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File 129989592936.jpg - (53.83KB , 704x476 , [SpoonSubs]_Hidamari_Sketch_x365_-_02_(DVD)[DB9270.jpg )
2446 No. 2446 [Edit]
Let's have a thread for "old" stuff (i.e. not from the newest season) that you're catching up on.

Pic related: I'm watching Hidamari Sketch x 365 (AKA the second season). I've been thinking for awhile lately that I wanted to watch something with a "weird" character like Osaka/Rin, and Miyako kinda fits the bill, so this was just what I'm looking for.

What are you watching?
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>> No. 33776 [Edit]
yes,but thats the thing.Watching the first ~20 episodes you get the feeling that its a funny,lighthearted show-and a good one at that-i enjoyed it very much.But then suddenly it gets all serious and changes character completely.That was why i was dissapointed,i wanted it to finish as it started,as a funny lighthearted show not as a space drama.
Imagine watching lotgh and suddenly mid show everybody starts being goofy making jokes and there are pantyshots too.Thats how i felt but in reverse
>> No. 34211 [Edit]
File 158448230823.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1080 , Space Battleship Yamato 2202 - Episode 21 [1080P](.png )
I've been going through the last few episodes of 2202 now that it's all out and I remembered that it is. Last time I watched it was when I was caught up with releases. It's really good stuff. I miss Xebec.

On a related note, I've been thinking about how 2199 had a pretty big impact in that it paved the way for the serialized anime films we see now, like GuP's finale.

Post edited on 17th Mar 2020, 3:23pm
>> No. 34212 [Edit]
>I miss Xebec.
Aren't they still making Fafner?
>> No. 34213 [Edit]
Sort of. The Fafner staff is working under I.G. to finish it. Still, they'll probably be scattered after this finishes, and the other half of Xebec is stuck making Build Fighters shit for Sunrise for the forseeable future.
>> No. 34215 [Edit]
Thanks for the elucidation. This is very unfortunate news. I don't which part of your post makes me sadder.
>> No. 34216 [Edit]
Personally I'm more upset about the Build Fighters shit, because being upset about the state of Gundam and wasted talent is double the sadness.
>> No. 34220 [Edit]
File 158468162141.png - (1.93MB , 1920x1080 , vlcsnap-2020-03-19-23h19m02s229.png )
Watching Sabagebu!. It's humorous and I'm enjoying it.
>> No. 34221 [Edit]
Coincidentally also just started watching it this week. It is indeed quite good, with a style of humor in the vein of Kitakubu: situations that escalate and build off of each other (without veering too heavily into the absurdist realm or becoming predictable in the randomness, which was my gripe with shows like e.g. nichijou) combined with sharp meta-humor and great character interactions.
>> No. 34222 [Edit]
I'm watching that at the moment as well. It's good, I think I will watch more space anime afterwards. I think this season is a bit silly in some ways such as the motivation of the antagonists though, the focus on love as a central driving theme seems very 70's.

I liked it too, it's much better than the other airsoft anime(Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu)
>> No. 34223 [Edit]
File 158468667684.png - (923.73KB , 1280x720 , [Tsundere] Sabagebu! - 12 [BDRip h264 1280x720 10b.png )
>the focus on love as a central driving theme seems very 70's.
I mean, it should. I really liked that theme, it felt really justified in having it because they really displayed how much they did or would sacrifice for love.
That was a really funny series. The ED is catchy as hell.
>> No. 34236 [Edit]
>Sabagebu! - 12
That was an amazing series finale (and especially apropos to current circumstances)
>> No. 34242 [Edit]
It was really amusing. I watched it back in December/early January just before things started getting out of hand, so that's good timing on that too.
>> No. 34450 [Edit]
File 159443062038.webm - (3.28MB , output.webm )
Old stuff is fine but when backlog is gone, you want new stuff.
>> No. 34516 [Edit]
Hanayamata is stunning so far.
I had originally avoided this one because the description didn't seem that interesting (it seemed it would be a love-live-esque idol-ish show) and I had also been previously burned by SoLs (read: kiniro mosaic) with foreign tenkousei MCs that ended up having 0 characterization beyond use in comedic gags.

