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File 15634867304.jpg - (2.94MB , 1920x1365 , cb5c3dabaf50b1e63ab273883163d31c90741444.jpg )
33102 No. 33102 [Edit]
You can donate directly to KyoAni by buying high-res images from their store. Comments below the twitter post show you how to do it.
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>> No. 33105 [Edit]
God, I wish I had money.
>> No. 33108 [Edit]
Buying the images is really the best way to show support, as it sends them the money directly and doesn't require them to ship/move anything. With those fundraisers we still have no way of knowing where the money is going.
>> No. 33111 [Edit]
File 156376973214.jpg - (369.86KB , 850x531 , hqdefault.jpg )
How high-res is high res? 10000x10000 pixels?
>> No. 33112 [Edit]
Reminder that 80% of those who died were women, meaning that now that there are less women working there the quality of their animations will increase exponentially.
>> No. 33113 [Edit]
I really hope you're joking.
>> No. 33115 [Edit]
>i should pay money like a normal day to support some dead roasties instead of torrenting it like i always do

>> No. 33116 [Edit]
Get the hell out, /r9k/.
>> No. 33117 [Edit]
File 156392639148.jpg - (189.79KB , 584x564 , D-lo9IzXYAA-iPz.jpg )
*sigh* this makes watching the current season so painful...
>> No. 33118 [Edit]
stop defending 3dpds, nobody here likes them
>> No. 33119 [Edit]
Where you do think your 2D comes from? Show some respect.
>> No. 33123 [Edit]
I know explaining this to a pighead like you is a waste of time, but I feel it needs to be said that regardless of the problems I or anyone here has with women as a whole, individuals should be appreciated for their work. Yukie Morimoto was one of the composers for Castlevania 3, and that's one of the greatest sound tracks for the famicom. Mary Shelly wrote Frankenstein, one of my favorite books. Then there's Rumiko Takahashi and Hiromu Arakawa. The list goes on. Not being interested in romantic relationships with 3-d women is one thing, this is another.

Post edited on 24th Jul 2019, 3:20am
>> No. 33124 [Edit]
What you don't understand is that once you let one woman in the industry you have to let all the women in the industry, and any industry that has a large amount of females working there will go downhill.
>> No. 33125 [Edit]
File 156397509557.jpg - (383.57KB , 850x478 , sample_f94c211226f5bbfa5cc834cf7a3e1630.jpg )
Except they're already in the industry. In decent numbers too. And no, you don't have to let every one in because of affirmative bullshit. Stop tainting otaku culture with your shitty western politics. In Japan, there's female content creators, and they peacefully draw porn of high schoolers getting molested on trains like everyone else. Kotosanomaa is one of my favorites, and they're a women.
>> No. 33126 [Edit]
There already are women writing and such in the industry. Endro, Yuru Yuri, Witch hat Atleir, Precure, Magi and Fullmetal Alchemist were made by women. Kyoto Animation itself was founded by a woman and she used housewives as her initial workforce.
>> No. 33128 [Edit]
>There already are women writing and such in the industry
Yes, this is also the reason why the quality of animus have decreased.
>> No. 33129 [Edit]
Based on what? Is this something you have pulled out of nowhere or can you actually say that no modern anime that is bad is written by a man and that all anime written by women is awful(it's not)?
>> No. 33131 [Edit]
Man, what the hell are you doing here?
>> No. 33132 [Edit]
File 156399605130.jpg - (65.24KB , 450x640 , 30bbd558352f1e4006363cff584b747d.jpg )
I promise you if no women were working at Kyoto Animations this flaming pile of shit wouldn't have been made.
>> No. 33133 [Edit]
Except it would be because it's profitable and the illustrator and writer of the source material are men. How is it any worse than harem shit anyway? Because it panders to somebody besides you?

Post edited on 24th Jul 2019, 12:33pm
>> No. 33134 [Edit]
>n-not all roasties
It's worse than harem shit because it panders to degenerate faggots and women, and you know a hobby is dead is when women are interested in it and content is being made specifically for them.

>> No. 33135 [Edit]
>and you know a hobby is dead is when women are interested in it and content is being made specifically for them.
>In May 1967, shoujo manga began being published in tankōbon format.
ah yes i'm glad manga as a hobby has been dead for the last 52 years
>> No. 33139 [Edit]
As I said, Kyoto animation was made by women, they were always there. As for that anime of course to us it is going to look bad, we are not the target audience. Not all anime is good, not all anime has ever been good there has always been garbage. More importantly not all anime is targetted towards you.

