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File 130894218430.jpg - (466.42KB , 1000x1333 , nia.jpg )
1205 No. 1205 [Edit]
Thread for posters. Post some posters!

I ordered this print from snapfish. The art is of course by Huke, and it's 20"x30".
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>> No. 1206 [Edit]
File 130894221883.jpg - (384.46KB , 1000x1464 , azu.jpg )
I've wanted this forever, so I got it.
>> No. 1207 [Edit]
How do you guys attach your posters to your walls?

Personally, the idea of poking holes in them bugs me to no end, so I use rolled up tape placed on the back.
>> No. 1208 [Edit]
The only reason I use pins is because I like how flat it gets the poster against the wall. I have just never liked the way tape makes them look on the wall. Those little double sided pads would be cool, but I don't really wanna leave the house to get them.
>> No. 1209 [Edit]

I use tape too. I used to use "sticky tac" or whatever, but found it would leave an oily stain ruining the poster.
>> No. 1210 [Edit]
I frame them in a simple, thin black wooden frame and use tape to get the frame to the wall as I don't making holes in my walls. The frames are costy for big posters but they make them look gorgeous and are more "healthy" to the poster than pinning it to the wall or using tape that might rip it later on. Surely the best way if you can pay for it.
>> No. 1211 [Edit]
I'd like to get the big one framed at some point, though I think it will kinda look awkward with just one poster in a frame.. I need more posters.
>> No. 1212 [Edit]
File 130904813990.jpg - (66.12KB , 576x768 , P250611_19_12 0.jpg )
printed on cavas. it has its own holes so I didn't need to damage it.
>> No. 1226 [Edit]
I just ordered a frame for a poster I have.

I'll post a picture when it arrives and I hang it up. Framing is a little expensive, but I don't mind because it's a very nice poster and I only have 2 on my wall anyway.
>> No. 1227 [Edit]
you don't have to put the pins through the poster, if you put enough pressure on it it will be enough to hold it up, then for the bottom pins, you rest the top of the poster on them, while still using lots of pressure ofcourse.
>> No. 1383 [Edit]
I've got a bunch of posters and I'm a bit concerned here.
It's stupidly hot in this room (even with fans running nonstop becuase it has no window), and I want to buy an ac unit, but what I'm worried about is weather or not it could damage or affect my posters in some way.
I'm not exactly loaded with cash, so I wanted to get something cheep, but all the cheep ones use some sort of water evaporating system.
I got a really cheep $10 one which I used for about a week, and I think it made my posters warp up a little, but not sure, might be my imagination. (it certainly did make me sick and feel like crap as least.)

tldr, would a swamp cooler ruin posters?
>> No. 1390 [Edit]
I got a bunch of issues of Megami magazine for the posters but I feel like theyre too lewd to hang
>> No. 1447 [Edit]
oh never mind, I got a normal non-water based ac unit.
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