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File 133301061958.jpg - (123.18KB , 550x368 , gocy0fx1.jpg )
1898 No. 1898 [Edit]
How many of you guys are into building Garage Kits?

Got any tips for beginners on extremely tight budgets?
like what materials/tools to get and so on?
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>> No. 2436 [Edit]
File 136756795420.jpg - (768.70KB , 1200x1600 , vf1s doneish.jpg )
Finished this one today. started it almost a year ago then left it half done for months.
It admittedly came out like ass, but in my defense it's technically my first GK, although I have done a few little projects in the past. also this thing is freaking small. 1/200 scale, about as tall as a typical hotwheel is long. so as you can imagine it can be challenging to paint details on something so small. It's not even a very good model in the first place, some parts are in accurate where as others are just flat out horrible like the parts at the top of the legs that don't line up right, or those doughnut hands. but hey it was practice mostly. If nothing else I like to think I learned a few things from doing it.
>> No. 2437 [Edit]
File 136756825071.jpg - (47.77KB , 321x420 , a49a16d436645ed493d73a4d0fd52d6c_18.jpg )
Well done, man.
Someday I might do mines...
>> No. 2438 [Edit]
The humbrol model kit tool set is cheap, like for 10 dollars you get the right tools to start.
Depending on the kit, I'll suggest different kinds of paints.
SD - hand paint. Specially Vallejo's are good. I heard Tamiya brush paints (Acrylic) are shit.
FG, HG, MG, PG... -Tamiya spray paint.
Paneling - Gundam Marker is cool.
Varnish - Tamiya spray
Start with HG and so on, you'll make mistakes your first times and you'll learn a lot with each kit. When you think you're good enough, start with RG, MG...
>> No. 2440 [Edit]
File 13676408695.jpg - (107.86KB , 1024x768 , splendid.jpg )
That's a nice kit you have there.
>> No. 2441 [Edit]
File 136772392634.jpg - (707.38KB , 992x2184 , Moebius Batpod.jpg )
I bought and will do this one some time.
>> No. 2468 [Edit]
File 13692118301.jpg - (35.91KB , 600x450 , Hikarunu1367573731.jpg )
Ordered this the other day without realizing it was a model kit, but whatever.

How would you guys recommend one go about applying water decals? last time I did some they didn't stay well on the painted surfaces and blew off when I sprayed on a varnish.
>> No. 2479 [Edit]
File 137128433786.jpg - (1.37MB , 1000x2250 , vf1j.jpg )
This is the one I'm working on at the moment. Haven't gotten much done yet, mostly just the base which seemed easiest.
>> No. 2489 [Edit]
File 137205390638.jpg - (1.21MB , 1200x1800 , update.jpg )
bit more progress on this thing. It's slow goings but it's getting there. Decided to go for a weathered look, but may have gone a bit overboard.

was able to find this out on my own, turns out decals need to be applied to smooth surfaces and helps to have a decal setting solution.
>> No. 2490 [Edit]
I think it's coming on well, Tohno.
>> No. 2492 [Edit]
Cant hotglue tanks bruv
>> No. 2524 [Edit]
File 137383694677.jpg - (705.97KB , 1200x900 , DSC05657.jpg )
slight update on this thing. Not really much left to do on it. Kinda screwed up the cockpit cover by coating it with some clear paint that left it all foggy, tried scraping and sanding it off but it didn't help much. Something that bugs me a lot about this model is how the gun and the stand both go into the same peg hole, so you're supposed to have one or the other in place. I think I might make a second hole for the stand. It would be a shame to display it without the gun in place, but it would trow the thing out of balance so I'm gonna have to stick something in the stand to wight it down. fortunately the stand is hallow so that shouldn't be a problem.
>> No. 2525 [Edit]
Cool veritech fighter
>> No. 2528 [Edit]
File 137420530056.jpg - (1.37MB , 2000x1500 , vf1-j.jpg )
I guess I could call it done at this point, although I think I should fix a few little details on it.
The thing seems a bit sloppy here and there, but it could have been worse.
>> No. 2529 [Edit]
It's pretty rough in some parts, especially some of the line work, but it's not bad. It kind of has a worn look which I dig, makes it look like it's actually been used kind of like the props in star wars.

7/10, not bad at all.
>> No. 2554 [Edit]
File 138185504456.jpg - (120.20KB , 768x576 , what to build.jpg )
I build a lot off models. The best way to apply the decals is to after construction and painting to gloss coat the model kit. After that you apply the waterslide decals (a million guides online. I just us tweezers and q-tips to move and position the decal, q-tip is also good for absorbing extra water). after applying the decals you are going to want to wait a week or two. Then after that you take the turret off and the other things that can be removed and either use a flat coat or a satin varnish. Satin varnish looks great on tanks.

this is my current backlog sans about 4 or 5 kits.
>> No. 2555 [Edit]
File 138192074799.jpg - (24.03KB , 250x250 , 1376998263982.jpg )

>Zaku II


Ya Dom Gouf'd.
>> No. 2564 [Edit]
File 138523654953.jpg - (75.18KB , 768x576 , M4 81mm mortar truck.jpg )
current project. Going to be priming it gray next monday then painting things like the chasis/under carriage, wheels and engine. then I'll get the armor plates ready to go and finish it off completely. probably be done by week 2 of december.
>> No. 2565 [Edit]
can you show us more of that Ro-kyu-Bu car?
>> No. 2566 [Edit]
File 13853152006.jpg - (74.89KB , 432x576 , 20131124_122558.jpg )
>> No. 2567 [Edit]
File 138531522834.jpg - (82.87KB , 768x576 , 20131124_122611.jpg )
>> No. 2568 [Edit]
File 138531524955.jpg - (44.11KB , 768x576 , 20131124_122621.jpg )
>> No. 2569 [Edit]
Very nice. Share your progress, please.
>> No. 2570 [Edit]
not started it yet. Working on that M4 right now.
>> No. 2726 [Edit]
File 140098711034.jpg - (724.47KB , 1200x900 , kawaii sensha.jpg )
Started working on this the other day. It's not an offical GUP item, just a generic m33 from testors I got for like $10.

Funny thing is I think the promo images seen here for the Platz version are also just using the testors version. noticed it from the squared part at the front bottom which is supposed to be round on the real deal. also the version in the anime has container boxs in the back which aren't on the testors tank. Finally there's the weird part that kinda sticks out behind the turret.
>> No. 3565 [Edit]
File 152565863375.jpg - (81.43KB , 581x768 , Organic_Model_Kit.jpg )
I want to start (slowly but steady) collecting model and garage kits. Any recommendations regarding resources, where to start, buy and price guides, etc.?
>> No. 3566 [Edit]
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