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File 156719360121.jpg - (939.66KB , 1000x1118 , 151310479484160.jpg )
33339 No. 33339 [Edit]
Let's post reviews of anime when we finish watching them!

It doesn't have to be from this season; any anime is fine!

I'll post the first review ITT
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>> No. 33952 [Edit]
>It's about pathetic, dysfunctional, traumatized people, mishandling their problems in the most destructive way possible, the end result of which may or may not have been actually beneficial, it's up to you.

That's just it, they aren't that traumatised, it's forced drama. The worst things to have happened to them is to have a parent die, big woop. It's all the more daft when they live in a post apocalyptic world, I'm quite sure there would be people in a world like that who have suffered far more than they. Shinji ends up living with a woman that cares for him and has freinds from school yet he still complains how he suffers and feels like he is worthless. Again, it's forced drama.

>Rei is tool for Genji, and isn't that interesting in isolation.

Potentially it could have been, if it was well executed but it was not.

>but her obsessive need to be self-sufficient

So she says but lives with others when she easily could choose not too. She could just ask for her own apartment and they woudl give her one. Hell, with the amount of money they spend on that project and the fact that she is one of few that can pilot an EVA they would give her a palace if she asked for one.

>her complete failure

Yet again, forced drama. People have failed at things far worse than she did.

>and the destruction of the last normal thing in her life, her childish crush on a grown man, was interesting to me.

I don;t really care for that kind of thing so it doesn't interest me. I would watch 3d drama if I did, which kind of sums up the series as a whole.
>> No. 33953 [Edit]
File 15795302544.jpg - (92.95KB , 850x533 , __katsuragi_misato_neon_genesis_evangelion_drawn_b.jpg )
>they aren't that traumatized, it's forced drama
I think you just don't like any drama. They don't have to have the worst things ever happen to them for them to be traumatized. Characters don't need to have been raped by five hundred people or have their extended family tortured and killed in front of them. Being abandoned by your father, or betrayed by your mother, or having a dead wife, are good enough reasons. The show wouldn't have been more interesting if it was about starving Africans or whatever. Characters don't need to accidentally set off twenty nuclear bombs to fail in a meaningful way story and character-wise.
>a woman that cares for him
She rotates between acting like a mother, a friend, a roommate, a coworker and a lover, with little rhyme or reason. She's not a well-adjusted adult herself and she's almost entirely oblivious to whatever shit Shinji is going through in his head.
>has friends from school
The school parts were forced in by executives. His school friends were meaningless and hollow relationships. They barely get any screen time for a reason. The human shaped angel was Shinji's first and only real friend.
>Potentially it could have been
How other characters thought about and treated Rei was compelling to me. The character herself wasn't, nor did she need to be.
>So she says but lives with others when she easily could choose not too.
You don't know that. Nerve is controlling and Genji has a convoluted rationale behind all of his decisions.
>it doesn't interest me
Doesn't mean it's bad. Anime doesn't have to be all super serious and gritty, but it doesn't all have to be moe either. Somebody can appreciate both.

Post edited on 20th Jan 2020, 6:38am
>> No. 33954 [Edit]
>The school parts were forced in by executives
I don't think it was because I've never heard of this, but one of the things that impacted me the most about the series is how the city and the school emptied out as the series went on.
>> No. 33955 [Edit]
>The worst things to have happened to them is to have a parent die, big woop.

Asuka literally found the corpse of her mother after she killed herself, mother who also tried to kill Asuka multiple times and talked to a doll like if it was her real daughter.
Yeah, who could get traumatized by that, right?
>> No. 33958 [Edit]
I just don't like forced drama that is poorly executed, which is what this anime is full of. They don't need things like you say to have happened but Shinji could have been cast aside and treated poorly by everybody and that would then actually explain things, people get adopted and/or have awful relations with their father all the time.

No she doesn't, you just read to much into it.

They didn't treat her or think about her in any interesting way.

I do know that, in any world that had half a mite of sense that would happen. It actually would be in Genji's interest to do that,psychology plays an important part in synch rates, it would make sense to give the pilots the best space possible.

It's not super serious and gritty or moe, Naruto is more serious and gritty. It's just forced drama.

