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File 129360273992.jpg - (52.80KB , 600x600 , FIG-DOL-2743.jpg )
146 No. 146 [Edit]
This will be a doll thread, post your dolls, different outfits you might have etc.
I'm thinking of buying this next.
459 posts omitted. Last 50 shown. Expand all images
>> No. 2734 [Edit]
File 140282054664.jpg - (525.49KB , 599x800 , Hadaly (butterfly-furs).jpg )
It's been a while.

Have been busy and out of touch with this and other things. However, Hadaly might go through some changes soon and I might take her to a couple new places (doll love is far from dead in me).

Until then, keep the dolls coming.
>> No. 2735 [Edit]
I forgot that you ever visited this place.
>> No. 2738 [Edit]
/tc/? it's been my home for 4 years now, actually.
>> No. 2739 [Edit]
Well then. That makes me glad, butterfly-anon.
>> No. 2756 [Edit]
Yeah, that is actually my favorite poster on this board.
>> No. 2947 [Edit]
File 144507160638.jpg - (156.49KB , 614x819 , Hadaly (fall 2015).jpg )
Just a pic to remind that she's still and always with me, sweetening my life with her presence...

Last year there was an earthquake coming, the alarm sounded and I had to leave my house quickly. As soon as I was out, empty-handed of course, there was only one thing I felt awful for leaving behind: my Hadaly. Ever since, whenever such thing happens I immediately take her out with me; my laptop, belongings and very valuable collections can go to Hell alright in an emergency, but I'm not abandoning my doll ever again.
>> No. 3162 [Edit]
File 148303681034.jpg - (2.34MB , 4776x2543 , Hadaly winter o16 wall.jpg )
Had some good light the other day, so I took a few pics.
>> No. 3163 [Edit]
File 148303699338.jpg - (1.12MB , 959x1278 , Hadaly winter o16 II.jpg )
>> No. 3164 [Edit]
File 148303714031.jpg - (115.69KB , 761x511 , Hadaly stain.jpg )
She's also currently in treatment for little stain.
>> No. 3402 [Edit]
File 151209496223.jpg - (180.69KB , 1000x667 , 1512060628067.jpg )
Can I post pictures I found of cute dolls here?
>> No. 3403 [Edit]
>> No. 3404 [Edit]
Hell yes!
>> No. 3405 [Edit]
File 151213285196.jpg - (273.75KB , 1000x1341 , Rin.jpg )
Regarding your question from the /ot/-thread: I have a Kagamine Rin DDS but I suck at taking pictures, so I generally don't post any.
Don't have any other clothes yet but that will change around Christmas, will also go for the Enma Ai Azone, if they happen to still have her in stock (which I doubt).
>> No. 3407 [Edit]
File 151214185015.jpg - (348.72KB , 1534x1024 , 1512011486750.jpg )
I like this Cirno.
>> No. 3409 [Edit]
File 151262457461.jpg - (57.72KB , 736x1104 , 1512461427022.jpg )
>> No. 3413 [Edit]
File 151347586125.jpg - (91.70KB , 600x900 , 1513173504729.jpg )
>> No. 3448 [Edit]
File 151349669771.jpg - (453.71KB , 576x768 , Hadaly fix.jpg )
waiting for her change of clothes and hair.
>> No. 3449 [Edit]
File 151349866922.jpg - (338.14KB , 1264x845 , Hadaly (autumn change).jpg )
Autumn change.
>> No. 3464 [Edit]
File 151479169247.jpg - (855.30KB , 2286x2688 , 1513783334614.jpg )
>> No. 3487 [Edit]
File 151530977978.jpg - (145.81KB , 1100x1719 , 1515309447875.jpg )
>> No. 3489 [Edit]
File 151552588820.jpg - (217.86KB , 900x1200 , 鈴.jpg )
Albeit a bit delayed, she got her birthday/christmas present.
>> No. 3554 [Edit]
File 152363101889.jpg - (53.28KB , 462x311 , kindTY.jpg )
Has anyone bought anything from Parabox? If so, are they in good shape, easy to assemble, etc?
>> No. 3555 [Edit]
File 152406391787.jpg - (397.33KB , 960x1120 , ddLuka_sbImg.jpg )
I can't wait to finally hold my Luka dollfie in my arms but it might take another year until I'll be able to.

I already consider getting a custom dollfie.
>> No. 3562 [Edit]
File 152420451869.jpg - (270.39KB , 529x792 , Luka4.jpg )
Hnngg. DDH-06 Luka too cute..
>> No. 3564 [Edit]
File 152453159164.jpg - (173.33KB , 1278x853 , DT_nYzrVAAA8WHy.jpg )
Cute Luka with Miku head.
Also cute Miku with her own head.

