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File 147635059257.jpg - (105.46KB , 600x338 , keijo_cap_0001.jpg )
27141 No. 27141 [Edit]
have you watched the all butts anime yet?
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>> No. 27160 [Edit]
File 147652652972.png - (876.83KB , 1280x738 , butts.png )
For a show thats 100% about butts, this artwork isn't really up to par. Considering the subject matter, this anime won't fly without good artwork, but this is just disproportionate, grotesque & just sloppy. Most fan art butts are better. Look at those bulges, they looks like dudes. Doesn't make for enjoyable viewing at all.
>> No. 27169 [Edit]
File 147670081098.gif - (4.15MB , 480x270 , sFCb9dz.gif )
It is time. It is time for ASS BATTLE
>> No. 27173 [Edit]
File 147674474576.png - (437.75KB , 768x1200 , Keijo_c007_v02_p011.png )
The manga has way better characterization and art. Those are the two things most likely to be fucked up in adaptation.

Not to say I dislike the anime (so far) but there's far more exposition regarding the life of the main characters and their motivations for joining Keijo. They skipped two volumes, it's ridiculous. A shame, too because the exposition is interesting, it even almost goes beyond butts, though the manga is still an ecchi work and thus preoccupied with ecchi scenes. I wonder if they will add it in a flashback.

I like Nozomi a lot, I can relate to her more than most anime girls, though she's more responsible than me.
>> No. 27214 [Edit]
(non anime pic used for a purpose)

"disproportionate, grotesque & just sloppy" um, are you serious? You know, fashion models may have twig legs and tiny asses, but a lot of women don't. If you have EVER watched ANY 3D porn in your life, you might have noticed that the women's bodies are much more voluptuous... know why? oh! maybe because men like full, feminine bodies! keijo!!!!!!!! uses the body proportions it does because, like good porno, it understands what straight men are attracted to on a sexual level.

PIC RELATED its evidence faggot

this >>27160 is just another example of how homosexual anime fans piss and moan about how female sexuality and female bodies gross them out.

>> No. 27215 [Edit]
File 147715990728.png - (1.23MB , 1434x1080 , bulma.png )
anyway, i digress (somewhat).

to respond to the actual anime, i've found it to be an absolute pleasure. it delivers the content i need to survive as a degenerate, but does not fall victim to the usual shortcomings of and ecchi anime. usually i hate ecchi anime because it is a go-nowhere, sexually frustrating cocktease; keijo has a lovely satirical flavor that really frames its ecchi ethos in a pleasurable, and more importantly, purposeful way.


complaining about a lack of storyline in
ecchi anime? you know, i dont think the goal of ecchi anime is to have thoughtful, or even good writing. ecchi elements in anime is one thing, but the genre of ecchi anime is another; there is a reason that ecchi almost anime is always terrible. if you want a good ecchi anime, you need to be like keijo, and give it a little satirical flavor, that is one of the only things that makes anime in this genre even vaguely watchable.
>> No. 27216 [Edit]
>maybe because men like full, feminine
Yeah well that's just like a matter of opinion, man.
>> No. 27218 [Edit]
if you're the dude, then the poster i responded to was Donny.
>> No. 27219 [Edit]
As far as ecchi goes Keijo also has a moderately entertaining story. There's not a lot to think about, it's a battle shonen with ass, and cute girls.

Not much to complain about, and you certainly won't see me complaining too much about any story problems, it just bothers me that they cut so much material out, which is more of an issue with adaptations at large than this specific one.
>> No. 27519 [Edit]
Can't wait for oraoraoaraora!
>> No. 27520 [Edit]
File 148204841337.jpg - (1.16MB , 1872x1838 , Astarotte-no-Omocha-ED-Manatsu-no-Photograph-lotte.jpg )
Thank you for posting that!
I know I can't speak for all otaku, but a lot of us prefer cuties over cows
>> No. 27536 [Edit]
banned? really? so was this for posting a 3d pic, or for being rude (in a purposely, overtly joking fashion)?
>> No. 27537 [Edit]
Probably both, but he deserved it regardless.
>> No. 27538 [Edit]
i don't see how any sane or decent person could ever give themselves an excuse to post 3d on this site, let alone on /an/. anyone who doesn't see posting 3d on this board as a particularly offensive offense is clearly retarded.
>> No. 27541 [Edit]

if someone was trolling by spamming non anime pics to piss of the people here i would absolutely understand a ban, it would be deserved. if someone was being overtly rude for no purpose other than being nasty i would understand a ban. however, the 3d pic was posted to make a point about the body types from keijo, so it was posted for a point, to discuss the anime that his thread is about. on top of that the post isn't someone being rude, it obviously a joke; it's rude in so ludicrous and absurd a fashion.