And yet her behaviour is actually perfectly normal, She just wants attention like any 3d trollop in real life does.
>> No. 33959 [Edit]
>forced drama
I haven't heard that phrase used straightforwardly in years. It's still as incomprehensible of a criticism as it used to be.
>> No. 33960 [Edit]
Very well I shall explain it to you then. Many times in this anime a moment will occur when something that otherwise would have been treated in a fairly level headed and mundane way is blown completely out of proportion simply to create drama. Hence it isn't natural, it is forced. In many cases with a bit of competent writing it would be engineered in a manner that would organically create the drama they are aiming for but such an industry standard level of writing skill is something that eluded the creator in this case.
>> No. 33961 [Edit]
Okay, so you can't relate to Shinji because his reasons for being depressed aren't close enough to whatever social rejection you've been through. Also, you don't like the "forced drama", whatever that means, that was "badly executed", whatever that means.
>you just read to much into it
Uuuuuuh, huuuuuuuuh. Maybe try reading into things more?
>> No. 33962 [Edit]
>Uuuuuuh, huuuuuuuuh. Maybe try reading into things more?

One could say that about literally anything. Using Naruto again, you could use this to say that Naruto is a masterpiece and the most in depth analysis of the human condition that has ever been made and if you disagree well you just aren't reading enough into it.
>> No. 33963 [Edit]
That doesn't really tell me anything. Why should heavy issues be treated as mundane things in a fantastical setting? Would it really be more entertaining to have emotionally level people efficiently do their work and never experience things they can't handle?
>> No. 33964 [Edit]
File 157956778231.jpg - (140.92KB , 850x1204 , __souryuu_asuka_langley_and_shikinami_asuka_langle.jpg )
Yep, there's no such thing as objectivity, everything is completely subjective now because post-modernism is king. If you can't see something, that doesn't mean it's not there. If you really think this is true
>No she doesn't, you just read to much into it.
you're just incapable of picking up on what the show is conveying. I feel bad for you, but I can't help you. You can't teach a Monkey english, it will always be gibberish to it no matter what. I wont say anything else on this.
>> No. 33965 [Edit]
No, by your post it clearly doesn't tell you anything as it seems to have flown right over your head.

Okay, well to each their own. Enjoy your pseudo-intellectual, 3d drama like anime I guess.
>> No. 33966 [Edit]
Name a good anime drama.
>> No. 33968 [Edit]
I think there's reading too much into something, and then there's inventing and assigning meaning to things that simply aren't there, and yes this can be applied to anything.
It's not that characters have shallow personalities and lack any depth, it's a commentary on the lack of individuality in modern society. It's not that the art is ugly, it's a metaphor for how ugly the world is. It's not that the voice acting is bad, it's representing how awkward real conversations are. The writing isn't bad, it's non-traditional unorthodox thinking and experimental genius at work.
>> No. 33970 [Edit]
File 157964676316.jpg - (142.11KB , 850x750 , __souryuu_asuka_langley_and_ikari_shinji_neon_gene.jpg )
In End of Evangelion, Misato kisses Shinji and implies she'll have sex with him after everything blows over. That doesn't come out of nowhere. The tv series makes it clear that their relationship isn't that clear. There's no role you can label her as except "woman who lives with Shinji". Some people are too autistic to pick up on even the exaggerated social cues anime characters display, so flirting and seduction goes over their head unless a character is literally taking off their clothes and yelling "fuck me".
>In the manga, when talking with Shinji at the train station after his first attempt to run away from NERV, Misato confesses to Shinji that she took him in not because she thought it was her duty to do so, but because she was lonely.
>Misato finds herself often acting as a mediator between Shinji and Asuka. There is also sexual tension between Shinji and Misato
>During her Instrumentality, she expresses regret that she was not able to "be a mother for Shinji" in the end.
I picked up on it, other people picked up on it, and nobody had to tell us. The wiki talks about it. If somebody has a developmental disorder which prevents them from seeing it, sorry, but they're wrong. If they can't even see this, then yeah, they probably wont enjoy the show.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2020, 2:47pm
>> No. 33971 [Edit]
She acts like a woman living with an unrelated teen the whole time, there really isn't much change to it even in the movie, she basically just tries to manipulate a teen with sex, which is because she is a woman living with a teen. She never acts like a friend, co worker, lover or mother, she always acts like a woman living with an unrelated teen.

