that a certain piece has in the overall mechanism what determines if it's a center, corner, edge, petal or whatever, and in the mixup cubes the function of pieces can be changed so extra strategies are needed in order to solve them.

It might seem overwhelming at first but going step by step, adding difficulty little by little, anyone can get into twisties and enjoy them. I think I've been comparatively slow, but it's all for my own amusement anyway so no pressures are involved; each one can go their own pace so the whole experience keeps being interesting and rewarding.

Post edited on 29th Aug 2015, 11:54pm
>> No. 2923 [Edit]
File 144170068411.jpg - (813.51KB , 640x916 , 2 sun 7 step.jpg )
Just a picture of the actual one I own.
2 Sun 7 Steps Koyosegi japanese puzzle box.
>> No. 2924 [Edit]
File 144234200021.jpg - (555.64KB , 929x426 , C4U 3x3x5.jpg )
My first (cubic) cuboid: C4U 3x3x5.
Not really hard and very fun to solve.

Post edited on 18th Sep 2015, 4:13am
>> No. 2926 [Edit]
File 144234241013.jpg - (346.21KB , 456x608 , Megaminx ball (S-G).jpg )
Here another rare one: Megaminx Ball Silver & Gold limited edition.

This has been impossible to get anywhere for a while now, but I was extremely lucky to find out that a local seller in my city had one.

Rather trivial to solve but very beautiful puzzle.

Post edited on 16th Sep 2015, 5:27am
>> No. 2930 [Edit]
File 144294745334.jpg - (751.78KB , 608x875 , Bi-Nary Seestern.jpg )
Another couple of extremely beautiful and extremely hard (ranked 10/10) puzzles: Bi-Nary and Seestern, both by Jean-Claude Constantin.

Unfortunately my copy of Bi-Nary came cracked but is still usable and, after 3 months, I thought it'd never arrive at all so I'm happy all the same. You can learn more about that one and other such puzzles here:
>> No. 2932 [Edit]
File 144294836646.jpg - (582.12KB , 1274x864 , japanese puzzle box faces.jpg )
This might be excesive, but I wanted to give you a better view on the faces of this one. As you can see, they are not stickers but actual wood inlay work, which makes them all the more exquisite. Here's a video of the making of it:

Post edited on 22nd Sep 2015, 12:42pm
>> No. 2934 [Edit]
File 144340581149.jpg - (0.98MB , 1023x768 , Domino.jpg )
Classic hungarian 3x3x2 Domino cube, made in the 80's (there are still a few available at eBay).

EXTREMELY stiff right out of the box, but with a bit of (100% silicone) lube will work great. Strong built (baquelite, I think), appealing look and not hard at all if you get by with the 3x3x3.
>> No. 2937 [Edit]
File 144403875126.jpg - (450.62KB , 438x763 , Seestern puzzle.jpg )
A little update on this one.

As I understood the mechanism and made my way through it, at some point I started feeling something wasn't quite right. After looking at all the pictures I could find online and comparing them with my own copy, I finally realized that the puzzle had been incorrectly assembled in such a way that the upper and middle layer were mirrored. I didn't know if the wood could take the necessary fix, but I took my chances, carefully disassembled it and succeeded to replace the 12 screws in the right position. Therefore, this is the actual initial state of the puzzle as it was designed; it takes at least 1330 movements in the right order to be solved.

All in all this wasn't a very nice experience (parcel took a long time to come with no tracking number, one puzzle came broken and the other incorrectly put together; communication wasn't the best either), so I don't think I'm buying from that store again (

Post edited on 5th Oct 2015, 3:59am
>> No. 2940 [Edit]
File 14448701319.jpg - (790.78KB , 640x960 , Solitaire game.jpg )
Solitaire game.
Harder than it looks.
>> No. 2941 [Edit]
File 144487041871.jpg - (824.40KB , 512x1152 , Soma cube.jpg )
A classic one: Soma cube.

It admits 358 different cubic solutions and lots of other shapes to challenge you; here's a chart of them:
>> No. 2945 [Edit]
File 144487192329.jpg - (1.21MB , 1187x762 , Zebra 57 T Cube (2 solution patterns).jpg )
Zebra 54 T Cube.

It admits several solutions (none of them trivial) and several patterns for each one.
>> No. 2946 [Edit]
My mother has one of those I try to solve half-seriosuly from time to time. More difficult than it looks indeed.
>> No. 2949 [Edit]
File 144529279347.jpg - (2.20MB , 789x2959 , AE cube.jpg )
Custom 3x3 V-cube...

It isn't as good as in the 3D preview but not too bad either. Overall I really like it; I made other designs and will purchase them later.

Post edited on 19th Oct 2015, 3:20pm
>> No. 2953 [Edit]
File 144529314046.jpg - (210.47KB , 791x978 , EA cube.jpg )
White version.
>> No. 2954 [Edit]
File 144556523938.jpg - (710.47KB , 640x812 , cubo con rayas.jpg )
I don't know how this one is called in english ("Cubo con rayas" in spanish), but it's a non-locking 3D puzzle.

