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File 129731178413.jpg - (351.20KB , 1264x944 , HPIM2681.jpg )
387 No. 387 [Edit]
I didn't see a thread for it, so I guess I'll make my own.

Do you have any anime-related merchandise that ISN'T figs? This is all I have, and as you can see the string is pretty worn cause I wear it all the time.
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>> No. 388 [Edit]
>> No. 389 [Edit]
And if it isn't too much trouble for you, would you be able to tell me what it is?
>> No. 390 [Edit]
I have some dolls and a couple T-shirts. I don't have much, but of course other people have a lot of merchandise besides figurines. I mean, just look at the description at the top of the page.
>> No. 391 [Edit]
File 129731329225.jpg - (443.62KB , 900x675 , 4.jpg )
I've got an RC ae86 if that counts...
>> No. 422 [Edit]
File 129741037646.jpg - (257.73KB , 361x500 , 5386sooo.jpg )
I haven't got anything apart from figures at the moment. I am in the process of finding a Miyako Dakimakura and I might get some nice wallscrolls. An SZS one and a BECK one would be nice. I have no money right now, and there is a long list of figures I want to buy, so we'll see how that pans out.
>> No. 472 [Edit]
File 129792813777.jpg - (62.06KB , 514x364 , zippos.jpg )
I have a wallscroll, a couple of square pillows and a custom Dakimakura (shall post them later).

<----- I've been thinking about getting one of these, but I end up spending all in figures.
>> No. 473 [Edit]
File 129793004472.png - (765.13KB , 864x648 , P1040636.png )
Just a bunch of posters/wallscrolls and a Ritsu plushie, if that counts.

I've always wanted to start a Zippo collection.
>> No. 578 [Edit]
File 129887117019.jpg - (424.82KB , 350x1050 , reimudakEmakura.jpg )
My absolute favorite possession and it's not a figure.
>> No. 921 [Edit]
File 130205698893.jpg - (519.19KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0300resize.jpg )
Probably my favorite non figure merchandise. Also have 8 wall scrolls and a decent amount of posters. I also recently just got my first plushy this week.
>> No. 922 [Edit]
Best bed ever.
>> No. 923 [Edit]
File 130205709795.jpg - (482.81KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0301.jpg )
The plushy I got. I was going to get the casual wear version too but amiami just put up the casual skirt version for pre-order so I'll just wait for that one since it's cuter. I'd get the large plushy if it wasn't going to be ~$400.
>> No. 931 [Edit]
That is the best thing I have seen all year.
>> No. 948 [Edit]
File 130248932531.jpg - (15.66KB , 400x350 , CGD2-06082.jpg )
Just ordered this. Can't wait till it gets in. I don't know why but Charlotte just makes me so happy.
>> No. 968 [Edit]
If you want a large plush but can't afford it, you could make your own. they're pretty simple to craft.

Example of someone who makes their own and sells them at insane prices.
>> No. 969 [Edit]
Hell no they are not. Take it from someone who has been trying to make a doll on-and-off for over a year.
>> No. 973 [Edit]
File 130293774981.jpg - (34.16KB , 494x444 , seele.jpg )
I often feel like I want to buy a couple shirts too; but the figures devil keeps buzzing behind my ear ad telling me: "If you save all that, you could eventually spend in on that [put figure name here]..."
>> No. 977 [Edit]
File 130300464060.jpg - (493.38KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0315.jpg )
These came in the mail today. Top 3 are things friends ordered (did a batch order to save on shipping and such) and are Horo, Nagi, and Mio. Bottom two are mine and they are Alisa Bannings/Suzuka from Nanoha, and on the right obviously is adult Fate.
>> No. 978 [Edit]
Oh you. You found a friend and one that you can share your love of 2D enough with to buy dakimakuras with.

Also you have created a time machine that makes it a little more than ten years ago.
I am jealous
>> No. 983 [Edit]
File 130309965153.jpg - (496.20KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0318.jpg )
Finally decided to put them on pillows. Tonight's gonna be a good night.
>> No. 984 [Edit]
File 130309967674.jpg - (490.69KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0320.jpg )
>> No. 1043 [Edit]
File 130405961237.jpg - (79.16KB , 600x414 , zippo00.jpg )
Succesfully hold my savings enough for buying this, wich finally arrived today.
I really, really liked it: it's also the first Zippo I've ever had; I thought about learning a few tricks with it (from videos on youtube), but almost burned my sheets already attempting one of the easiest... so I might better take it easy now.