And even If you were to live with an older woman then you are living with an older woman, she doesn't have these set in stone roles you ascribed to her that would cause some kind of issues if borders in that role were crossed. She could have put on an apron in the first scene and made him scones and neatened up his collar as he left to school one day and then taken him to a love hotel the next and it wouldn't actually cause mental issues.
>> No. 33972 [Edit]
>She acts like a woman living with an unrelated teen the whole time
>because she is a woman living with a teen
>it wouldn't actually cause mental issues
This makes perfect sense... If you're autistic. I'm not saying that to be insulting.
>> No. 33973 [Edit]
Maybe it's you that is autistic, have you considered that? You do have a preference for placing things in categories with set borders and seem to awfully dislike the idea of anything going against that.
>> No. 33974 [Edit]
I have a basic understanding of how relationships work, which most people agree with. There's no such thing as just "a woman who lives with an unrelated teen". No one thinks like that. Most people don't want to fuck their sister or actual parents, because to them they're not just "a person closely related to me". If they accidentally fuck their sister, it greatly upsets them.

If you're not sure if the woman you live with is your mother figure, or your friend, or your lover, and you're already an unstable teen with abandonment issues, it's not going to be pleasant. Okay? If understanding these things doesn't come naturally to you, try learning.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2020, 4:27pm
>> No. 33975 [Edit]
>I have a basic understanding of how relationships work,

Yes, It really is just a basic understanding.

>If you're not sure if the woman you live with is your mother figure, or your friend, or your lover

Unless you are autistic you won't actually be thinking that about an older woman you live with.
>> No. 33976 [Edit]
Why do you think Misato regretted not being "a mother" to Shinji? If your way of thinking was normal, why would she think that? What would that even mean? She was just "a woman", so what else would she have wanted? Why is having sex with your sex-siblings and step-children taboo? Why does confucianism and the bible go into such lengthy detail about relationship roles? Why did Freud think they were so important? Why does every psychologist talk about them so much?

Also, you still haven't named an anime drama you think is good.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2020, 5:16pm
>> No. 33977 [Edit]
Because she is an older woman. Your autistic categorisation seems to cloud your perception of things. Relationships are not some set in stone thing. If you were to have three co-workers of the exact same position as you all of whom were adults but one was older, one was younger and one was your age then you would have a different relationship with them all based purely on age ignoring gender or friendship or closer bonds(you could actually be a lover of a co-worker or work with a sister or a parent and not have a mental break down because of it, relation ships are not these definite things).

>Why is having sex with your sex-siblings and step-children taboo?

Because they are related to you, step children are not and it's less of a taboo and that taboo is more to do with other factors. If the step child was an adult and the 'mother' divorced his father then it would no longer be taboo.

>Why does confucianism and the bible go into such lengthy detail about relationship roles?

Eastern ideas tend to actually bring the role of wife and sister together, imouto used to be the word for wife in Japanese. A wife is basically just a sister you sleep with, the relationship is very similar.

>Why did Freud think they were so important?

Funny that you bring him up when his views were based on the idea that sons all want to sleep with their mother and women all want to sleep with their father(because they want to have a penis).

>Also, you still have named an anime drama you think is good.

I'm not going to. But Naruto is better at it than EVA so maybe you should watch that.
>> No. 33978 [Edit]
>Because she is an older woman.
Why do you think you're in the minority opinion about Eva? Why do you think most people think it's good?
>I'm not going to.
Why not? If you think Eva is a bad drama, just tell me what you think is a good one.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2020, 5:28pm
>> No. 33979 [Edit]
If you are older than somebody else you tend to take on different roles because of that, older bosses or team mates tend to act in fatherly manners, older women on the street will act like a mother.

>Why do you think you're in the minority opinion about Eva?
Who knows? I don't generally concern myself over that. I'm sure there are some anime that are rated highly that you don't like either. But what I will say just becuase something is like by the masses it does not make it good.

>Why do you think most people think it's good?

Well blasting pseudo-intellectual messages at you over and over again may appeal to the lowest common denominator, once something gets a reputation particularly a reputation like this it tends to gain momentum mas well. I also think the 3d drama elements would go into it's favour, it's something that people who don't necessary like anime that much may enjoy(hence why it's now on Netflix). It's funny when people say things like 'but I actually think you didn't understand what the show was trying to convey and what the writer's intent was' as if it was something that people generally struggle with when it's actually something so popular as this is. It's hardly some esoteric, deep and cryptic things only able to be understood by those with some kind of above average intellect or a deep knowledge of phycology.

