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File 170095676491.jpg - (78.75KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 01 (720p) [820FC7.jpg )
37581 No. 37581 [Edit]
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>> No. 37656 [Edit]
File 170256567744.jpg - (504.22KB , 2160x3146 , ix0a0nha4v5c1.jpg )
>> No. 37660 [Edit]
File 170278124264.jpg - (232.84KB , 807x1194 , 20231215.jpg )
Oh noes...
>> No. 37667 [Edit]
File 170291993548.png - (1.77MB , 1744x1079 , 1j62al4irkzb1.png )
kino scene desu. will be memed for years
>> No. 37671 [Edit]
File 170303488165.jpg - (104.42KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 07 (720p) [24255A.jpg )
I think it's fairly accurate.
>> No. 37681 [Edit]
I love the lack of hesitation.
>> No. 37682 [Edit]
File 170325374552.jpg - (62.22KB , 680x569 , GAhIoUkbUAA69Hv.jpg )
you have to hide your power level
>> No. 37684 [Edit]
Acting retarded is a viable strategy in all walks of life!
>> No. 37696 [Edit]
File 170367226749.jpg - (142.69KB , 952x808 , 20231228.jpg )
She already showed that with the shota demon that tried to noose her.

Flamme calls it mana shield. Hehe.
>> No. 37708 [Edit]
File 170380042270.gif - (1.59MB , 268x350 , tumblr_ab2b9d33cda5650880401de5f6ff96f5_15632268_4.gif )
Latest episode went hard.
>> No. 37712 [Edit]
File 170408039887.jpg - (77.50KB , 609x537 , 20240101.jpg )
>> No. 37751 [Edit]
File 17044725017.png - (1.41MB , 1366x768 , Wallp.png )
This is an extremely beautiful show. I like the slow pacing of the episodes that I've seen so far, too.

I was bemoaning the lack of fantasy anime with lovely artstyles recently, but this show is genuinely gorgeous. I hope that I continue to enjoy the show as it progresses.
>> No. 37756 [Edit]
I love Fern and Stark.
>> No. 37757 [Edit]
File 170451402053.jpg - (106.23KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 12 (720p) [AFFBF5.jpg )
Why is she like this? Was she sexually abused by the drunk priest or something?
>> No. 37758 [Edit]
She probably gets a LOT of unwanted attention because of her huge boobs
>> No. 37761 [Edit]
File 170456306128.png - (527.22KB , 852x622 , frierenlionface.png )
>> No. 37762 [Edit]
File 170456320330.png - (1.74MB , 1920x1080 , frieren is a witch.png )
I like how this series incorporates a lot of European folklore. The writers did their research
>> No. 37763 [Edit]
File 170456358938.png - (3.20MB , 1920x1080 , ep 17 ending.png )
The ending is really pretty
>> No. 37764 [Edit]
I really like the elf.
>> No. 37767 [Edit]
File 170460006736.gif - (2.77MB , 600x338 , frieren cauldron.gif )
You gotta do the cooking by the book, or the cake will end up crazy.
>> No. 37768 [Edit]
Break it down, bitch!
>> No. 37771 [Edit]
File 170474801538.png - (1.14MB , 730x960 , gtdbw6ne74bc1.png )
>> No. 37772 [Edit]
Before clicking on it, I thought it said "make anime great again"
>> No. 37775 [Edit]
File 17048775393.jpg - (26.57KB , 500x446 , 20240111.jpg )
I want a mimic plushie...
>> No. 37776 [Edit]
File 170493388010.png - (329.47KB , 850x592 , 1704926105916434.png )
guys only want one thing
>> No. 37777 [Edit]
File 170494117266.png - (242.82KB , 350x669 , 3ofyn5zo5nbc1.png )
We stan this autistic elf
>> No. 37778 [Edit]
File 170510000544.png - (1.40MB , 1920x1080 , lionface2.png )
<( - ω - )>
>> No. 37779 [Edit]
<=(= ω =)=>
>> No. 37808 [Edit]
File 170548530723.jpg - (83.36KB , 589x657 , 20240121.jpg )
Frieren: Prepare the FERN LEGION
>> No. 37818 [Edit]
I feel as though this kind of twitter slang is not appropriate for this site.
>> No. 37821 [Edit]
To me the majority of this thread is a dumping ground for low-quality, low-effort posts. It got annoying enough that I wrote a script to regex filter them.
>> No. 37822 [Edit]
I agree. Nonetheless, I do like his enthusiasm.
>> No. 37823 [Edit]
I really like the priest. It's nice and refreshing seeing actual adults in modern anime. It's a nice contrast as well to have a mentality strong and confident male character along with one that's physically strong but lacks confidence. I think they work well. Kind of makes the party feel like a family.
Another thing I noticed that other serise could learn from. A lot of modern serise seem to avoid having male characters if they aren't nonthreating, out of some fear they might alienate Otaku who don't want guys messing with their favorite girl. Guys like the priest character can work since their tastes aren't going line up with what your typical Otaku wants anyway.
>> No. 37831 [Edit]
File 170572468266.jpg - (54.78KB , 1360x768 , 002024a.jpg )
Are ther priestess in this world? We haven't seen any yet...
>> No. 37838 [Edit]
File 170600776164.jpg - (137.98KB , 850x1157 , 20240128.jpg )
Tournament arc time!
>> No. 37840 [Edit]
It seems like this series goes a few episodes that are enjoyable, but then has three episode arcs that are thrilling
>> No. 37850 [Edit]
It's always exciting when demon antagonists turn up.
>> No. 37851 [Edit]
File 170634402231.jpg - (281.65KB , 960x1200 , 20240128.jpg )
F&F figurine
>> No. 37863 [Edit]
File 170660820877.jpg - (78.09KB , 850x747 , 20240204.jpg )
Fern: I only need two spells and a whole lotta mana.
