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File 156719360121.jpg - (939.66KB , 1000x1118 , 151310479484160.jpg )
33339 No. 33339 [Edit]
Let's post reviews of anime when we finish watching them!

It doesn't have to be from this season; any anime is fine!

I'll post the first review ITT
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>> No. 35729 [Edit]
>but the premise doesn't lead me to believe a mystery is necessary
Fair enough, but you at least need something to produce the situation of total isolation. The scenario they came up with is a bit contrived and isn't itself integral to the events, but if you were to remove it then you've got to add in something else. (By the way, you might want to spoiler the gakkou gurashi part in case anyone hasn't watched it yet).

> It's kind of a waste of an interesting premise if it's limited in such a way
You can't fault a show for delivering what it says on the tin though. If someone else wanted to make a heavier/serious-toned/historically-accurate show about naval girls then they're free to do so (I think strike witches is the closest thing?)

Post edited on 24th May 2021, 11:09pm
>> No. 35734 [Edit]
File 162194981182.jpg - (645.99KB , 2000x1284 , haifuri_1071359.jpg )
Lol, of all the reviews I've posted here I'm surprised that my long-ass tldr-tier High School Fleet review is getting replies.

>It's kind of a bummer.

SoL is easily one of my favourite genres, so I sympathize with much of what you've said. However, there are some aspects of High School Fleet that work against it being a good character-driven SoL. First of all, the size of the cast is very large, making rich character development difficult to implement. Second, much of the screentime is sucked up by plot-related events, almost by necessity of the show's premise. Third, it's a single-cour show, so it doesn't really have the screentime needed for deep character dynamics. Having said all that, I would absolutely love a character-driven story that takes place on an ocean ship, don't get me wrong.

I think that High School Fleet should have either leaned harder into its military action elements OR leaned harder into the SoL elements of the show. I would have enjoyed it taking either path. Instead, it does a mediocre job at both those things.

Creating isolation (+/- conflict) in the story is fine. The issue is the plot mechanics that were used were immersion-breakingly absurd. Even worse, the 'mystery' sucked up a lot of screentime that could have been used for something better (more SoL or more military stuff, take your pick).

>You can't fault a show for delivering what it says on the tin though.
Just for the record, I never said that High School Fleet (the TV anime) defied my expectations. In fact, I specifically said that I pretty much got what I expected from the TV anime. I was just lamenting the wasted potential by speculating about what could have been. For me, a 6/10 rating isn't even bad (you can go through this thread and see the other reviews I've posted). The TV anime was still entertaining and I don't regret watching it. I'm not the kind of person who rates stuff poorly because it's missing something I wanted; I just take the content for what it is and evaluate my enjoyment of it. I guess what I mean is, wasted potential isn't something that affects my rating, but it is still worth writing about. However, if I'm thinking about wasted potential while watching something then it is probably lacking in some way. Ordinarily, I try not to focus too much on wasted potential when I write reviews, but High School Fleet is just a really severe case of it.
>> No. 35737 [Edit]
I too found High School Fleet really disappointing. Great start full of suspense and mystery. The perfect set up for a very intense survival story, with some political thriller elements to it. They sure ruined that opportunity.
>> No. 35750 [Edit]
File 162310912880.jpg - (707.31KB , 2000x1410 , Yuri%21%21%21_on_Ice_Cover.jpg )

I watched Yuri on Ice ("Yuri!!! on Ice"). Here are my thoughts:

Visually, the anime is good overall. There are lots of really nice character designs. The cinematography is pretty good, especially during the skating scenes. The character animation is fluid, although sometimes inconsistent. Some episodes were better than others in terms of animation quality. The most jarring visual imperfections were the frequent off-model frames during the skating scenes. This might have been exacerbated by my tendency to repeatedly pause and rewind these parts, but I doubt I'm the only one who noticed this. I'm not a stickler for animation quality, but there was room for refinement here. In any case, at least they didn't use CGI for the skating. For the record, I watched the Blu-rays; I've heard anecdotally that the TV broadcast had some animation sloppiness.

Sound effects are nicely done. Like in the ice arenas for example, it sounds exactly as it would in real life. I could feel the cold rink-arena air as I watched this anime. The OST is decent, although I wish there were more musical variety, particularly during the skating scenes. Both the OP and ED songs are great. Voice acting is alright; Victor has a nice voice.

Although not bad, the writing of Yuri on Ice is not one of its stronger attributes. The story is simply okay, and it serves its purpose. Anyone watching this anime should set their expectations low in this regard. Personally, I didn't particularly empathize with any of the characters.
Sometimes character development seemed abrupt and unexpected, without adequate foreshadowing. This might partially be a consequence of the show's pacing, which is arguably kinda quick.

Strictly in terms of being a sports anime, Yuri on Ice is decent in this regard too. The skating scenes are captivating. Watching this anime made me want to go play some kind of sport. Although it did not feel as intensely competitive as other sports shows I have seen, there is a lot of emphasis on the mental state and psyche of the figure skaters, moreso than I'd expect in an ordinary sports show. The strong emphasis on the psychological dimension of sport performance is a somewhat-unique trait of this show. I suppose the solitary nature of figure-skating performance is ideal for this. Personally, I think it would have been nice to see more attention paid to the technical aspects of figure skating, although I suspect few other people share that opinion.

I think that Yuri on Ice sought to strike a balance between on-ice scenes and off-ice scenes. In terms of total runtime, the anime has tons of scenes on ice — even more than I expected. The on-ice scenes are very entertaining and are when the show is at its best, in my opinion. I really did enjoy the skating scenes. However, this came at the cost of having less time for off-ice content, and consequently, less time for character development and related storytelling. The prioritization of on-ice scenes may be one factor which resulted in my lack of empathy and emotional connection with the characters. Now, I'm not saying there is anything objectively wrong with this. Yuri on Ice delivered more skating content than I expected, and I'm thankful for it. However, I think that the consequences of this screentime allocation should be acknowledged. This effect is also compounded by the size of the cast; the large number of characters diluted the attention paid to individual character arcs. I think one mistake this anime made was trying to implement character arcs for too many side characters; it would have been better to exclusively focus on the main characters, particularly due to the scarcity of off-ice screentime. On the other hand, more character arcs create more potential ways that a viewer might connect with the anime, which in theory might broaden its appeal. Perhaps this was a decision made with the intent to make Yuri on Ice more of a 'crowd pleaser' show (a common strategy for the directorial decisions, it seems to me).

Now of course for the answer to the question some of you are wondering — how gay was it? Well, it was pretty gay. In fact it was even gayer than I expected. There was a lot of very strongly implied subtext, both in words and actions. However, a lot of it struck me as pandering fanservice. Sometimes it was almost exaggerated to the point where it broke my immersion. It was not an elegant kind of romance; it was more like forcefed fanservice. I didn't dislike the flavour, but it could have been implemented more gracefully. The crudely implemented homosexual overtones did not match the elegance of the figure skating. This flaw is also representative of a broader issue that I have with this anime — I wish it took itself more seriously. Yuri on Ice feels like it was created to please its audience (and sell) instead of satisfy an artistic vision. It is difficult to become emotionally engaged when there is a constant barrage of various forms of practically fourth-wall-breaking fanservice. Similarly, potentially great scenes are sometimes dragged down by the use of comedy. Yuri on Ice could have been a very emotional show if it told its story with confidence and seriousness, instead of (perhaps cynically) pandering to the audience. I wonder if things would have turned out differently if this was a manga adaptation.

