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File 154753604537.jpg - (50.46KB , 300x425 , kemono.jpg )
32111 No. 32111 [Edit]
Who needs bugs when you can have friends?
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>> No. 32475 [Edit]
File 155243674069.jpg - (809.94KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 09 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
In the background you can see Tanuki and Puffin on the way back from the auditions with their Japari buns, I thought that was nice.
>> No. 32476 [Edit]
File 155244995552.jpg - (275.06KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Summery of ep9:
(Spoilers ahead(duh))

So the ep opens with Kyururu having busted out of the cage and the armadillos are pleading with her to walk the rest of the way to their boss. She refuses to move of course. She asks them why their boss wants her, the armadillos tell her their boss wants a human which are hard to find and that she was the only one they could find on the island. Kyururu points out the existence of neo-Kaban. The armadillos tell her she's the wrong one, when asked how she's wrong they say "dunno". So because Kyrururururu wont move, one of the armadillos decides to bring their boss to her instead. (OP plays)
Serval and Caracal are trying to figure out where Kyururu went based on tracks that dead end in some bushes (one can assume that's where the cage was hidden). They're both at a loss when the tractor turns on and starts moving on it's own. They hop on because why not? We then learn the lucky beast wrist strap Kyururu has with her summoned the tractor to that location they're stopped at. Kyururu asks about the armadillos's boss, and the remaining one only says she's scary when she's angry and has large teeth. Enter "Domestic Dog", a grey intimidating looking wolf like friend who not unlike Shoebill from season1 turns out to have a strangely cutesy voice and is surprisingly friendly. She takes Kyururu to a near by human settlement and explains that this is where the humans used to live, and Domestic dog used to play there with them all the time. Domestic dog hired the armadillos so she could play with a human again.
The tractor meanwhile reaches the destination Kyururu was previously stopped at. Serval and Caracal are again now at a loss, but they notice the armadillos who are discussing how bored they are now that they finished their job, serval and Caracal ask them where Kyururu are, and they take it as their new job to find the settlement. In the very next scene they arrive at the settlement to find Kyururu playing frisbee with Domestic dog. Caracal is really annoyed by this and goes into a sort of tsundere mode and argues with Kyururu on account of how happy Kyururu seems to be with her new best friend while they were both worried sick and looking for her. Caracal is clearly upset and jealous and decides that Kyururu doesn't need them anymore now that she found a new friend and the human homes. She says some hurtfull things about how annoying the trip has been for her so far. Kyururu gets upset and runs into a house as serval & Caracal leave after Dog thanks them for protecting Kyururu this whole time. The armadillos decide to just go home after this incident. Kyururu and Domestic dog are hanging out in a home drinking tea when they hear the beast tiger from ep05 in the area. Dog promises to protect her but Kyururu runs out to warn serval & Caracal. serval & Caracal talk about the matter and in spite of how Caracal is acting it's clear to Serval she'll miss Kyururu. Serval finds some of Kyruru's things and they decide to go return them to her. At this point Kyururu and dog are in a forest and come under attack by the wild "beast" tiger. Kyururu recommends running, but domestic dog refuses and tries to fight off the tiger to protect Kyururu. Domestic dog gets her ass handed to her as serval & Caracal show up to help. Tiger is about to attack serval when serval uses a menacing look that has her eyes look as if they're glowing. The tiger decides to run away instead of fight her. Dog realizes how much the human means to her and apologies to Caracal for taking Kyururu away, and doesn't want her to know what it's like to also loose a human friend, so Dog decides to head home, alone. They say their goodbyes, and Kyururu, serval, and Caracal decide to continue on their journey to find this human's home as the sky turns to night and we pan up to a tree showing two dark shadowy birds watching everything. (yes those two black birds from the promo ads)

tldr; dog has armadillos bring her a human to play with. The village she was staying at wasn't Kyruru's, so she keeps going with Serval and Caracal after a short fight over who gets to be Kyururu's pet. Dog goes back home after loosing a fight with a wild tiger and realizes it's not cool to separate someone from their friends. ep09 was mostly just padded run time and in spite of the text wall and felt like a whole lot of nothing happened.

Post edited on 12th Mar 2019, 11:08pm
>> No. 32477 [Edit]
File 155245570915.jpg - (791.74KB , 1000x1000 , cats.jpg )
Thank you anon! I really enjoy reading your summaries (hopefully they're not too much of a pain to write).

