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File 145513081355.png - (135.08KB , 426x281 , MahouTsukaiPreCure.png )
25470 No. 25470 [Edit]
Cure Up! Ra-pa-pa!
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>> No. 26250 [Edit]
File 146381315473.jpg - (135.14KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 14 [2651FDA4]_mkv_.jpg )
How was she the only person to see that? and how did Riko think writing Mirai's name in the sky was a good idea? and do guys think this girl's gonna be the third precure or will this just be a running gag to the end?
>> No. 26254 [Edit]
File 146381418671.jpg - (114.87KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 14 [2651FDA4]_mkv_.jpg )
Anyone else disappointed they left the wizard world and have since kept to the muggle world?
>> No. 26338 [Edit]
No. This world has better backgrounds and school uniforms. I still get surprised by how cute Mirai is in that uniform. Too bad they can't write the interaction magic creates in this world all that well. Enough of the useless assing around, I want good characters doing good deeds.
>> No. 26359 [Edit]
Backgrounds maybe but uniforms? Those witch outfits are adorable! You can't be serious!
>> No. 26361 [Edit]
File 146411505835.png - (423.67KB , 861x909 , mahoukai uniform.png )
A school uniform signals purity, purposefulness, and properness. The witch outfit is intentionally too wild. As usual, the magic kingdom is the unconscious 'otherside', so it makes sense that the uniform there is adventurous and breaks the rules of proper dressing to fulfill a multitude of fantasies. Waitress-like skirt, corset (or a corset-like vest?), puffed sleeves, cuffs that remind of Peter Pan, long black socks, Art Nouveau, bow tie, check-patterns, suspenders, you name it. Girls that age explore their possibilities between cute, sexy, and graceful, and the uniform works as metaphor for that. Some kind of "rpg practicality" is also implied by the design, suggesting some dream job thematic. Also note the colors: reddish purple, pink, and yellow. Pink for girliness, yellow for exploration. Maybe the purple-red is just a cross between red for passion and purple purple for nobility? In magic world their socks are black, and in this one they are white.

For what it is, the magic school uniform is a good design, but it decidedly does not fulfill the role of the school uniform. Conceptually it is part of the magical girl wardrobe. This is confirmed by how the magic school functions in the story; it's not very school-like.
>> No. 26374 [Edit]
File 146440539662.jpg - (111.68KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 15 [C17F7974]_mkv_.jpg )
If I had a dime for every time a fairy cosplaying as a unicorn said this to me...
>> No. 26405 [Edit]
File 146527987065.jpg - (197.78KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 16 [B5B11E5E]_mkv_.jpg )
>> No. 26440 [Edit]
File 146675879774.jpg - (255.83KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 18 [0F139CD6]_mkv_.jpg )
What the fuck is the thing on the left supposed to be?
>> No. 26441 [Edit]
File 146684035090.jpg - (100.83KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 19 [E05D11CA]_mkv_.jpg )
I think it's meant to be cure miracle's topaze form
>> No. 26601 [Edit]
File 146900914566.jpg - (133.62KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 20 [846D2573]_mkv_.jpg )
So I see Momonga finally made it out of that game he was trapped in and decided to fight some precure for whatever reason.
>> No. 26625 [Edit]
File 14692623408.jpg - (95.01KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 21 [CBF8BB0F]_mkv_.jpg )
I don't think we'll ever see a season of precure as cute as this one.
>> No. 26646 [Edit]
>Anyone else disappointed they left the wizard world and have since kept to the muggle world?
A bit, but frankly while Magic Realm seemed like a wonderful idea the execution was pretty poor I felt. It was a missed opportunity.

I really miss witch hats, though.
>> No. 26771 [Edit]
File 147041836993.jpg - (226.64KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 23 [96112F10]_mkv_.jpg )
I'm not crazy about the new OP. It sounds like a noisy and obnoxious remix of the first OP.
>> No. 26773 [Edit]
I think it's about the same. I'm not crazy about the song in general. I love the bit (in the new OP) where Mirai and Riko have their hats over their eyes, though.
>> No. 26783 [Edit]
File 147056708145.jpg - (177.61KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 22 [BDF82306]_mkv_.jpg )
You don't need an archaeological dig to find all the artifacts here. Jesus...
>> No. 26808 [Edit]
File 147090713167.jpg - (133.80KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 23 [96112F10]_mkv_.jpg )
Ha-chan is all grown up!
>> No. 26880 [Edit]
File 147223891542.jpg - (192.44KB , 1280x720 , [naisho] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 24 [2A1145D7]_mkv_.jpg )
I guess they got tired of having to sift through all that horrible fan art.
>> No. 26888 [Edit]
File 147263738283.jpg - (151.88KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 26 RAW (ABC .jpg )
I've never really saw this season with yuri goggles and always considered Mirai/Riko too young for that sort of thing and nothing more than good friends. Lately though it's hard to ignore the twin mother vibe they're giving off. Reminds me a lot of Nanoha/Fate with Vivio.
>> No. 26889 [Edit]
Really? I think it's the gayest Precure I've ever seen.
Mirai and Riko are thirteen just like most Precure.
>> No. 26892 [Edit]
A character's 'official' Age is more often than not a mealiness number in any given anime. Mirai and Riko look like they're well under ten years old.
>> No. 26901 [Edit]
File 147293347313.jpg - (138.46KB , 1280x720 , [Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure 27 [58D2B.jpg )
"You cannot hide. I see you. There is no life in the void. Only death."
>> No. 26909 [Edit]
File 147298333377.jpg - (135.63KB , 1280x720 , [Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure 27 [58D2B.jpg )
How the heck did she fit that stuff in that suitcase? and why did she pack so little for that matter?
>> No. 26913 [Edit]
>> No. 26917 [Edit]
File 147305906743.jpg - (142.58KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi]_Go!_Princess_Precure_16_[1280x720]_[7C17C.jpg )
Twinkle Star's transformation scene always looks like a big pentagram to me (i know its a star but i never see it like that), i think she is working for Zetsuborg. She may be evil~! .
>> No. 26918 [Edit]
Not like anime isn't full of pentagrams anyway.
>> No. 26922 [Edit]
Actually, a pentagram with one point up is a protection charm.
>> No. 26923 [Edit]
File 147313544117.jpg - (118.32KB , 1280x720 , [Doremi]_Go!_Princess_Precure_12_[1280x720]_[D30BF.jpg )
what about Saturn ♄, where it is the 6th planet from the sun, 6th day of the week, and 6 sided north pole hexagon. i see it just as much as i see pentagrams. i usually tend to see things that are much worse though...