This one is tricky. There are only 8 corner pieces, but each one has 3 possible orientations; that means there are 6,561 combinations to try, many of which don't seem to be wrong until reaching the last one or two pieces. After over 1 hour of unsuccessful random attempts, I decided to analyze the pieces and realized that, put in the appropriate orientation, they were in fact 4 sets of laterally symmetric couples; I thought that if taking one member of each pair allowed me to build a 2x2x1 block, the remaining ones would forcibly behave the same way (just mirrored) and then, because of the same symmetry principle, those two blocks should fit together... which was the case.

Post edited on 22nd Oct 2015, 7:35pm
>> No. 2957 [Edit]
I found the english name: Devil's Cube.
It is also produced by Philos as Bermuda Cube.


Post edited on 10th Nov 2015, 6:40pm
>> No. 2959 [Edit]
File 144680039413.jpg - (750.17KB , 1298x742 , Egg of Columbus tangram puzzle.jpg )
Egg of Columbus (tangram).

I was skeptic about this one. Execution wasn't obviously the best, but when I learned the foundation of its construction it suddenly became beautiful: it illustrates the geometric principle over which the basic ovoid shape is built.

Many figures can be made from it, appropriately including birds. This sort of toucan was the first one I could make spontaneously.
>> No. 2960 [Edit]
File 144680047432.jpg - (539.98KB , 512x762 , Nightmare box puzzle (NOT).jpg )
Nightmare Box... not.

I was really looking forward to this one. It pretty much fell apart by itself at unboxing, but I've seen that before in non-locking puzzles so I thought the challenge could be getting the sticks back in. So I was analyzing the pieces and trying for a while, but that was on the assumption that I should overall fill the gaps formed inside the box; when I abandoned that idea the puzzle came together in like 5 seconds...

It was very, very disappointing. It wasn't so much that it was ridiculously easy, but that the concept seemed deceiving; after inserting 3 convenient pieces in (not hard at all), the last one can join them with just one or two movements so it could hardly be called a sequential puzzle. However, I looked for pics online and found that there are other versions with same design but different pieces, which need of lots of blind movements to take out even the 1st one stick; therefore, it's just my own version that was dumbed-down to the extreme for whatever reason. I will buy a proper one latter.

Post edited on 6th Nov 2015, 1:04am
>> No. 2961 [Edit]
File 144680053352.jpg - (749.94KB , 512x1152 , Coated burr puzzle.jpg )
Coated Burr.

This one, on the contrary, was a delight as an introduction to this puzzle family. A true burr, it was tightly locked and took me about 4 minutes to find the key piece and take it all apart. I could quickly put it back together since I kept track of the pieces as I dissasambled it; however, when I was taking the pictures, the separate pieces fell, I lost record of the right order and orientation, and so I had to really face solving the puzzle from zero. It shamefully took me well over one hour (maybe two) of careful analysis; it was frustrating and I was close give up many times but fortunately I didn't and so, when I finally arrived to the solution, I had a true understanding of the puzzle's structure. I previously thought that the solving consisted in reducing it to a pair of 3-piece burrs (first the clear pieces then the dark coats, or first coating then inserting the pairs); I was wrong: it's a true 6-piece burr in which, if we conveniently name the clear pieces {1, 2, 3} and their coats {1', 2', 3'}, then the only possible solution is given by the sequence <1, 1', 2, 3, 2', 3'>. As said, this wasn't obvious for me at first sight so I was very happy to go have gone through it by myself.
>> No. 2962 [Edit]
I love how creative some of these are.
>> No. 2964 [Edit]
They really are.

BTW, >>2960 is also known as Internal Combustion and there are metallic versions. This is how it should work:

I refrained from watching it entirely so I can deal with it sometime. Here's a review of it:
>> No. 2966 [Edit]
File 144694108369.jpg - (405.80KB , 1570x1200 , InternalCombustionSolution.jpg )
OK, it turns out there really are more interesting configurations for the version I have (I guess it was just packaged in a trivial one for convenience).

I just checked the configuration and key piece of the one in the pic to give it a go in. Then randomly turned the box so I'd lost all relative positions and could give it a go out from zero. It still took me just about 7 minutes (I think it was actually an easier way than the one shown in the pic) but it definitely felt more rewarding. I tried a few more random configurations in and out, scrambling the pieces every time; by the 3rd one I fairly understood the puzzle mechanics and came up with a couple of simple rules (or just notions) that any solvable configuration should follow disregard its difficulty level.

In the end it turned out to be a pretty good puzzle. It has depth but one needs, so to say, to ask for it.

Post edited on 7th Nov 2015, 4:27pm
>> No. 2968 [Edit]
File 144720557566.jpg - (719.86KB , 850x704 , Dayan Megaminx stickerless scrambled white.jpg )
Dayan Megaminx (stickerless, white face, no ridges).

Right out of the box it was quite stiff. After lubing and a first tension-adjusting it is much better, though it still could use some work. I'm by no means a Megaminx speed-solver (no way in Hell), but even at the first solve this one significantly cut down my times compared with the Shengshou. I might take this chance to learn some advanced techniques.

