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File 151526787067.jpg - (218.86KB , 970x650 , Vroom.jpg )
3482 No. 3482 [Edit]
Do you like Lego blocks? Do you own any sets or figurines? Are you fond of particular themes? Are there any sets or products based on manga, anime, video games, etc. that you ever wanted to see made? Post funny, useful or curious creations you have found. Remember to follow the no 3DPD rule.

Lego Digital Designer:
Resources, Tools & Tutorials:
Gallery of Parts:
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>> No. 3483 [Edit]
File 151527007579.jpg - (52.25KB , 360x360 , GitS_Treadzikoma_by_LordDane.jpg )
Sets Guide and Viewer:
Rebrick, Original Creations Site:
Rebrickable, Unofficial Original Creations Site:
Building Instructions:
Lego Ideas, Anime:
Lego Digital Designer Gallyer, Anime:
>> No. 3484 [Edit]
It's no wonder you don't see otaku culture and lego mix more often, almost all of those anime themed creations are hideous!
I did however think it was funny how someone made a lego swimming pool for Free!
>> No. 3485 [Edit]
File 151529425060.jpg - (539.07KB , 1191x571 , Love_Live_by_Moko.jpg )
I've seen some amazing stuff made from Lego, specially (and expectedly) mechas, but you can still moe it up.
>> No. 3486 [Edit]
File 151529620938.jpg - (589.31KB , 1000x1000 , 34001222722_5367476a23_o.jpg )
Wow, okay I take back what I said.
>> No. 3491 [Edit]
File 151577467458.jpg - (349.74KB , 700x1215 , legochess.jpg )
I saw this imaginative chess set made with Lego and thought it was pretty nifty. I think the idea is neat but the execution could certainly use improvement. I'd love to see one similar but with one side being from the space sets (e.g. and the other from the city sets (e.g.
>> No. 3492 [Edit]
Lego chess sets aren't actually uncommon and there's a bunch of official ones in a number of themes.
>> No. 3569 [Edit]
File 152646597362.jpg - (74.81KB , 800x455 , bentolego.jpg )
Would you care for some bento?
>> No. 3589 [Edit]
File 152836178543.jpg - (2.40MB , 1000x3000 , DSC029712.jpg )
Made some custom base boards for my town. Still only got two buildings built so far out of the planned seven, but I'll get to em eventually.
>> No. 3590 [Edit]
Very nice work on the road. It looks better than it would look with actual Lego pieces.
>> No. 3604 [Edit]
That is pretty neat, Tohno. I commend your dedication and attention to dettail.
>> No. 3668 [Edit]
File 15421378469.jpg - (949.42KB , 3260x2859 , Ryo.jpg )
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the old Exo-Force theme from 2006, considering it was based off mecha manga.

>Manga Lego characters
>Cool mechs
>Online manga comics
This theme had everything
>> No. 3669 [Edit]
File 154213813675.jpg - (3.32MB , 4896x3672 , Exo Force Robot.jpg )
Oh and it even had these badass robots hellbent on enslaving the human race.

Link to the comics for anyone that's interested:

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