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No. 1413 [Edit]
So /fig/ I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I am interested in getting a daki cover in a couple of days. I've seen a particular design on eBay I like, but it costs about 40 with shipping and is imported from Hong Kong. I was able to then see that same design, along with a couple more on milanoo (link:

Question is what your opinion is on buying it there, it's cheaper and it seems it won't have to go through customs or anything. I think it's most likely legitimate and good quality, but what does /fig/ think?

Also I think we can turn this thread into a general dakimakura thread when this is answered .

Picture somewhat unrelated but funny.
>> No. 1414 [Edit]
There's nothing wrong with buying cheaper dakimakura.
It's not like figs where you get shit quality.
cheep/bootleg dakimakura are just as good, sometimes better then the real thing, it is after all just a image printed on fabric, there's no reason to have to pay 10,000 yen for one.
although at the same time, you do have to watch out for the overly cheep ones, which are less then $20, those tend to be small and made of shitty fabrics.

sage for 3DPD
>> No. 1415 [Edit]
Oh god, take out that pic my eyes are burning.
>> No. 1416 [Edit]
Thank you Brohno, I'll take that into account. Any other advice is appreciated /fig/.
>> No. 1422 [Edit]
May I ask why you want Rei dakimakura?
>> No. 1423 [Edit]
Actually, I linked to the REi so i wouldn't have a sudden influx of brohnos who might buy the Asuka daki I found before I bought it.

Wouldn't want it to run out of stock.
>> No. 1436 [Edit]
Now I want to know what picture OP posted...
>> No. 1437 [Edit]
a yoko cosplayer
>> No. 1438 [Edit]
Ew, do not want.
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