In any case, it's a simply a pleasure to look at, specially when scrambled.

Post edited on 10th Nov 2015, 5:37pm
>> No. 2972 [Edit]
File 144720652478.jpg - (530.43KB , 768x576 , bedside.jpg )
BTW: current view of the side of my bed.

Unintentional black humor provided by Peter Pan book lying there.
>> No. 2975 [Edit]
She's really cute.
>> No. 2976 [Edit]
>> No. 2979 [Edit]
File 144742719142.jpg - (164.86KB , 601x700 , Zahnradlaby 00.jpg )
These are stock photos of 1st and 2nd versions of Jean-Claude Constantin's Zahnradlaby. I'm having problems to decide, so which one you like better?
>> No. 2980 [Edit]
File 144765089577.jpg - (380.75KB , 1188x771 , Astrolabrium puzzle.jpg )
I thought I'd write a bit more about this one: Astrolabrium, by Jürgen Reiche (Siebenstein Spiele).

The purpose is to align the 4 rings (2 white, 2 dark) in such way that all white circles are covered by dark ones. First I thought I could directly brute-force all possible solutions using binary code: 1 for a circle, 0 for an empty space; the plan was to map the rings and all their possible combinations, which meant writing down four 15x15 binary matrices (2 of them retrograded, since I read dark and white in opposite directions) and then check for solutions, so that for every 1-white entry there would be a 1-dark in the same column.

Needless to say, that became exceedingly tedious before finishing even one matrix. I gave it a bit more thought and realized all I needed to do was finding the minimal configuration for the white rings (the one with lesser total amount of visible circles), which could be done in seconds, and then I could easily arrive to a few partial solutions manipulating just the dark rings. Only one of them is correct though, since the small white circles around must be covered as well; when trying to determine how to remember such right combination I realized that, using the same figured handler as mark points, the relative positions of the rings meet a simple arithmetic rule: 1+4+8=13. Remembering that, one can quickly set the full solution at any given time.
>> No. 2982 [Edit]
File 144765248234.jpg - (317.89KB , 703x349 , scheibe (blume orange) puzzle.jpg )
Scheibe (Blume Orange), by Jean-Claude Constantin.

Easier than Astrolabrium, it can be quickly solved in a similar fashion: find 2 discs' minimal configuration, then fill with the other 2.
>> No. 2990 [Edit]
After a little research, I learned that in 1753 (the year showing at the center) Sweden switched from Julian to Gregorian calendar. They did it by letting February 17 (notice that February is the 2nd month and -(1-3)=2; also: 1+7=8) be followed directly (in just 1 day) by March 1 (i.e. 1 of the 3rd month; 1+3=4). I thought maybe the solution <1,4,8,13> could stand for <1-day,1+3,1+7,-(1-3)> but I guess I just tripped out. Nice cosmology-concerned puzzle design, in any case.
>> No. 2992 [Edit]
File 144774632567.jpg - (1.00MB , 1027x679 , Schlüsselerlebnis (Master Key) puzzle.jpg )
Schlüsselerlebnis (Master Key), by Jürgen Reiche.

I've been wanting this one for a long time.
With six keys interconnected, the goal is to take out even just one.
Absolutely gorgeous.
>> No. 3001 [Edit]
File 145011383171.jpg - (770.48KB , 681x1142 , EA cube.jpg )
EA-cube (custom printed V-cube). The negative (or rather positive) version of my AE cube.

Printing turned out much better on this one, I think.
>> No. 3002 [Edit]
File 145011392245.jpg - (461.57KB , 598x586 , 3x3 V-cube pillowed.jpg )
3x3 pillowed V-cube

I finally got one of these to try out, since they're rather expensive for what they are. It is pretty loose which is nice, but it has zero corner cutting and the pillowed shape isn't the best for finger tricks. It also has painted squares instead of stickers. More of an eye-catcher than a speed-solving option.
>> No. 3003 [Edit]
File 145011396099.jpg - (441.36KB , 381x768 , cubos en cubo.jpg )
This one I couldn't find the proper name yet, but it's very similar to Sextuplets (4x4):

Not truly a burr but just an interlocking puzzle. Far easier than it seemed.
>> No. 3004 [Edit]
File 145011401858.jpg - (363.80KB , 363x651 , Double Bars (Bamboo Puzzle).jpg )
Double bars (Bamboo puzzle).

For this one I had to look at the solution at least to take out the first piece, cause it just wouldn't move at all. It turned out it was truly stuck, far more thightly than what a burr needs to work properly; after a little sanding in the right places the puzzle became much more manageable. Not all that great but nice design and tricky solve.
>> No. 3005 [Edit]
That looks great!
>> No. 3006 [Edit]
Thanks a lot.