My overall rating: 7/10
It was a consistently entertaining anime. The figure-skating scenes were both captivating and plentiful. It was easy to watch, however it never really engaged me on an emotional level. Don't go into this anime expecting a compelling story or rich characters — you won't get either of those things. Fortunately, there are plenty of other sources of enjoyment. Even though there is an overarching story, you could show a random episode to someone unacquainted with the series and they would probably still be entertained. It is a surprisingly easily digestible show, in stark contrast to my wrongful prior assumptions about it being more suited for a niche audience. As for the homosexual romance element, if you go into this expecting anything deeper than shameless pandering fanservice then you will be disappointed. For maximum enjoyment, Yuri on Ice should be approached with a casual lighthearted attitude. Also, due to how much skating content there is, I'd advise against 'binge watching' this anime. It will feel repetitive if you watch it too frequently. I watched ~2 episodes a week and this felt optimal to me. Yuri on Ice is an enjoyable anime if you set your expectations correctly.

I also want to say, despite this anime's reputation, it is a decent sports show. Before viewing, I expected that the skating aspect would be secondary to the core story. This is not the case. Skating is the central theme in this anime and I'm grateful for it. I would sincerely recommend this anime to people who enjoy sports shows, regardless of the sexual overtones.

I'm not sure what the situation is with the rumoured sequel movie. I had been delaying watching this anime because of the supposedly upcoming movie, but unfortunately it still hasn't come to fruition.
>> No. 35751 [Edit]
Whose idea was it to call a pseudo-yaoi show "yuri on ice"
>> No. 35752 [Edit]
Two main characters are named Yuri. It's both a Russian and Japanese name...
The title confused a lot of people
>> No. 35759 [Edit]
File 162367061588.jpg - (478.93KB , 1513x2078 , 2SNRWPG.jpg )

I watched Konohana Kitan. Here are my thoughts:

The characters are kind of bland but there is good chemistry among the cast. Some of the character designs are cute, and there are some nice kimono outfits. The show has a fairly rich traditional-Japan theme, and primarily takes place at a large rustic ryokan. Most of the characters are so-called "fox girls" who are ryokan employees. The fox girl thing is mildly cute but it's not a major reason for my watching the show, although I'd imagine there is a passionate audience out there for this kind of thing. There are some mild supernatural themes that creep into the show at times as well. This anime often feels like it has a surreal dream-like atmosphere.

Art style during some scenes is nice. Colour is used well. The background in some frames can be quite detailed and colourful. Visuals are one of the show's stronger attributes. The animation itself isn't particularly fluid, and there are a lot of stills, but I often found myself pausing to admire frames.

The OST is okay and the voice acting is mostly unremarkable. I would have preferred a different seiyuu for the main character; her voice was kind of annoying to me. I liked the voice acting for Ren (the pink-haired girl).

This anime definitely has direction issues. Although I haven't read the manga, I get the impression that it might be a better way to approach this if you care about the story. This anime feels very disjointed. It feels like random scenes from the manga were just haphazardly slapped together with zero care for the broader narrative. Episodes have inconsistent mood, and transitions between scenes are not handled well. Furthermore, I often felt like I was missing background information during any remotely plot-related scene. Sometimes it almost felt like I was watching a promotional video for the real content, instead of an actual stand-alone anime.

There is a lot of yuri pandering. However, I never felt any sense of deeper meaningful romance. It always felt kinda cheap and shallow. 'Pandering' really is the right word to use here. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, but you should know not to expect anything deeper in this regard. Even beyond the romance element, the whole show just feels like fluff. There's little cohesion from scene to scene, nevermind between episodes. For me, this anime was just something to shut my brain off to and watch some cute stuff with nice visuals. If you expect anything more than this then you will likely be disappointed.

Despite my criticisms, it was still usually a pleasant and relaxing show to watch. The more I tried to actually use my brain while watching it, the less I enjoyed it. The show is fine though as just some cute fluff to wind down with at the end of the day. This anime is best watched immediately before bedtime.

My overall rating: 6/10
>> No. 35760 [Edit]
The only thing I remember about that anime is how forgettable it was.
>> No. 35761 [Edit]
I wouldn't call it forgettable, but like >>35759 I also thought the pacing was a bit disjointed. In fact, I dropped and picked up this show three times because the first half of the series that focused on the rhombus's life at Konohanatei was kind of boring. It's only the latter half which I vividly remember as having memorable scenes – The episode with the three mini-arcs of people's lifes that are linked across time with their experiences at Konohanatei was spectactular, as was the seasonal finale. Once the show hit its stride in the second half of the series, its iyashikei elements are well-developed and each episode brings something delightful – its a shame that the first half is kind of a "slog" though.

By the way if you liked the fantasy/spirit-esque setting of Konohana Kitan I'd strongly recommend Urara Meirochou. It's topologically close in that it's also a CGDCT SoL dealing with god/spirit elements, and of course being a kirara adaptation it nails friendships – moreso than konohana which leaned more heavily to the iyashikei aspects rather than fleshing out character dynamics.

Post edited on 14th Jun 2021, 3:13pm
>> No. 35763 [Edit]
File 16237666428.png - (3.46MB , 1920x1350 , 887177.png )
I'm actually watching Urara Meirochou right now! It is excellent. I'm close to finishing it and will post my review of it here when done.
>> No. 35764 [Edit]
File 162378757682.jpg - (118.11KB , 850x652 , 1552369660753.jpg )
Looking forward to it! Urara is among my favorite shows (then again, almost all kiraras are memorable and special in their own right so it's hard to break a tie between them). The combination of usual cgdct dynamics with the additional escapist element of spirits/deities made this a really relaxing show (to me at least – I hate the stochastic uncertainty of life and so I suppose the whole concept of Uraras is a hedge against that).

While I'll leave the detailed review to you, if I had to point out one flaw it was in the series finale where they got trapped in that underground maze and chiya helps them escape by discovering that she's the daughter of a spirit god or something like that (Kurou) and invokes his power. This feels like a crucial plot point that explains a lot of the weird things about Chiya's life, and yet it just feels too rushed to shove it in near the end. Maybe if there had been a season 2 it would have been alright, but as it is the anime didn't feel "self-contained" with the introduction of that plot point and I needed to read the summary of the manga chapters to understand what was going on there (Someone had posted bullet point notes on /a/ if you search the archives a bit)..
>> No. 35765 [Edit]
File 16238164335.jpg - (736.55KB , 2646x2993 , e2396fba7d0b810b666f5b34316f886f6dd3f95e.jpg )
>Someone had posted bullet point notes on /a/ if you search the archives a bit
Found it. Note that it has some misspellings. Major spoilers, obviously:
I do think the manga is worth actually reading, though. Or at least the stuff that wasn't adapted (chapter 24 and onward). Omi is cute. And I found the ending bittersweet but satisfying enough.
>> No. 35766 [Edit]
File 162381885084.jpg - (165.16KB , 1280x720 , skimpy.jpg )
Thank you for sharing, I apologize that I didn't link it in my post.

