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File 151294882194.jpg - (77.60KB , 853x480 , 405.jpg )
29958 No. 29958 [Edit]
Why watch crappy anime just because it's new?
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>> No. 29959 [Edit]
1. Why would you ask that, and what has lead you to believe this is something people do? Most people would drop something they felt was garbage, not continue just because it's new.

2. If people are doing this, it's going to be so they can have discussions with other fans about the same anime while watching it at the same pace. This doesn't work very well for old anime as people might watch them at different times. One might not be interested in talking about something he saw five years ago, and even if he is he might not remember it too well.

3. The anime you linked (thread here: ) and other horrible anime are sometimes watched with the intent of laughing at it and making fun of it for being terrible. This is something that has very recently become very popular with bad live action movies such as The Room, or Troll 2. You can check out RedLetterMedia's Best of the worst and Wheel of the worst for more on this.
>> No. 29963 [Edit]
What I mean is, people picking up a a whole slew of new airing shows, even somewhat mediocre ones. For example watching a new iteration of generic harem x or something from another genre that's been done over and over again. Loading up on new shows for no real reason. I can understand wanting to watch to discuss with others sure, but isn't that mostly with at least decent shows that many others watch? With mediocre crap there tends to be less to discuss. Although I suppose you're right, if something is that bad, people are gonna drop it. Not so much those who watch to laugh at it since those are a minority in the first place.

Post edited on 10th Dec 2017, 4:18pm
>> No. 29974 [Edit]
>For example watching a new iteration of generic harem x or something from another genre that's been done over and over again.
They always could be fans of those genres. Like all the people eating up isekai novels, they know most of it is shit but they like the genre and want more.
>> No. 29977 [Edit]
if its new how the fuck is anyone gonna know if its good or not?
>> No. 29982 [Edit]
You’re correct in thinking that people watch not-so-good shows that are new, but not that they watch them just because they are new in the sense that you’re thinking.

For example, I might pick up some random show and keep watching some mediocre ones just because they weren’t bad enough for me to drop. However, if I were looking for something already completed to watch, I probably would look for something better and do actual research on what to pick, instead of just following a few shows randomly. That is the answer to your question.

Yes, it’s because it’s new, but only because it’s airing an episode at a time and it’s convenient and easy to just watch an episode here or there instead of doing research and downloading a show, not actually just because it’s new. If old shows were streamlined like that by the anime community online, people would do the same for them.

Then there is the aspect that if it is new, you are all on equal ground in terms of discussion, if discussing anime is your hobby.
>> No. 29984 [Edit]
what amazes me is that with traditional anime the artists will create thousands if not millions of perfect images and if the anime is total shit its just a waste
>> No. 30004 [Edit]
I know right? Even horrible anime might have some great background art.
>> No. 30008 [Edit]
They probably honed their drawing skills, so as a personal endeavor, it wasn’t a waste for them. The director may have wasted their talent, but their effort was not a waste.
>> No. 30009 [Edit]
That's a pretty good way to look at it anon! I'm not sure how well garbage anime that may or may not have flopped will look on resume, but you can never go wrong with a little extra practice!
>> No. 30108 [Edit]
File 151443738045.jpg - (72.94KB , 750x715 , 20171231.jpg )
I watch new stuff hoping that it will be good.
>> No. 30109 [Edit]
File 151445690957.jpg - (79.89KB , 500x313 , 973.jpg )
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