>Caracal decides that Kyururu doesn't need them anymore now that she found a new friend and the human homes
This seems like it could have been the possible start of a good theme on friendship, ending with "there's no need to be jealous of friends / there's enough tomodachi~ for everyone to partake in" but instead it seems they just decided to be lazy and make it another "friend of the week who disappears next episode" thing. It seems like they sort of tried to shoehorn a theme in here with

>and realizes it's not cool to separate someone from their friends
But from the looks of it, it wasn't really fleshed out properly and ended up backfiring as the audience perceived it as Kyururu & co. abandoning the dog in favor of their own little group. I do think that a nicer ending would have been Kyururu inviting the dog to join in since it was clearly excited to see a human, and Caracal getting over her jealously as she learns that more friends = more tanoshii~ or something like that. Plus a new main character would have a chance of making this at least a bit more interesting to watch.

> when serval uses a menacing look that has her eyes look as if they're glowing
The technique is called "Wild Release" I think. It also happened in s1 (I think near the ending episode when she throws the fire airplane)
>> No. 32479 [Edit]
File 155245841563.jpg - (180.77KB , 1920x1080 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 09 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
No probs, sorry about the errors by the way. I kept getting distracted but fixed the ones I noticed.

>"there's no need to be jealous of friends / there's enough tomodachi~ for everyone to partake in"
Agreed. There's no reason Dog couldn't have gone with them and it would have made a lot more sense if she did. I guess the creators just didn't want to add in a new main character this late into the season. It's not saying much here but I felt Dog and Kyururu had slightly better chemistry than kyururu did with serval or Caracal, even if it was mostly one sided on Dog's behalf. kyururu remained her mostly emotionless neutral self for most of the episode, with the exception of the scene where she got annoyed at Carcal's comments about how annoying the trip has been so far. It might just be my imagination but Serval really didn't seem to care all that much about leaving Kyururu, she seemed more concerned with Carcal's feelings on the matter if anything. Intentional or not I feel like this reinforces my previous idea that Serval is just along for the ride with Caracal and doesn't really care about Kyururu.
>> No. 32481 [Edit]
File 155245862981.jpg - (156.31KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
> the audience perceived it as Kyururu & co. abandoning the dog in favor of their own little group.
Yeah that's not what happened so I don't know how they got that. The dog decided on her own to leave. I guess so few people are still watching this that misinformation is being easily spread around due to misinterpretations of what's being posted.
>> No. 32482 [Edit]
That's pretty easy to miss, nice job noticing them anon!
>> No. 32483 [Edit]
It is, it's only for a few frames too. It makes me wonder how often this happens.
>> No. 32524 [Edit]
File 155294109574.jpg - (148.89KB , 1440x810 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
New episode out! I got bored enough to watch it, so I'll provide my own summary this time.

Kyururu has lost her sketchbook in the calamity of the last episode. The trio decides to split up, but not before serval gets distracted and munches on a few berries. As kyururu wanders off by herself she runs into two bird Friends: Western Parotia and Greater Lophorina who return her sketchbook. Their speech mannerisms are mysterious, and they ask her questions such as "why do you want to go home," "what's there," before ending with the cryptic aphorisms such as "Perhaps [your home] never existed at all," "if it's not there there's no need to look back," and my favorite "if there's no path behind you the only way to can go is forward." They immediately run into Passenger Pigeon fFriend afterwards who has traveled through all areas of the park. Kyururu solicits her help in getting to the next scene in the sketchbook: a ferris wheel (the famous one from S1). The pigeon has seen a similar scene in the Japari Hotel, and they journey there together (with the pigeon carrying Kyururu, and Caracal/Serval following on land)

Cut to a flash scene of Dog leaving her house.

Back to the hotel – The hotel is in the middle of the ocean and is partially sunk, and the staff (a Pig, snake and one other animal i don't remember) who are probably bored out of their minds cynically remark that no one in their right mind would come here. The manager explains that it started sinking because the sea was "in a bad mood." At the reception of the hotel, Serval finds a bell and plays around with it. The trio are welcomed by the hotel manager, and they visit the hotel's gift shop. They are intrigued by plushes of themselves (and of most of the characters of the S2 cast!?).

In their hotel room, Pigeon requests a drawing from Kyururu as a souvenir (since she couldn't find a plush of herself).

