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File 129989592936.jpg - (53.83KB , 704x476 , [SpoonSubs]_Hidamari_Sketch_x365_-_02_(DVD)[DB9270.jpg )
2446 No. 2446 [Edit]
Let's have a thread for "old" stuff (i.e. not from the newest season) that you're catching up on.

Pic related: I'm watching Hidamari Sketch x 365 (AKA the second season). I've been thinking for awhile lately that I wanted to watch something with a "weird" character like Osaka/Rin, and Miyako kinda fits the bill, so this was just what I'm looking for.

What are you watching?
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>> No. 32783 [Edit]
I finished Oreimo a while back and loved the living hell out of it. The people in Kirino's otaku club reminded me of my friends in highschool so it added a huge nostalgia factor.
Also did the ending make anyone else a bit emotional? I don't know why but **that wedding** at the end really tugged at my heartstrings.
>> No. 32784 [Edit]
Fuck I didn't spoiler properly. Sorry about that.
>> No. 32803 [Edit]
Yeah, Yuyushiki is fucking great. On a side note, have you seen Kill Me Baby? I ask because it is one of those meme shows you see posted in almost every anime community, much like Yuyushiki.
>> No. 32804 [Edit]
File 155538817837.png - (5.25MB , 2424x1516 , yuyufriends.png )
No I hadn't, thank you for suggesting it. I watched the first episode and it was pretty enjoyable comedy-wise. Their personalities do remind me a lot of Yui/Yukari/Yuzuko (and the former two even match in terms of hair color). I haven't watched enough to tell how it stacks up against Yuyushiki, but the ED gives me hope that they'll weave in the same friendship elements that I really like.
>> No. 32810 [Edit]
File 155558313290.png - (812.13KB , 960x738 , realplayer2019-04-18-03h24m16s248.png )
full metal pantsu
>> No. 32831 [Edit]
File 155593410677.jpg - (152.29KB , 644x957 , 20190421.jpg )
Is that official? Hnggg...
>> No. 32838 [Edit]
Finally got around to watching Kissxsis after avoiding it all of these years. I'm only one episode in and it actually isn't too bad at all.

I'm not sure if it's just nostalgia speaking, but old anime in general is just better in my opinion. There is barely anything new coming out that peaks my interest.
>> No. 32839 [Edit]
I remember enjoying what I saw of it, I should go back and finish the rest. With that said, how is anime from 2010 old? It didn't even end until 2015, really.
>> No. 32842 [Edit]
It's almost been a decade so I believe it's safe to consider it at least somewhat old now.
>> No. 32843 [Edit]
2010 is nearly a decade ago, it doesn’t even feel like it. 2000 felt so distant from 2010 but not 2010 from now, it’s odd.
>> No. 32853 [Edit]
File 155642523284.jpg - (146.55KB , 1680x1028 , mpv-shot0011.jpg )
Sasameki Koto. Pictured character is in love with another girl in her school, but the other girl is totally oblivious (though is interested in some model who's actually a crossdressing boy)
>> No. 32858 [Edit]
File 155649137548.jpg - (69.01KB , 853x480 , mpv-shot0012.jpg )
>> No. 32880 [Edit]
yeah, the stagnation feels pretty horrible, i guess this is why i prefer the 2000s, better visuals and feel imo
there are some gems, but damn does it need a revolution, it's also the reason no one cultivates great anime anymore, they just watch it and move on to the next
>> No. 32881 [Edit]
File 15569817767.png - (47.40KB , 944x403 , anime is dead.png )
Every decade the cutoff for the death of anime moves forward.
>> No. 32882 [Edit]
The cutoff's real name is "nostalgia goggles".
>> No. 32883 [Edit]
I wouldn’t say there’s been much stagnation, just that the passage of time doesn’t feel as far for the decades, although anime evolved a lot more in the 2000s than the 2010s although that is true of almost everything because of how fast technology was moving along.
>> No. 32888 [Edit]
No, what was in your image still holds true. Animation became popular in Japan as a more effective alternative to special effects in live action sci-fi films. It was only after sci-fi enthusiasts made the medium popular that anime became a vehicle for coldly abusing sex appeal to make cash. These days high school cuties still make up the vast majority of anime characters as they did 20 years ago, but not 30 years ago when giant robots, space ships and akira ruled the landscape. Anime was a rapidly developing, everchanging and interesting sector of the amusement market in the late 20th century, but not much has changed since the turn of the century. Anime spoofing anime has been common for so long that a mandatory daisy chain of meta meta meta jokes about anime make up a substantial portion of the "creative" content in a lot of shows, even the artists writing it don't like anime.
>Another beach episode? Shit my dick is still raw from beating it to the onszen one. OMG I SAW HER PANTIES
>> No. 32892 [Edit]
I like sci fi a lot but you’re delusional if you think it wasn’t always coldly abused for cash, as science fiction properties are very merchandise-able.
>> No. 32893 [Edit]
>>32679 here.