I guess one interesting thing I just realized about the ending in terms of the yuri angle is that Chiya/Kon are basically de facto married by virtue of the fact that they're technically brides of the gods and so have no "competition," and their both being rank 1 urara means they're spending the rest of their life together. Probably one of the most interesting ways I've seen to deal with concluding a yuri arc implicitly and one nicely fitted to kirara-esque shows that usually blur the line between strong platonic friendship and light not-too-serious romance (sometimes called "yuritease"?) In fact I don't recall very many instances of non-joking yuri implications in Urara (besides Chiya being quite touchy) but then again the wonderful ED is called "go to romance" whose lyrics clearly hint at something

>If all these twists and bends match up
>Will I find my way to my dream?
>As I wander and wander round and round
>Perhaps a miracle will bring me to you
>Some days don't go my way, from one all the way to ten
>Say which way will I find my happy ending?
>From right to left, from like to love
>Oh no! Panicking, consumed by love
>I can't escape from this longing

>I'm searching far and wide, searching far and wide for you
>Enchanted by a fantasy I've never met
>Imagining you kissing me
>Meeting you, colliding with you suddenly
>We're all tangled up, but it must be fate
>Would you perhaps, by chance be as lost as I am?

>I'm trapped in this labyrinth by a romance with no end in sight

>> No. 35776 [Edit]
File 162429583542.jpg - (446.49KB , 1056x1500 , Urara_Meirochou-cover.jpg )

I watched Urara Meirochou. Here are my thoughts:

This show focuses on novice users of divine powers and their journey to improve those skills. I like divine themes in any kind of story, so I'm probably a little biased in the degree to which I liked this anime. In fact, I wish the show focused even more on the actual divine powers and supernatural themes. In terms of screentime, this anime has a lot of typical slice-of-life scenes. However, there are sprinklings of broader plot that are strategically added. When they do occur, the divination scenes are quite nice.

The main characters in the show are all likable and have good chemistry in their interactions. However, this anime has too much comedy, in my opinion. Both in terms of the way it interrupts enjoyable moments and in the way that so much overall screentime is sucked up by mediocre comedy. The timing of the comedy was poor too. It often broke the tone of a scene in a disruptive way, and in general was too frequent for my taste. I sometimes felt like I was getting emotional whiplash by the way the mood constantly jumped around. It felt like the show was trying to cater to someone with an extremely low attention span. There were many moments where I was soaking in the mood of a scene, only for it to be disrupted by some unfunny tone-breaking comedy. This is the show's greatest flaw from my perspective. However, in fairness, the latter half of the series is comparatively less comedy-heavy.

The art style is unique, creative, and in general quite nice. The style of the background setting, like the town's houses, is unique. The soft pastel colour palette is nice. Stylized frames with artistic patterns and the like (think Hidamari Sketch) are effectively used during dialogue scenes. The pervasive use of soft curvy haphazard linework contributes to the show's playful fantasy-like atmosphere; it sort of reminds me of childrens' storybooks. Some of the character designs are fairly cute, with cute outfits too. The animation quality in this is fairly average, but there is a lot of visual detail. You can tell that a lot of attention was paid to minor details, moreso than I'd expect from this kind of anime. I found myself pausing frequently just to admire random objects or features in the frame. Cinematography is used effectively and creatively as well. Each scene usually has lots of variety in terms of 'camera' angles, framing, distortion, etc. A lot of care and creativity was put into this anime's visuals, even though it doesn't have 'butter-smooth' animation. I really enjoyed the visual aspects of this show.

The main characters have incredibly cute voice work, which is great because the show is dialogue-heavy. It seemed like a fair bit of attention is paid to sound effects, like during divination scenes for example. Even mundane things, like the sound of movement on tatami mats, are handled in detail and with care. The OST seemed good, although it is usually overshadowed by dialogue and sound effects.

My overall rating: 8/10
Despite my distaste for the comedy and the way it was implemented, this show is exceptional in many other ways, and I very much enjoyed watching it. The atmosphere, setting and themes are rich and unique. The art style is creative and unique. All of the main characters are likable. The divine powers theme in the story is interesting and refreshing. However, if they got rid of the comedy and focused even more on the divine elements in the writing, I imagine that I would rate this anime even higher. In fact this anime had all the ingredients to be a 10/10 for me personally, and that potential could have been realized if things were executed differently. Regardless of my lamenting some squandered potential, I enjoyed this anime quite a lot.

I want to read the manga because the writing seems like it has lots of promise.

Lastly, to anyone who enjoys the SoL genre, absolutely I would recommend this anime. It is creative, comfy, cute, playful, relaxing, and unique. I enjoyed every single episode and always looked forward to watching it. It really was exceptional.

>spoiler text
Although I very much wish for a second season, I think that aspect of Chiya was foreshadowed starting from the early episodes onwards. I was expecting some kind of development like that, so it didn't seem unusual at all to me. Like I said though, I wish that the anime focused even more on its divine elements in general.
>> No. 35778 [Edit]
File 162480196298.jpg - (678.82KB , 1479x2094 , 156fac0f8519fa3e8922e02f32293913.jpg )

I watched the Blame! movie, released in 2017. Here are my thoughts:

For the record, I have never seen the older (2003) OVAs nor have I ever read the manga. I knew nothing about the franchise before watching this movie. Obviously this review will not address the faithfulness of this adaptation to the manga; I am only evaluating the movie as a standalone product.

Basically, Blame takes place in a sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting because machines took over and blah blah blah reasons. The premise and setting kind of reminded me of the live-action Matrix trilogy.

This movie is animated in CGI (well, at least the characters and machines are). There were moments where the character animation seemed unnatural, but overall the characters looked okay to me. By CGI standards, it looked good. Facial expressions were done surprisingly well, which is unusual for CGI animation. Beyond the characters, the background setting looked terrific. There is tons of detail in the background landscapes, which really complements the post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting. There are lots of screencap-worthy frames in this movie. The muted, mostly grayscale, colour palette is suitable as well.

The audio production quality is excellent. Lots of different sound effects really enhanced my immersion. Regardless of the CGI visuals, this movie sounded very realistic to me. Blame's setting is one that can really be enhanced by sound effects, so it's great that this was capitalized upon. The OST is great too, and really well produced. The voice acting is adequate; I liked Cibo's voice.

The plot was pretty generic post-apocalyptic sci-fi material, and fairly predictable. In some ways it felt like a generic Hollywood blockbuster film plot. Although at times I felt like I was missing background information, it was overall coherent and competently executed. The plot was also fairly self-contained, meaning that there were no significant loose strings at the end (a common manga-adaptation issue). There was minimal character development, but the characters served their purposes, and none of them were annoying or unpleasant. Some of the character dynamics were a little corny at times, but these instances were short-lived. In terms of sci-fi stuff, there is a decent helping of cool technology in here, although nothing particularly unique.