Now, a few more puzzles before the end of the year...
>> No. 3007 [Edit]
File 145158805175.jpg - (931.55KB , 640x957 , Doornail Microchip puzzle.jpg )
Doornail a.k.a. Microchip
>> No. 3008 [Edit]
File 145158809812.jpg - (589.41KB , 474x851 , Matrix puzzle.jpg )
Matrix, by Jürgen Reiche.
>> No. 3009 [Edit]
File 145158816221.jpg - (373.67KB , 640x480 , Lancelot burr puzzle.jpg )
Lancelot, by Stéphane Chomine.
>> No. 3010 [Edit]
File 145158822526.jpg - (423.94KB , 640x480 , C'est la vie puzzle.jpg )
C'est la vie, by Jean-Claude Constantin.
>> No. 3012 [Edit]
File 145158834614.jpg - (451.42KB , 640x480 , Blumenlaby 6 puzzle.jpg )
Blumenlaby 6, also by Jean-Claude Constantin.

Simply gorgeous.
>> No. 3013 [Edit]
File 145158936258.jpg - (407.25KB , 1160x761 , urhwerk steuerrad astrolabrium c'est la vie b.jpg )
Circles together.
>> No. 3014 [Edit]
File 145219902960.jpg - (636.32KB , 479x1021 , Pento puzzle.jpg )
Pento, by Jürgen Reiche.
>> No. 3015 [Edit]
File 145219919346.jpg - (335.57KB , 502x480 , Modern Times puzzle.jpg )
Modern Times, by Jean-Claude Constantin.

The frame has a metallic touch to simulate cooper. Very pretty.
>> No. 3016 [Edit]
File 14521998944.jpg - (138.58KB , 1138x1130 , 9640552.jpg )

That vaguely looks like an Analog computer, which is something that really fascinates me. I'd try building them if I wasn't retarded.
>> No. 3018 [Edit]
File 145220485969.jpg - (261.29KB , 1934x1088 , modern times.jpg )
I think it's mostly an homage to Chaplin's movie.
>> No. 3020 [Edit]
File 145241919279.jpg - (132.72KB , 512x694 , C'est la vie puzzle solution.jpg )
I thought I'd write a bit more about this one.

It is allegedly based on the construction of the hexagon from a circle, and one can sort of see it (sort of).The goal is, seemingly enough, to take out the ring. After like half an hour I managed to do it, but it felt to me like cheating for the following reasons:

i) The last part involved doing a radically different move from all the previous ones.
ii) The solution, if meant to be as I did it, would not be unique.
iii) I didn't need to pass for all the slots.

So, starting now from what seemed to be the exit slot, I tried to make my way back in with only "legal" moves to backengineer the true solution. After several hours, exhausted, I found myself unable to reach the starting position. The next day, since I knew that there's a youtube video with the solution for this one, giving up, I gave it a check. It turned out their solution was even more doubtful than the one I came up with, forcing the puzzle way too much for my taste, only showing the trajectory out and not really addressing the part I was stuck at, just one step away from the goal. However, they also got it out in the same slot and in one of the positions I had considered, since I tried several, addressed all the possibilities and stablished one single optimal deterministic route. I decided to stick to it a bit longer and realized there was another possibility along the way that I overlooked before, as it seemed to be a dead end; I tried with it again, did one step differently and after another full ride through the puzzle, it finally came back in. I felt very happy I could do it on my own in the end.

I first thought the idiomatic name (C'est la Vie! = Such is life! / It can't be helped!) referred to the need in life to sometimes think outside the box and solve things strangely. But now, with one clean and single solution in hand and due to its structure, now I think it refers more to those times when you're really close to something, but need to take a roundabout to reach it even in what seems to be the opposite direction. That, sometimes, the straight path just can't get you where you want, and you absolutely need to surround it, to flutter and almost seduce it, to get there. If so, I think it's a brilliant concept, not identical in structure but close in spirit to that of n-ary puzzles in general which the designer excels at.

Jean-Claude Constantin is truly an artist and a poet of puzzles. Doubtlessly my absolute favourite designer.

Post edited on 10th Jan 2016, 4:25am
>> No. 3021 [Edit]
File 145241935255.jpg - (654.06KB , 768x576 , table.jpg )
Relatedly: my table ATM. Almost as correctly messed up as my life (hopefully).
>> No. 3022 [Edit]
File 145325603635.jpg - (125.41KB , 502x766 , Insanity Pitcher Cube Gold puzzle.jpg )
Insanity cube, by Pitcher, Golden version.

Not a 3x3 or skewb mod but an entirely new concept, as it jumbles with every move (the core is pyramidal). Consequently, it's actually difficult to scramble as it blocks constantly. But then, surprisingly, I was able to solve it intuitively in like 5 minutes. But that's because I just had to return it to cubic shape and all sides are equal; the original, with color code, must be way harder.

Very beautiful. I'm considering buying the blue version, cause it looks like Evangelion's Ramiel.

EDIT: the core has 6 axis OVER the pyramid. It's... strange.

Post edited on 19th Jan 2016, 9:08pm
>> No. 3024 [Edit]
File 145489765985.jpg - (758.33KB , 640x960 , Blumenlaby 6 (solved).jpg )
Solved and back to start point.