I finally got around to finishing it, it did not get any better. I lack the motivation to finish the next season. I don't know why people like this so much.
>> No. 32894 [Edit]
I get the impression you don't know much about what anime was popular 30 years ago.
>> No. 32898 [Edit]
nobody had any interest at all in girl animes like that at the comic cons in the 80s & 90s, which is something you'd have already have known were you there as you claim to have been.
>> No. 32899 [Edit]
File 155741655025.jpg - (118.68KB , 480x680 , __briareos_hecatonchires_daicon_bunny_girl_priscil.jpg )
Never said I was, and I don't give a shit what westerners like regardless.
>> No. 32900 [Edit]
I don’t know the allusion here, but conventions aren’t a western exclusive thing and anime oriented ones weren’t that common until the 2000s. Only Godzilla was the big jap import until about the mid 90s to most congoers
>> No. 32901 [Edit]
File 155750708911.jpg - (593.56KB , 793x1153 , __alpha_ayanokouji_rem_and_beta_dream_hunter_rem_d.jpg )
Conventions weren't even relevant until >>32898
brought them up for no reason at all, probably as a deflection.
>> No. 33166 [Edit]
File 156420879389.jpg - (113.87KB , 960x720 , mpv-shot0076.jpg )
I'm watching Ranma right now, it was extremely popular in my country for its moment and I remember watching it on tv so I decided to give it a go.
What I find interesting about this series is that is probably the closest thing to a western sitcom I have seen in anime. Once it kicks in and stops having actual story arcs (around episode 30 or so) this pretty much feels like The Simpsons, which each episode being self-contained stories that are like "the family goes to the park", "the family goes to the beach", "the gang goes to school at night to bust a ghost" etc. Which I surprisingly enjoy since at this point with almost 70 episodes watched I feel some sort of familiarity with the characters, so I have fun watching their antics and the wacky situations they come up with.
Also I have noticed that the animation quality is all over the place for this series, some episodes look gorgeous but others can't even mantain the characters on model for more than 5 seconds, but I guess its something to be expected out of a long running late 80's-early 90's series.
>> No. 33168 [Edit]
File 156422227264.jpg - (142.91KB , 850x850 , LL.jpg )
Do you need to watch the old Tenchi Muyo to get the newer ones?
>> No. 33181 [Edit]
File 156437337757.jpg - (343.33KB , 1996x2082 , 1372926246409.jpg )
Yes. The TV shows are mostly standalone but you'll need to watch the OVAs in order.

This chart is kind of old but OVA 4 would probably go between GXP and Seikishi Monogatari.
Also, OVA 4 sucks. It's pointless, slow and, worst of all, boring. Don't bother with it unless you really want more Tenchi.
>> No. 33191 [Edit]
Alright, so all of you have full permission to blast me for this but, I have finally gotten around to watching Rozen Maiden (the original, not the remake). I know I'm late, but if it helps any, I am really enjoying the series so far. The story line is simple, the characters are fun, and even the filler episodes entertain me and have me laughing harder than I probably should. Overall, great series Desu.
>> No. 33202 [Edit]
I just finished Fate Extra. Was not impressed.
>> No. 33207 [Edit]
File 156582243756.jpg - (95.78KB , 640x480 , shot1526.jpg )
Picked up a show called Pinky Street, just randomly out of stuff I got saved. Just two ep shorts, and I wouldn't post about it for anything other than the.. interesting looking 3dcg if it weren't for the second ep being about an otaku and his pal, which I thought was kinda nice to see. In the cgi portion thought it was kinda funny how a lot of the scenes were re-used in both eps. Seems like it was just a set of shorts to plug some merch, but I liked that second ep a bit anyway. Not much else to say about a show with two 10 minute episodes with a good chunk being shared between both.
>> No. 33214 [Edit]
File 156624930777.jpg - (84.06KB , 1280x720 , slapped.jpg )
Not terribly old, but I finished Sora no Method. I had high hopes since it was from studio 3hz: the artwork and soundtrack were beautiful as expected and moe was abundant, but if ever there was an archetype of melodrama, this would be it. You have the full-lot: minor misunderstandings get blown up, moody characters that would prefer to yell and storm than talk and resolve conflicts, and overblown reactions to inconsequential events.

And all of this drama in the first six episodes is wholly irrelevant to the main plot, not to mention the last two episodes which are a deus ex machina ruining all emotional buildup of the 11th episode. If they had limited it to episodes 7-11 it might have been decent. Or better yet just remove the drama aspects all together and make it a pure slice of life show centered around the hijinks of Nonoka and Noel with most of the drama removed, like the OVA was.

In the end, the only effects of the saucer were emotional and mental retardation.

Post edited on 19th Aug 2019, 2:15pm
>> No. 33280 [Edit]
anyone else watched the new Heaven's Feel movie? I thought it was pretty good, can't wait for the next one
>> No. 33282 [Edit]
I watched Sora No Method and I don't even remember it. But the MC is my type of girl and I should look on sadpanda to see if she has any doujins.
>> No. 33291 [Edit]
I thought they were quite good. I wish Unlimited Blade Works would get this kind of treatment, but after two attempts it probably isn't happening.
>> No. 33293 [Edit]
File 156677640763.jpg - (173.88KB , 1456x819 , annehappy.jpg )
Anne Happy – A very sweet and heartwarming SoL (as almost all Kirara adaptions are). If you enjoyed Slow Start last year, this has a similar feel to it in terms of character dynamics and friendships. It takes until the 4th episode to really pick up, but once it does each episode has a nice overarching arc that will leave you smiling at the end.