That's a western philosophy and meme, not an eastern one.
>> No. 33141 [Edit]
You are a clueless, co-opting faggot.

Post edited on 24th Jul 2019, 7:27pm
>> No. 33142 [Edit]
Guys, could we not? People died. Please.
>> No. 33143 [Edit]
Did we get linked on /qa/ again or something, I haven’t seen flagrant abuse of the quote function and shit like this in a while.
>> No. 33147 [Edit]
Women being stupid isn't exclusively western.
Seethe harder moralfaggot.

>> No. 33148 [Edit]
The term Roastie and what it refers to are, most Japanese are virgins until marriage. Go back.
>> No. 33149 [Edit]
I don't dislike them... Well I kind of do because reasons but I try not to.
>> No. 33150 [Edit]
This may sound harsh but I mean well: take a break from the internet and grow up. Your posts are not those of a healthy person.
>> No. 33151 [Edit]
Horrid post
>> No. 33186 [Edit]
Message from kyoani:

Also apparently the fire did not harm one of the storage drives they had, and some fraction of digital works was able to be recovered.
>> No. 33188 [Edit]
KyoAni will recover...
>> No. 33199 [Edit]
KEY to KyoAni
>> No. 33200 [Edit]
you mean like back when they were good or do you mean that they just going to continue cranking out coldly calculated, boring soulless moneymakers and foisting them on us in lieu good anime?
>> No. 33211 [Edit]
>cranking out coldly calculated, boring soulless moneymakers and foisting them on us in lieu good anime?
Maid Dragon and Euphonium are decent enough!
>> No. 33212 [Edit]
>continue cranking out coldly calculated, boring soulless moneymakers

I never understand it when people say this, it's like they don't understand that these anime are based of manga and that manga artists are some of the most hard working and poorly paid for their work people, they don't do it to make money.
>> No. 33243 [Edit]
I can't believe the director of Haruhi fucking burned alive. I hate this planet.
>> No. 33244 [Edit]
Citation needed.
>> No. 33245 [Edit]
Just because the mangaka don't make beaucoup bucks doesn't mean the stuff that they pump out isn't intended to make money. It's just that it makes money for the publishing houses and their owners instead. The mangaka may not be working to get rich, but they certainly know they are trying to make money for their employers, probably hoping to work their way up to making content they actually care about.
>> No. 33246 [Edit]
All publishers need to make money(although manga and even anime is cheaper than other mediums so easier to get published).

Again, if they didn't care for the content they were making they simply would not or even could not do it. There would be no point.
>> No. 33247 [Edit]
Ahh Also.

>probably hoping to work their way up to making content they actually care about.

That's a baseless assumption. You will find that Mangaka tend to make the same kind of content all through their career.
>> No. 33254 [Edit]
There you go moron who can't fucking google. also directed Lucky Star, Full Metal Panic Fumoffu and second raid, Nichijou, Amagi Brilliant Park, Air, Clannad. We lost a director that completely changed the face of anime as we know it. Because of some fucking psychopath. Welcome to fucking clown world.

Post edited on 24th Aug 2019, 5:14am
>> No. 33256 [Edit]
With all due respect, for many of those he just directed a single ep or two.
>> No. 33258 [Edit]

Every show I listed he was the main director. As well as Haruhi seasons 1 & 2 & the movie
>> No. 33259 [Edit]
Don't forget he directed Maid Dragon.
>> No. 33322 [Edit]
he was chief director for all of the shows composed/written by Gatoh (KyoAni FMP, AmaBuri, and Hyouka which for some reason is never mentioned) and directed the Haruhi movie, Maiddragon, Komugi-Chan, and one of the Free movies
>> No. 33323 [Edit]
File 156694190678.png - (382.95KB , 640x480 , [Exiled-Destiny]_Nurse_Witch_Komugi-chan_Ep04_(067.png )
Komugi is seriously underappreciated. It was such a fun series.
>> No. 33368 [Edit]
Come on, guys. Peace.
Clannad Dango Daikazoku だんご大家族(Great Dango Family)
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