>> No. 37869 [Edit]
File 170669429532.jpg - (430.08KB , 1685x1925 , 20240205.jpg )
Frieren magically combines a feel-good story with magical action. Lovely!
>> No. 37971 [Edit]
File 171108585412.jpg - (97.34KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 23 (720p) [0E7D2C.jpg )
I thought this series was great at first, but man it's like this turns into an entirely different anime in it's second half. It's like one anime is this fun feel good easy going adventure with a focus on fleshing out deep interesting characters on their journey together with themes of learning how to move on with one's life while still appreciating what you left behind. It also had the bonus of resurrecting a setting that has been ruined by a flood of bastardized copycats each worse than the last, and avoiding all the obnoxious tropes and cliche those introduced.
Then half way in, the pacing and everything else just comes to a grinding halt. The male characters get booted off to the side lines while the girls take part in a very long mage test/tournament. It practically turns into cape shit at that point, with a focus on action and a bunch of new characters having their own unique super powers, who are then made to fight each other in typical anime fashion. They even do that thing where fights get dragged out while we're given context for characters powers as they fight, or in depth explanations of their powers and abilities.
Funny thing is, once they're done fighting each other they're tasked with exploring a dungeon, which as it turns out is just another setting for (essentially) fighting each other some more. The reason given for why this lengthy detour feels so flimsy too. Our characters are traveling north, but they can't get into Canada without a passport, so they have to spend half a season taking tests to get one.
To me this feels like lazy writing, which is weird because it was pretty decent up untill this point. I don't know if the creator got burnt out and decided to phone it in for a while or what. During this second half, most of the flash backs to Frieren's old adventuring days feel poorly done too. Maybe it's just me but as things go on Himmel in flash backs seems less and less human and more like a caricature of a unrealistically perfect handsome and romantic hero trope, more so than he already was. If we're being generous however, one might say this could be frieren coming to terms with her feelings for the guy and remembering him with rose tinted glasses. Either way, it's a bit disappointing to see the direction this took.
>> No. 37973 [Edit]
File 171109318556.jpg - (1.00MB , 1417x1500 , dbae1ed6aa06dc8a3092316ef8f78812.jpg )
This isn't the first time something starts out promising, but devolves into tropey shounen-slop. Toyko Goul was pretty much the same, but at least that was split into seasons.
>> No. 37974 [Edit]
This was never meant to be only a SoL. Since you seem to be an anime-only I understand the feeling due to the slow paced introduction to the series but I think you had it coming the moment they introduced Aura
>> No. 37975 [Edit]
Tokyo ghoul turned like that due to the anime being a shitty weird adaptation of the manga, it's like SAO, yeah their sources may not be the second coming of Christ but they aren't bad at all but the anime adaptations did em all dirty.
>> No. 37976 [Edit]
Not denying that the adaptation was botched, but opinions seem mixed about the Tokto Ghoul:re manga as well. From MAL -
>Tokyo Ghoul started and ended as an average "seinen", but we had Tokyo Ghoul Re some months later and the average seinen transformed into the typical below average shonen.
>Tokyo Ghoul:Re wasn't ground-breaking like it's prequel. Instead,it was tired, messy and boring.
>Compared to the prequels, be it the anime or the manga, this is nothing alike.
>> No. 37977 [Edit]
File 17111657808.jpg - (0.97MB , 642x1200 , 113122764_p0_master1200.jpg )
Pretty much, another case of bait and switch. The show was almost entirely atmosphere in the first place. Once that was abandoned all that was left was thinly veiled monkey-shit, a term which I use to describe due to the shows perverse thematic obsession with others. Indeed, despite my personal distaste for the aforementioned, the fact I generally enjoyed the first half was a testament to how good the atmosphere initially was. I didn't really mind all that much as the way in which it presented those themes initially had an air of subtlety; i.e the interactions that brought attention to them or direct dialogue regarding were natural and the ultimatums of these scenes didn't feel as though they were being forced down your throat as they did in the last quarter. This was likewise complimented by the shows willingness to slow down and show mundane events without being boring (the montages for instance were my favorite part of this show and a compilation of such I may or may not make is likely the only part of this show I'll keep saved on my drive [and maybe the fight of stark vs linnie / fern vs lugner]). Around the time of sein or maybe shortly after, this was gone. Flashbacks were as you state and the dialogue became progressively more contrived, which itself I think was just as much of a contribution to the degradation as the plot. The setting remained idyllic but without the same atmosphere which it mainly served to compliment, left little in it's own right to offer and what it did was typically built upon in an infodump-y manner regardless of the point in the show anyways.
>> No. 37979 [Edit]
File 171153945010.gif - (219.92KB , 220x144 , 20240000.gif )
Mimic is the best character in Frieren
>> No. 37983 [Edit]
IGN didn't do their homework.
>> No. 38013 [Edit]
File 171271215675.png - (2.43MB , 3000x2670 , f9ae43fc7265196787a852d425728fc0.png )
>Readers added context they thought people might want to know
>Isekai literally means "different world" in Japanese. The Oxford definition says that isekai is a genre "... where a protagonist who is transported to or reincarnated in a different, strange, or unfamiliar world.", which is in line with the word's definition in Japanese.
>> No. 38044 [Edit]
File 171340305484.jpg - (172.82KB , 1280x720 , [SubsPlease] Sousou no Frieren - 22 (720p) [5FEBFB.jpg )
Is she ever 'not' pissed off?
>> No. 38106 [Edit]
File 171591201179.jpg - (811.02KB , 1792x2304 , GNO0tbEagAAyMqW.jpg )
I'm glad the series got so much praise and love, now it's not crazy to think about more seasons and even movies in the distant future.
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