My overall rating: 7/10
I found this movie immersive and consistently entertaining. It sounded great and looked good. It was competently directed and didn't have any major flaws. It was a good cinematic experience. Manga readers probably feel differently, but I think this movie did a good job of depicting a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting.

If you have a surround-sound setup then I'd recommend using it if you decide to watch this (or at least a decent pair of headphones).
>> No. 35783 [Edit]
File 162549673183.jpg - (1.40MB , 2086x2914 , bungosdgal.jpg )

I watched Bungou Stray Dogs (all 3 seasons + the movie, the OVA, and some of the Wan shorts). Here are my thoughts:

I generally speaking don't like action anime. I also dislike superpowers as a plot device. I prefer comedy served as a side dish; too much comedy will put me off depending on how palatable I find its flavour. For these reasons I expected that I would not enjoy Bungou Stray Dogs and in fact almost passed on it entirely. Just to be sure though, I pessimistically watched the first episode just in case.

I felt hooked at episode 3 and knew I'd be watching the entire thing. The first few episodes were strong. There were interesting characters with tons of promise.

Season 1 has a good balance between comedy and serious scenes. Don't be fooled by the comedy of season 1 though. Like many other anime, they lure you in with a lighthearted beginning to introduce characters and setting, and then the more emotionally tumultuous journey begins. Season 1 spends most of its time fleshing out characters and setting. There is a major shift in tone from season 1 to season 2. There is very little comedy in season 2 and the tone is far darker. The difference was so stark that I double-checked to see if they changed staff. Actually, in general this anime is all over the map in terms of tone. These transitions are usually handled well though, which I think is a sign of good direction.

Here's a summary of my pros and cons.

Positive aspects of the anime:
- Interesting and sometimes well-developed cast of characters.
- Many of the characters are both likable and memorable.
- Complex (yet coherent) and interesting plot that interweaves numerous characters with different motivations, ideologies, backstories, etc.
- Good voice acting.
- Complementary OST with variety.
- Some of the supernatural abilities are kind of cool or at the very least unique.
- Attractive male characters and yaoi ships.
- Funny comedy sometimes (mainly season 1)

Weak aspects of the anime:
- Large cast without adequate development of many characters.
- Arguably poor direction at times. For example: rushed story arcs, inappropriate comedic relief, boring fight scenes, etc.
- Asspull conflict resolution and all the usual issues with super powers ("muh power is arbitrarily better than yours, and then everyone died, the end.").
- Unshakeable feeling of protagonist plot armour, even from early in the series.
- Using the absolutely insufferable 'rich American' character trope for an important character.

I don't particularly like super powers or enjoy fight scenes. Thankfully the fight scenes in this are dialogue-heavy and/or resolved quickly. Someone who naturally gravitates towards the genres of this anime would probably enjoy it more than me.

My overall ratings:
Seasons 1, 2 and 3: 7/10
Dead Apple movie: 5/10
Wan! shorts: dropped after 4 episodes

I actually would recommend the TV anime to a casual viewer because it's a very easily digestible series. Also a pretty solid 'page turner' — I usually watched multiple episodes in one sitting. I'm not surprised to see how commonly well received this anime was. There is pretty much something for everyone in this show; I mean that in the sense that there are many aspects of it that can potentially appeal to people.

Assorted miscellaneous comments:

Okay animation, not great (not an issue for me). Could be considered a negative if you want to see well-animated exciting action scenes. Overall the visuals of this anime are mostly unremarkable. Probably the only noteworthy things are the character designs, which are pretty nice. There are also nice city landscape frames that appear sometimes.

Good OST. Lots of variety yet it still always complements the scene well. The music definitely enhances this anime. Good voice acting too.

The atmosphere in general is rich. It's difficult to describe but the show has a very 'punkish' lawless feeling.

Direction quality varies a lot. On average it's good, but it varies a lot from episode to episode. Sometimes the show is suspenseful, other times it can be somewhat boring or melodramatic.

All three seasons started strong but I found the last few climactic episodes of each to be somewhat underwhelming. This might be due to my distaste for long drawn-out fight scenes. I also never felt like the stakes were particularly high in pretty much all the conflicts, despite the often epic scale of the events taking place. Unfortunately, from early in the series I learned to expect asspull conflict resolution, or at least resolutions without major consequences to the protagonists. The use of super powers in any story permits bad writing in this respect. I will say though that I liked the frequent theme of redemption/atonement in the writing.

Good characters. This is probably the best aspect of this anime. There are many characters in the cast who are unique and interesting, as well as memorable and likable. I think that the characters really carry this show as a whole, and are a major reason for the success of the franchise. I should mention that the characters are (loosely?) based off of various famous authors, so someone who's familiar with Japanese literature might derive more enjoyment from this series. For example, one of the main characters (Osamu Dazai) is based on the author of the well-known novel "No Longer Human."

There are a lot of attractive male characters in this and a ton of potential for yaoi ships and the like. I'll spare the average reader from my elaborating on this point. There are some romantic pairings within the context of the story. It doesn't surprise me that this franchise is popular among Japanese women.

I'll also include my comments specific to the Dead Apple movie:
- the plot and the resulting drama felt artificial and forced.
- plot was confusing and messy.
- the characterization/behaviour for some cast members seemed inconsistent with the other anime content.
- any humour felt like audience pandering instead of anything organic (ex. lazily recycling jokes from previous content).
- overall was simply worse than the TV series, both from an artistic and entertainment perspective.
- for anyone wondering, you don't need to watch this movie to understand the story of season 3.

Here are my comments pertaining to the "Bungou Stray Dogs Wan!" 2021 chibi-style shorts (based on the few episodes I watched):
- these are just lighthearted comedy skits.
- the skits are unfunny and boring.
- much of the comedy relies on the character dynamics already established in the prior TV seasons.
- the one nice thing about these shorts is that they do a decent job of showcasing the voice acting of the cast, which as I've said is pretty good.
- I'm not sure what the point of making these was, besides having a poorly veiled advertisement to broadcast on TV to remind people that the franchise exists.
- I dropped these shorts after 4 episodes. I'm not sitting through 12 ~12-minute episodes of unfunny chibi "comedy."
>> No. 35818 [Edit]
File 162617270756.jpg - (217.87KB , 1059x1059 , Demi-chan wa Kataritai.jpg )

I watched Demi-chan wa Kataritai (not including the ONA), also known as Interviews with Monsters Girls. Here are my thoughts:

This is literally just a typical school SoL show but with a (mostly inconsequential) monstergirl gimmick. That's it. The show doesn't excel at much, and it's not particularly unique or creative. It is watchable though, marginally.

Aside from the novelty of "demi-humans," the characters are pretty bland as a whole. Although, the vampire girl is a good character; she has a playful personality. I enjoyed her presence in the show. However, the rest of the cast is fairly bland. I would say that characterization is one of the weaker aspects of this show, particularly because it is a dialogue-heavy SoL that features interviews of the main characters.

This anime has a significant 'romance' component, moreso than I expected prior to watching. It's a shallow kind of romance though. Truthfully, the show probably deserves a harem genre tag. I guess this isn't surprising considering it's a SoL with a male main character and nearly all-female supporting cast. Most of the story revolves around the main teacher character helping the demi-humans with their personal problems, and in the process learning about their biological characteristics. This story sounds interesting in concept, but in reality the final product is boring and surprisingly generic.

