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File 131138927574.jpg - (295.02KB , 1024x768 , imgp2382.jpg )
1339 No. 1339 [Edit]
This weather has me scared shitless.

Humidity, temps in the 100 F range, and sweating miserably.

What effect does this have on my figs?

I find myself avoiding my room whenever I can for fear that I will raise the temperatures and humidity and make everything crumble.

The picture here is my equivalent to a horror movie, and I am currently proverbially walking through a dense forest in the dead of night.

>> No. 1341 [Edit]
I think they stopped putting those balls at the ends of the hands a long time ago with figma.

but anyways, yeah it's something that scares me a bit also, temp has gone well over 100 in here, since I hate having my door open, have no ac, no windows, and always have lights/pcs on.
it gets hot fast in here.
The only day I was taking photos of a figure (with assembly) and at one point I went to take it apart, when I did it was almost as if it had snapped off, but not really, just some paint that came off with the pegs, but nothing you can see when it's assembled, since it was just the pegs..
however, it appears as if her foot had gotten stuck to the base, which it's not supposed to come in direct contact with I believe, after pulling the fig out of the base, there was some paint trading between that food and the spot that was behind it on the base.
I've had other problems like that, such as my yui/azusa figma's guitars getting stuck to their uniform and leaving some of the guitars paint behind.
>> No. 1343 [Edit]
My issue is that I have this very figma, and since I HAD to have it, I payed a very high sum for it.
>> No. 1344 [Edit]
I've got the same one too, and have had it in the box she came with since I got it more then a year ago, like the guy in article.
I hope the same doesn't happen if/when I get around to unpacking it.
>> No. 1442 [Edit]
Haruhi $#%^ing %$#*
I got a bunch of figma today in the mail, and wouldn't you know it, a hand on one broke right off like nothing at all.
damn, I really can't believe how easy that thing broke off, I didn't twist it or pull it at an angel or anything, it just came right off with the ball joint thing still in the arm, damn it.
It's no wonder why they have smooth shafts on the hands now with all new figma.
I bet they got tons of complaints on this.
oh and this was the Fate figma by the way (old version, 009)
oh joy, now I get to try and dig the ball end out of the arm somehow.
>> No. 1443 [Edit]
fyi, using a needle is a bad idea.
I just tried prying it out with a needle, and the darn thing snapped off into my face.

Managed to get it out without much visable damage.
took the arm part off, and hammered a nail into the opposite end to push it out, sounds worse then it is, you can't see any damage unless you take the fig apart and look down the hole/slot.

Post edited on 16th Aug 2011, 12:41am
>> No. 1785 [Edit]
Lo and behold, something like this happened to me a couple weeks ago.

My Konata Figma was somehow bumped off my shelf onto my bed, under my pillow. When I jumped onto my bed, I heard a tiny SNAP.

and my heart dropped.

the insert where the stand goes into the back of her hair snapped off, and was stuck in there...

After a lot of experimenting, I finally used a tiny screw, screwed it into the insert, and pulled it out, no damage done.

However, I do need a new stand...
>> No. 1886 [Edit]
Forgot to post about it, but my Tsuruya figma I purchased for myself for my birthday broke.

Out ot the box, her right shoulder joint was frozen. I tried to wiggle it a little (usually they're just a little stuck), but it just SNAPPED. the joint was literally fused together.

The shoulder joint is a sphere in a socket in the body, with a revolver joint attached to the outer part. The revolving joint was fused and the socket wasn't moving well.

Using some tools I carved out a hole in the socket ball after intentionally breaking off the useless revolving joint. I then found a spare revolver joint from a revoltech fig I have, and after doing some gluing and curing, the joint works like a charm.

Revoltech and Figma joints are interchangeable but make the figma look silly. Her right shoulder sticks out a scale two inches from her body but I at least fixed the damn thing.
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