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File 142279536418.png - (140.18KB , 397x399 , 1339980375127.png )
2836 No. 2836 [Edit]
My local Barnes and Noble started selling figma and gunpla stuff.
You guys should check yours out, if you have one locally. I went in to pick up some manga and I spent more than I should have
>> No. 2837 [Edit]
Do they really sell figma there? where is this?
how much are the price mark ups?

I've been to a barnes and noble nearby and they do sell manga, yes. But I wouldn't expect them to sell figures of any kind.
>> No. 2838 [Edit]
I'm in North Carolina. I can't really speak for every Barnes and Noble, as that may just be our local managers choice to import such things, but hey, it's worth looking if people here have one locally.
The mark up isn't TOO bad, I bought 3 sailor moon figures and checked them online afterwards, they were marked up about 15 bucks.
It was worth it to actually buy a figure in person, in my opinion. I had never done that before.

Also, don't go in expecting anything too obscure or niche and you won't be disappointed
>> No. 2839 [Edit]
Holy shit that's awesome! You're super lucky. I'm gonna look into if there's any close to me.
>> No. 2840 [Edit]
I remember a decade back they sold prize fig grade stuff there, if they stepped up to higher quality figs that'd be awesome.
>> No. 2841 [Edit]
I'll take a look next time I'm around a b&n
>> No. 2849 [Edit]
I was around a b&n today so I went in to check. Turns out they do sell figures. Stuff was Sailor Moon, Naruto, DBZ, and Gundam. They had them on some shelves and some display cases for them too. Didn't check the prices. Was pretty close to the front entrance of the store too, wasn't hard to find. This is in maryland.

Also might add that they had some action figures from american series in the same area.

Post edited on 7th Feb 2015, 2:27pm
>> No. 2880 [Edit]
>Do they really sell figma there?
Yeah but the displays they have piss me off because they are all out of scale.
>> No. 2882 [Edit]
I checked my Barnes and Noble last week. They had some figures but the only Japanese ones were three Sailor Moon figures; the rest were western super heroes and the like.
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