The animation quality is mediocre but sometimes the cinematography is noteworthy. During some moments (not consistently) the character animation is above average. The image frame moves along with actual character movement, which can enhance the sparse moments of fluid animation. A decent job is done for facial expressions as well. The art style of the anime is quite generic and lacking in visual detail. The character designs are similarly generic.

The voice acting is unremarkable, aside from the vampire girl who does a great job. The OST is also unremarkable.

My overall rating: 4/10
This is just a typical highschool SoL show, but with a demi-human 'schtick' added. As a whole, it feels surprisingly uncreative for the premise. It is mostly boring and generic, and it doesn't excel at anything in particular. It was just barely entertaining enough for me to watch to completion.

I wouldn't recommend this anime to anybody.
>> No. 35819 [Edit]
But wasn't he only being set up with one girl, the gym teacher?
>> No. 35820 [Edit]
File 162626126488.png - (1.22MB , 1191x1684 , -x13jvd.png )
At least two of the main student female characters have an overt romantic interest in the MC. You're right though about the succubus teacher being into him as well.

None of the romantic pairings ever really develop at all, and the succubus character is mostly just used for comedy...
>> No. 35821 [Edit]
File 162679130835.jpg - (1.64MB , 1999x3000 , zxt5efnidw140kubh3kghw8jwon-138.jpg )

I watched Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei (including the specials), also known as The Tatami Galaxy. Here are my thoughts:

Once I realized that the MC was a self-pitying young man who was envious of his peers and pining for romantic affection, I knew I was going to have a bad time. Seriously, I can't stand this kind of character. If you find this garbage relatable then you need to take a serious look at what kind of person you are.

The two central characters (MC and Ozu) are pieces of shit, and the story consists of them acting like pieces of shit but with some time-loop stuff thrown in. I pretty much hated everything about the writing in this anime. My enjoyment was significantly impeded by this. Most of the story revolves around the MC being the pathetic worm that he is and treating everyone around him terribly, all the while pining for romantic affection. In addition to this unpleasantly relentless theme, the plot itself often feels repetitive due to the frequent time rewinds. This is because the same events and scenarios are repeated frequently, often with little variation both in terms of the facts of the story as well as the style in which it is told.

Visually, the show is pretty creative. The art style in the backgrounds is unique and stylistic, as well as highly detailed despite the constant scene changes. In general, I enjoyed looking at these creative visuals — they captivated me enough to continue watching the anime despite my grievances.

The style of direction and storytelling is interesting. The first-person narration by the MC is unique, particularly in anime. I think this style of storytelling is more common in American movies. Perhaps this is because it is relatively less common for anime to have conventional novels as source material. My main complaint about this storytelling style is that the narration is almost relentless during each episode. What I mean by that is, there is a near-constant info dump to pay attention to, while also trying to appreciate everything that is happening on-screen. I felt like my attention was often split between the visuals taking place and the narrative audio.

On the subject of audio, the voice acting is not bad. It's difficult for me to gauge the OST because of the literally constant fast-paced narrative dialogue which prevents me from hearing the music clearly. I recall there being some not-bad piano music. OP and ED songs are okay.

My personal overall rating: 4/10
As I already said, I seriously loathed both the characters and the writing in this. Furthermore, although unique, I didn't particularly like the style of storytelling. Additionally, this anime became repetitive very quickly and often felt like a chore to watch. The creative visuals are pretty much the only reason I watched this to completion.

To be fair, I am probably the wrong audience for this anime. This kind of story doesn't click with me at all. Furthermore, the focus is entirely on the MC, who is nearly always on-screen. So, in my case, hating the MC's guts is a major issue.

My intuition might be wrong about this, but I suspect that a lot of the people celebrating this anime must find it relatable in some way. At least the college setting is probably relatable for much of this anime's audience.

I will concede that the 'love doll' story arc was pretty funny. It got some laughs out of me.
>> No. 35822 [Edit]
File 162679602850.jpg - (104.01KB , 960x960 , deb636392d352aff3b639d8fbea0bbaa.jpg )
This is actually one of my favorite anime. I watched it before I even entered highschool, so I wouldn't say it's because I found it that relatable. The mc and Ozu came across to me as just average guys who aren't very popular. Nobody particularly loathsome. I'm not sure why you would hate them. Maybe I'd see it differently if I watched now though.

Pretty much every bad thing the mc does is punished in some way. His incessant chasing of popularity and belonging never brings him actual happiness. Everything he tries backfiring in some comical way is where most of the entertainment comes from. It's a sadistic kind of enjoyment. In the end, he gives up on even being a student, until he realizes that his buddies, even Ozu who he demonized, are what actually made that life enjoyable.

I really enjoyed how episodic it was and didn't find it repetitive. I saw it as learning new bits of information every episode like a drip feed. Each one had enough variation to keep me interested. You may not have noticed this, but the movies they made in the first episode are all kind of summaries of the other episodes.

And of course, the visual style and general presentation left a massive impression on me. Your main problem seems to be a dislike for the "realism" that's in it.
>> No. 35823 [Edit]
And frankly, it annoys me that you made a moral appeal here. I've never said, "if you relate to this dog shit at all, you're either a bad person or sick in the head and you need to change", about any anime.
>> No. 35824 [Edit]
File 162683062428.jpg - (437.16KB , 1050x1500 , 118025.jpg )
I've seen a lot of people praising the ending but I found it underwhelming personally. It was too little too late for me.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with liking the anime, I was just writing sincerely about my own personal viewing experience.

My choice of words was probably poor. I was just trying to express my disgust for the MC. That said, the MC clearly behaves in immoral ways, which is why I find it alarming that people say he is relatable. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with enjoying the anime.

I knew I would piss a couple people off with this review but these are my honest feelings about the anime.
>> No. 35825 [Edit]
It is disingenuous to write
>If you find this garbage relatable then you need to take a serious look at what kind of person you are.
and then try to pass it off as
>just writing sincerely about my own personal viewing experience.

As for relating to an immoral protagonist in general (not tied to this particular show), well I have a dark confession to make: even I am not always a perfect person of unimpeachable moral standing. It is possible to---no, easier to---relate to a character with whom you share flaws, even while acknowledging that these are flaws. When the relevant piece of fiction is well-written, this can lead to productive introspection as you see the consequences of those flaws play out in the given fictional world.
>> No. 35826 [Edit]
File 16268357092.jpg - (6.58MB , 7284x4610 , 448872.jpg )
>It is disingenuous to write
perhaps, but I am being truly honest that the MC has character traits that repulse me. He lies, cheats, steals, sabotages others, etc...
I can't empathize with this behaviour and struggle to understand why others would.
>> No. 35827 [Edit]
This. Somebody who only really enjoys cgdct would expectedly have a hard time understanding this.
>> No. 35828 [Edit]
Talk about anime all you want. Leave the viewers out of it.
>> No. 35829 [Edit]
File 162690440718.jpg - (1.20MB , 1500x1500 , drawn by hiko (lg612).jpg )
I related to how the protagonist had lofty ideals that he couldn't attain in reality and how he felt isolated or alienated with no place to belong despite having people around him who cared about him. A character doesn't need to be morally upstanding overall to be likeable, and a viewer doesn't need to have behaved in the ways you condemn the protagonist for to have found him relatable.

