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File 149177724243.jpg - (344.82KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 01 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
28328 No. 28328 [Edit]
Not even 5 seconds into the first episode, and I know exactly what this show is about.

the 3-d and 2-d side by side is about as jarring as is expected, but at least it will be consistent throughout.
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>> No. 28331 [Edit]
File 149177924916.jpg - (265.22KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 01 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )

can't handle the 3-d?
>> No. 28337 [Edit]
I like the OP pic. I think that I'll watch this.
>> No. 28351 [Edit]
File 149185853535.webm - (2.00MB , 1491846563556.webm )
>> No. 28376 [Edit]
File 149204380613.jpg - (90.58KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 01 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you, your watermarks, and your fucking yellow subs.
>> No. 28377 [Edit]
File 149204423995.jpg - (429.90KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 01 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )

That's about as far as I made it as well.

Surely somebody, somewhere, will transpose the script from the yellow abominations into a .srt and time it to the leopard raw. I have faith.

Also, I had to do a tripple take finally not read the project name as FAG irl project
>> No. 28378 [Edit]
This was my most anticipated anime of the season, and it ticks me off to see this happen to it. Hopefully someone decides to take this up, a quick search on didn't provide very promising results.

Why is this happening to so many anime recently anyway? This season and last had a few like this, where as it wasn't really a problem before then.
>> No. 28379 [Edit]
Maybe you should learn Japanese so you can better enjoy some fags irl?
>> No. 28380 [Edit]
What the hell is wrong with yellow subs?
>> No. 28381 [Edit]
Other than looking kind of shitty, pure yellow light is scientifically the most irritating hue for human eyes to interpret. It's probably not enough to be a bother for most people, especially when it's just a font color, but if you're consistently reading lemon yellow text for more than 15 minutes on a large screen it can certainly become an irritant.
>> No. 28382 [Edit]
I always found them easier to read than white ones, personally. Diff'rent strokes I guess.
>> No. 28384 [Edit]
I'm tempted to try redoing the subs for this myself. I'd hate to waste my time doing it if another group was planing to, but two ep are out so far and no one's done it yet as far as I know.
>> No. 28385 [Edit]
Me too.
Yellow subs stand out against the scene since solid-yellows don't occur often in real-life, making the subs more distinct and thus reducing (so slightly) the effort needed to discern the words.
>> No. 28386 [Edit]
Also, I see no reason as to why subs should 'look good'.
Yellow subs being easier to read, you can read them quickly and get your eyes faster back to the actual show. So from a utilitarian perspective, yellow subs are the most efficient.
And subbing has been around for many a year, yellow subs being a industry standard is so for a reason.
>> No. 28389 [Edit]
To each their own with preferences. You can have subs in white, yellow, pink, or rainbow colored for all I care, but these are hard coded subs here and that's inexcusable.
>> No. 28425 [Edit]
Whelp, I just spent the last couple hours typing up a script for the first ep.
Now I just gotta figure out the timing and stuff.
>> No. 28427 [Edit]
File 149233315974.jpg - (51.23KB , 1075x603 , [TC] subs prototype.jpg )
I think I have a decent handle on how to do this now and should have the subs ready by tomorrow.

Also, this scene fucking kills me.
>> No. 28435 [Edit]
Done with ep1's subs, it can be found here.
>> No. 28437 [Edit]
File 149241202065.jpg - (393.10KB , 1280x720 , smart.jpg )
I can't help but feel sending out tiny robots to a ton of random people isn't the best idea. All Ao did for that matter was press it's chest. You telling me no one else tried that?
>> No. 28451 [Edit]
File 149249486242.png - (1.78MB , 1264x711 , mpc-hc64_2017-04-17_22-53-15.png )
I just finished the first episode. It gave me a nice feeling while watching. I like the art and music style, and didn't mind the 2D-3D mix like others have.
It's funny that Ao is going to get paid to collect data. It reminds me of datamining that occurs on all sorts of websites in the modern times. Any way you look at it, the plot seems to be just a way to add pantsu shots and battle scenes. Not that I'm complaining.