Cut to Fennec and Arai (Raccoon) sending Aramdillo and Pangolin on another mission. They want them to hunt for Ceruleans that "look like themselves [look like Friends]". Armadillo & Pangolin are skeptical but realize the danger this would pose to the park. Jump to the owls explaining things a bit more: the ceruleans have been spotted as "clones" of Friends (e.g. Panda, Cheetah) that were stronger than other Ceruleans. Neo-Kaban (who we know always accompanies the owls) speculates it's because of Kyururu. Neo-Kaban demonstrates by putting Ceruleium on a piece of a drawing of the Owl Kyururu gave them, which then takes the form of the Owl. But of course she failed to take proper security precautions and the cerulean-Owl ends up overtaking its container and escaping. The owls/neo-kaban begin to run (fly) away, but Arai/Fennec-san jump in and defeat the Cerulean.

Tea time with Arai/Fennec/Pangolin/neo-Kaban/Owls/etc: The discuss that the strength of a Cerulean might be related to the strength of a human's emotional attachment to something (one might wonder why the Ceruleans then even exist given Kyururu's emotional void heh). This is a big problem because Kyururu continues to draw friends in her sketchbook, thus spawning more Ceruleans. New mission: find Kyururu [and stop her?].

Back to the underwater hotel. In what's perhaps one of the few visually emotional scenes in S2, we see the ferris wheel from S1 sunken underwater, implicitly confirming that the main island from S1 was indeed abandoned and somehow sunk. Kyururu hands pigeon a drawing of all the friends she's met so far. Kyururu asks if pigeon has ever been to a place with humans. But the response is negative. This seems to touch Kyururu who stands speechless.

Fade to Serval sleeping on the bed. woken up by an alarmed Caracal: Kyururu's gone missing. The camera pans to Serval finding her sitting at the edge of an airplane wing above the ocean, contemplating: does the house she's searching for really exist? Echoing the bird's earlier foresight: what will she do if it doesn't? Serval, ever the logician suggests that" if it doesn't exist we can't look for it." But since they're looking for it, it has to exist!

As kyururu gets up and begins to walk, the airplane wing snaps, and Kyururu falls into the ocean.

Overall this is probably the best episode of S2 (out of the 6 or so that I've seen), and the plot turning Kyururu into the unwitting villain is at the very least exciting.
>> No. 32525 [Edit]
Forgot to add an important point about the Dog: The dog was actually waiting patiently believing that kyururu would return to her house. It's only after she realizes that Kyururu isn't coming (or gets fed up with her) that she leaves the house

And the fact the plushies are probably not-so-subtle merchandise placement did not go unnoticed.

But overall the new characters introduced this time actually felt like they had personality, even if they only made brief appearances. The occasional sardonic humor of the hotel cast was great.

And the story finally feels like it's coming into focus not just being filler.

Post edited on 18th Mar 2019, 1:50pm
>> No. 32532 [Edit]
File 155307796256.jpg - (179.26KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 10 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
It's about damn time!
>> No. 32544 [Edit]
File 155324635048.jpg - (208.90KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 10 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
"Oh cool!! It's tsuc- oh... never mind..."
How I imagine most viewers felt during this scene.
>> No. 32615 [Edit]
File 155341934659.jpg - (161.79KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 10 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
God damn, they sure did dumped a truckload of PLOT all in one ep. They really should have spread this out better. It feels like way too much too fast compared to previous ep.
>> No. 32625 [Edit]
Episode 12 summary/commentary:

No pre-OP scene, we jump straight into the song, followed by a recap of the previous episode's events. Cut to a kyururu floating upside down in the dark ocean. There's a mysterious voice though… it's those two cryptic birds from before. Why are they here? To return the sketchbook again and ask provocative questions of course. Like why Kyururu made those drawings. Turns out it *wasn't* to find her house after all, it was because she likes all her friends. Is there a problem with this? Apparently so, according to the cryptic duo: some animals are negatively affected by humans. They foretell a looming crisis before disappearing into the void.

It looks like Kyururu has washed up ashore, rescued by the dolphin/porpoise. They also casually mention that Kyururu's drawings have been causing the cerulean clones. Cut to neo-Kaban driving a fucking Japari tractor, hauling all the animals along. (What ever happened to them just walking/flying?) Cheetah's annoyed at "that kid" for messing things up. Or maybe he's just being tsun-dere.

