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File 149922021398.jpg - (158.58KB , 1150x800 , be2cf6808e419028b93bd03fc2061eda.jpg )
3285 No. 3285 [Edit]
What weeb junk have you guys acquired recently besides than figures?
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>> No. 3287 [Edit]
File 149922070595.jpg - (747.33KB , 1200x900 , 1.jpg )
Acquired this crap over the weekend.
>> No. 3296 [Edit]
File 150001698916.jpg - (278.58KB , 1000x750 , Chara ride.jpg )
It finally arrived and it's cute!
>> No. 3297 [Edit]
File 150001887782.jpg - (288.66KB , 750x1000 , JAPARI COIN DA.jpg )
It's finally here! I even made a drawing to celebrate it's arrival!
>> No. 3298 [Edit]
>> No. 3317 [Edit]
File 150088279047.jpg - (821.89KB , 2048x1152 , uyLIy6g.jpg )
I was really low on sleep and somehow mistook this playmate I bought recently for a large mousepad. I don't even play cards but it makes for a decent decoration at least! lol
>> No. 3319 [Edit]
File 150093575990.jpg - (206.43KB , 562x600 , 000727183_Catalogue.jpg )
It could still be used as a mousepad, just put your keyboard and mouse on it (I'm assuming the material is suitable enough to be used as a mousepad).

I've preordered a bunch of different keychains (KonoSuba, Kemono Friends and New Game!) and also preordered my first tapestry.
>> No. 3321 [Edit]
yeah that idea occurred to me too. It just doesn't look like that durable of a material. I used an Artscow mousepad for a long time that seemed like the same stuff, and the underside eventually turned into a nasty tar like substance in the areas I'd most often rest my hand.
>> No. 3322 [Edit]
That sounds decidedly unpleasant and a huge pain to clean.
>> No. 3343 [Edit]
File 150218739844.png - (964.22KB , 842x520 , hot surface.png )
I got these two yesterday. Velcro patch Megumin and keychain Kurumi.
>> No. 3344 [Edit]
File 150272243077.jpg - (493.69KB , 1280x1280 , sam_0372 clean__28987_1482886392.jpg )
I always wondered what a realistic situation would be to use anime patches, then I bought a second-hand Army jacket which has velcro patches all over it and then I knew.
>> No. 3345 [Edit]
Backpacks (ex-military and gear queer so I love go fast shit). Also the headliner in your car proves quite effective at holding velcro patches.
>> No. 3374 [Edit]
File 150590112591.jpg - (130.25KB , 562x600 , 000775890_Catalogue.jpg )
Got some good Eagle Jump merch on the preorder list.
>> No. 3375 [Edit]
File 150590114092.jpg - (22.91KB , 400x400 , GOODS-00174532.jpg )
>> No. 3383 [Edit]
File 150838879154.jpg - (639.35KB , 2048x1152 , waY4lf7.jpg )
New fumo courtesy of Tohno.
>> No. 3384 [Edit]
File 150838893666.jpg - (36.54KB , 600x450 , cspr02608_0_1494979762.jpg )
Even the show sucks, it's dead, the characters all look like garbage, the fanbase is a bunch of perverts, Kadoshitwa is run by retards, and it's all around a hot mess.

I cannot deny my love for this stupid show.
>> No. 3385 [Edit]
The way you worded that makes it sound like I gave you a Fumo, rather than it being a photo I took of a fumo I recently got per your request.
>> No. 3386 [Edit]
Maybe it was intentional.
>> No. 3387 [Edit]
My mistake. I should have worded it better.
>> No. 3585 [Edit]
File 152768472352.jpg - (1.43MB , 2560x1920 , IMG_20180530_162643.jpg )
Picked up a couple of artbooks on sale a month or so back. They arrived today. I'm very impressed with the build quality of the one on the left. The individual books are hard bound in canvas with embossed lettering on the covers and feel really solid and better than the lightweight pulpy hardcovers that I have in some parts of my 'serious' library.

Also, apologies for the file bloat, I forgot to downscale it after bringing it off my phone, which is also why the picture quality leaves much to be desired I suppose. Cheap phone, cheap camera.