Plus the title is one of the best puns ("anne happy" meaning either unhappy or referring to Anne's happiness) since "sounan desu ka" ("are we shipwrecked" / "is that so").

Post edited on 25th Aug 2019, 5:32pm
>> No. 33294 [Edit]
File 156677723498.jpg - (226.06KB , 1280x720 , shot1550.jpg )
What other series has given a nod to those with a waifu/husbando?
>> No. 33313 [Edit]
At the time of seeing this anime I thought the waifu character was a tad odd, but went with it anyway. In retrospect I can totally understand after ridding Japanese trains for a while and finding images of Himemiya Nana, on the screens oddly comforting.
>> No. 33378 [Edit]
File 156779355940.png - (617.52KB , 1200x850 , 48583F23-3E4C-4403-A6FF-1E0FE3F393A4.png )
Gonna power through more UC gundam this weekend.
>> No. 33431 [Edit]
File 156854411832.gif - (1.38MB , 498x372 , 20199999.gif )
Seeing the original Macross. Only seen it before as Robotech.
>> No. 33549 [Edit]
File 157073046457.png - (886.96KB , 1366x768 , 2019-10-08-190914_1366x768_scrot.png )
9 year old show about flowers, toys, friendship and magic giving local man the power to endure work life
>> No. 33560 [Edit]
There's an OVA for it released today. I didn't know it sold well enough to justify one.
>> No. 33561 [Edit]
File 157083198324.jpg - (4.33MB , 3031x4230 , ff9de6d83308edf4107457261b52e16a.jpg )
Recently finished the first season of Gochuumon. It was kind of nice half of the time but the other half it was just kind of boring. It made me wonder if I truly enjoy slice of life or something.
Tippy was pretty cool. I liked him a lot. Cocoa was a lot of fun, Chiyo was pretty fun too. Blue Mountain was really funny but also pretty chill. It was nice to see a Christmas cake too. I feel like I don't see those much. Her fanart is really hot too. Chino felt really overrated.
I could probably check out the other seasons but I worry it would just ruin what the first season did by throwing in yuri or something.
>> No. 33562 [Edit]
What’s your problem with yuri?
>> No. 33565 [Edit]
> but the other half it was just kind of boring
Indeed, I felt the same way about Gochiusa. The second season is slightly better, but not too significantly. (Also if you were not aware there was an OVA "Gochiusa: sing for you" that released last week). As for yuri, there's not really much beyond what you see in season 1 (the light yuritease between Sharo and Rize).

> if I truly enjoy slice of life or something
I think Gochiusa and K-On (S1 at least) are a bit overhyped within the SoL genre, so I wouldn't necessarily use this as a benchmark. For SoL since there's no real plot the most important element becomes the character's interpersonal interactions so even within the genre some shows might appeal to you more than others. Try a few other kirara adaptations (Machikado Mazoku, Slow Start, Comic Girls) and see if those resonate a bit better.

If you dislike yuri entirely then perhaps CGDCT SoL might not be your cup of tea since they've essentially become intertwined at this point. That being said I think some shows just try to force yuribait in a manner which doesn't work (I felt the Sharo/Rize pairing was unnecessarily forced and overdone. Also the entirety of Yuru Yuri felt like a bunch of repetitive and predictable jokes with yuribait as the punchline), so if your disdain is only limited to that scope then there are better shows in that regard (e.g. the kirara works I listed above).

Post edited on 11th Oct 2019, 3:36pm
>> No. 33571 [Edit]
He hasn't embraced being a little girl yet.
>> No. 33637 [Edit]
Pre-Cure... the first one.
>> No. 33663 [Edit]
File 157232375540.gif - (391.13KB , 256x192 , 90e915f384445d97c4d95c91b3b7d30cf1b7ebe0.gif )
I'm finally going to take Ramen Fighter Miki off my backlog! I started watching and finished episode 3 today. The teacher is really really cute! Like, super duper cute! So moe!
>> No. 33708 [Edit]
File 157405419458.jpg - (333.73KB , 1920x1080 , gaikotsu-shotenin-honda-san-1080p-eng-sub-hevc.jpg )
I finished the second episode of pic related. It's pretty funny and relatable since I work in retail. The characters all having odd heads makes me think of Halloween so I like that about it. The animation is non-existent, kind of like an Adult Swim show. The episodes are short but I don't mind it. I'm looking forward to the rest.
>> No. 33709 [Edit]
Keep watching, it was extremely fun. Sadly short series don't get any appreciation, another great recent one was Nobunaga no Shinobi.
>> No. 33710 [Edit]
File 157411878582.jpg - (260.07KB , 560x560 , 44145501_p0.jpg )
>Sadly short series don't get any appreciation
It makes me sad how true this was for Amazing Stranger. I thought it was really funny with a good variety of characters and a nice ending. I wanted it to be popular.
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