I couldn't have been more wrong though. The animation and artwork is beautiful & fluid, the characters are well fleshed out, and the interactions and friendships feel genuine.

Post edited on 13th Aug 2020, 11:00pm
>> No. 34670 [Edit]
Episode 17 of xxxholic may be one of the worst episodes out of anything I've ever seen.
>> No. 35156 [Edit]
I just started on Shirokuma Cafe as well. Some episodes are nice and heartwarming, some have well executed jokes, and some are just flat and boring. I suppose it's worth having something light to come back to – it's definitely a show that's meant to be chipped at away over a longer timespan though.

The "puns" (with pun in quotation mark since it doesn't even deserve to be called that) are annoying though. It's not a translation issue since I can understand most of the Japanese in the show fine (it does seem to be aired at kids, since there's lots of furigana in the show). Somehow in a language chock full of homophones they always manage to pick boring word tuples that are not even slightly ambiguous, e.g. "okawari, himawari, suikawari." And the "puns" don't have any setup or payoff: they're just thrown out there seemingly whenever the polar bear feels like it.
>> No. 35205 [Edit]
I am currently watching Blue Seed for the first time, one of the most 90s shows I have ever seen.
>> No. 35235 [Edit]
File 160779302269.jpg - (40.39KB , 848x480 , Arigatou_El_Cazador_de_la_Bruja_Ep20_[x264_AAC][93.jpg )
Didn't know Studio DEEN animated this...
>> No. 35236 [Edit]
File 160779303973.jpg - (48.07KB , 848x480 , Arigatou_El_Cazador_de_la_Bruja_Ep21_[x264_AAC][31.jpg )
>> No. 35244 [Edit]
File 160793996189.jpg - (1.40MB , 4091x3149 , aea3898935425f7e0e34027012663732.jpg )
I did it. I finally finished Sword Mom/Okaasan Online/Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Nikai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki Desuka. I’m surprised I enjoyed it as much as I did and I’m not proud to admit that I might have made my judgments too early and too harshly when I complained in the past about this show. To start with the premise in case someone here doesn’t already know it, it’s about a mother and a son entering an isekai MMO whatever meant to repair the bond of a mother and their child, usually a teenager. The main character, Masato, is given the role of the hero with a fitting sword albeit with a strength that requires somewhat rare situations while his mother, Mamako, gets two swords which usually prove themselves overpowered. The rest of the show is about dealing with mom villains and recruiting their kid as a party member, learning about that soon-to-be party member before their mother is defeated and her ways mended. And of course Masato dealing with the embarrassment from his mom goofing off.

This show is clearly more of a comedy than anything else so anyone going into this expecting good action or world-building will be very disappointed. With that said, I feel like it did the comedy well enough since the show, even outside of it’s jokes, didn’t often prove itself to be predictable like I would dread it to be instead trying to do whatever is least expected. It has it’s moments that I might describe as “cringe” or ones that are just plain stupid but I think I warmed up to them by just going with it and turning my brain off a little which is helped by the show not trying to take itself seriously. But it can definitely feel like a babby’s first anime sometimes. I found myself glad that I don’t have anyone to watch anime with because, regardless of if they like it, I would definitely feel some secondhand embarrassment. Despite it’s usually goofy nature, it does have some moments I personally found very touching but I don’t want to spoil.

The characters are kind of a mixed bag and I’ll start with Masato, the main character. I’ve seen a few people say they don’t like him and they said that others felt the same but I don’t understand much of why. He starts out a little too rude but he calms down relatively quickly reverting to the typical straight-man main character. He’s really just a teenager who wants some independence from his clingy mother, especially when he’s about to set out on the RPG adventure he’s probably always wanted. Girls later join the party so naturally he’s going to be even more upset about the things she does. But he’s a good kid and he does his best in the situations he’s in, even if Mamako is usually the one who fixes the problems by the end but it’s sweet to see them work together. In the end he’s not a bad guy, he’s just a teenager. And considering how those can be once they get rebellious I think he’s more than just fine.