Post edited on 30th May 2018, 6:44am
>> No. 3683 [Edit]
File 154507967314.png - (144.92KB , 702x397 , 1420468032224.png )
I dont't want to make new theard for this garbage but
WTF? They sell anime figures in fucking walmart? I'm eastern eurofag and this blows my mind...
>> No. 3684 [Edit]
A while back a lot of these sort of things were popping up at sears too. As it turned out, people were using the sears website as something of a store front like amazon to sell things not shipped by sears. I believe walmart has something similar for their online store.
That said, I was at a target the other day and saw Nendoroid and figma for sale, but this was limited to the likes of zelda and overwatch. GSC has been pandering to western tastes for a while now since that's where the big bucks are so it's not surprising to see their products making their way to western store shelves, but that said I don't think we'll be seeing flying pantsu moe figures hitting brick and mortar shelves any time soon.
>> No. 3685 [Edit]
Does GSC make english boxes or something for these supermarket nendoroids? Or they are untouched?
>> No. 3686 [Edit]
Same exact boxes/packaging. On modern day figma boxes more than half the text is already in English anyway. Speaking of, It was a bit sad to see but someone ripped apart the box for a genji figma. Worth noting also that they don't seem to keep many in stalk at any given time. It's not like your cape shit action figures that shops might have 5-10 of each on a rack/shelf. With these nendorid and figma there's just 1-2 of each, so they kind of stick out.
>> No. 3687 [Edit]
File 154540432468.jpg - (103.32KB , 1128x685 , asgr.jpg )
WOW tohnobros that was really lucky week for me.
I got this ps2, pink ps2 slim and psone (and also old black xbox 360 that I don't really care about, moreover I don't have power supply for it. I will probably clean it and sell it if I ever get a chance to see if it works) with one original ps1 pad, 2 ps1 analog pads (one doesn't work) and dualshock 2 in really shitty condition for 55$.
Trick was pawnshop that made auction for it didn't checked if they work and they sold it as potentially broken. They also tagged their auction really poorly and had whatever photos. So I risked a little.
I'm actually glad they didn't check them out, because I found small bonus inside FAT ps2 disk driver - dvd with Resident Evil 4! And of course there would be bigger traffic in auction if they didThere was none btw.
I also bought FMCB card this week and I'm waiting for my ps2hdmi adapter from china.

And I also got all these 6 Strike Witches figmas with accessories and stands for 40$. Their condition isn't best, some are a little dirty and Eila looks like she crapped her pants. I think someone tired to glue her legs to main body together, idk I will take better look on all figures tonight and try to clean them.
They all were on one auction too and also really poorly tagged (They didn't even have "figma" in title or "strike witches" etc.), I was probably only person who saw that auction and I came across it by mistake really. So I had no problem getting it by minimal price. Before I bid I wrote email to seller and it came out that she was some mother selling her son shit (I hope her son is ok), so she was clueless what that exactly was.

I don't really collect stuff so I'm pretty thrilled right now, those are my first figmas! I also have more ps2 now than I know what to do with. I bought sliver slim ps2 2 weeks ago and didn't plan to buy more, I just couldn't not resist when I saw that auction, I really like ps2 design.

Sorry for shit photo I don't have any decent light right now, and also sorry for kinda blogposting but I wanted to share my happiness with somebody!
>> No. 3690 [Edit]
Nice, that's a great deal. I don't think I've ever seen a pink ps2 before.
>> No. 3691 [Edit]
Fumos, GuP tank figures, a Last Exile Fam the Silver wing model kit and I ordered a body-chan but that is technically a figure I guess.
>> No. 3692 [Edit]
File 15481983856.jpg - (368.04KB , 1253x3129 , kiraritowel.jpg )
Does anyone have towel merch? I ordered a random pack of merch and got this, but don't know how or where to display this.
I'm afraid to use her like a normal towel because then I'll fuck it up with my gross human wetness and junk.
Been thinking of hammering some nails and then putting paper clips up to hang her but that feels ghetto.
>> No. 3693 [Edit]
I have two with my waifu on them. I simply hung them up like wall scrolls.
>> No. 3694 [Edit]
I am curious as well, for something like this or a daki cover being hung up for display, how have you gone about actually hanging them up? What about enclosing them inside of something to prevent them from getting dirty?

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