>All Ao did for that matter was press it's chest. You telling me no one else tried that?
Yeah, that seems really far fetched. I wonder what plot device they will invent to explain it later on.
>> No. 28452 [Edit]
>plot seems to be just a way to add pantsu shots and battle scenes
And sell toys / accessories.
>> No. 28455 [Edit]
yeah. i forgot that part.
>> No. 28458 [Edit]
>All Ao did for that matter was press it's chest. You telling me no one else tried that?
Reminds me of how in Clock Work Planet the MC fixed a complex android no one else could for hundreds of years, by literally just tightening a single screw in it's chest.
>> No. 28469 [Edit]
Picked up.
>> No. 28503 [Edit]
I don't mind them using 3D for the FAGs and I think it kind of fits since 3DCGI makes everything look stiff and robotic in anime. Reminds me of how Toy Story and how at the time cgi sucked donkey balls. The movie was only feasible back then because cutting edge cgi tech still made everything look plastic and toy like anyway, so it just sort of worked. I like how here humans are drawn and FAGs are 3D, but kind of wish they were a little more consistent about it. The FAGs have a tendency to go 2D for close ups and reaction shots.
>> No. 28509 [Edit]
File 149281090145.jpg - (132.02KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
She didn't even try to dodge.
What a dummy.

>> No. 28510 [Edit]
File 149281098728.jpg - (62.16KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
>The FAGs have a tendency to go 2D for close ups and reaction shots.
you mean like this? I can't tell if that's 2D or 3D
>> No. 28513 [Edit]
File 149283405039.jpg - (94.71KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 02 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )
Like during the make out scene.
>> No. 28514 [Edit]
hmm, i missed that
>> No. 28516 [Edit]
File 149285827926.jpg - (55.92KB , 1079x607 , cap.jpg )
If she knows about this punishment... that mean she's had it done to her before, right?
>> No. 28527 [Edit]
File 149292992230.jpg - (166.04KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 03 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )
There's a lot of it in the OP, but it does show up every so often in the rest of the anime.
>> No. 28546 [Edit]
File 149309945888.jpg - (207.62KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 03 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I knew this anime was made mainly to sell toys and I don't mind that, but they're starting to be really obnoxious about it. The general rule in visual media is to show not tell. They do a decent job of showing off the FAGs and making you want to buy one of these little moe bots yourself without beating you over the head with it. They're fun and likable characters with charming personalizes. They even go and invent reasonable reasons why you might want to buy the accessories (such as that charging bot or the battle base). ...Then they go and beat you over the head with these freaking nippers like some door to door salesmen. It was funny the first time when they ranted on about how fucking incredible and awesome and god like the nippers were, but it got cringe worthy by the second time, and I know they're just gonna keep pushing them.
>> No. 28547 [Edit]
I swear it's like watching some 2D infomercial every time those nippers get brought up.
>> No. 28552 [Edit]
File 149312155264.jpg - (74.37KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 03 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )
Maybe I'm just a bit slow but I think I'm missing something here.
Gourai is some really advanced prototype unit that's supposed to be capable of learning emotions and stuff right? So then why is it they seem more emotionless than all the already built FAGs they keep sending who all seem to be overflowing with emotions and personality?
>> No. 28553 [Edit]
I'm not watching this one, but I suppose you could argue that they simulate emotion without feeling them, while Gourai is actually learning emotions.
>> No. 28554 [Edit]
That could very well be the case.
>> No. 28606 [Edit]
File 149346207176.jpg - (118.63KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 04 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
Return the crap they bought, kick the twins out, problem solved. Only reason they're staying is to make Ao money. If they're spending that same money then there's no reason not to kick their tiny little asses out.
>> No. 28607 [Edit]
File 149346258661.jpg - (173.55KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 04 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
Base is a hell of a retard, but they're a cute retard!
>> No. 28608 [Edit]
>simulate emotion without feeling them
Are emotions not inherently felt?
>> No. 28609 [Edit]
File 14934895243.jpg - (60.94KB , 600x900 , hIE1461733602r1461815651_jpeg.jpg )
The original Base figure isn't as cute as the anime version.
>> No. 28618 [Edit]
Think about emoticons, emotes, emoji, kaomoji, etc. You simulate a perceived emotion, but you don't necessarily feel it.