Looks like Kyururu realizes she fucked up when she gave that full-cast drawing to Pigeon. She runs off to the hotel, but looks like a boat shaped Cerulean beats her to it, and starts wreaking havoc. Its ceruleum finds the drawing and starts cloning. Time for some fight scenes as each animal en route to the hotel arrives and fights its dual. Oh wait nothing even close, one sleepy panda takes care of a roomful and a curled up armadillo plays bowling with another. But we've got some of the usual Roadrunner bullying!

Also there's been a mysterious animal only referred to as "her" throughout the episode that Kyururu included in that group drawing, and that they're apparently really worried about.

That's a wrap.

Somehow they managed to turn what should have at least been an interesting fight scene with the Cerulean duals into apathetic boredom. Not to mention the overly forced attempts at creating the sense of enigma and mystery.
>> No. 32626 [Edit]
File 155356192022.jpg - (346.96KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 11 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
>what should have at least been an interesting fight scene with the Cerulean duals into apathetic boredom.
There's not really much tension when the enemies are just standing in place while slowly waving their arms, and the inappropriate 'oh so wacky' music didn't really help matters much.
>> No. 32628 [Edit]
I think you mean ep11. Also thanks for taking over the summaries. I'm not sure if anyone else is reading them though.
>> No. 32629 [Edit]
File 155356973733.jpg - (212.37KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 11 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
Caracal and Kyururu are a good match. They're both bland and uninteresting, irritable, forgettable, and generally unlikable characters.
>> No. 32630 [Edit]
File 155357004897.jpg - (258.52KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 11 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
Kyururu always seems to act like she has a stick up her robot ass.
>> No. 32631 [Edit]
Oops you're right. KF2 seems to have started a week later than the other shows I'm following.
And typing summaries at least makes watching the episode less boring.

I think I realized that the mystery friend (the "her" referred to in the drawing) is probably the beast tiger from before. So for what it's worth that'll be the boss battle of ep12.

If they're planning to properly tie up the series they have several things left to resolve: the dog arc, where neo-Kaban fits into all of this, and finding Kyururu's fucking house. Although with the way things are going and the fact that they probably want to have a lead in for the KF3 mobile game I'm guessing it'll just end on a "meh" note, with some sort of cliched/cheesy theme like "home is where your heart is."
>> No. 32632 [Edit]
File 155357350599.jpg - (402.41KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 11 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
Yeah I figured that's a given. It's why they got so worried. They said friends would have to fight their own copies to stand a chance of beating them or something, so tiger's clone will be much stronger than any of the others, and they probably think the real tiger is not going to be too keen to help and fight off their clone (but that's what I guess might happen anyway).
>> No. 32633 [Edit]
Meanwhile serval does not seem to give a single fuck about any of this.
>> No. 32640 [Edit]
It's not a shounen battle anime... I really don't know what you expected.
>> No. 32641 [Edit]
I actually don't mind them.
>> No. 32643 [Edit]
File 155365461432.jpg - (245.99KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 11 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
I don't care what anyone says, this is fucking retarded.
>> No. 32703 [Edit]
File 15541527256.png - (2.24MB , 2498x1606 , screencap.png )
What the fuck was that ending? The so called "cerulean army" could be taken out with one shot. Then they bring out that Beast Tiger like an anon predicted but instead of making friends with it they quite literally exploit his anger to kill of the remaining Ceruleans and leave him to drown in the hotel.

Then they dare to bring up the Kaban/Serval mess again, hint that Kaban does actually want to be with Serval, and then shit over neo-Kaban one last time by cutting to the final scene with Kyururu, Serval, and Carcal all happy together. Not to mention shoehorning a final tragic scene with the dog at his house.

All while having the gall to set this scene to the S1 OP music.

>> No. 32704 [Edit]
File 155416772589.jpg - (221.93KB , 2560x1440 , [HorribleSubs] Kemono Friends S2 - 12 [1080p]_mkv_.jpg )
First off: fuck you. Second off: fuck you. Third: what the fuck? They dodge the issue this whole season including the ep when these two meet, just to clumsily shove the topic in at the last minute but still cop out at the end. Forth: How fucking dare you use that photo at the end try to retcon Kyururu and the others as being the 'original' group of friends before Kaban came along, as if to imply Kaban was hijacking Serval from her real friends, kyururu&Caracal.
Lastly: fuck you.
>> No. 32705 [Edit]
Overall I didn't mind it but I felt it could have ben better. The ending battle was kind of pointless and maybe should not have been there or at least it should have been much smaller, they tried to have a large scale battle ending but it's not a battle anime and they didn't have enough time for it so they ended up condensing it a lot. If they had just had that big Cerulean ship(which they don't address) as the final boss without the paper army it would have run better.