thank you
>> No. 26924 [Edit]
>> No. 26972 [Edit]
File 147410200788.jpg - (150.76KB , 1280x720 , [Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure 28 [6A0B2.jpg )
Seems like it would take all the fun out of the game if the rings toss themselves.
>> No. 26985 [Edit]
File 147445196822.jpg - (190.00KB , 1280x720 , [Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure 29 [81678.jpg )
I wish they'd do fun creative twists with the fights more often.
>> No. 27045 [Edit]
I think it's pretty neat how they got rid of one of the main villain half way in and replaced them with a new one for the second half. I'm not sure but has that ever been done before in precure?
>> No. 27084 [Edit]
File 14758691484.jpg - (130.65KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 32 RAW (ABC .jpg )
Soccer would be a hell of a lot more interesting if it involve cute girls ridding around on balls like this.
>> No. 27149 [Edit]
File 147647139999.jpg - (276.52KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 33 RAW (ABC .jpg )
I can't believe how far behind the subs are falling.
>> No. 27236 [Edit]
File 147755573822.jpg - (141.63KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 34 RAW (ABC .jpg )
Good job on the 'chicks before dicks' ending.
>> No. 27237 [Edit]
Yeah they really dropped the ball this time around.
>> No. 27400 [Edit]
File 147946692859.jpg - (159.13KB , 1280x720 , [Leopard-Raws] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 36 RAW (ABC .jpg )
How horrifying...
>> No. 27449 [Edit]
File 148024711483.jpg - (57.79KB , 1280x720 , [anon] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 39_mkv_snapshot_05_2.jpg )
Sorry but that's movie exclusive DLC content.
>> No. 27455 [Edit]
File 148036588055.jpg - (107.61KB , 620x620 , precurealamode.jpg )
So apparently, next year's Precure is food-themed.
>> No. 27516 [Edit]
File 148191923155.jpg - (101.34KB , 1280x720 , [anon] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 42_mkv_snapshot_05_4.jpg )
I don't know how the next season can even hope to top this one.
>> No. 27564 [Edit]
It could have better villains. Other than that, Mahoutsukai's been pretty great. I can't believe it's almost over already.
>> No. 27565 [Edit]
True, this has some of the most forgettable villains to date.
>> No. 27590 [Edit]
For a food themed season the characters sure look furry styled.
>> No. 27697 [Edit]
File 148433619715.jpg - (175.76KB , 1280x720 , [Imagination Station] Maho Girls Precure 46 [BEDD2.jpg )
What the hell happened with this season and it's subs? Why did subbers all fall so far behind and turn into such a mess with four groups battling it out to get a month old ep out first?
>> No. 27763 [Edit]
I don't know. I hope somebody gets it together for next season.
>> No. 27858 [Edit]
File 148629310458.jpg - (632.44KB , 1278x1430 , 433254711176743.jpg )
It was pretty neat seeing grown up versions of the precures for a full ep. Might be my imagination but they did look a bit of weird though, like they've simply been stretched out. Maybe I'm just used to seeing them as they were.
>> No. 27865 [Edit]
Cure Chocolat is too good
>> No. 27882 [Edit]
File 14867593877.jpg - (153.94KB , 1280x720 , [anon] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 50_mkv_snapshot_03_3.jpg )
It's like they accidentally finished the story an ep too early, then reversed everything at the end for the last mostly normal ep.
>> No. 27885 [Edit]
File 148676104561.jpg - (171.28KB , 1280x720 , [anon] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 50_mkv_snapshot_04_4.jpg )
umm, what the fuck is that in the background? That's not a precure from this season or the next.
>> No. 27891 [Edit]
Looks a lot like Rabi~en~Rose.
>> No. 27930 [Edit]
File 148715681084.jpg - (201.68KB , 1280x720 , [anon] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 49_mkv_snapshot_24_0.jpg )
I'm still very curious what the ramifications of this age change will be for future cross over movies. Are they gonna revert back to child form at the start of every movie for some half assed reason, or go young just before they transform into the older looking precure forms each time?
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