It has a dead end that is easy to fall for, but once you get over the trap it's much easier to solve again correctly.
>> No. 3025 [Edit]
File 145489771544.jpg - (612.91KB , 845x634 , Y510p - YJ noctilucent cube puzzle.jpg )
I like this color scheme.
>> No. 3026 [Edit]
Kwanzaa colors?
>> No. 3027 [Edit]
No, but will keep it in mind.
>> No. 3028 [Edit]
File 145549838741.jpg - (560.43KB , 804x538 , eureka ring pilar cord ball puzzle.jpg )
Eureka ring pilar puzzle
>> No. 3029 [Edit]
File 145549843621.jpg - (638.91KB , 684x731 , Yin yang puzzle.jpg )
Ying Yang puzzle.
Simple but nice.
>> No. 3030 [Edit]
File 145549849431.jpg - (399.01KB , 640x480 , framed interlocking puzzles.jpg )
A couple more in the fashion of >>2960
>> No. 3031 [Edit]
File 145549865281.jpg - (343.40KB , 566x673 , Genius puck puzzle.jpg )
Genius puck.

The original puck concept, which >>2903 sprung from. This is a remake, though; the original version (no longer vailable) had the colors in rainbow order. Very nice all the same.
>> No. 3032 [Edit]
File 145549877359.jpg - (689.42KB , 640x782 , Castle Hole burr puzzle.jpg )
Castle Hole burr, by Osanori Yamamoto.

Harder than it seemed. Loved it. Very beautiful.
>> No. 3033 [Edit]
File 145612469311.jpg - (1.00MB , 765x1152 , Lancelot burr puzzle solved.jpg )
Lancelot solved.

I needed lots of help for this one. There were a couple of steps I would have never figured out, either because they involved moving several pieces at once or because I wouldn't have dared to force it in some ways... And in fact it did break, while putting it back together, because I didn't set the corresponding configuration exactly as it should be at that particular point. The fix was easy, though; I learned where to be specially careful and now it can come in and out without trouble.

It is clasified as a burr, meaning that: "[it] takes 13 moves to remove the first piece then another 3 to remove the second piece then 12 more to remove the third and still 5 more to remove the fourth piece [there are 6 pieces]." I don't solve it as such, though; I mean, I don't count or anything, but just set up some successive stages that I need to accomplish in order to go on (like: "now, I have to make enough room for this piece down there, so I have to do this and this...").

Rated a 10/10 of difficulty, it totally beat me up this time; but I hope to have learned from it and consider a wider scope of possible movements from now on. By all means, it's a gorgeous puzzle and I'm very happy to have it in the collection.
>> No. 3034 [Edit]
File 145612659715.png - (206.34KB , 640x640 , 007081-9879.png )
BTW, there are 2 versions available, in case anyone's ever interested:

That's also pretty much the best online store for non-twisty puzzles right now (they have them as well but, for twisties, hknowstore, mefferts and others can be better). Another good one is
>> No. 3037 [Edit]
File 145802582885.jpg - (348.14KB , 480x640 , Shengshou mirror cube silver.jpg )
I'm waiting for another great n-ary puzzle, but it takes too long.

Meanwhile, Shengshou mirror cube.

I'm also considering to start making mods, as soon as I have the time.
>> No. 3040 [Edit]
File 145868789920.jpg - (415.55KB , 640x480 , Zahnradlaby (Double Gear Maze) puzzle.jpg )
Finally here: Zahnradlaby (Double Gear Maze), by Jean-Claude Constantin (1st version).

After the first movements, I quickly realized something was wrong. In this case, it was assembled correctly but one of the ball was placed in the wrong spot and so the puzzle couldn't be solved. It was a bit hard but I managed to get the ball out and now the puzzle works correctly. Very beautiful...
>> No. 3041 [Edit]
File 145868800915.jpg - (1.21MB , 1252x868 , Jean-Claude Constantin - Jürgen Reiche.jpg )
... and so, here's my Jean-Claude Constantin and Jürgen Reiche puzzle collection so far. I might give it a rest for a while.

Post edited on 22nd Mar 2016, 4:27pm
>> No. 3042 [Edit]
I really wanna try this thing!
>> No. 3043 [Edit]
>> No. 3044 [Edit]
File 145877993055.jpg - (343.48KB , 574x444 , Zahnradlaby (Double Gear Maze) puzzle solved.jpg )

It came out way too easily, specially for a Constantin puzzle. Pretty enjoyable all the same.
>> No. 3047 [Edit]
File 14593166962.jpg - (478.20KB , 542x818 , Hellraiser cube puzzle stickers.jpg )
Hellraiser 3x3 sticker mod:

It only works on Rubik's brand cubes (slightly larger) and now they all have tiles instead of stickers, so the borders of the new stickers can get a little messed up. Nice looking all the same and harder to solve than I thought.
>> No. 3048 [Edit]
I've love to have one that works the way it does in the movie, even if it is impossible.
>> No. 3049 [Edit]
File 145932232660.gif - (275.69KB , 200x200 , hellraiser_gif~c200.gif )
If you mean the mechanism: yes, it's very appealing.
If you mean the results: I'm already in Hell, so...
>> No. 3050 [Edit]
Didn't it also turn at the corners?
>> No. 3051 [Edit]
File 145932371573.png - (275.35KB , 500x501 , 12030749_4ed955f7a47f4.png )
Actually, you could do that one with a Dino Cube sticker mod. Might get it done someday.

