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File 148675994244.jpg - (360.57KB , 620x620 , 1480365880552.jpg )
27883 No. 27883 [Edit]
This one's gonna be tasty!
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>> No. 27884 [Edit]
that looks so cute! should i watch any other precure before this? i like foods anime, but never watched any precure before
>> No. 27886 [Edit]
Generally they're all self contained stories with nothing at all to do with each other.
The exception being cross over movies, but those have their own canon.

...although in this particular case the main character does make a quick appearance in the last ep of the previous season, which is the first time they've ever done that.
Still, no you don't need to watch any other precure before hand.
>> No. 27887 [Edit]
Protect Cure Chocolat at all costs
>> No. 27906 [Edit]
>> No. 27907 [Edit]
File 148693101325.png - (506.43KB , 1238x681 , screenshot.png )
She's going to spread ebola virus to Japan
>> No. 27976 [Edit]
File 148736084627.jpg - (163.15KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] Kira Kira Precure À La Mode - 01 [135.jpg )
I don't think I'm crazy about this Mew Mew / yumeiro patissiere mixture, or the general direction they're going with.
>> No. 27977 [Edit]
File 148736088714.jpg - (99.45KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] Kira Kira Precure À La Mode - 01 [135.jpg )
This sums up my feelings on the first ep.
>> No. 27981 [Edit]
Cure Chocolate seems like they can take care of themselves.
>> No. 27983 [Edit]
File 148740108113.jpg - (146.03KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] Kira Kira Precure À La Mode - 01 [135.jpg )
Is that actually a thing?
>> No. 27984 [Edit]
Yes. Especially anything whipped. Overmixing can destroy air bubbles in whipped eeg whites or batters, making the product denser.

I haven't watched any of the eps yet, so i'm not sure what they're making there.
>> No. 27985 [Edit]
File 148740267442.jpg - (215.43KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] Kira Kira Precure À La Mode - 01 [135.jpg )
>> No. 27986 [Edit]
sorry bro, but if they're foaming up eegs like that they're not making shortcakes. short cakes can be overmixed, but shortcakes are not made with that amount of eeg & shortcake dough is a dry powdery solid, not a fluid.
because the fats shorten the protein chains, overmixing and eeg foam is impossible for most conventional kitchen gear.
the kind of cake they're making is chiffon cake or genoise or something like that.

saging for fake news in my animes
>> No. 27987 [Edit]
I guess they don't expect seven year olds to know the difference?
>> No. 27988 [Edit]
Pretty Cure☆Fake News
>> No. 27989 [Edit]
Shortcake and sponge cake seem interchangeable in Japanese.
>> No. 28049 [Edit]
File 148817991427.jpg - (148.46KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] KiraKira Precure À La Mode - 02 [E7C6.jpg )
Style reminds me a bit of heart catch, but without the substance.
>> No. 28064 [Edit]
I love the way the show looks, but I'm not sure about the rest of it. I'm enjoying it but I'm not getting a "wow, this is awesome" feeling like I did with Mahou Tsukai and GoPri.
>> No. 28082 [Edit]
File 148861865178.jpg - (89.12KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] KiraKira Precure A La Mode - 03v2 [84D.jpg )
Another cute girl gets corrupted by rock.
>> No. 28098 [Edit]
The Mahoutsukai movie's been subbed, y'all.
>> No. 28102 [Edit]
Awesome, thanks for the heads up!
>> No. 28153 [Edit]
File 148943318660.png - (574.34KB , 1174x689 , 0.png )
And I'll protect you, Cure Chocolat!
>> No. 28170 [Edit]
File 148977597459.jpg - (195.90KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] Kirakira Precure A La Mode - 05 [8BE9A.jpg )
>> No. 28174 [Edit]
Best girl.
>> No. 28187 [Edit]
File 149000692550.jpg - (135.03KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] Kirakira Precure A La Mode - 05 [8BE9A.jpg )
I guess they're gonna be going full cgi with the movies now. I suppose it was just a matter of time.
>> No. 28202 [Edit]
File 149038129095.jpg - (155.98KB , 1280x720 , [shortcake] KiraKira Precure A La Mode - 06 [ED648.jpg )
Is it just me or does anyone else find the practice of taking store bought chocolate and melting it down into a different (yet similar) shape to be kind of redundant? Seems like a nice gesture, but doesn't feel like they're really 'making' anything.
>> No. 28204 [Edit]
It's a little strange, I guess. But you gotta figure these girls are like 13, and making candy from scratch can be very difficult.
>> No. 28205 [Edit]
Heh, yeah good point. Don't somewhat older girls do it too though? It's not just limited to little kids in anime after all.
Would it then not make sense for some companies to sell pre-cut/grounded chocolate specifically for that purpose? Much like cake mix that only requires eegs, water, and oil. I would assume there must be some that actually already do that, but characters are always shown in anime buying bars of chocolate and cutting it into smaller bits.
>> No. 28208 [Edit]
You can buy baking chocolate by the chunk in the States, and I assume in Japan, but it usually isn't sweetened. If you're in a hurry or don't know what you're doing that might still be too much work. Or maybe it's some kind of cultural thing.

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