Start of by watching Naruto.
>> No. 33980 [Edit]
>older women on the street will act like a mother.
This has never happened to me. If said women was my senior at work, and I lived with her, and my mom was dead, and she acted like my mom, and I accepted her as such, and I also had serious daddy issues, and then she wanted to have sex with me, I wouldn't be too happy about it.
>He also shows an obvious fright toward Misato's perceived attraction to him.
>When Toji and Kensuke point out that Misato allows Shinji to see that side of her because she considers him family, their connection becomes even stronger.
>Misato, however, has difficulty in reaching out to Shinji in later episodes and Shinji is horrified when she offers her body to him, seeing her as a mother figure.
>As his "boss"/NERV Chief Tactical Officer, Misato can be quite intense, causing Shinji to not come home at night more than once
>Though Shinji denies it, he yearns for praise, and he eventually begins to pilot Unit-01 to gain the approval and praise of others, as well as the love of his father
Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what Anno meant by this? What could it possibly mean? I must be reading too much into it.
>I'm sure there are some anime that are rated highly that you don't like either.
I don't like Kemono Friends, but I understand why other people like it. It's not a mystery to me.
>> No. 33981 [Edit]
She doesn't act like his mum, she act like an older woman, in what way does she act like an actual mother would and not like any older woman living with a teenager would? As I said, it's natural that older people will adopt mother or father like behaviours but it does not mean they are literally acting like the persons mother or that the person thinks of them that way.

>Hmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder what Anno meant by this? What could it possibly mean? I must be reading too much into it.

You know he didn't actually write it right? And it also is quite likely that he is just milking attention for it by doing things like that.

>I don't like Kemono Friends, but I understand why other people like it. It's not a mystery to me.

That actually doesn't surprise me. But still, Kemono Friends is actually less popular than EVA.
>> No. 33982 [Edit]
>does not mean they are literally acting like the persons mother
She firstly wanted to be like a mother to him, housed him, fed him, intervened when he argued with Asuka, she gets told about his school troubles. It's been directly said by other character that they are like family.
>oji and Kensuke point out that Misato allows Shinji to see that side of her because she considers him family
>since it is Parent Visitation Day, she visits the school
>Gendo starts to tell him that all those parental duties have been delegated to Misato
It's a close, familial like-bond, with a older woman. Age plays a part in how you would see a women who feeds and houses you. Shinji's actual mother has been dead for a long time and It's obvious how desperate Shinji is for these types of bonds. Him latching onto her and seeing her as mother makes sense. Him being horrified by her sexual offers makes perfect sense if he sees her as like a mother. There's nobody more like a mother to him than her and he wants someone like a mother.

Post edited on 21st Jan 2020, 9:09pm
>> No. 33983 [Edit]
>housed him

So it's not possible to live with somebody who is not your mother?

>fed him

Ah huh. Maybe you should rewatch the anime. But regardless, people who are not mothers can feed people that are younger than them as well.

>intervened when he argued with Asuka

Again, nothing particularly abnormal here.

>she gets told about his school troubles

Nothing abnormal either.

All of these things are things that not even an older woman would do but basically anybody in general. You could easily write it as a boy his own age offering him a place to say, feeding him, intervening in arguments and listening to his troubles.

>It's been directly said by other character that they are like family.

maybe it's an autistic thing but you are taking that too literally.
>> No. 33984 [Edit]
Hate to interrupt but think you guys could take this to another thread? This one's for anime reviews after all.
>> No. 33985 [Edit]
I'm not making another thread for the sake of this, I give up. This is also just a small part of the show. If accepting that Shinji somewhat saw Misato as a mother figure is too hard for you, it's obvious why you didn't like EVA. I wont shit the thread up any more.
From even more people.
>Mother Figure: An older woman, often one in a position of power or influence, who elicits the emotions usually reserved for a mother.
>Misato makes her first "motherly" actions in the relationship while still remaining curiously sexual. This is probably very confusing for the already overwhelmed Shinji
>her role as Major is directly contrasted with her other roles of Mother and Love Interest. The alienation in this episode and later episodes can be theorized as a result in this confusion of roles.
>Shinji no longer feels comfortable with his living conditions with Misato, and runs away
>Misato's "motherly" attitude is shown toward both Shinji and Asuka
>Shinji probably still sees Misato as a "mother figure" and obviously, he would react negatively to the imposition of sex
>Shinji realizes that, despite his fear, he finally has a real home, and a mother figure
>Misato herself has her own thoughts wondering if she's really fit to serve as Shinji's surrogate mother
>With Misato he sees her as a mother figure
>> No. 33986 [Edit]
Okay, will likewise I won't bother pointing out the issues with words of other people you are using. I will just leave things as is.
>> No. 33987 [Edit]
Nobody is right.
Everyone is wrong.