I actually didn't mind the Kaban/Serval ending, I felt that was quite good and how it should have been. The Dog and Tiger felt quite lonely and ignored to me though, as the building was collapsing they just left the Tiger there, I had really hoped Kyururu would rush in and try to save her and the Dog was treated poorly too. Maybe they will have a season three and that's what they are sitting them up for, who knows.
>> No. 32706 [Edit]
Makes me wonder what the point was of the scene in ep 10 with the dog leaving home. It implying the dog might join the group at some point latter on, maybe show up to save the day. But nothing like that happens and instead we cut back to dog at home looking over letters. Did the writers have a plan for her but changed their mind at the last minute or something?
>> No. 32708 [Edit]
>Maybe they will have a season three and that's what they are sitting them up for, who knows.
"Season 3" is a gacha video game
>> No. 32710 [Edit]
File 155423765399.jpg - (441.08KB , 2560x1440 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
This single image feels like the biggest possible middle finger to both season1 and fans of it alike.
>> No. 32712 [Edit]
I didn't think so. You are just forcing drama.
>> No. 32713 [Edit]
File 155425982514.jpg - (532.71KB , 860x1884 , 0580cf0a52a402882a28484afab3afbc.jpg )
For those that can't read chicken scratch, this is someone's reaction to the end of kemono friends ep12, Kemurikusa ep12, then kemono friends 2 ep12.

Post edited on 2nd Apr 2019, 7:54pm
>> No. 32715 [Edit]
Haven't watched a single episode.
How bad it was?
>> No. 32717 [Edit]
File 155428406391.png - (71.26KB , 1209x680 , 1554231636318.png )
It's currently holding the record as the most disliked anime on Nico Nico's streaming site.

As for how 'bad' it is. Trying to put the meta issues aside. Personally I feel it was 'mostly' competently made on a technical level. It wasn't complete god awful torture to watch as one might get the impression from how fans have taken it.
Overall I found it very dull, pointless, not particularly well written, and the main characters felt very bland and unlikable with no chemistry at all. The way the main human mostly lacks any personality (outside of her occasional bitch fits) I honestly would not have been surprised if they were revealed to be a robot. There's a number of plot lines that just sort of go nowhere or don't get resolved with the main plot just not being very interesting compared to everything else that comes up. Issues that get brought up but never resolved. Some piss poor last minute attempts at mystery with non-sense spouting characters who may or may not be a figment of the main character's imagination. plenty of plot holes and inconsistencies in the story. For instance, the main character is a lone human with a mostly one track mind who's looking for her home, she meets the only other human on the island for all she knows and doesn't care or even ask where the humans live. She then finds what could be island's only human village, but doesn't care and keeps going and in the final scene it's suggested that was her home after all. You've got a somewhat mysterious antagonist who comes and goes a couple times but ultimately kills themselves at the end for no other apparent reason than the anime being over. You have last minute shoe horned in main characters from the first season who do practically nothing and contribute nothing to the story (obviously some suit's demands). There's blatant and obnoxious product placement. unnecessarily and unwanted changes to the art style that many say makes characters look 'soulless'. But what I feel is worst of all, One of the two most prominent characters from the first season was apparently given an undescribed off screen death between seasons, which lead to the pair being split up and the other character becoming almost unrecognizable in design and personality.
>> No. 32719 [Edit]
File 155428609157.jpg - (1.34MB , 1080x2430 , friends.jpg )
>> No. 32722 [Edit]
>Most disliked
Huh, I always thought it was popular. That being said, I have watched it and my only exposure to it has been from imageboards.
>> No. 32723 [Edit]
Season 1 was super popular, season 2 is what everyone hates. The posted image shows the average score for every ep in both seasons (red=bad).
>> No. 32725 [Edit]
File 15543191781.png - (43.81KB , 785x2047 , ratings.png )
That chart seems to be normalized on the y-axis. The un-normalized version makes the sheer scale of the ratings more evident.

