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File 151304801863.jpg - (131.99KB , 586x832 , 7c46076972642e8ffee34836544241047d20764b.jpg )
29995 No. 29995 [Edit]
We will be streaming three episodes of anime every Tuesday at 11:00 PM GMT/6:00 PM East/3:00 PM West!
We'll be using Syncplay to watch the anime itself.
Server address: 8995
room: tc
This upcoming Tuesday, 12/12/2017, we will be watching episodes 7-9 of Kemono Friends.
After we are done watching all of Kemono Friends anyone can offer their input on which anime to watch next.
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>> No. 29999 [Edit]
I could swear there was already a thread about this.
>> No. 30003 [Edit]
File 151311173876.jpg - (725.32KB , 1600x1010 , 5f45bc5e315223bf89ce810bbe657a692c904a40.jpg )
There was but it's gone and nobody knows why so I'm re-posting it.
>> No. 30020 [Edit]
Has anyone got suggestions for the next show to watch?
>> No. 30021 [Edit]
Rozen Maiden.
>> No. 30022 [Edit]
I forgot to quote.
>> No. 30036 [Edit]
File 151357481195.png - (1.47MB , 1280x720 , screencap2014-09-17-23h13m02s124.png )
Ai Mai Mi! Sutoroberii Eggu
>> No. 30053 [Edit]
2013 or 2004?
>> No. 30057 [Edit]
I think 2004 would be best. 2013 didn't have enough Desu, and we could do it latter.,
>> No. 30064 [Edit]
Could you provide a download source? I haven't found much on the 2004 anime.
>> No. 30082 [Edit]
>The following rules apply to all parts of this website and our affiliate IRC channel:
>01) Uploading, posting, discussing, requesting, or linking to anything that violates local or United States law.
Come on, don't be so lazy, searching is not that hard. What you look for is even in the first page of search results.
>> No. 30151 [Edit]
File [Ayu]_Rozen_Maiden_(Complete).torrent - (912.00KB , [Ayu] Rozen Maiden (Complete).torrent )

To an extent that's true, but no one cares if it's anime. That's why we have the ability to upload torrent files on this board. Speaking of which, here's one for the next anime we'll be watching together.
>> No. 30152 [Edit]
File 151495208930.jpg - (94.24KB , 1000x900 , 1490279074793.jpg )
Thank you, friend. I am downloading it now.
>> No. 30158 [Edit]
That doesn't look like it has any seeders, the one I found on nyaa earlier today worked fine.
>> No. 30419 [Edit]
File 151615054512.jpg - (141.83KB , 736x993 , c8993f3785f997ba4ee16fb76b51710d--wallpaper-color-.jpg )
We finished up episode 6 of Rozen Maiden so now we can take suggestions of the next anime to watch!
By the way, could this thread be stickied again? I want people to easily see this so they can join in on the streams.
Thank you.

Post edited on 16th Jan 2018, 5:10pm
>> No. 30420 [Edit]
Kind of unfortunate to end on the cliffhanger that was the end of ep 6. And to wait a week for the continuation, no less.
>> No. 30421 [Edit]
We also made a room in the TC discord server for chatting during the stream in case anyone wants to use it.
>> No. 30427 [Edit]
Consider this unrelated to the rest of this thread. For a long time now, I've wanted to something. Many of us marathon shows. 12 eps, 24 eps, no problem. But... what about 50? Am I the only one crazy enough to want to do that? I imagine most others would find it a waste of time or a pain in the ass. Not to mention tiring, as when the math is done it comes out to around 20 straight hours not counting breaks and in-between ep pauses. Am I alone here?
>> No. 30512 [Edit]
I've watched a 50 ep show in two days before but doing all of it in one sitting... I can imagine forcing myself to do it, but I can't imagine doing it and having fun.
>> No. 30542 [Edit]
File 151702550324.png - (118B , 16x16 , hide.png )
i'm posting here to let everyone know that i'm hiding this thread. i don't want to watch anime with you on facebook live and i don't want to look at your neurotypical social interactions.
>> No. 30545 [Edit]
I am posting here to let everyone know that I drive a toyota sprinter trueno AE86, I have won several competitive gaming tournaments, I have many figures in my room all in perfect condition, I won several bodybuilding contests, I watch much anime with my beautiful waifu when we can who I like to take dancing on weekends, a successful pixiv account, I can speak fluent Japanese as well as cook many Japanese foods for my friends, and of course, my lovely waifu.
I am also working on a real life EVA unit and I also happen to be dipping my toes into producing music using vocaloids and my songs have all been very wel received.
>> No. 30739 [Edit]
I’ve done 53 before, but it was hellish and mostly just to see if I could do it, and not because I enjoyed it.
>> No. 30759 [Edit]
File 151798078937.jpg - (115.05KB , 752x1500 , 4891d2979aca73b2b0aea795bc064e667d24897a.jpg )
We finished Rozen season 1 and now it's time to recommend the next anime to watch!
>> No. 30915 [Edit]
I'm sincerely impressed with your commitment to that meme ITT.
>> No. 30967 [Edit]
File 152048519225.jpg - (85.62KB , 305x450 , 6075l.jpg )
Much to my excitement we're going to be streaming Galaxy Angel this upcoming Tuesday! We will be watching six episodes every Tuesday. Please refer to the OP for the room info. Below is a link to torrent the episodes. Can't wait to see you there!

Post edited on 7th Mar 2018, 9:03pm
>> No. 30973 [Edit]
I've seen it, but sure I'll watch it. Already got it DLed. Been years, so it'll be fresh either way. Seems it's half eps so 6 should be fine really.
>> No. 37858 [Edit]
Should we do another Tohno-chan anime stream ?
>> No. 37860 [Edit]
>> No. 37862 [Edit]
Yes, I would really enjoy this.
I would like it to be telegraphed a week or so ahead at least, so I don't miss it.
>> No. 37865 [Edit]
I'd like this a lot. If not Syncplay, Cytube is another service we could possibly use.
>> No. 37878 [Edit]
I would like that too.
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