Misato= ane
Ane romance= win
Therefore all other opinions are incorrect.
Shinji might be resistant to the idea but he's obviously wrong. Get in the big sis, Shinji.
>> No. 34000 [Edit]
File 157987191553.jpg - (877.76KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Honzuki no Gekokujou - 09 [1080p]_m.jpg )
I finished Honzuki no Gekoujou, I liked it. It was like a girl who had never played a video game before decided to make an Iseakai.
>> No. 34002 [Edit]
File 157999498225.gif - (350.99KB , 500x374 , download.gif )
Cat Soup is an experimental ova from 2001. I liked everything about it. Wonderfully bizare visuals, dynamic animation and great sound design come together to make great surrealist art. Cat Soup successfully captures an unsanitized feeling of childhood, including it's more morbid, cruel aspects, something it shares with the manga source material and the animated shorts. It's short, atmospheric and poignant. If that's what you're in the mood for, watch it. I don't know why it isn't way more popular.

Post edited on 25th Jan 2020, 3:30pm
>> No. 34006 [Edit]
File 158000030293.jpg - (179.45KB , 590x700 , __amami_haruka_minase_iori_and_takatsuki_yayoi_ido.jpg )
Kuro no Sumika: Chronus is a 2014 ova, pilot thing which seems like it might potentially become a full series, but didn't. It's about a highschool guy who can see shinigami, who are attractive people wearing business suits in this. The art style is simplistic and not too appealing, but it looks okay in motion.

I didn't like the boring romance sub-plot and it, predictably, was used as the only source of conflict, to give the the main character something that puts him in conflict with the death spirits. After all this is established, it rapidly devolves into a shounen kind of thing with battles and light shows and speeches about fate and how it can't be changed, but actually it can. I didn't expect at lot and I was still disappointed.

Post edited on 25th Jan 2020, 4:59pm
>> No. 34009 [Edit]
The manga is really interesting. It's like a nightmare diary.
>> No. 34011 [Edit]
File 15801667164.jpg - (186.97KB , 850x563 , __sammy_nagi_akiko_masaki_masakazu_chie_and_6_more.jpg )
Eve no Jikan is a 2008 ova about a world where sentient androids exist, but can only be treated as emotionless servants, which some people disagree with. One such person runs a secret cafe where humans and robots must treat each other the same.

There's a couple of problems with the premise itself. It's impossible to accidentally create sentient robots with feelings. Nobody would expect you to treat such things as emotionless tools either. The method of distinguishing androids from humans can also be readily turned off by the androids. It's just a projection thing. Asimov's laws govern these android's behavior. Asimov's laws however were created to be absurd and dysfunctional. Treating them seriously in any context kind of misses their point. The setting is a bit underbaked and illogical in general.

Ignoring all that, the show is quite good. The character interaction is by far the strongest aspect. It kind of reminds of how Steins;Gate and Haurhi(except actually good) went about it. They constantly bounce off each other in a way that makes sense given their personalities. They also develop through these interactions, which is more than can be said of many other shows. It's compelling, funny, and heart warming.

This show is an emotional roller coaster and the pacing is well done. Nothing feels like it drags on or gets rushed too much. The ending however doesn't wrap everything up and I was left wanting much more.

Visually, it's impressive, especially for 2008. I haven't seen much better, more seamless usage of 3dcg. The animation is smooth and the directing has a punch to it which really helps the visual gags. The score is a bit repetitive, but sounds nice and gets used to good effect.

I'd recommend it if you like light sci-fi and very character-driven stories.

Post edited on 27th Jan 2020, 3:29pm
>> No. 34014 [Edit]
Your problems are more or less addressed with additional content from the movie, I'd recommend checking it out if you haven't yet.
>> No. 34053 [Edit]
File 158133630148.jpg - (945.22KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Rifle is Beautiful - 07 [1080p]_mkv.jpg )
Rifle is Beautiful

Overall it was good, I felt it was let down by the sport it was focused on though, it's really not an interesting sport to watch, if it had stayed more SoL like as it was early on it would have been better.
>> No. 34054 [Edit]
I'm not sure why, but I have an immense desire to watch this. So thank you for the review!
>> No. 34055 [Edit]
File 158145365075.jpg - (58.00KB , 849x478 , candy-boy.jpg )
Candy Boy. The title is of course as misleading as Yuri on Ice, though the sub-title "Nonchalant Talk of the Certain Twin Sisters in Daily Life" should help clear things up.

