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File 129340327572.jpg - (487.31KB , 1236x1652 , slowpokelist.jpg )
100 No. 100 [Edit]
ITT: stuff you wish you had bought at the right moment, and now is nowhere to be found/way too expensive to acquire ;_;
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>> No. 1336 [Edit]
Classy subject matter there.
>> No. 1365 [Edit]
File 131196776143.jpg - (123.79KB , 550x800 , akashi-1.jpg )
If I can find it by the nearing end of the year, I swear I won't make the same mistake of not buying it like last time.
>> No. 1373 [Edit]
I'm still waiting for mine...
The guy I bought the pre-order from (and whom I kept always contact with), told me that the release had been delayed to the end of june, but as long as he got it he would send it to me. He can always be lying, though; we'll see.
>> No. 1378 [Edit]
I'm honestly hoping you get her sooner or later, with hopefully no scratches to it. That is how I would like mine if I had ordered it.
>> No. 1379 [Edit]
File 131223027849.jpg - (93.66KB , 600x600 , Mokou.jpg )
This Mokou got restocked in AmiAmi and I bought her immediately. I am really happy because I felt really bad because I didn't preorder her back then.
>> No. 1446 [Edit]
File 131365906174.jpg - (141.46KB , 706x999 , 10102189a9.jpg )
I don't know how I missed this, it's not very old at all, and the price was nice.

Checked a few dozen shops and it's sold out everywhere, of course, sigh...
>> No. 1897 [Edit]
Are touhou fumofumos still made? I see "out of stock" everywhere and I feel like if I don't get one soon I'll never have one
>> No. 2075 [Edit]
hey op, here's one of them.
>> No. 2077 [Edit]
File 134363694347.jpg - (199.60KB , 1116x794 , gathering tutu.jpg )
Oh, thank you very much; in the end I went for another Misuzu (the one just recently posted). I mainly liked that one for the dinosurs... and they are really cute, indeed; maybe another time (right now I've spent enough and still have preorders waiting)...

<---- Relatedly, I keep wishing I hadn't miss this one.
>> No. 2094 [Edit]
File 134413962151.jpg - (56.84KB , 350x606 , cms_holo01.jpg )
Dear Lord everyone I was at a convention today. massive vendors room, and I finally saw this here figure. She was 95 dollars.

Waited to see if there was something better in other vendors. Come back and she's been bought.

How bad did I fuck up?
>> No. 2097 [Edit]
Remember the golden rule: "When you see it, buy it!" To paraphrase that guy from Welcome to the NHK. Someone will always come by and take it right out of your hands unless you strike right away.
>> No. 2101 [Edit]
I always remember and follow that rule when in big doubt...
"It's right there; you can afford it; you do want it... What the hell are you waiting for?? Get it! NOW!!"
>> No. 2102 [Edit]

Hah...bad luck indeed. But >>2097 and >>2101 are correct. Never hesitate!
>> No. 2103 [Edit]
File 134420775752.jpg - (1.41MB , 3264x1952 , IMAG1542.jpg )
Whoops. Sorry about that.
>> No. 2104 [Edit]
1: If you have a phone with internet access, or an mp3 player with wifi, and there is a wifi hotspot, go to your favourite retailers and look for it. If it is a better price (factoring in shipping), definitely go for it.
2: Ask vendors about availability, see if it is indeed the last in stock
3: check to make sure nothing is missing or damaged.
4: If all of this is true, don't go anywhere else in the room, buy that shit.

Also sometimes they will sell things for way low at the end of Sunday, especially large items. It's a scramble, and you should watch your finances, but you will regret things you don't do more than things you actually do, I think.
>> No. 2109 [Edit]

Tell me something, Brohno. Were you at the AFO convention in Orlando last weekend? Or are you pulling my leg?


I agree. I had to go on Saturday since I had work yesterday, but usually I go on Sundays to get the cheapest price.
>> No. 2110 [Edit]
File 134431428072.jpg - (833.29KB , 3264x1952 , hmmm.jpg )
Sorry bro. Just pulling your leg.
>> No. 2112 [Edit]

>that feeling when a Brohno buys the figure you almost bought.

The world is so fucking small.
>> No. 2113 [Edit]
Its not that case. I told you I was only pulling your leg. That brochure was from 2010 when I was living in Florida. I am a bit lazy now taking it back out but I swear its the truth. Blah, I guess I just wanted to have fun here. Hold on a bit and will get you something concrete.
>> No. 2114 [Edit]

No that's alright. I just can't see the date in the brochure, so I assumed it was for this year.

As an unrelated question, would you say it is better where you are living now or back in Florida?
>> No. 2117 [Edit]
File 134491656379.jpg - (871.44KB , 1200x1600 , Shuri.jpg )
Finally managed to get hold of one.
>> No. 2119 [Edit]
well done, man.
>> No. 2120 [Edit]

Nice find...I love that fig. I have the same one.
>> No. 2121 [Edit]
Thanks, to bad I've got nowhere to put it till I get a new display case.

I think the previous owner had pets or something, shipping box had a ton of hair in it.
>> No. 2122 [Edit]
File 134498734624.jpg - (6.18MB , 5184x3456 , IMG_3889.jpg )
I am not from Florida. I moved there to go to college. I stayed in Cape Canaveral at the time. Nah, Florida just isn't my thing. Yeah it was fun living the beach life for a few years living at one of my fathers condos. Its not for me though. I am from Maryland. I like the mountains, change of season and wide open space and all the fun that comes along with it. Also it feels a bit cleaner/fresh air up here.