I pretty much agree with your assessment: in terms of animation the show was choppy at times and the character designs were cute-ish (albeit a bit too pudgy if you ask me), but overall tolerable. If that was the extent of its problems then it'd probably have just faded away. Unfortunately the fact that the plot was pretty haphazard meant that events in the show could be interpreted in a way that would anger strong S1 fans, even though it probably wasn't intentionally constructed as such. For instance the whole Dog scene probably backfired because of this poor writing. It's almost feels as if someone who hadn't really watched or wasn't a fan of S1 was given the job of producing S2 and decided to blindly copy over elements without understanding why they worked in the first place, leading to this mis-mash of events.
>> No. 32727 [Edit]
Also if you're interested in a very well done fan-made full length doujin:
>> No. 32746 [Edit]
No offense intended here but I don't think you fully grasp the significance of that drawing. The image shows that kyururu, Serval, and Caracal were friends when the park was still up and running, long before Kaban and Serval even met. They're saying the group has essentially reunited even if the characters themselves don't realize it. By saying these characters are reunited in this fashion they're saying all is basically right with the world now that the old gang is back together. The problem with doing that? If this group is right, that means the pairing of Kaban and Serval is wrong. For Serval and Kaban to be together means that Serval can't be with Carcal and Kyururu. This means Kaban was a third wheel of sorts who was just borrowing serval.
Of course a simple way around that is to have Kaban join the group, but the guys behind this season can't have that, so they rather leave her crying on the beach as her first and best friend gets taken away, with the "old gang's back together" being the extra insult to injury.
>> No. 32748 [Edit]
I mean to play devil's advocate here, I think it's probably more a case of the directors being sheerly incompetent than intentional malice. Even if you accept that the pic at face value, it makes absolutely no sense chronologically. Both Serval and Caracal would have to have forgotten about Kyururu, and Kyururu would have to be reborn somehow. I suppose there's that weird chamber thing at the very beginning of S2E1, but seeing as it was never mentioned once again it's more likely to be the director just copy-pasting some element he thought would be "neat" rather than an actual attempt at building a story.
>> No. 32749 [Edit]
Kaban was made by Kemonoplasm, she could not have had a past. This image just shows that Kyururu at some point visited the park, it does not even show them as being friends per say.

>If this group is right, that means the pairing of Kaban and Serval is wrong.

No, it means you want it to look that way to force drama.

>Of course a simple way around that is to have Kaban join the group,

No, because she didn't exist at that point.
>> No. 32750 [Edit]
This could very well be the case. There were many signs after all of this being made up as they went along.
>> No. 32751 [Edit]
>Kaban was made by Kemonoplasm, she could not have had a past.

>This image just shows that Kyururu at some point visited the park, it does not even show them as being friends per say.
That's fair, but it also makes for one hell of a coincidence.

>she didn't exist at that point.
>they rather leave her crying on the beach
Kaban could have joined them at any point and vice versa.

>to force drama.
I'm not the director of this season or a Kadokawa executive.
>> No. 32752 [Edit]

I'm not sure if this is sarcasm or not, she was made from hair in Mirai's hat remember?

>Kaban could have joined them at any point and vice versa.

No, because she didn't exist while Japari park was still functioning.

>I'm not the director of this season or a Kadokawa executive.

No, your the one deliberately misinterpreting things and reaching false conclusions to make drama.
>> No. 32753 [Edit]
>No, your the one deliberately misinterpreting things and reaching false conclusions to make drama.

>I'm not sure if this is sarcasm
It wasn't.

>No, because she didn't exist while Japari park was still functioning.
I clearly meant at any point during season2.
>> No. 32754 [Edit]
Ah, okay. Sorry then.

>I clearly meant at any point during season2.

I wasn't sure because of the aforementioned question of sarcasm or lack there of and the fact you also quoted the her not existing part.
Still, it's not so simple as that. Kaban has her own life now and Serval doesn't remember her. She is hardly going to drop everything and invasively force her way into the adventures of a group that doesn't even know her. That would be kind of stupid and actually that would be what would be insulting to the audience. That's what the final scene was all about, Kaban wants to get more involved with Serval but can't really. Maybe if there is another season they will find ways to get them closer to each other.
>> No. 32758 [Edit]
nah I'm sorry for not making myself clearer and being hard to understand.
And yes, I feel it was a no win scenario.
>> No. 32801 [Edit]
The drama continues to unfold. Kemono Enemies it is after all:
>> No. 32834 [Edit]
I've been reading the manga and Serval and Caracal are actually quite close in it, she even calls Caracal her best friend. So while the addition of Caracal in the anime initially seemed odd, it actually does make a lot of sense.
>> No. 32835 [Edit]
File 155600483077.png - (1.17MB , 1080x1920 , mango.png )
Weird timing. I just revisited the manga myself not but a few hours ago and completely forgot she was in it.
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