Yuri shows usually seem to span a spectrum from light Kirara-style yuritease to more serious dramas á la YagaKimi. I'd place Candy Boy much closer to the Kirara end of the spectrum; with the exception of one or two episodes, drama is essentially non-existent and the core of the series is simply following the daily activities of these sisters SoL-style. Character dynamics and VA'ing are excellent: the strength of the relationship between these sisters is evident, and as in Machikado Mazoku it's clear that they care for each other. Perhaps the only complaint might be that Sakuya as a gag-character feels unnecessary and out-of-place with the casual atmosphere the show tries to develop.

Given that each episode is only 10 minutes, it's certainly worth a watch (start at EX01 - Mirai Yohouzu which is the first in chronological order, and also the best animated).
>> No. 34056 [Edit]
File 158153470888.jpg - (523.83KB , 1777x999 , MV5BZTA4ZDQ5MGYtOGZlZC00NWFmLWE2OWMtNzRjYThiYWJiND.jpg )
I watched the movie Da Yu Hai Tang, also known as Big Fish & Begonia. It is a chinese animated movie and I watched it with chinese audio. Here are my thoughts:

sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

Anyway, if I could describe this movie in one word it would be "strange." This movie is very strange. It involves a lot of supernatural and mythical themes. It makes me think of the absurd fables that are part of ancient mythologies, such as Greek or Indian mythology. This movie feels like a strange illogical fable straight out of some ancient mythological belief system. In fact, the movie apparently does draw on some themes from chinese mythology. It could be that my complete lack of knowledge in that area impeded my understanding of the story.

Visually, it looked pretty good. Animation quality was high. There were lots of strange creatures too which were entertaining to watch. This movie doesn't really look like anime both in terms of art style as well as the animated movement itself. The animation style feels more like western animation, despite its chinese origin. This felt like a demented Pixar film to me. It's worth noting that I am quite sick right now and I watched this with a fever which probably amplified the delirious feeling of the movie.

The story itself was quite incoherent and often rushed. Many things were unclear in terms of plot as well as character motivations. I spent most of the movie confused about what was happening. Both the writing and execution of the plot are the weakest aspects of this movie. The exposition during the first half of the movie was also quite rushed and left me confused before the plot even really kicked in. My confusion continued to compound as things progressed.

Audio in this was really good. Audio production quality was high. The soundtrack was very good. There were some really nice chinese vocals that played during the ending credits as well.

My overall rating: 6/10

I'm searching for a copy of the soundtrack and I'd be grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction. It's not on Nyaa.
>> No. 34062 [Edit]
File Big_Fish_&_Begonia_-_Movie_Soundtrack_Album_[M.torrent - (17.13KB , Big Fish & Begonia - Movie Soundtrack Album [M.torrent )

Here it is.
>> No. 34063 [Edit]
Amazing! Thank you.

Do you have a source for the ending songs as well? I think they were released as separate albums.

Where did you find this torrent if you don't mind my asking?
>> No. 34064 [Edit]
That one was from rutracker, found with
I'll look for the other album later, can't find anything about it right now. If you know what it's called it shouldn't be too hard to find.
>> No. 34065 [Edit]
I would wager it's on Baidu somewhere but I haven't figured out how to download via Baidu.

The song I'm most interested in is the 2nd ending song. It has the title 湫兮如风 and the artist is 徐佳莹 (
I've embedded a youtube vid of the song with this post.

Pardon me for being a choosy beggar, but the torrent you posted doesn't appear to have any seeders.

I've already ripped the entire OST off of youtube so this isn't a huge deal. Unfortunately the highest quality on youtube seems to be 125 kbps :/
I would prefer lossless, obviously.

I think I found it here as well, but the site is giving me trouble.湫兮如风

I need to do some more research into how to download music from the chinese internet sites. I always run into either software compatibility issues or being locked out because I'm not using a VPN.
>> No. 34066 [Edit]
video embed isn't working for me for some reason:
>> No. 34070 [Edit]
I didn't find anything. Maybe someone else could help.
Checked the torrent, there's plenty of seeders. Don't know why it's not working for you.
>> No. 34071 [Edit]
thanks for your help anyway. The torrent issue might be due to a problem on my end of things.
>> No. 34074 [Edit]
FYI the torrent is seeding for me now; you were right.
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