It was actually in the second episode, and I didn't notice it the first time through. Pretty neat, thanks for pointing it out.
Have you also seen Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome? I assume you have, but in case you haven't yet, it was created by a lot of the same lead staff who worked on this series and consequently has much of the same lively visual style and flair. It's an adaptation of another novel by the same author (the novel that cameos in episode 8 at about the 4-minute mark) and features Higuchi, Hanuki, and Rihaku (the bedridden man in the second special but originally from this other novel).

The posts in this thread spurred me to rewatch the series, by the way. I enjoyed it, so thanks for posting.
As another aside, I'm quite fond of the logo design, with how the stylized 四 in 四畳半 is self-referentially composed of 4.5 tatami mats.
>> No. 35830 [Edit]
>Have you also seen Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome?
No. Thanks for the suggestion.
>> No. 35831 [Edit]
>lofty ideals
I shouldn't have phrased it this way. What I meant was unattainably high standards, not necessarily ideals that are lofty in the sense that they are noble, virtuous, or admirable.
Sorry for my clumsy word choice.

Feel free to post what you thought of it if you get around to watching it.
>> No. 35832 [Edit]
File 162697521151.jpg - (2.55MB , 1440x2560 , 68764.jpg )
Actually, wanting to watch Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome is the reason I finally decided to watch Tatami Galaxy in the first place. I plan to watch the movie sometime this year, although I'm doubtful I'll enjoy it now due to my distaste for Tatami Galaxy.
>> No. 35833 [Edit]
>If you find this garbage relatable then you need to take a serious look at what kind of person you are.
I'm a perfectly fine kind of person, so fuck off.
>> No. 35839 [Edit]
File 16274314904.jpg - (226.88KB , 1280x1024 , Joshiraku_full_12007762.jpg )

I watched Joshiraku (including the OVA). Here are my thoughts:

Having somewhat recently completed Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, I thought it would be interesting to watch Joshiraku with the memory of it fresh in my mind. However, I quickly realized that the two shows are completely different. Joshiraku is a comedy and consists of short skits. The main characters are rakugo performers, although rakugo itself is not a major aspect of the anime. The rakugo theater (usually backstage) is only a setting for the various comedic skits (which are usually unrelated to rakugo). So, don't be like me and expect this to be a rakugo-themed show.

This anime is clever and amusing, but not really laugh-out-loud funny. There is a lot of clever wordplay. It often breaks the 4th wall; it is a very 'self-aware' show. Occasionally it felt boring; some skits can feel a little drawn out, and the pacing of the skits is slightly sluggish at times.

I could tell that some of the jokes were too Japanese even for my weeb ass. There were seemingly obscure references to Japanese culture, history, politics, geography, etc...

In terms of audiovisuals, this anime is unremarkable at best. The visuals are adequate, and provide demonstrations of the jokes when necessary. The voice acting is similarly adequate. The OST is unremarkable and fairly inconsequential due to the dialogue-heavy nature of the show.

My personal overall rating: 6/10
Most episodes got some chuckles out of me, but it was never gut-bustingly hilarious or anything like that — just moderately amusing. I enjoyed how clever a lot of the jokes were.

If you like puns, clever wordplay and Japanese cultural references, then this is the comedy anime for you. It is a very Japanese show in that there are frequent references to Japanese culture in some form — anything from politicians to pop culture to kanji readings to traditional folklore. The cultural references have a lot of breadth. Receptiveness to this will likely vary a lot among viewers. A casual anime viewer probably won't be amused by puns about train station names (or something equally culturally esoteric), but a smaller subset of dedicated japanophiles would probably eat this stuff up.
>> No. 35840 [Edit]
File 162746224979.jpg - (1.50MB , 3200x1440 , 1401050354572.jpg )
Joshiraku was great, though you need to be into Kumeta and his kind of humor. I would say it could be the best adaptation of his work, Katteni Kaizo was short and uncomplete, SZS could feel too experimental and dark and Kakushigoto was really nice but the comedy could fall flat. Joshiraku had the strongest comedy and direction. Character design was better than if Kumeta would have done it himself, he's not that good at that and consciously falls into same-face syndrome too often, girls are really cute.
I disagree it was visually unremarkable, just the enormous effort put into the great variety of the girls clothing or the details in the background isn't something you can see in other anime. Also it's amazingly colorful without being epilepsia inducing.
Watching Joshiraku was the first and only time having a knowledge of japanese politics and east asia geopolitics was of any use for me, so I can appreciate that too.
I gave it an 8/10.
>> No. 35843 [Edit]
Come to think of it, there were actually a ton of different outfits.

Just to clarify, I don't consider plain visuals to be a bad thing in a comedy show, so my comment about it being unremarkable was just a neutral observation. Flashy visuals can distract from the comedy itself.
>> No. 35844 [Edit]
>If you like puns, clever wordplay and Japanese cultural references, then this is the comedy anime for you
I see this about Joshiraku a lot, and while there are a lot of culture-specific things, you don't _have_ to be overly familiar with them in order to get the jokes. Now granted I watched the gg subs (which for some reason gained notariety) so I can't exactly comment on the "authentic experience" [1], but even though more than 50% of the jokes probably weren't able to be translated (those puns or culture references), it was easy enough to pick up the missing pieces from context. And to me the charm of the show isn't necessarily in particular puns or jokes, but just the organic humor that results from the characters interactions – and it delivered that in spades, so you can still laugh and smile even if one or two things don't make sense. That is, even though it was probably never meant to be an SoL show it actually does a pretty decent job at it, and you get a great sense of each character's personality; they don't merely feel like joke delivery mechanisms but as fleshed out characters in their own right.

I've commented this before, but I was very disappointed by SZS after Joshiraku; SZS felt too forced and haphazard in its comedic attempts, and I blame Shaft for their notorious powerpoint-esque animation style (which I also feel ruined hidamari sketch).

>Flashy visuals can distract from the comedy itself
Wholeheartedly agree, and I again point to Shaft as the antithesis of subtle. I don't want to see pictures of a random bald guy [2] when watching my shows

[1] There are very thorough TL notes in though. More like a TL book.


P.S. there's also Joshiraku audio dramas, see /mp3/
>> No. 35846 [Edit]
The release I watched used gg subs as well, so we're in the same boat. In some cases my understanding of spoken japanese was okay enough to fill in the gaps. Probably the hardest jokes for me to understand were the politician-related stuff, since I don't know much about japanese politicians.

>but just the organic humor that results from the characters interactions
yeah, I agree with this. The diverse variety of personalities in the cast were used to enhance the humour as well.

