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File 129964005221.jpg - (82.99KB , 754x700 , miku good smile.jpg )
812 No. 812 [Edit]
Hey /fig/.

I think I just got screwed over. How can you tell a real figure from a knock off? My version if this girl seems legit enough, but I have this uneasy feeling.
>> No. 813 [Edit]
Where did you order from?

How much was it?

Does the box have those shiny stickers you find on official figures?
>> No. 835 [Edit]
1. Look for shiny stickers on the box
2. The fig must be wrapped in soft plastic before being sealed in its plastic casing.
>> No. 838 [Edit]
legit figures dont always have stickers
>> No. 839 [Edit]
I'm actually suspicious about my Figma BRS...
Bought it at ebay, at a -say- normal price; it came on a closed box and in perfect conditions, but one of her arms broke extremely easily (I managed to glue it decently), and the quality of plastic and painting isn't bad but looks clearly below than the other one Figma I own (Reimu).

There was a legit-Figma identifying guide I saw once, over the past year; probably I should look for it again.
>> No. 851 [Edit]
bootlegs tend to be somewhat sinney , from gloss like finishes, where as none bootlegs, usually, have matt finishes which don't shine, unless the parts are supposed to.
bootlegs also often times look as if they've been left out in the sun and started to melt, and have down right sloppy pain jobs.
I've also noticed with bootleg figma at least, the boxes are made of thin cardboard with dull ink that doesn't stick well, and show up really mashed up.
When it comes to well done bootlegs which make it hard to tell, you'll probably have to stare at official images for hours as you compare them to your figure to find that tiny little difference they always seem to have, I've got one well done bootleg (from ebay) with the only difference/way to tell it's bootleg being the shade of the eye color.
but know that being different from official pics doesn't necessarily mean it's bootleg, I've got figma I bought from from trusted sources with noticeable differences to official images, manufacturers sometimes change things at the last minute after they take the photos I guess.
It's good to look the figure up on people's blogs, and compare it to their photos.
>> No. 858 [Edit]
Thanks to everyone for your help. Her box does indeed have shiny stickers. I'm glad she's legit. It was a real gamble to buy from the place I did (it's some crappy weeaboo mall store), so it'll probably be my last purchase there.
>> No. 885 [Edit]
I fear my Yuki Nagato Nendoroid is a knockoff.

Purchased on eBay for $20 winning bid. Buy it now was $46. Location is Hong Kong. Seller is respected.

Package arrives in bad shape. Don't mind this terribly.

Her hair is strangely painted. Not glossy, but... off. The joints fit together nicely, but the stand is difficult. She also gives off this very strong smell every now and then, it's sort of a bitter plastic smell.

No stickers, mashed package, strange smell, strange paint.

I love her anyways because I got her at a comparative steal.
>> No. 1228 [Edit]
Am I the only one of the opinion that knock-offs are acceptable if they're much cheaper than the real thing? If it's inexpensive, that sort of makes up for the poor quality, right?
>> No. 1229 [Edit]
more often then not, bootlegs aren't much cheaper then the real thing, if you look around on ebay you'll see tons of bootleg figs (ebay is seriously swimming in them ) you'll see most are sold for maybe 20% less then the real thing, this is becuase bootlegs are essentially a scam.
Also, it's not exactly helping the fig industry.

But on the other hand, there are some figures I'd actually like to see bootlegs of.
Figures that are rare and expensive as hell to get, and or limited release.
In those cases, I think it's okay.

Sometimes the quality of bootlegs can be exactly the same as the real thing if not close, I believe they're getting better at it maybe?
If I can't get the real thing, then a bootleg of almost the same quality seems like a decent substitute.
Problem with this is, they don't really do this, they make bootlegs of the best selling and most popular figures.
This I'm guessing is mainly because they don't want to shell out the extra cash for that rare figure to use in the mold making process.
>> No. 1231 [Edit]
I see no problem with buying unofficial product, but being lied to is a no no.
>> No. 1232 [Edit]
sounds like a 95% chance she is.
Hong Kong is a dead give away on ebay, it's the fist red flag, doesn't matter if the seller is respected, only people that buy from the seller can leave feedback, and most wouldn't knowingly buy fake figs.
Hong Kong sellers tend to do very poor jobs of packing the stuff they send out, most things I've gotten from Hong Kong show up in thin brown or green paper packaging, no padding/stuffing or anything, and the boxes of the figs always seem to be made of thin crappy material that easily crumble like tinfoil.
figures tend to have little to no protective packing in their own box, and usually have glossy paint finishes, I guess it costs to much for them to use matt paint?
also, mold lines (not really sure what you call that stuff) seem to stand out more with them.
>> No. 1234 [Edit]
This. All of this.

My Yuki Nagato nedoroid had all this

It also smells very strongly of chemicals. It smells like melted plastic. It went away after a while but the first few days skunked up the place.
>> No. 1235 [Edit]
Might want to be careful with that, I've heard people say the paint used on bootleg figures is toxic.

At least, try not to lick the thing okay?
>> No. 1244 [Edit]
I have a feeling I may be referencing this on /so/...
>> No. 1245 [Edit]
So um, do people do this? I licked a figure of my waifu once but it felt really wrong and I haven't done it since. Stupid, I know.
>> No. 1246 [Edit]
It was a joke, relax.
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