Mamako, the character anyone watching the show probably started it for, is Masato’s mom. Unsurprisingly, she shines the brightest in ways more than one. She’s naïve and clearly out of her element but whatever she seriously thinks would work actually does, much to Masato’s surprise at times, because she ends up having some kind of grossly overpowered skill to make her mundane actions many times more effective and helpful for their current situation. Something that becomes clear very quickly is how much this MMO world is centered around mothers which likely offers some kind of explanation for why the things she does work. I probably shouldn’t bother talking about how overpowered she is considering it’s practically in the title anyway so to describe her character in depth a little more, she’s painfully sweet. She’s caring, soft-spoken, supportive, kind, optimistic, basically a lot of the things a good mother should be. Among mom characters in anime I can’t overstate how much of a diamond in the rough she is but even in the context of her show this proves true since the mothers of the other party members prove to be the typical types of bad mothers you could expect while also being the villains they have to fight. I probably should try and be unbiased when I make a review or even just talk about a show but man… I wish so badly more mom characters were like Mamako and had more screentime.

Porta is something of the group imouto and the inventory manager and item/skill specialist often able to craft needed items or appraise skills or items. She’s also a really sweet girl almost never throwing a bitter word at anyone with a personality that you could probably describe as “the ideal imouto”. But I also feel like there’s little more to say about her beyond that. When Shirase isn’t around it’s Porta’s job to educate the viewers and characters on what moves or skills are being used or what certain items do. I often felt like Porta was underutilized which came as a real surprise to me considering that it’s no secret to anyone that Japan loves imoutos and lolis in general. She gets almost no backstory or explanation on who she is or even how she got into the game, just that she’s a test player but the viewer is shown the criteria to be one but that isn’t elaborated on with Porta, who doesn’t clearly meet those criteria, so it’s kind of like she’s just thrown in. It’s a shame because I would have loved to learn more about her.

Wise is one of the more spicy characters in the cast, being something of a tsundere who constantly nitpicks at things before she finally calms down. She’s the magic user and shows it off often to Masato by casting insta-kill spells at him. I want to go into more detail about her but anyone who knows what a tsundere with a tendency for violence is like probably knows almost all there is to know about Wise though with the dere part toned down a lot. Alternatively, if you remember Lina Inverse then you know Wise since Masato himself makes that comparison. She’s really just a fighter but every once in a while she’ll sometimes give her own advice for a problem outside of battle which does actually help, especially when someone needs to say things directly.

Medhi is something of the deceptive type, being the healer but also a capable fighter. Despite this she doesn’t actually heal people very often and instead occasionally casts buffs or uses attacking spells of her own or just hits something with her staff to do a surprising amount of damage. She’s not unlike a 3dpd, having a pretty body at best but a terrible personality all the same and often making snide remarks or hiding her true and less glamorous intentions with initially admirable actions. She does little for the group in terms of cohesion or patching up the often damaged mother-child relations the MMO world is plagued with.

Shirase is kind of a fun weirdo. She’s responsible for giving the cast their quests and roping Masato into embarrassing or aggravating situations, at times acting as if he’s going to enjoy it despite her being constantly wrong. She plays a lot of roles in the world like running the front desk of a guild, working as a GM, giving them their own guild, and even being a bartender. She wears a suit beautifully too. But with her plans and their outcomes I’m not entirely sure if she has some clever plan to mend Mamako and Masato’s damaged relationship or just cause mischief but a lot of things happen because of her because there are problems even the GMs can’t fix. Don’t ask me how that works, I don’t know either.

That’s more or less all I have to say about Sword Mom as an anime. I’m not sure how I should write a good anime review but all of the usual things other reviews would probably talk about aren’t something I think even have enough of to discuss here because this show is mostly focused around it’s characters rather than any in-depth world-building or epic fight scenes and while I should probably talk about the voice acting or the music I feel like it’s enough to just say that they’re both good and fitting for the emotions or context. Maybe that’s anime sacrilege but it’s a little hard to go into detail about good voice acting.