Post edited on 30th Mar 2016, 12:46am
>> No. 3053 [Edit]
If you're a wealthy hardcore fan, you could comission one of these:
>> No. 3054 [Edit]
I've seen those before, they're pretty neat. I'm not 'that' big of a fan of the series though. I stopped watching them after the forth or fifth film.
>> No. 3056 [Edit]
File 145992780497.jpg - (627.24KB , 461x1024 , Shengshou 7x7 mini.jpg )
Shengshou 7x7 mini
>> No. 3058 [Edit]
File 146061236880.jpg - (499.78KB , 819x1536 , Answer 42 cube puzzle.jpg )
Another sticker mod: Answer (42) cube, which is a homage to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...

In order to really shine, it must use both white and black cubies in a very specific pattern.
>> No. 3060 [Edit]
File 146061298388.jpg - (1.13MB , 982x980 , 3x3 bicolor.jpg )
This is what I could put together with the remaining cubies: a bicolor to try some patterns on (I wanted a checkerboard but it was impossible with the available pieces). Not bad but not great either. I might do something else with it soon.
>> No. 3064 [Edit]
File 146077313844.jpg - (1.34MB , 1228x1152 , Schneewittchen (Snow-White) cube 0.jpg )
So I gave the mid layer a metallized blood hue, making it a tricolor.

Very simple idea, trivial solve, but I think it looks neat.

I see it as a Snow-White (Schneewittchen) color scheme. It can also remind of the North German Confederation / Nazi flag, but the color order would be different.
>> No. 3067 [Edit]
File 146541968938.jpg - (335.61KB , 593x445 , cubo cobra camaleon.jpg )
Cubo cobra camaleón.

It has 2 solutions. Could have 3 or even 4 with the same concept, but whatever. Nice one.
>> No. 3069 [Edit]
File 146542008813.jpg - (426.32KB , 606x608 , Shengshou gigaminx puzzle white scrambled.jpg )
Shengshou gigaminx (white base).
Gorgeous and incredibly soft-turning.
>> No. 3072 [Edit]
File 14655853554.jpg - (217.18KB , 538x1207 , Moyu Weilong GTS (brown) puzzle cube.jpg )
Moyu Weilong GTS (brown base).

Amazing speedcube. A little too fast for me but I'll try to adapt to it.
>> No. 3073 [Edit]
File 146558542548.jpg - (376.73KB , 816x404 , Babylon Tower puzzle.jpg )
Babylon Tower.

Easier than expected, though not trivial.
Very pretty and quite fun.
>> No. 3074 [Edit]
File 146558584328.jpg - (509.03KB , 438x1031 , Flowerminx (black) scramble.jpg )
Flowerminx (black base).

I bought it in white from Mefferts long ago, but it got lost/stolen in transit. I saw this chance with a local seller and ended up liking it better.

Pretty damned stiff in the beginning, but a bit of tension-adjusting and lub gets it ready for use (although pieces still catch up frequently). Beautiful and very easy to solve.
>> No. 3080 [Edit]
File 146603458998.jpg - (1.64MB , 1152x1152 , Yoshimoto cube.jpg )
Finally here: Yoshimoto cube.

You can learn more about it here, also an excelent channel about maths:
>> No. 3081 [Edit]
File 146706607141.jpg - (485.05KB , 616x715 , Magnetic dice cube 3x3 white.jpg )
3x3 Magnetic Cube.

Fortunately I was still able to get one with squared corners in classical dice colors (i.e. none).

Nice video about the polarity problems their design involve:

Post edited on 27th Jun 2016, 3:24pm
>> No. 3082 [Edit]
File 146717380444.jpg - (638.25KB , 920x681 , Armadillo cube (alternative color code).jpg )
Armadillo cube.

I didn't like the original color code, so I changed it to look more like a gradient. Now I love it.

Post edited on 28th Jun 2016, 9:32pm
>> No. 3083 [Edit]
File 146717383456.jpg - (1.05MB , 918x1141 , Armadillo cube (alternative color code) [all corne.jpg )
All corners and faces.
>> No. 3084 [Edit]
File 146717394355.jpg - (234.01KB , 728x384 , Z Ghost Cube (unstickered Ninja Cube).jpg )
Z Ghost Cube transparent.

Actually an unstickered Ninja Cube, but I much prefer it like this, like a Crystal Ghost.
>> No. 3085 [Edit]
File 146717403752.jpg - (680.79KB , 814x816 , 3x3 Glow in the dark stickers cube.jpg )
Glow in the dark stickers 3x3 cube.

More like this at:
>> No. 3087 [Edit]
File 146717430115.jpg - (308.81KB , 920x994 , 6 color Glow in the Dark stickers 3x3 cube.jpg )
6 color Glow in the Dark stickers 3x3 cube.

