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File 148928166561.jpg - (88.94KB , 303x450 , 80373l.jpg )
28134 No. 28134 [Edit]
This might easily be the absolutely worst anime ever made, and I really do mean that.
Have any of you guys seen it?
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>> No. 28135 [Edit]
It has been a long while since I had felt disgust and fear of this level from around a minute of this anime alone.
>> No. 28140 [Edit]
This is the fate of 2d animation. It started with just cars, then buildings, then entire backgrounds, and soon it will become this. Writhing, mouthless cel-shaded monstrosities.
>> No. 28141 [Edit]
oh god i just turned the sound on and they're all talking over each other and it's giving me the worst fucking headache
>> No. 28144 [Edit]
File 148930380412.jpg - (174.36KB , 1280x720 , [BakedFish] Mahou Shoujo_ Naria☆Girls - 01 [720p.jpg )
I'm a bit of a fan of MMD anime to be honest. They're quaint and charming in a home made kind of way. Stuff like gdgd Fairies and Tesagure! Bukatsumono were really fun. They had unscripted adlib sections that were pretty hilarious and were an interesting change from the norm.
This however feels like a big "fuck you" to the viewers. It's almost like they thought to themselves that the fans would eat up any garbage they put out so they half assed it with this one. They couldn't even be bothered to make the characters match the scale of the background image they're put up to. Animation is atrocious, it's like some poorly done motion capture that wasn't properly tied to the character models. The result is horribly unnatural looking movements, models clipping into each other and posing in horrifying ways. They couldn't be fucked to turn the gravity/physics on for the character hair which really stands out with the twin tail. The voice acting and audio in general is god awful. Like I said before those other similar anime had segments for the off scrip portions of the show, usually in the second half. Here they seemed to mix it in with scripted stuff that really didn't work one bit and made for an audio mess. It also doesn't help that they start going off about weird dreams out of nowhere without any context. Those other MMD anime gave the VAs subjects to talk about for off script sections that seemed reasonable for the characters to talk about in universe and made sense, even if completely random silly topics. In Gddd it was looking into a magical portal into the happenings in other worlds (showing random clips to the VAs to comment on), in Tesagure Bukatsumono it was students coming up with ideas for school clubs, and in Straight Tittle Robot Anime it was robots trying to understand various aspects of the human world and trying to figure out how they could stop the war. Here? they introduce the theme/story of the show, do a character roll call then jump right into a topic unrelated to anything. It's far worse than lucky star's food scene.
Also, what's the point of transformation scenes in which the characters don't actually transform into anything? I know there's like 0 budget on an anime like this, but come on.
>> No. 28147 [Edit]
This is a perfect example of why some people quit anime.
>> No. 28148 [Edit]
Nah, this is the product of a very small indie group that is behind most of the same type of anime out there. Even the recent Kemono Friends was created by someone who worked with that group. It's no more a threat to the anime industry as horrible low budget indie movies, or mockbusters are to Hollywood's films. No respectable (real)anime production company would turn out anything this horrible looking.
>> No. 28156 [Edit]
I've seen it. It's pretty fucking horrible, but it also fascinates me that something like this is allowed to exist. Someone pitched this to people who then approved it. Then some other people made it. Not only was it broadcast in Japan, but someone took the time to translate it into English (maybe other languages too). Sometimes very bad art can be more interesting than great art. Naria Girls is such a case.
>> No. 28157 [Edit]
File 148949070527.jpg - (183.76KB , 1280x720 , [BakedFish] Mahou Shoujo_ Naria☆Girls - 01 [720p.jpg )
Just the backgrounds alone are mind boggling bad. If you're going to have long scenes in front of static images for backgrounds in an anime, why not have them be drawn? They panned across drawings that came and went within seconds during the intro, but for a background image characters stand in front of for half the episode, they use a screen cap of a poor 3D render that isn't even to scale? Are you fucking serious? How fucking autistic do you have to be to think it looks good to have 3D models in front of a 2D image of a 3D model? This isn't FF7, there's no technical limitations here, it just a video. There's no good reason not to at least have the character models in the same 3D environment that you're screencaping for a backgrounds. It makes absolutely no god damn sense to me.
>> No. 28164 [Edit]
It's abstract man, you just don't get it.
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