people on this site are so sensitive. i get that to protect the ethos of the site you would want to prevent people from spamming 3d or being rude, but this is just excessive.
>> No. 27544 [Edit]
Look at it this way:
They could have linked to the picture giving a warning. They didn't. Therefore, ban deserved.
>> No. 27545 [Edit]
I'm sure they wouldn't have been banned if they didn't include the feminist-esque rambling about "real female bodies and sexuality" and calling everyone faggots for not being attracted to heavy 3D women.

Yeah you can always turn around and say "it's just a joke bro" (followed by "you're too sensitive" and other glorified "u mad?" posts), but it's hard to make that argument when there's no humor the post. It just came across as low-effort trolling.
>> No. 27546 [Edit]
File 148238066139.jpg - (513.62KB , 1075x1564 , 146631630071.jpg )
The user was banned for one day for "posting 3DPD images, as well as being mean/rude." The user has since returned and posted again.

If you would like to discuss moderator actions please take it to
>> No. 27547 [Edit]
File 148238958742.png - (1.20MB , 1366x768 , Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 11_18_23 PM.png )
i suppose that's a philosophical difference of opinion. i'm a little more attuned to discussing my anime with others who do not mind 3d.

it's not a feminist rant (like a lot of anime fans, im an embittered man disgusted with the current cultural trends pushed by the far left). im no fan of fat, ugly women, i just prefer full, adult, female bodies to loli girls. you know, there are anime fans who prefer adult bodies to flat chested children. i've got nothing against lolis, CGDCT comprises the majority of my diet, im just not sexually attracted to these children.

i get your point about the "u mad bro" trolling, but i really didn't intend my post to come across that way. i should have toned down my language, it did come across as mean. i own the fact that it was inappropriate and apologize for it.

sorry, i didn't mean do derail the thread, in future i will post to /fb.

also, thanks for banning me faggot. i'll post my complaints for getting banned a second time (for this post) in the right place.
>> No. 27549 [Edit]
>im no fan of fat, ugly women, i just prefer full, adult, female bodies to loli girls. you know, there are anime fans who prefer adult bodies to flat chested children.
Fair enough. I myself I have no problems with either body type.

My apologies for the hasty accusation.
>> No. 27551 [Edit]
File 148243906940.png - (953.72KB , 1918x1080 , Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 12_31_06 PM.png )
No problem. Although Keijo seeks to market itself as ecchi, and as such features female bodies comparable to what you would see in a hentai, it also subverts the sexuality of these body types through its satire. More over, as you can see in my pic, it even draws these bodies, which would normally be very sexually appealing, in an absurd light to emphasis its humor. Although these women are build to be sex objects, they are also objects of humor. I think this is part of the reason why other viewers on this board see the Keijo girl's bodies as gross.
>> No. 27552 [Edit]
The Youmu-esque girl is DFC. There's something for everyone in Keijo! It utilizes moe elements with some skill. It's not all ass jokes. It's just mostly ass jokes. I personally like Keijo a lot. It's a solid series. It always gets a sensible chuckle out of me.

I've not been keeping up with the anime, though. I prefer the manga.

Regardless of your feelings in any extreme, posting images of human beings in /an/ is not cool.
>> No. 27560 [Edit]
File 148254625140.jpg - (75.96KB , 1280x720 , [HorribleSubs] Keijo!!!!!!!! - 12 [720p]_mkv_snaps.jpg )
This show both started and ended a lot better than I was expecting. Nozomi was a fun MC and the side cast was pretty entertaining as well. I honestly wouldn't mind a second season.
>> No. 27563 [Edit]
nozomi is a beautiful character
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