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File 152350497976.jpg - (206.22KB , 1280x720 , lupin-steins-gate-0-ken-guerriero-serie-anime-in-a.jpg )
31130 No. 31130 [Edit]
It's time.
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>> No. 31131 [Edit]
File 152354124482.png - (1.13MB , 1920x1080 , Snapshot_16_10.png )
Fantastic first episode, I'm both extremely thrilled and emotional about it and watching it made me realize that Steins;Gate is by far my favourite anime and it's probably the only series I'll break my "No seasonal anime" rule for this year. I even welled up a few times over the episode (which I watched twice in a row after watching the β episode 23) in remembrance of the past and how it was handled now in retrospective (specially the scenes about Kurisu's demise and it's effect on Okabe). The feelings and depth of the characters and how they're woven together are all still there just as they were by the end of the original series' run; the pacing, editing, music, and sound direction are also as good, as well. If it keeps it up for another 23 episodes (+OVA) then it'll become a masterpiece just like its predecessor.

Steins;Gate 0 has made me glad to be alive today and I hope this feeling won't wane (Kamisama please guide White Fox for a perfect run).
>> No. 31133 [Edit]
File 152360447129.gif - (1.98MB , 600x338 , SteinsGateZero-Episode1-Omake-7.gif )
Those gloves look dumb, there I said it.

Anyways, good first ep. Well paced and tastefully done. Sets the stage and mood pretty well. And man Okabe seems like he's barely holding it together, damn. I feel for him.
>> No. 31137 [Edit]
I was worried about it since 0's much less linear, but the first episode was pretty strong. I'm forward to seeing where they go with it.
>> No. 31140 [Edit]
File 152375318079.png - (723.90KB , 960x540 , Snapshot_05_22.png )
>Those gloves look dumb
>> No. 31147 [Edit]
File 152388238244.png - (302.67KB , 680x400 , 01_snapshot_06_04.png )
Episode 02 PV:
Get ready for more suffering, angry legal loli, punished Okabe, and muddled tuturu~s in the distance.

Pic related: My reaction when someone bad-mouths S;G0 despite it just started and they didn't even watch the episode (and probably the original either).

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