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File 17051934542.jpg - (547.33KB , 1920x1080 , [ThundraSubs] Pon no Michi - 01 [1080]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
37785 No. 37785 [Edit]
Cute girls playing mahjong, enough said.
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>> No. 37786 [Edit]
File 170519410322.jpg - (172.90KB , 1920x1080 , [MahjongSoulless] Pon no Michi - 01 (1080p) [00M4S.jpg )
Word to the wise, [MahjongSoulless] is meme subs.
>> No. 37787 [Edit]
Are they funny at least? Last good meme sub I ever watched was Wakako Zake.
>> No. 37789 [Edit]
I did see someone in the comment section of nyaa saying they did enjoy it. I guess if you're someone that gets bored of cute girls doing x club thing alone, it might add another layer to it for you.
>> No. 37790 [Edit]
File 170526815915.jpg - (188.89KB , 1920x1080 , [ThundraSubs] Pon no Michi - 01 [1080]_mkv_snapsho.jpg )
So far it looks like it's just going to be about a group of friends messing around and not really taking the game too seriously.
>> No. 37791 [Edit]
Well it's not a good sign if a nyaa commenter enjoyed it... It doesn't seem like there are any proper subs for this, the only other option is b-global which is probably going to be questionable.

I wonder why someone would go through the effort of typesetting memesubs but also not include a proper (non-meme) track.
>> No. 37793 [Edit]
The memesubs weren't funny. They were a random mishmash of half-hearted attempt at humor that didn't really commit to anything. Figures that modern "fansubbers" can't even do memesubs correctly. Shorts are probably better suited for memesubbing in the first place anyway.
>> No. 37796 [Edit]
Another sub attempt from "NovaWorks". I haven't watched it myself but from an anon on /a/
>Gave it a watch and I’m not even sure what the point of it is. They take liberties with the translation (Nashiko and her mom’s dialogue) but still manage to be unfunny. The advantage is the signs being translated (book title, etc.) accurately and with proper timing/cover but it’s essentially an “improved” B-Global release that still changes the dialogue translation for laughs.
I guess b-global still remains the best choice. Interesting that there's now two fansubs by people who ostensibly know enough mahjong to translate the terms correctly yet they intentionally butcher the rest of the dialogue. If there's some anon with an interest in mahjong, there's low hanging fruit here to make a hybrid sub which doesn't suck.

I'm just watching it for the "cute girls shooting the shit" myself, the mahjong parts go over my head. I'm happy that it's not a "serious" mahjong show, and they'll still be doing the usual SoL activities. The chun-beam joke was funny, apparently that's actually a reference to some other mahjong manga.
>> No. 37797 [Edit]
NovaWorks is notorious for taking massive liberties with translations. Their "translation" (it wasn't one) of a song in episode 1 of Komi-san comes to mind. They changed it to an entirely different song for no real reason and had massive pushback in the Nyaa comments, yet still insisted it was the correct choice.
>> No. 37798 [Edit]
I see. I really don't understand why "fansubbers" do this, why they'd spend the effort on typesetting just so they can go ahead and intentionally butcher translations. (And then _they_ can somehow can go ahead and release these on nyaa while the poor independent sod making his own earnest translation is barred from uploading). When mystery meat chinese MTL'd subs end up being the most reliable choice for a show like this (not to mention the more the general pattern of "fansubbers" usually tending to make things worse than the original corporate subs), it's no surprise that fansubbing as a whole died out.
>> No. 37799 [Edit]
To play devils advocate here, I think it's because fansubbing is a vary long boring tedious process with not much reward. I would guess they do this to have fun with it and keep themselves motivated. As we've seen, some people do enjoy these sorts of subs as they make something they would find boring suddenly more entertaining. So there's certainly an audience for this stuff.
>> No. 37800 [Edit]
That'd be a case for making an alt-track though, which is what fansubbers used to do.
>> No. 37876 [Edit]
File 170700930857.jpg - (97.00KB , 1280x720 , [Ohys-Raws] Pon no Michi - 02 (BS6 1280x720 x264 A.jpg )
Decided to stop waiting for subs and just go in raw. Maybe not the best anime to do this with, but I need the practice all the same.
Why didn't this get any subs anyway? Seemed like there was a good amount of hype for this.
>> No. 37877 [Edit]
We do have subs though, from the eastern seas of b-global. They're pretty usable enough, at least for the slice of life parts, and the mahjong parts might also be OK (because in my experience b-global tends to paradoxically nail the trees but miss the forest).

>why didn't this get any subs
Probably no one left who cares. It would not be too hard to take the b-global subs, polish them up, and add TL notes for the mahjong stuff. But likely there aren't many people who care about mahjong _and_ care enough about having proper subs.
>> No. 37965 [Edit]
Fyi this has yet another MTL release, courtesy of ADN this time (it's also apparently just thrown on youtube without even the geofence restrictions of MUSE, and someone was kind enough to hand transcribe(!) them. I wonder if there's some conspiracy to ensure this show never gets a decent sub. (Kudos to the anon who did the manual-transcription though, that's a lot of effort for a relatively obscure show. Although I wonder why OCR wasn't considered).

But B-global still seems to be the best option: the ADN MTL is markedly choppy and inelegant, while b-global flows better. I wonder why that is... either the Chinese are using better MTL software or their translators can put together English prose better than the outsourced translators ADN uses (ADN seems to be a french company but I doubt they're hiring any European to do subs for a show like this).

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