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File 130812269826.png - (1.35MB , 600x450 , Tohno1308122054.png )
1179 No. 1179 [Edit]
What's the best kind of light for displaying figs?
I've heard some kinds of lights can really fade the color on figures and ruin them forever, daylight namely.
and some lights, mostly the yellowish ones, seem to be able to stain some white surfaces and turn them yellow in my experience (I've got a piss yellow Dreamcast which I think is becuase of my lights).
I was thinking of using a bunch of white LEDs to light up my fig case, would this be safe?
Mainly I was going to just have a group of them at the top, possibly cover it with something to defuse the light, and was also contemplating running wires down the edges of the display case and placing a single white LED in each corner.

is this a good or bad idea?
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>> No. 1180 [Edit]
Im not sure light can stain an object like that. if you keep it out of sunlight it'll probably be alright.
>> No. 1181 [Edit]
Said dreamcast is still white inside the tray, and on the bottom.
I also have a number of white lego bricks I noticed this happened to, some turned half yellow, as if they had a tan line.
I don't know it it was caused by lights or not, but that is what I suspect.

Post edited on 15th Jun 2011, 12:32am
>> No. 1197 [Edit]
Does or have you or anyone else in your house smoke or smoked, have a woodstove or fireplace, or use air fresheners, aerosol deodorisers, diffusers or scented candles?

For my lighting I use LED Christmas lights, but for a more well-lit feel I use LED button lights. Generally I only light my figs before I go to bed or for special occasions.

I don't think LED will harm your figs. However, I plan on making one part of my display into the SOS Dan clubroom, and another part look like a traditional Japanese room with tatami mats, and giant LED lights don't really work for those settings.
>> No. 1198 [Edit]
File 130862035434.jpg - (398.58KB , 800x1800 , LEDlight.jpg )
No, none of that.
My mom used to light candles, but not anymore.

I ended up buying something with LEDs, but premade, pic related, was gonna try this out for my fig case.
>> No. 1199 [Edit]
Goddamn AAA batteries
>> No. 1200 [Edit]
yeah that part sucks, I would rather it used a plug, so I wouldn't have to keep replacing batteries.
Maybe I'll try and connect a power cord to the thing somehow.
>> No. 1201 [Edit]
I think what makes things fade is the UV spectrum inside the light. UV light packs more energy, enough to break the bonds in certain chemicals. Sunlight ahs some UV, most artificial forms of light don't I think.

Candles are even worse. They will release black soot which will eventually come to coat your figs, not to mention the fire danger.
>> No. 1263 [Edit]
File 131051647980.jpg - (502.46KB , 900x675 , lightbar.jpg )
Got the thing, and to no surprise, it was really cheaply made, But it works and the figs look awesome under it.

When I got it, It had no manual or anything, so I didn't know how to get the plate thing off the back that was keeping me from getting to the battery's, wasn't until I took a power drill to it and got it off I saw it just had to be slid to the side then up (which I even tried) would have been nice had they said so.
This was something I wanted to leave on all the time, and because opening the fig case over and over to turn it on/off or change the battery's would suck, I took it apart and wired it up to run off an old power adapter I had, which was surprisingly easy to do, then I ripped apart an old light I had, and used the on/off switch for that, and taped it to the side of my fig case, works pretty well I think.

Anyways, if anyone wants one of these lights, they go for like $7+ on ebay, just search for "led cabinet light"
Just know, the pads used to hold them to the surface really suck, mine fell down onto my figs the other day, so I went and bought some sticky pad things to hold it in place (rather not drill holes into my fig case to screw something this cheep into place.)
>> No. 3347 [Edit]
File 150379300785.jpg - (87.46KB , 1200x960 , 1458682933489.jpg )
The non-photographer's guide to taking photographs of figs
>> No. 3365 [Edit]
File 150563201475.jpg - (38.83KB , 355x355 , 71lJFk1KPpL__SY355_.jpg )
You guys know about LED strip lighting right? You can buy spools of the stuff at hardware stores and they often sell plug in wires for them for running the cable around things where you don't need the light to be.
They even have other forms of the lights, if pucks, bars or tracks.
They sell a small kit called "Dioder" at IKEA that's perfect for backlighting a monitor, bookcase or TV and it's really cheap.
I anticipate they also have separate parts to extend the kit at the parts desk where you'd order replacement tabletops and get replacement screws.

LED lights won't damage figs. They don't get very hot with the proper voltage and ventilation. As long as you don't put one of those standing 20k lumen worklights right beside your shelf.

It probably goes without saying but sunlight is the number one thing you have to avoid with any collectible.
Honestly, you should avoid sunlight in general because it'll degenerate your macula / make you blind and give you skin cancer. Don't forget to take vitamin D pills.
>> No. 3366 [Edit]
Why not share example of figs + this thingies? I have no clue what you're talking about in practice.
>> No. 3367 [Edit]
LED lightbulbs are just 3 or 4 of those stuck in a lightbulb shell and do the same job. They can be bought in any supermarket and fit a standard lamp connection.
That said cfls will do pretty much the same thing.
Any lightbulb that doesn't get hot is fine I would have thought? Is there some advantage i'm not seeing?
>> No. 3369 [Edit]
10 watt and below cfl don't get hot enough to warrant concern in colder climates but I see your point. LED strips would make a very cost effective way of lighting any glass door cabinet.
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