If I may indulge in a bit of sentimental rambling, I appreciate this show a lot, mostly because of Mamako herself, even if it’s teenage girl characters usually aren’t nice people. I’m sure I can just chalk this up to my lack of experience and I would love to have someone smugly prove me wrong but characters that are good mothers are rare and ones that are fun characters with a significant amount of screen-time are even more scarce. I’m confident it’s possible and I’ve seen a few examples but that’s how I know it can be done. I just want to see it a little more often because it scratches a kind of itch I have, it gives me a certain kind of moe to see a cute mom or a certain kind of admiration to see a mom fight to protect her family and seeing both is something special to me. Mamako is cute, funny, surprisingly tough, naïve, and overall just a gem and a sweetheart. Even if she can be described as something of a flat and uninteresting character she’s a certain type that I can’t help but think is probably the first image of a good mom that most people would or should think of yet is unique where few characters are like her in any way instead being written as a slutty cougar, a tired wagie, a depressed drunkard with a streak of bad luck with guys, a snarky type, or something that I can sometimes find fun but never see as that much of a good mom first and instead for her other personality traits.

I don’t have much of a way to end this but if you’re looking for a goofy character-driven comedy or you just like cute moms then watch this show. If the feeling of “babby’s first anime” is something that would drive you away or you expect more out of an anime that is set in some kind of isekai/MMO fantasy world then this probably isn’t for you. Also I want to headpat Mamako and tell her that she's a good mother and headpat Porta and tell her to never change.
>> No. 35245 [Edit]
I'm not into mom characters with a "mom personality" because the idea of a character's personality changing just because they had kids is depressing to me.
>> No. 35246 [Edit]
I think it's somewhat accurate though. It's very life changing.
>> No. 35248 [Edit]
Can confirm because of my siblings. I miss my brother, he was the only friend I had.
>> No. 35301 [Edit]
File 160978255199.jpg - (348.21KB , 1060x1500 , MV5BNTgxNDI1NzgyNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTgzNTIzMjI@__.jpg )
Finally watched the BLAME! movie.

I have yet to read Blame! but I always thought it had a cool look. Cyberpunk dystopias are kind of interesting so yeah, when I saw the BDs available in the Anime-section of the shop I was at, I picked it up.
I thought it was okay barring one part that I found amazing. There's a few action scenes that are pretty enjoyable.
The intro was pretty nice. The power-suits the teenagers were wearing in the intro piqued my interest. I also want to say regarding the film generally that I do feel that Zuzu's attachment to Killy, a guy who, based off of what I saw in this movie, basically doesn't have a personality, was a little bit jarring but IIRC, Blame! fans were okay with the film having things like this added in order to make it more palatable to commoners who aren't into Blame!
So yeah, I don't think this is a regrettable watch.
>> No. 35310 [Edit]
File 160988573375.jpg - (97.98KB , 640x640 , zettai-karen-children-bluray-box-498949-1_orig.jpg )
I was liking Zettai Karen Children until episode 21. Here one of the characters gets fucked over hard. He acts as a spy, but he's found out by one of the main characters. This MC blackmails him into building a robot who looks like one of their coworkers. They found this robot, and the mc throws him under the bus, saying he built the robot because he liked the girl. Even worse, this causes the girls he likes, who liked him, to go out with another doctor. All of this is played for the laughs, while he falls to the dark. I am getting angry just typing this.
>> No. 35311 [Edit]
At least he can always build another robot.
>> No. 35318 [Edit]
Yeah that didn't sit well with me at all. At least the series didn't have anything else that bad from what I remember.
>> No. 35398 [Edit]
File 16118684633.png - (1.37MB , 1400x2000 , ec3c6d8b730d3fd0973370af354df24d.png )
I watched the second season of Cawfee and to my pleasant surprise I actually enjoyed it. It's hard for me to go into more detail about the first season now since it's been so long since I watched it but my general sentiments are mostly the same, that half of the first season was very boring because so little happened and so little of anything interesting was ever discussed. The second season changes all of that. The characters are still themselves but because of the situations they're in they are allowed to get lively at times. I might say it's the same show but with more comedy. I'm very happy with the greater use of the characters since any situation with Chiya is always fun.
The only real downside I can think of is that maybe the show might not focus on coffee and tea as much as the first one did, which is something I can understand someone listing as a flaw since it deviates a bit from the title, which I think should be the focus of any work of fiction. A personal minor complaint is that Mocha is underutilized but hopefully the movie will fix that as well as focusing a little more on Cocoa and Mocha's cute mom. But for the most part I finally saw why the show became so popular.
I still don't get why everyone likes Chino so much though. Her development, once again, doesn't seem to happen very much until near the end of the season but it at least doesn't feel as out of place this time as it did before where they had to throw in a more serious situation for Chino to react in because it just takes that much for her to actually care about Cocoa. The second season takes a bit more time to do that earlier before the final few episodes come along which I appreciate, even if it still felt like Chino needed to be artificially tweaked just to not make her seem completely cold and uncaring. Though I still think Chino is massively overrated.
>> No. 35399 [Edit]
>that half of the first season was very boring because so little happened and so little of anything interesting was ever discussed.
Yeah I felt the same way. In fact I was even a bit lukewarm on the second season, but the third season had me charmed (as I mentioned in >>35207)