If you are from Florida and really want to get out, all I can say is remember that place is your home and there will always (at least in my case) be a intangible little thing that makes it unique and special to you. It may not really be that bad.

This is the first real time I have posted here on Tohno-chan after lurking for about six months. What really got me to post was that Holo figure and it was a really fun conicidence that you mentioned that convention. It was the first one I ever went to. 2010. I have been to three other ones since then.

Anyways, I got lots of unique content I think its finally about time to share with everyone. There is a surprising lack of Liru here on Tohno-Chan and I hope to change that some.

Um... To make this post relevant I am still on the hunt for a very rare Liru figure. I have contacted the manufacturer and even went through proxys with no luck.

Here, have a pic of a dakimakura I got custom made of Liru. I have pictures of her from all around the land I live (238 acres)
>> No. 2123 [Edit]
File 134526757690.jpg - (3.14MB , 5184x3456 , IMG_3887.jpg )
Um... Sorry. Here is random pic. Nothing special. Just Liru on my 2012 V-strom. Sorry.
>> No. 2157 [Edit]
You sure do meet a lot of interesting people here on Tohno-Chan. I'm glad you have decided to post, you should. I'm glad you're happy wiht your Liru dakimakura. I've thought of getting a dakimakura myself but do not live alone and probably won't do so until I turn around 22 or 23. (In around 3-4 years).

Anyway, welcome to Tohno-Chan.
>> No. 2215 [Edit]
preorders re-opened!
>> No. 2260 [Edit]
File 135480883012.jpg - (85.30KB , 463x724 , Neris.jpg )
this has just managed to slip past me or be out of my price range every time I find one. Its becoming agonizing. The thing almost worse than this is that its rarely far out of the price range but the other two girls (Airy and Emil) are only getting Volks exclusives in their regular day to day outfits. All 3 are getting kotobukiya swimsuit figures, which is cool, but I want them in their regular outfits.
>> No. 2307 [Edit]
File 135664127577.jpg - (221.03KB , 1202x598 , sisters.jpg )
FINALLY ordered them both at AmiAmi on a crapshoot deal (preowned Flandre; but I'll be paying for both + shipping just what a new one would cost elsewhere)...

Let's see how this turns out.

Post edited on 28th Dec 2012, 12:42am
>> No. 2335 [Edit]
File 13587022345.jpg - (142.51KB , 990x732 , meiyafig.jpg )
This one. It seems impossible to find it cheaper than $150.
>> No. 2336 [Edit]
I want the Meiya, Sumika and Kasumi. I found the Sumika for about $115 before shipping the other day and if its still around in a couple of weeks I'll be getting it then.
>> No. 2337 [Edit]
All the limited edition dollfie dreams ever.
>> No. 2583 [Edit]
File 138831414043.jpg - (37.60KB , 217x500 , zstuff.jpg )
R.O.D -THE TV- より 1/8「アニタ」
>> No. 2584 [Edit]
File 138831433318.jpg - (38.47KB , 272x694 , zstuff.jpg )
>> No. 2587 [Edit]
File 138863918491.jpg - (279.82KB , 1324x676 , doujin gk.jpg )
Please, allow me to include here all the doujin wonders that I'll never even had the chance to get and most likely never will.

Post edited on 1st Jan 2014, 11:52pm
>> No. 2657 [Edit]
Zetsubo girls fig? Damn, now I want them too!
>> No. 2662 [Edit]
File 13925835252.jpg - (233.16KB , 900x1425 , lilith_evangelion_by_antucoss-d3ebo6k.jpg )
>> No. 2725 [Edit]
File 140080163956.jpg - (196.20KB , 1066x1600 , HQ.jpg )
>> No. 2783 [Edit]
File 141285993391.jpg - (62.24KB , 337x576 , schlitzie.jpg )
Garage kits really are a wonderful thing.
>> No. 2825 [Edit]
File 142257253387.jpg - (47.59KB , 344x496 , rowyn12547907162.jpg )
Unfortunately $700 is a little much.
>> No. 2827 [Edit]
Is that a jew?
>> No. 2913 [Edit]
File 143923920248.jpg - (17.23KB , 266x360 , 109791.jpg )
>> No. 2914 [Edit]
It looks like a character from the 1932 film Freaks.
>> No. 3129 [Edit]
File 147545404262.jpg - (168.38KB , 684x600 , 20161006.jpg )
>> No. 3131 [Edit]
You should have gotten a Sader.

Far superior.
>> No. 3132 [Edit]
Yes: Schlitzie or 'pinhead'.
I treasure that movie.
>> No. 3410 [Edit]
File 151341024616.jpg - (714.34KB , 2000x1500 , 1_AfOEgU5xwloZISsRUjY5jg.jpg )
I know it is stupid but if I ever wanted a hand spinner it was this one. I could probably just put a sticker on any hand spinner but still.
>> No. 3411 [Edit]
I don't know much about spinners (never even touched one) but those look like it would be shit quality and wouldn't spin too well.
>> No. 3412 [Edit]
But it has LED!
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