Same way people use "lol" or "w"... but they are actually laughing out loud.
>> No. 28651 [Edit]
Those are non-sentient symbols. For a sentient being to show an emotion, they would have to know what it feels like. Even actors cannot just put on a crying face, they usually think of something sad.
Think about this: a synonym for 'emotions' is 'feelings'.
>> No. 28652 [Edit]
File 14937031012.jpg - (142.57KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 04 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
They said these FAGs have the mental capacity of a ten year old human. I think Base got a five year old's.
>> No. 28653 [Edit]
File 149370320953.jpg - (77.86KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 04 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
>> No. 28699 [Edit]
File 149414907019.jpg - (187.17KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 03 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
The channel airing this anime is pretty shitty.
>> No. 28737 [Edit]
File 149470486567.jpg - (136.85KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 04 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Ep 4 was good, hope they keep this up. First few episodes played it a bit safe.
>> No. 28745 [Edit]
File 149479798054.jpg - (81.61KB , 1280x720 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )

>> No. 28746 [Edit]
File 149479847953.jpg - (152.32KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 06 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )
I have now lost all respect for Bukiko.
>> No. 28759 [Edit]
She literally says 'yukata' but they translated it as 'kimono'. Everything has to be casualised, even subtitles.
What a world.
>> No. 28762 [Edit]
I don't get why they do that. localized or "casualised" stuff like that is what dubs are for. If people are watching japanese tv shows in it's native language, it's safe to assume they're looking for a more authentic, true to the source, and less filtered experience (or at least as unfiltered as subs can allow.)
Rather than give them a way of learning about the different aspects of the culture (such as what a yukata is) they decided to purposefully keep people ignorant, why? Besides, this anime is essentially an advertisement for niche Japanese toys involving obscure terminology and references to figure/model culture most people outside of japan wouldn't understand anyway, such as the cameo by nipako >>28745 .
>> No. 28829 [Edit]
Railgun reference outta nowhere. Been awhile since I had seen one/seen one I understood.
>> No. 28834 [Edit]
File 149615242859.jpg - (219.57KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 08 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
Nice boat.
>> No. 28854 [Edit]
File 149657431057.jpg - (164.41KB , 1280x720 , [TC]_Frame_Arms_Girl_-_09_[720p]_mkv_snapshot_10_1.jpg )
I actually thought this scene was kind of sad. For one it made me think of all those lonely otaku out there who have no one other than a bunch of inanimate figures to keep them company when they're sick or even dying.
It also reminded me that even Ao's own daily life seems kind of lonely. Her parents are god knows where, doesn't seem to have brothers or sisters, All she seems to have is her one nerdy (and kind of annoying) friend Bukiko and these robot toys that just recently came into her life. Her life must have been pretty depressing before they showed up, and it'll be hella depressing once the factory recalls the test units. She even had a vivid dream latter on about these toys becoming real girls she could be friends with, and go do all sorts of things with she obviously wouldn't do alone. Note how Bukiko wasn't part of this dream, and the Materia sisters weren't seen as her friends. I think Ao, clearly yearns to have real friends and live a normal happy life with them. Ao, seems like a cute nice and friendly girl, so I couldn't say what the problem is, but then that's how it often is isn't it? You might not have anything wrong with you as far as you can tell but still struggle to make friends or be accepted.
I feel this ep touches on some really meaningful issues for people who collect figs like these, but they're not being blatant about it which is nice. All in all this was a very surprisingly well done ep that made me stop to think a bit and even got a few emotions out of me as someone in a very similar situation. I'm also glad they didn't shoehorn in a pointless battle this week.
>> No. 28859 [Edit]
Nice post. This episode made me regard the series a solid point higher. I thought the cold solutions was a bit too exaggerated, but the second part made up for it.
>> No. 28864 [Edit]
File 149662603310.jpg - (666.90KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 03 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
does the RAW quality ever pick up?
>> No. 28866 [Edit]
I asked around in subbing/ripping groups at one point, and that's as good as you're gonna get it seems. It's a problem with the TV station airing the anime, not the people ripping the raws. You could always wait for BD rips.
>> No. 28867 [Edit]
File 149662779643.jpg - (398.09KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 03 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
>You could always wait for BD rips.

