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File 157826228843.png - (104.78KB , 857x552 , 1573944528990.png )
3767 No. 3767 [Edit]
I know this board is sort of dead and I don't know if anyone else collects non /jp/ toys, but /toy/ is back up and I invite anyone here who collects other toys to come and join us. Hope some of you guys make it.
>> No. 3768 [Edit]
Yeah thanks for trying to suck out what little life this place has.
>> No. 3769 [Edit]
You misread my post or didn't read it at all. I was saying that anyone that wants to talk about Western toys and the like (which isn't allowed here) could come join. I know there are some people that collect both Western and Eastern toys, so I was putting it out there.
>> No. 3770 [Edit]
>Didn't post a link
Yeah, I think I'm retarded.

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