>P.S. there's also Joshiraku audio dramas, see /mp3/
Thanks, although I suspect they will be challenging dramas to decipher haha

By the way, I might've said this before but I'm kind of a stick in the mud when it comes to comedy in general, so anything I say about comedy shows should be taken with a grain of salt. For me personally, 6/10 is a pretty good rating for such a comedy-focused show.
>> No. 35849 [Edit]
File 162776664099.jpg - (92.88KB , 500x500 , no_stupid_questions.jpg )
Ironically for the amount of flak that the gg subs got, the "official" english subs that they released a few years back were much worse. I think I posted a comparison somewhere on another thread, but gg actually did a pretty decent job and for the real pedants they also released that lengthy TL notes.

>for such a comedy-focused show.
Well comedy is subjective anyhow. Interestingly some people in the west like to say that Japanese don't have irony or that they don't have a sense of humor, but to me it's "Western comedy" that's over-the-top and unfunny – I can't remember a single time I've ever laughed at a western show (granted I don't watch many in the first place), whereas things like that Joshiraku audio drama had me smiling ear to ear.
>> No. 35850 [Edit]
>or that they don't have a sense of humor
I can't imagine anyone saying that in all seriousness.
>> No. 35851 [Edit]
> the "official" english subs that they released a few years back were much worse
many such cases lol

>I can't remember a single time I've ever laughed at a western show
Likewise. Although at this point I am so checked out of western entertainment that that doesn't mean much. Literally the only thing that comes to mind are some humourous episodes of Star Trek.
>> No. 35852 [Edit]
File 162816064489.jpg - (681.64KB , 2560x1920 , 9178aQQxoIL__RI_.jpg )

I watched Re:Creators. Here are my thoughts:

The premise of this 22-episode anime is quite cool and exceptionally unique. Superficially, Re:Creators is a so-called 'reverse-isekai' show, but in reality it is much more than this. All I can say without going into spoilers is that characters from a diverse variety of fantasy/sci-fi stories appear in real-life Japan, where they interact with one another and meet the creators of their respective stories (side note: I think this would be a great premise for a comedy anime too).

This is a very dialogue-heavy show. There are few actual action scenes, which is more than fine with me but did (pleasantly) defy my initial expectations. If you go into this anime wanting action scenes, you will be disappointed. This anime is far more a fantasy drama than it is an action show.

Sometimes this anime can be very exposition-heavy. In particular, the early episodes of both cours contain heavy exposition dumps. Very little effort is made to make these exposition dumps more palatable for the viewer. As I recall, there are multiple >10-minute exposition speeches that take place in a dull conference room with zero visual flair or anything to add entertainment value. My geeky sperg self was completely fine with this (and I was extremely interested in this anime's writing), but a different viewer might find it hard to swallow. The exposition is fascinating (in my view) and all necessary for the later story developments to make sense, but the delivery could have been handled better. Despite this, the conversational nature of this show is a major strong point, in my opinion. The dialogue is often very thoughtful and contains many memorable lines. During some scenes the script is absolutely phenomenal. I really do mean that; at its best, this anime contains some of the finest scriptwriting I have ever witnessed.

All of the fantasy characters in this ooze personality, and their interaction both among themselves and with their creators is one of the best features of this anime. However, the MC is kind of bland and lacking personality, aside from being your typical useless cowardly teenage-male anime protagonist. Thankfully the cast is quite large and he doesn't speak that often. In fact, even referring to him as the MC is exaggerating the significance of his character (arguably the real MC is Meteora). Even so, he was definitely a weak aspect of this anime. I would even say he is the weakest link in the show; in general, this anime is at its worst when the focus is on the MC. However, his presence is necessary for the plot to work, so perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh. Also, although this is fairly minor, I found the involvement of the government-official woman to be annoying. The involvement of the military/government in general made it feel like a generic anime action show, and sucked away screentime from the show's true strengths. I get that it was necessary to include the government to have the plot make sense, but I found their on-screen presence to be excessive.

Overall the plot is great, and often creative and inventive, although some of the details can be a little wonky or confusing. Re:Creators is very ambitious in what it seeks to accomplish with its story, so I'm willing to be lenient about some hand waviness. If you put every little plot mechanic under a microscope, you'll definitely find things to nitpick. From a broad view it's excellent though, and I was always interested in the story and eager to see what would happen next. In fact, I burned through episodes of this anime and struggled to turn it off, and couldn't stop thinking about it. Literally, this anime kept me awake at night staring at the ceiling. I was totally hooked, which surely is evidence of a great story. On the surface, the plot resembles a typical 'battle royale' story in some ways, but there is deeper meaning lurking beneath this.

Beyond the mundane plot details, Re:Creators explores unique thought-provoking themes in creative ways. The writing incorporates themes such as the relationships between a story and both its creator and its reader, comparisons between fictional worlds and real life, the emotions of a fiction creator and the creative process, the experiences and feelings of a self-aware fictional character, and the nature of how a character develops within a story. These writing themes connected with me on a deep personal level and touched me emotionally. I felt very strong emotions while watching this anime.

It was so enjoyable to watch all these characters from different fictional worlds interact with their creators and one another. There are elements in the writing and script that are clearly meant to appeal to storywriters and other content creators. In some ways, Re:Creators feels like a celebration of fiction itself.

In terms of visuals, this show is nothing special. The character designs are good, and there are some occasional nice moments during action scenes. Otherwise, the animation quality is adequate at best, and there are tons of sloppy frames. Conversely, audio is a stronger component of the show. The sound effects are quite well done; even mundane stuff like the sound of background noise in rooms is implemented with detail and care. The soundtrack is good, and both the OP songs are absolutely terrific (I replayed the OP sequence at least 100 times, not exaggerating). The voice acting is alright; nobody's voicework really stood out to me besides Meteora and Magane (she has great facial expressions too). Meteora provides a lot of the exposition, so it's good that her voice is nice.

My overall rating: 9/10
Re:Creators has a fantastic premise that is executed well, albeit with some minor plot wonkiness. The story is exceptionally creative and engaging, while also exploring fascinating abstract themes about fiction itself. It truly is a unique artistic creation. The fantasy characters and their interactions are very enjoyable, and the dialogue is often thoughtful and memorable. This anime is exceptional in many ways. I eagerly burned through the episodes like they were popcorn; seriously, this is the most binge-watch-inducing show I've seen in years. For me, Re:Creators was such a joyful thrill. During its best episodes this anime is mind blowing.

The emotional side of me wants so badly to rate this 10/10, but I can't ignore the fact that there are some weaker episodes and that the show does objectively have some minor flaws. Regardless, I really do believe that Re:Creators is a very special one-of-a-kind work of art that deserves far more appreciation.

The premise of this show is potent imagination fuel. Can you imagine meeting the characters from your favourite stories IRL? We can only dream. If fiction is something that's personally important to you, then you should watch this anime.
>> No. 35881 [Edit]
File 162949356683.jpg - (399.75KB , 1400x999 , a700695bc453500bf98b08d4fad6903a.jpg )
Hajime no Ippo is a 75 episode boxing anime that aired from 2000 to 2002. I enjoyed it overall, but it's probably the anime that took the longest time for me to finish ever.

The story starts with Ippo, the titular main character, being a bullied high school student. He's saved by a boxer one day and decides to pursue being one himself. This takes about 12 episodes. He starts training, gets good at it, and even wins matches. His bullies stop picking on him and even come to admire him. Shortly after, he graduates high school and works as a full-time, professional boxer.

