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File 162884751846.jpg - (30.69KB , 452x640 , 1628795119081.jpg )
35856 No. 35856 [Edit]
The latest (last?) Rebuild movie is finally out. What are your thoughts on it? Were the 9 year wait worth it?
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>> No. 35857 [Edit]
Didn't watch it. Don't plan to.

Post edited on 13th Aug 2021, 11:33am
>> No. 35858 [Edit]
same. I couldn't even finish third one.
>> No. 35859 [Edit]
I thought it was really good. I didn't like the third one when I saw it but I think it's redeemed it in my eyes since it built off where it left off. If nothing else I finally got that catharsis I've been waiting for.
>> No. 35862 [Edit]
File 162889692077.png - (286.72KB , 1804x1284 , kiss.png )
I decided to check out because of another thread. You've really, really pissed me off op.
>> No. 35863 [Edit]
I'm at 2:00:00 out of 2:36:00~ and I'm having a hard time not fast forwarding it by now. It's some real garbage oh my god.
>> No. 35864 [Edit]
File 162889980035.jpg - (228.22KB , 1280x1034 , bc771749b94d790c9e0196f4438271ad.jpg )
After you finish, please write a scathing review in the review thread.
>> No. 35865 [Edit]
I should have fast forwarded...
I can't, this movie has drained my will
>> No. 35867 [Edit]
So is this going to be the last one or do we have to wait ten years for the next part?
>> No. 35868 [Edit]
I don't think I could watch this without killing myself, regardless of whether it's good.
>> No. 35873 [Edit]
File 162898638894.jpg - (109.26KB , 634x670 , 1568623172262.jpg )
They started off with one of the most thought provoking films of all time, did a half-remaster, half-sequel and the culmination of almost 20 years of waiting is... A fucking _anime_.
It's not creative but awful, it's not great but bland. It's pure, concentrated _passable_. They wrote an ending to a franchise as important as Evangelion in the most pedestrian of ways. They might as well have released it straight to video, because it got an OVA treatment in the writing department and no amount of render-farm bullshit can save the two and a half-hour run-time from the clearance bin.
>> No. 35874 [Edit]
Everything about this movie is just Anno giving the middle finger and laughing at the fans who eat this shit up, at least he knows these movies are a joke.

Now that he has properly funded his studio, I am very much looking forward to his new works.
>> No. 35875 [Edit]
File 162928643283.jpg - (20.84KB , 517x337 , s1.jpg )
Just as planned.

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