Colors are slightly better than in pic. Nice effect, but needs to charge for a while and runs out rather quickly (specially the red side).
>> No. 3088 [Edit]
File 146906864725.jpg - (555.65KB , 480x1080 , ShengShou Mastermorphix Stickerless.jpg )
ShengShou Mastermorphix Stickerless.
>> No. 3089 [Edit]
File 146906867769.jpg - (235.24KB , 598x294 , ShengShou Aurora megaminx.jpg )
ShengShou Aurora megaminx.
>> No. 3090 [Edit]
File 146906870813.jpg - (677.99KB , 896x672 , 5x5 QiYi stickerless.jpg )
5x5 QiYi stickerless
>> No. 3091 [Edit]
File 146906911969.jpg - (899.75KB , 640x1434 , Hexaminx blue metallized stickerless.jpg )
Hexaminx blue metallized (stickerless).

Hexaminx is a cubic mod of the classic megaminx, in which the 12 faces of the second become the 12 edges of the former. I took the stickers off to make this metallized version really shine; I much prefer it like this and it's still a challenge, cause getting back into the cubic shape gets even more confusing.
>> No. 3092 [Edit]
That's pretty cool.
>> No. 3108 [Edit]
File 146967649480.jpg - (405.19KB , 845x995 , puzzle collection 000.jpg )
The entire collection finally in one place.

It really is.
>> No. 3109 [Edit]
You've got a really awesome puzzle collection.
>> No. 3114 [Edit]
File 147012846282.jpg - (625.36KB , 819x614 , wooden mirror blocks cube puzzle.jpg )
The first mod I've made (only covered it in wood really, but still). Might add varnish later.

>> No. 3115 [Edit]
File 14701286319.jpg - (112.13KB , 640x480 , wooden mirror blocks cube puzzle making.jpg )
Pic during the making of.
>> No. 3116 [Edit]
File 147018349987.jpg - (661.63KB , 1750x2500 , image.jpg )
Testing 123
>> No. 3117 [Edit]
File 147078217416.jpg - (0.97MB , 1016x768 , wooden mirror blocks cube 0 puzzle.jpg )
>> No. 3118 [Edit]
File 147078221744.jpg - (613.69KB , 787x597 , wooden 3x3 cube puzzle.jpg )
Wooden 3x3
>> No. 3121 [Edit]
File 147456448734.jpg - (508.71KB , 768x576 , Gan 365 air puzzle cube.jpg )
Gan365 Air.

EXCEDINGLY fast cube at its peek configuration, even more than >>3072.
>> No. 3122 [Edit]
File 147456461662.jpg - (916.25KB , 1022x768 , Bubbloid 445 puzzle.jpg )
Carl Hoff's Bubbloid 4x4x5.

It popped out at the very first turn, on the bus. After some adjusting and lubbing it gets much better.
>> No. 3123 [Edit]
File 147456465377.jpg - (362.02KB , 640x480 , mefferts nautilus puzzle.jpg )
Meffert's Nautilus puzzle.

Very pretty.
>> No. 3124 [Edit]
File 147456491325.jpg - (1.21MB , 1125x845 , Tuttminx gradient puzzle.jpg )
Tuttminx (by Very Puzzle).

While lubbing it, I broke an internal piece but managed to fix it (otherwise it'd be USD 54 down the drain). Stickers are DIY, so I tried to make a gradient with them.

If anyone's interested, the main geometry is what you'd call the Goldberg Polyehedron G(1,1)...

Post edited on 22nd Sep 2016, 10:32am
>> No. 3142 [Edit]
>> No. 3159 [Edit]
File 148055185658.jpg - (416.60KB , 576x864 , Carni chaak 3x3.jpg )
Carni Chaak 3x3.
>> No. 3226 [Edit]
Just thought I'd give you a heads up, the latch cube is back in stock on hknow. Since it's more of a rarer puzzle now, I figured you may want to buy it.

I'll be posting my own collection once the card reader I ordered comes in.
>> No. 3255 [Edit]
File Gil31eY.mp4 - (4.22MB )

You might find this interesting.
>> No. 3256 [Edit]
very nice, thank you for sharing
>> No. 3434 [Edit]
File 151349454230.jpg - (1.00MB , 1022x768 , Oskar wooden treasure chest.jpg )
little puzzle dump...

Wooden Oskar's Treasure Chest.
>> No. 3435 [Edit]
when solved this opens up?
>> No. 3436 [Edit]
File 151349459612.jpg - (0.97MB , 1019x766 , color ghost cube.jpg )
Multi-color Ghost Cube.
>> No. 3437 [Edit]
File 151349470284.jpg - (434.59KB , 512x762 , RGB 3x3 cube.jpg )
RGB 3x3 cube
>> No. 3438 [Edit]
File 151349476367.jpg - (760.40KB , 640x958 , wooden puzzle 12 monks hexsticks burr (Stewart Cof.jpg )
12 Monks a.k.a. Hexsticks wooden puzzle burr (Stewart Coffin).
>> No. 3439 [Edit]
File 151349479416.jpg - (309.06KB , 426x696 , Rainbow Magic Puzzle Ball.jpg )
Rainbow Magic Puzzle Ball
>> No. 3440 [Edit]
File 151349484812.jpg - (954.68KB , 1021x766 , Gan356 Air Macaron Purple 3x3 Limited Grand Master.jpg )
Gan356 Air Macaron Purple 3x3 Limited Grand Master Edition.