BTW, this was the 2nd time I got free cookies at my package, from 2 different japanese sellers... has this ever happened to any of you?
>> No. 1044 [Edit]
Those are too lewd. I will need to confiscate them, if unused, and examine them more personally.

Sincerely, Customs myself
>> No. 1045 [Edit]
What's with people here and the word lewd
>> No. 1046 [Edit]
>> No. 1047 [Edit]
File 130418862584.png - (114.58KB , 652x366 , youwish.png )
Of course I do not own this...
but in a parallel world in wich I was a rich ass, I would.
>> No. 1048 [Edit]
dunno, something the ford drivers in the irc came up with.
>> No. 1049 [Edit]
File 130423939823.jpg - (843.52KB , 2048x1536 , IMG_2209.jpg )
I am >>1044

I feel really bad for starting a /jp/ meme here.

To hopefully make up for it, I will post the dakimakura cover I recently purchased. Her sweet smile melts my heart.
>> No. 1050 [Edit]
I think the word lewd is great
>> No. 1058 [Edit]
File 130483138325.jpg - (428.08KB , 1140x858 , HPIM0331.jpg )
Fuck it, too drunk to post properly.

New shirt got in. Fuck yes.
>> No. 1059 [Edit]
same. It makes me feel like an elegant loli when I say it
>> No. 1065 [Edit]
Sent it for a local store to print it on a blank shirt or bought it on the internet? Is the print well made? Really nice shirt there.
>> No. 1066 [Edit]
Ordered it from amiami, print is amazing.
>> No. 1092 [Edit]
An update.
I found out that HobbyHeart started to offer a fabric upgrade to two way tricot. This case was one, and I must say that it well worth the additional cost. It is so much better than peach-skin fabric. I swear it is the fabric of the gods, so soft and smooth.
>> No. 1093 [Edit]
Really? Doesn't yours have that kind of weird string like feel in it (IDK how to explain it properly).
>> No. 1102 [Edit]
I am not quite sure what you mean. It is elastic, but I am not sure that is what you mean.

I really do think it is much softer, smoother, and more pleasant to cuddle with than peach-skin and satin fabrics.

I just hope I don't mess her up washing her.
>> No. 1103 [Edit]
Problem with tricot is that it's hand wash and preferably spot clean only. Other fabrics can at least go through the wash on a low setting.
>> No. 1104 [Edit]
Steve? Is that you?
>> No. 1112 [Edit]
>> No. 1233 [Edit]
File 130958100795.jpg - (107.12KB , 640x480 , 135845.jpg )
>> No. 1236 [Edit]
is that what comes inside the UCC cans?
>> No. 1264 [Edit]
File 131053737749.jpg - (547.22KB , 1824x1368 , youmu.jpg )
I`ve had the cover laying on my floor for a few weeks waiting for the pillow to arrive.
>> No. 1265 [Edit]
File 131056184163.jpg - (64.42KB , 750x700 , 1299269908984.jpg )
Damn man, I know it's bad to be jealous but...uhh
>> No. 1371 [Edit]
File 13121276245.jpg - (21.10KB , 326x501 , do want.jpg )
If I was into dakimakura, this would be the one I own.
>> No. 1546 [Edit]
File 131600840271.png - (804.02KB , 536x750 , stuff.png )
Here are anime-related collectibles that aren't figs. Mug, custom printed mousepad and dakimakura pillow. I love them all.
>> No. 1547 [Edit]
Erm, quite a innocent dumb question, but... Did it really come with coffee? Real coffee? From the hills of Colombia?
>> No. 1548 [Edit]
teabag? Also green?
>> No. 1551 [Edit]
Look what post he is replying.
>> No. 1552 [Edit]
yes its full of ground coffee.

"With an image of "Strong blend coffee for hard working people at Nerv", coffee master "Ebi Tenchou" has blended coffee!"
>> No. 1554 [Edit]

fell in love twice in one thread ~

where to get?
>> No. 1588 [Edit]
I don;t actually collect(video game stuff excluded; though I don't actively collect that either), but I've got 2 naruto stamp key chains which were free.

That is rad.
>> No. 1602 [Edit]
File 13186346587.jpg - (61.70KB , 270x410 , 22a915c9b597a516e3fa4c824ac96f77 copy.jpg )
I just got my first piece of merchandise of mai waifu: a set of pencil boards. I cannot put into words how wonderful it feels to finally have something tangible of the girl I love most in the world.
>> No. 1764 [Edit]
A travel "passport" and some clear files. Before I didn't know what a clear file was. Now I know.
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