>Though I still think Chino is massively overrated.
It's probably because it's easy to fixate on the loli character. I think Cocoa is the real star of the show though; her emotions and expressions are what make the show so enjoyable. And S3 delivers that in spades, while at the same time elevating the other characters as well by switching up the usual dynamics of cocoa/chino + syaro/chiya and instead having new sets of interactions.
>> No. 35603 [Edit]
File 161859700581.png - (1.56MB , 1280x720 , vampire handholding.png )
I watched Tonari no Kyuuketsuki. It's cute.
It's a good thing they stopped before having to inevitably tackle the obvious issue of an immortal being friends with a mortal.
>> No. 35604 [Edit]
It's a cute series. I've been wanting more of it so I had to import the manga.
>> No. 35605 [Edit]
File 16186213103.png - (1.52MB , 1600x1142 , with_kaos_hana.png )
It was a nice gem. Bit of a slow start with the comedy but it came together nicely by the third or so episode.
>> No. 35606 [Edit]
The OP and ED were great too if I remember, it started a little slow as other posters said but for me it really picked up with the introduction of Ellie. Personally I find Akari to be one of the weakest SoL MC however, the two vampires really carried the show for me.
>> No. 35608 [Edit]
Akari probably wouldn't have been the most compelling character on her own but her relationship with Sophie is adorable. How they made sacrifices for eachother, how they tried to understand eachother despite the massive differences in their biology and life experiences, how they're able to see eachother as equals in spite of everything.
It's truly heartwarming. Vampires in reality probably wouldn't be able to live any sort of calm life at all.
>> No. 35612 [Edit]
One of the memorable moments in the show was when Sophie finally explains why she doesn't drink Akari's blood. I'd previously thought it it a bit weird that Sophie wouldn't even try out her blood, but her explanation is both heartwarming and makes a lot of sense. Not only does drinking blood from a live party implicitly change the nature of their pure relationship (*), but if regular blood is sustenance then the blood of a close friend must be like dessert – it would be too easy to get carried away.

(*) Given that vampires are closely associated with sexuality (of which the show is not ignorant of given Ellie's portrayal), the act of sucking blood has an obvious sexual interpretation (c.f. Dracula, which has among this a number of other sexual motifs). So in addition to the more "objective" interpretation that this would implicitly casts Sophie/Akari's relation as that of victim/host in terms of sustenance, it also changes their dynamic as friends.

>inevitably tackle the obvious issue of an immortal being friends with a mortal.
Couldn't Sophie bite Akari when she's at the end of her life?
>> No. 35613 [Edit]
As much as Akari teased how much she wanted to get bit, it was nice of them to explain why Sophie avoided using her as a source of blood.
Speaking of blood, I'm curious exactly what sort of site sells jars of blood to random people. Guess it's probably a vampire-ran site in-universe, assuming it's ever explained.
>Couldn't Sophie bite Akari when she's at the end of her life?
That'd leave Akari living eternity as an old person who can barely get out of bed, which'd probably be more cruel than just letting her die. There's really no easy way out of the dramatic implications of their relationship as far as I can see.
>> No. 35614 [Edit]
File 161870072661.jpg - (32.15KB , 401x500 , sicp.jpg )
>what sort of site sells jars of blood to random people
In the show I recall it was some knockoff of Amazon? Or perhaps the Blood Donation Club (Vlad Love) had some spares they wanted to sell.