My favourite 3x3.
>> No. 3441 [Edit]
File 15134948977.jpg - (201.04KB , 594x331 , fidget cube.jpg )
Fidget cube, for the heck of it.
>> No. 3442 [Edit]
File 151349498253.jpg - (477.66KB , 519x701 , wooden puzzle kongming lock.jpg )
I've yet know the proper name of this one.
>> No. 3443 [Edit]
File 151349507289.jpg - (807.87KB , 730x746 , smaz time machine.jpg )
SMAZ Time Machine.
One of my TOP.

>> No. 3444 [Edit]
>> No. 3445 [Edit]
We missed you, puzzle-anon.
>> No. 3446 [Edit]
>> No. 3454 [Edit]
File 151358296525.gif - (463.16KB , 500x279 , surprise.gif )
I had to look for a video of this contraption because I didn't understand how to solve it without it taking me a hundred billion years. It looks insanely tough. Is this the hardest puzzle you have acquired so far?
>> No. 3455 [Edit]
>Is this the hardest
Not at all, no. Although very impressive, it's just a 2x2 with dials that, until the very last one (that needs a series of algorithms to permute the numbers in order), can be solved pretty mindlessly in like 15 minutes total or so.

Among the hardest stuff I've got is probably >>2885 for twisties and >>2930 in general.
>> No. 3493 [Edit]
File 151605191727.jpg - (783.21KB , 754x864 , tricolor mirror cube.jpg )
Tricolor mirror cube.
>> No. 3494 [Edit]
File 151605195967.jpg - (297.75KB , 384x543 , (babylon tower) X-Cube Colorful Five-layer Rotate.jpg )
(babylon tower) X-Cube Colorful Five-layer Rotate Slide Puzzle Toy - White Base
>> No. 3496 [Edit]
File 151605205147.jpg - (807.45KB , 765x860 , Rose Pink 3x3 Qiyi The Valk Mini.jpg )
Rose Pink 3x3 Qiyi The Valk Mini
>> No. 3497 [Edit]
File 151605207833.jpg - (86.05KB , 640x480 , Rose Pink Valk Mini - Macaron purple Gan Air .jpg )
Rose Pink Valk Mini & Macaron purple Gan Air
>> No. 3502 [Edit]
File 151732675919.jpg - (341.96KB , 920x1037 , two face faced lenticular cube 3X3.jpg )
Two face lenticular cube.

For explanation, check:

For purchase:
>> No. 3503 [Edit]
That looks like a gift you should give to someone who you'd like to commit suicide. Even the guy in the video went on suicide watch with a single hand twist.
>> No. 3504 [Edit]
I haven't scrambled it yet either.
I wanna take some precautions first.
>> No. 3519 [Edit]
File 15198575774.jpg - (505.61KB , 1079x347 , QiYi Pentacle Cube scrambled.jpg )
QiYi Pentacle Cube.

Nice looking cube, specially for satanic tastes. A pain in the ass to scramble though, and I figure the solve will be similarly tedious.
>> No. 3568 [Edit]
So, how long did it take, puzzle-kun?
>> No. 3633 [Edit]
File 153412571694.jpg - (478.16KB , 1072x349 , SMAZ Time Machine stickerless scrambled.jpg )
QiYi stickerless Time Machine.
Good for its dirty cheap price.

I just solved it for the first time, assisted by a tutorial. It took me about ~45 minutes. Worst part was the beginning, solving the 2x2 corners; the rest was all fast, very intuitive and fun.
>> No. 3634 [Edit]
File 153412579434.jpg - (1.11MB , 1154x1164 , Mad in China (Jean-Claude Constantin) [solution].jpg )
Mad in China, by Jean-Claude Constantin (solved).
>> No. 3635 [Edit]
File 15341259411.jpg - (621.91KB , 909x909 , Biaxe (Timur Timur Evbatyrov) [3D printed] scrambl.jpg )
This one is very rare and took me years to find it for a reasonable price: 'Biaxe', by Timur Evbatyrov. 3D-printed on commission by Evgeniy Grigoriev (grigorusha), through HKnowstore. Another absolute jewel of the collection.

Constellation Six Family VIDEO:

Post edited on 12th Aug 2018, 7:25pm
>> No. 3660 [Edit]
File 154095351647.jpg - (468.12KB , 767x767 , Shengshou Tank Stickerless.jpg )
Shengshou Tank Stickerless
>> No. 3662 [Edit]
File 154095365821.jpg - (755.89KB , 937x937 , Moyu Mofang Classroom DNA Windmill Magic Cube Red.jpg )
Moyu Mofang Classroom DNA Windmill Magic Cube Red
>> No. 3663 [Edit]
This looks pretty cool. I wonder how long the gloss finish would hold out before scratches start being noticeable.
>> No. 3674 [Edit]
Indeed: many of these are meant for collecting purposes, not to be solved again and again. I just solved it once (pretty easy) and that's about it.
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