For most of the anime, Ippo is not bullied, and he's not a high school student. Why does he box? Partly because he wants to be "strong", but mostly because he enjoys it. So how is the rest of the air time filled? Some training, and lots of long boxing matches.

My point with all this is, Ippo's character quickly becomes static and uninteresting. He does become more confident than he was at the beginning, but he's still not particularly assertive. His life doesn't really change much at all. Personal conflict definitely takes a back seat. This is a sports anime though, so I guess that can be excused. The other characters, while also static, are likable enough and entertaining.

Ippo does physically progress and learns a new move here and there. Every opponent also has some kind of unique attribute(some are a lot more interesting than others), so the way he trains for each match is different, but every fight(except one) follows pretty much the same formula: Ippo starts out kind of strong, gets pummeled to hell and back, then makes a comeback and knocks-out his opponent.

After 50 episodes of this, it gets really old. That's why it took months for me to get through the last 20 or so episodes. There's also a lame, childish romance that goes nowhere, which is typical for this time period. Hajime no Ippo was made during the tail end of the cell animation era, which suits its 80s art style well. The music is pretty good too.

I'd recommend Hajime no Ippo if you want a sports anime that's mostly about its sport, or if you like seeing sweaty guys punching each other. I don't plan on watching the sequels. They don't use cell animation and by now I'm well-past tired of the formula.
>> No. 35883 [Edit]
File 162975182215.jpg - (212.28KB , 1000x560 , 4889f5e856e86edf94a6c9076b26eed2.jpg )
Vineland Saga is a rare 24 episode anime that aired in 2019. It's about the war between Denmark and England, a time were most Danes were pagans. The story follows a boy who's father was killed by a pirate. He now follows this pirate and takes orders from him in the hopes of being rewarded with a duel and chance to honorably take revenge.

The historical fiction premise is refreshingly different, especially since it's focused on Europe. There's plenty of Western shows with a similar concept, but in anime form it's a lot more digestible and visually appealing.

The main character is okay, but actually one of the weakest since he has such a one-track mind. He doesn't get to develop a whole lot, but his relationship with the prince later on does bring out more of his personality. The others are quite interesting. The world building is also nicely done.

Vineland Saga has a lot of action. Some of it is pretty ridiculous, which is kind of jarring since it's otherwise fairly realistic. I got used to this, but can see how it might be off-putting.

I'd recommend Vineland Saga if you're in the mood for something unconventional with a strong narrative, and have enough suspension of disbelief to tolerate one guy defeating 30 with swords, barehanded.
>> No. 35884 [Edit]
>one guy defeating 30 with swords, barehanded.
Sounds GAR as fuck.
>> No. 35891 [Edit]
File 163026820553.jpg - (390.62KB , 1600x1200 , 81ls9XOEizL__RI_.jpg )

I watched Aria the Animation, also known as season 1 of the Aria anime series. Here are my thoughts:

I like how sci-fi elements were mixed into a comfy SoL show, although this aspect could have been made more prominent. I think I would have found a stronger sci-fi theme more interesting than the generic SoL episodic plots I've seen many iterations of before.

A lot of the characters have catchphrases that don't take long to become annoying, and result in a lot of seemingly repetitive dialogue. The script in general is mediocre and, although there are occasional sentimental moments, it's nothing beyond what I'd expect from a typical SoL show.

If nothing else, this anime is fairly relaxing. The setting is unique, and the atmosphere is relaxing and otherworldly in some ways.

I don't value visuals too much, but there is room for improvement in this regard. The lack of visual detail is truly a missed opportunity. I would have been fine with just a powerpoint presentation if there were more care put into the backgrounds and visual environment.

Aside from its unique setting and atmosphere, this is a mediocre SoL show. The characters are completely forgettable, the writing is not particularly creative, the visuals are poor, the OST is nothing special; there's just not a lot here to appreciate. On one hand, this anime is relaxing. However, framed another way, it is fairly dull, even by my SoL-loving standards. I pretty much had to watch it before bedtime because it would inevitably lull me to sleep — this could be a desirable feature, depending on the viewer's expectations.

This anime started airing before SoL really took off as a genre, so it may have received more praise at its time of origination than a theoretical contemporary equivalent might have. This anime is not exceptional by contemporary standards of the genre, aside from its setting.

My overall rating for Aria the Animation (first season): 5/10
It was an adequate show to lull me to sleep at the end of the day, but nothing about it particularly impressed me.

It's unlikely that I'll be watching the sequels any time in the near future. Maybe I'll revisit it in a few years to see if my viewpoint changes.
>> No. 35892 [Edit]
>It was an adequate show to lull me to sleep at the end of the day
Yeah that's how I felt about it. It seemed very serene and tranquil, but I personally did not find it interesting beyond that. Although I know YKK & Aria have a lot of popular fans (even inspiring a textboard) so I guess this is just one of those things that differ wildly (sort of how a lot of people seem to enjoy relaxing watching bob ross paint stuff, but to me it's just kind of boring).

> I would have been fine with just a powerpoint presentation if there were more care put into the backgrounds and visual environment
Maybe give Shaft a call.
>> No. 35893 [Edit]
File 163027888529.jpg - (640.61KB , 1920x1200 , aria-anime-3hvw.jpg )
Just for some context, going into Aria I expected I would enjoy it a lot. It seemed like a show well suited to my tastes. I enjoyed Amanchu immensely, and watching it was the trigger that finally got me to try out Aria. In theory Aria seems like it would be a great anime, but its execution is lacking. I wanted to like it.

Also regarding the OST, I am a little negatively biased because I tend not to enjoy guitar-like instruments as much as the average person.

Aria seems like it doesn't explore its setting enough to fully realize its potential. The lack of detail in the visuals is also a significant aspect of its wasted potential.

Yeah I know Aria has a lot of dedicated fans. I thought I'd become one of them.
They've probably mentally assigned me a "shit taste" label, if they haven't done so already lol.
>> No. 35894 [Edit]
File 163030620170.jpg - (206.99KB , 1919x1080 , aria.jpg )
I don't know if it could be useful for you, but Aria didn't start to grow in me until 2nd season, first season also gave me a general "meh" feeling. That doesn't mean 2nd season is substantially better or different, but it's how it happened, it takes time.
>> No. 35895 [Edit]
> Although I know YKK & Aria have a lot of popular fans (even inspiring a textboard)
Sounds interesting, which textboard?
I once read that the first season is an introduction to the cast, while the second season is an introduction to the world it takes places. The third season is about the development of the cast.
Personally I agree with this, I loved season 1 but it is surely the weakest of the 3.
>> No. 35896 [Edit]
File 163038484575.jpg - (168.12KB , 705x1000 , 4.jpg )
A lot of people have echoed this sentiment to me, about the later seasons being better. A higher budget could certainly go a long way.

I will probably give them a try in a few years. I'd rather let the memories I have of season 1 fade a little so that the content will be more novel to me. I'm more likely to enjoy it that way.

It is a historically significant SoL classic, so I feel obligated to watch it in any case.
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