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
Fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter, never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over, thought I'd something more to say

>> No. 28870 [Edit]
File 149664250749.png - (592.25KB , 854x482 , f9b2a36c3e35081704cd6e44eae34a13.png )
These two are kind of annoying and creepy. I also don't trust Ao to take care of the FAGs, I'm surprised she hasn't stepped on any of them yet.
>> No. 28871 [Edit]
File 149664267942.jpg - (151.86KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Frame Arms Girl - 09 RAW (MX 1280x7.jpg )
At first I thought people were nitpicking about the quality of the video, possibly being autistic about it. However I'm finding it to be more and more noticeable with each episode.
>> No. 28872 [Edit]
Nah, it just gets worse.
>> No. 28896 [Edit]
File 14967515939.jpg - (230.19KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 09 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
I'm curious how exactly they go about buying all these things.
>> No. 28898 [Edit]
File 149681232988.png - (735.91KB , 853x479 , cc0c8f40bde9a49a3a3a65d9789b01f7.png )
>> No. 28901 [Edit]
Maybe they steal the things??
>> No. 28913 [Edit]
Maybe they're not even acquiring these items in the first place. Maybe Ao, due to her lonely depressing life, took up Bukiko's hobby and started buying figs. Then created an elaborate fantasy in which these figs she's buying come to life and interact with her. Maybe everything we're seeing is in her head?
>> No. 28918 [Edit]
File 149703420255.jpg - (2.55MB , 4440x3264 , Booklet 06.jpg )
Busou Shinki had a very similar segment. It had it from the perspective of one of the Shinki. Both quite sad, touching upon the same theme (as I recall).
It's familiar to the point, I would say, of FAGirl referencing Busou Shinki in doing it.
>> No. 28944 [Edit]
File 149773451328.png - (1.37MB , 1366x768 , Episode11_at_1313.png )
Not even Charger-kun was able to resist this episode's fan-service.
>> No. 28945 [Edit]
Oh yeah they did do that...
In the case of Busou Shinki like you said it was so the fig could be a real girl and live with the master that she loves. Very touching indeed.
>> No. 28958 [Edit]
File 149793919079.jpg - (134.43KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Frame Arms Girl - 11 [720p]_mkv_sna.jpg )
What in the fuck was this ep?! I've seen fanserive eps before, but this episode was borderline pornography!
>> No. 28961 [Edit]
I'm kind of tempted to catch up just to watch that episode.
>> No. 28962 [Edit]
Sex sells
>> No. 28963 [Edit]
Every single female in that episode was drawn with perfect proportions. If you're looking for fan service, you'll be 100% satisfied.
>> No. 28964 [Edit]
File 149796726370.jpg - (210.91KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 11 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
No kidding.
>> No. 28978 [Edit]
File 149833522889.jpg - (133.98KB , 1280x720 , [TC] Frame Arms Girl - 12 (MX 1280x720 x264 AAC)_m.jpg )
What a great way to end a series!
>> No. 28981 [Edit]
A seqeul teaser...
>> No. 29267 [Edit]
The OP and ED are pretty good, plan on buying them.
>> No. 29307 [Edit]
Idol pairings for the ending, wasn't expecting it, nice suprise.
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