>That'd leave Akari living eternity as an old person who can barely get out of bed
Good point, I forgot that you remain in the same physical state even after turning into a vampire.
>> No. 35617 [Edit]
It was a very comfy show, I especially liked it when they focused on Sophie's NEET lifestyle.
>> No. 35619 [Edit]
File 161905533646.png - (25.52KB , 400x400 , umauma.png )
Re-watched Dennou Coil. Last time I watched it was a few years ago, and I imagine then I must've had some sort of ADHD problem because while I could remember some bits of the show I seemed to have mostly forgotten the main plot. Sometimes I'd do that with shows I'd watch, just sort of blank out and start daydreaming in the middle of watching. I still do that, just not as bad.
Very good show overall, despite being made in 2007 it doesn't feel like it's aged a day and the technology in it is fairly belivable even now. Also don't think I noticed how much Shintoism influenced the show the first time around, maybe because I didn't know much about it at the time. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, but there's more than a few odd similarities to Haibane Renmei as well.
Yuuko and Yuuko are cute.

I wonder where Sophie got all her money from. Her and Erie are implied to be extraordinarily wealthy, with the latter casually carrying around three gold bars with her.
>> No. 35620 [Edit]
File 161907093390.jpg - (419.12KB , 1000x1414 , Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo.jpg )
It's been some years for me too, so I don't vividly remember the particulars of the plot either, but I do remember the line in the final episode where Yasako says to Isako, 「勇子の勇は勇ましいの勇!」 being pretty powerful, leaving a strong impression on me. Maybe I should give it a rewatch sometime.

The director/writer's next original show, Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo, is supposed to come out next spring, so I'm looking forward to that.
>> No. 35621 [Edit]
That was one of those parts that reminded me of Haibane Renmei. At first I did misremember what the ending was and thought that Yasako was somehow making a point about how both of their names being Yuuko was effecting the plot which was one of the things I more vividly remembered so quite odd to figure out that wasn't the case at all, although what was actually written was much more interesting than what I had 'remembered'.
Here's to hoping that new show can live up to expectations.
>> No. 35622 [Edit]
Oh my god, just finished watching Tutu too, I've watched a lot of stuff and this is the first one that starts well, gets better and ends excellently. It's so good and I can't find anything like it.
Also I can't believe Mytho's voice actor has so few roles, he is brilliant on the later episodes .

Post edited on 23rd Apr 2021, 7:30pm
>> No. 35630 [Edit]
File 161949394471.jpg - (124.03KB , 1000x750 , kmc.jpg )
Re-watched Kamichu!
It's one of those anime that you might go into not really sure what to expect. I know that's how it was for me the first time, I just saw some random recommendation chart and decided to see it on a whim. As a result I think I got something that I've started unconsciously referencing in my imagination. There's just something about the universe, and the portrayal of Shintoism in the show that I find interesting, the fact that Gods seem to be so similar to people, and so 'close' in the show, as if they lack all sort of divinity. Yurie herself is perhaps the least 'divine' person to become a God, she doesn't even have as much as a backstory to explain why she becomes one, just that she woke up one day and felt that she became one. Gods in this show are so very human I can't help but imagine that if the divine world were real it'd at least somewhat match the portrayal in this show.
Also all the girls are super cute, and it's very neatly animated. I'm surprised I don't see people talk about it more.

I still think episode 4 is incredibly out of place though. It's not a completely terrible episode or anything but I didn't really like how far up it shot the stakes, and involved a lot of ridiculous factors. It took a series about shinto gods and decided to involve the Japanese government, martians with terribly uninteresting designs, political satire, and just a lot of other things that destroyed my suspense of disbelief. I just kept asking myself how that didn't end in a terrible international incident.

