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File 166731339417.jpg - (79.97KB , 468x836 , dekinai hanged.jpg )
36727 No. 36727 [Edit]
The most obscure anime you've ever watched.
Let's play a game. Go to desu/a/rchive and search for the most obscure anime you've watched and see how many results pop up. Let's see how many zeroes we can get. Remember to type all possible names.
I got one result only, for Genma Taisen Shinwa Zen'ya no shou.
>> No. 36728 [Edit]
anything produced past 2007 or so will likely have hits
>> No. 36729 [Edit]
Also if you search for "Genma Taisen" or "Genma Wars" you get plenty of hits on the archive
>> No. 36731 [Edit]
Most stuff I searched came up with a ton of results, the only ones I got under 100 with were magical nyan nyan taruto 90, and Bermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale 32.
>> No. 36732 [Edit]
These are about Genma Taisen Harmaggedon, a feature length film made in the early 80's. I'm talking about Genma Taisen Shinwa Zen'ya no shou which is an anime series released in the early 00's. These are 20 years apart and don't share almost anything plotwise.
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