I really like the dress.
>> No. 3567 [Edit]
File 152612119393.jpg - (3.91MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-12_10-11-49_2.jpg )
>> No. 3570 [Edit]
File 152659789921.jpg - (3.78MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-14_10-27-37_1.jpg )
My doll waiting for her now clothes.
>> No. 3571 [Edit]
File 152659797037.jpg - (4.15MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-14_10-28-31.jpg )
>> No. 3573 [Edit]
File 152710609065.jpg - (4.32MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-23_16-04-03_2.jpg )
Her kimono arrived.
>> No. 3574 [Edit]
File 152710615353.jpg - (5.00MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-23_16-08-34.jpg )
>> No. 3575 [Edit]
I've been working on sculpting my own for the past couple of months. It's very difficult to get the joints perfectly round on a SD-sized doll.
>> No. 3577 [Edit]
File 152711966382.jpg - (3.94MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-23_16-11-08.jpg )
wait you are making your own doll?
Wow that's awesome.
Do you use a 3D printer. for some of the parts?

Also bonus picture.
>> No. 3578 [Edit]
Yeah but I'm making it out of clay. It's really hard, getting everything symmetrical and all, so if I keep struggling with it I'll probably just switch over to 3d modeling, then printing, smoothing everything out and then casting in resin. The problem though, is that I'm on Linux and there's no good 3d modeling software for it other than Blender and you can't really sculpt too well in that, it's really hard to use, and 3d modeling has always just been something I can't wrap my head around in general. I tried getting ZBrush to run in Wine but it didn't work and it froze my computer and crashed seconds after starting it, and even when I was on Windows I couldn't get it to work.
>> No. 3579 [Edit]
This is a very nice picture.
>> No. 3581 [Edit]
File 152738584276.jpg - (4.93MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-25_17-21-05.jpg )
I ordered the Luka DD today.
Damn is she expensive.

I would recommend buying the internal frame form Obitsu or Volks.

>> No. 3582 [Edit]
>I ordered the Luka DD today.
Are you going to sell the other doll now, or keep both?
>Damn is she expensive.
Worth every penny though, that doll is very pretty.
>> No. 3583 [Edit]
File 152745162910.jpg - (22.51KB , 170x360 , body.jpg )
>I would recommend buying the internal frame form Obitsu or Volks.
This will be a 60cm/SD size elastic strung BJD, and not a vinyl fashion doll with an internal skeleton.
>> No. 3584 [Edit]
File 15276055356.jpg - (3.93MB , 5184x3456 , 2018-05-28_10-10-58.jpg )
>Are you going to sell the other doll now, or keep both?
I plan to keep both dolls.
Wouldn't one doll be lonely?

>Worth every penny though, that doll is very pretty.
I'm type person that hates spending that much that I even can have physical pain I spend to much money.

Makes sense. Didn't think about resin dolls.
>> No. 3636 [Edit]
File 153462678080.jpg - (74.43KB , 496x714 , Photo on 8-18-18 at 4_09 PM.jpg )
Kanon is the sweetest, comfiest doll in the world. I saw the jammies at a thrift store and had to see her in them~
>> No. 3637 [Edit]
reminds me of michelin mascot
>> No. 3638 [Edit]
That is an extremely cute picture. Well done.
>> No. 3641 [Edit]
File 153540198666.png - (528.80KB , 640x480 , 39899984_323353088242317_7785410616717475840_n.png )
Another picture of Kanon. I don't have any furniture, stuffed animals, or accessories for her quite yet, but hopefully I will soon!

>> No. 3646 [Edit]
File 153689855970.jpg - (462.54KB , 574x768 , Hadaly (Xylophanes chiron) C.jpg )
I retouched this one.
>> No. 3647 [Edit]
Damn, I never realised how much I wanted a doll until now. What camera do you anons use? I'm thinking of getting a camera so I can take decent photos of my hoard.
>> No. 3648 [Edit]
>> No. 3649 [Edit]
File 153699335725.jpg - (25.08KB , 600x450 , cybershot.jpg )
I use either my shitty old mobile, or a 2nd hand and also old Sony Cybershot I bought sometime ago. It's not really about the camera, but about the concept, setting and postprocessing.
>> No. 3650 [Edit]
>the concept, setting and postprocessing
Could you please elaborate more on this? Thanks for the reply and advice, its appreciated.
>> No. 3651 [Edit]
Not him but I've also been using a cyber shot for years. With some photo editing the images look perfectly fine. I Just recently bought an expensive dslr and the difference in quality honestly doesn't seem worth it.
>> No. 3652 [Edit]
File 153733439255.jpg - (1.64MB , 1984x1488 , Hadaly OUT II (Mu 0-).jpg )
From my experience, the most importat thing is to make it look it look like the dolls are actual persons on the setting, rather than toys on some rare environment. Follow your intuitions on that regard and you should be fine.
>> No. 3653 [Edit]
Many thanks for the helpful advice, I'm really grateful for it.
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