But that's just the one odd episode of an otherwise interesting collection of stories. Everything else is much more down to earth and belivable, with respect to the setting.
>> No. 35631 [Edit]
It's a great show, and as you said, very underappreciated (moe alien episode notwithstanding); The beach episode is a God damn masterpiece; Miko-chan is somehow even cuter than the MC; easily epitomizes what's great about 2000s anime.
>> No. 35632 [Edit]
Miko is most assurdely a model miko, and a VERY cute and VERY good girl. I actually cried a bit during the episode where she runs away.
The beach episode was pretty good. It had it all, colorful visuals, atmosphere, and an interesting story. I really do appreciate how much the visuals can 'pop' in this show, and how they used color to visiually differentiate the world of the Gods from the normal world.
>> No. 35633 [Edit]
Yeah, that episode is also great. Really, the displays of familial love; be it Yurie's family or Miko's; are one of the show's greatest assets, and it truly heals the soul. Notably, the interactions between Yurie's parents are humorous and very cute.

>The beach episode was pretty good. It had it all, colorful visuals, atmosphere, and an interesting story.
Much like how you admitted to shedding some tears to the aforementioned episode, this one elicited a little waterworks of my own. It's all so very beautiful.

>I really do appreciate how much the visuals can 'pop' in this show, and how they used color to visiually differentiate the world of the Gods from the normal world.
Agreed. Tangentially related, but I adore the backgrounds as I do with a lot of shows from the era. There's just something so homely about them.
>> No. 35634 [Edit]
>Really, the displays of familial love; be it Yurie's family or Miko's; are one of the show's greatest assets, and it truly heals the soul.
I love cute moms in anime, Yurie's mom is adorable since she has this sort of childlike innocence to her.
>Agreed. Tangentially related, but I adore the backgrounds as I do with a lot of shows from the era. There's just something so homely about them.
I've found well done backgrounds can build up a sense of familiarity. You can really start to feel part of a place if the backgrounds can drill the setting into you, and Kamichu! lets you see many familiar areas over and over again.
Rozen Maiden also comes to mind for something like this, I can clearly picture the backgrounds of Jun's house even though it's been a while since I've watched the series. I remember with Traumend I was actually a little sad how much the backgrounds seemed to change, although I'm led to assume that unlike the previous works Traumend doesn't primarily take place in Jun's house.
>> No. 35648 [Edit]
File 16197977333.png - (3.84MB , 1887x1014 , drawing contest.png )
Been watching Ojamajo Doremi and saw the Sharp movie. It was a small thing that was fairly well put together. Doremi usually takes on the protagonist role but it seems in this case Poppu seems to take the main role and Doremi actually acts as a sort of antagonist in the movie, being the main source of conflict (as well as its resolution). The wackiest thing that happened wans't very magical, but it made me laugh when Doremi started shittalking Poppu for losing Hana since what she was saying was so incredibly un-Doremi like. I suppose the movie is written for children in similar situations as Pop who may have a spot of sibling rivalry. Poppu feeling inferior to Doremi felt a little new though, given that it's often a joke that Doremi is much less capable than her surprisingly economic sister, but maybe I just might be misremembering something.
Either way, what really amused me was a 'contest' that was left in at the end of the movie rip, which seemed to have been a contest for children to draw Doremi characters. The drawings themselves are rather adorable, but I couldn't help but think that all of those children are grown up now, as it's been around 20-21 years since the movie came out. At the risk of making someone feel old, I'll also say I happened to be born the year the movie came out (assuming I have the year right at 2000). I wonder if people'll look at similar contests 20 years from now in the same way.
I should probably take an idea or two from drawings like this and be less afraid of something I do looking 'bad', since these children were clearly proud in their work if they wanted to submit it to the contest.
>> No. 35679 [Edit]
File 162016920590.webm - (4.94MB , doremi mamas.webm )
A short video that's relevant to both of these posts.
>> No. 35683 [Edit]
>Overall a very pleasant experience. Can't wait for S4 of this and Minami.
At least that anon eventually got one out of two.
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