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File 16059382368.jpg - (113.31KB , 398x600 , 108303l.jpg )
35158 No. 35158 [Edit]
Is anyone here keeping up with this?
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>> No. 35159 [Edit]
Just checked it out: not bad at all! Snappy, well-paced, and a nice selection of music. Never thought I'd see "cute girls use a DAW" checked off the list.
>> No. 35161 [Edit]
File 160602304615.jpg - (53.11KB , 1280x720 , dj dom.jpg )
I watched the first episode today. I liked it. main girl is really expressive, the animation is really good, it has a unique idea, so it's a lot of fun. I think I'll keep watching the rest.
>> No. 35162 [Edit]
I can't help but mishear "wow war tonight" as "world war tonight."

Post edited on 21st Nov 2020, 10:12pm
>> No. 35210 [Edit]
DJ, spin that wheel!
>> No. 36319 [Edit]
File 165716404780.png - (569.93KB , 1182x641 , flip.png )
This show was great. Thanks for suggesting it, otherwise I never would have tried it.
Also any show with a flip flappers references scores a few bonus points from me.
>> No. 36326 [Edit]
Also I enjoyed the rap battle [1] a lot but was sad I couldn't find lyrics, so here's a (perhaps inaccurate) transcription:

わかりたい のに 足んない言葉が


なんで そんなこと言うの

自分勝手 気分やって



いつでも 思い続けていいだよ

nē, gomen ne
nan de okotteru ka wakannai
wakaritai no ni tannai kotoba ga
chinmoku no riyū ga shiritai

are dake oshieta rappu no rizumu
marude nakunai wa dame dame na rin ku
a, sorya sō yo issho ni iyō to
atama n naka wa jibun no koto da ke

nande sonna koto iu no
itsumo itsumo kangaeteiru yo
zutto issho ni asobitai
minna de sawagitaishi yume kanaetai

anta ga kokoro koko ni arazu
me no mae no ageru mushiro kyōmi wa naku
jibungatte kibun yatte
dōse rappu no honki de renshū suru ki nai n desho

me no mae ni inaku datte
kokoro ni munichanga ita n datte
zenjitsu posuto nozoita kedo
o tegami no henji kurenakatta

sabishikatta no
tegami kuru tabi kyori wo kanjiteta
hontōwa ayamaritakatta
"gomen" ga īdasenakatta

shōjiki ni nareba yokatta
sunao ni ieba yokatta
itsu demo omoitsuzukete ī da yo
kimi no egao to
deai–gara ima made no hibi wo ( hibi wo )
kotoba ni tsumugu koto wa terekusai keredo
kono saki mo issho ni iyō

>> No. 36886 [Edit]
Seems like the VA for Rei was recast due to the original VA suffering from vocal cord edema:

It's a shame, Rei's soothing voice was in the original was a nice contrast to Rinku's (c.f. [1, 2])


Also [2] above, Kokoro Odoru, is a great song. It's only a cover, not an original, but it fits Happy Around really well, and after their experimentation with rap lyrics in the last 2 episodes they probably might have come up with something like that anyway.

Post edited on 24th Dec 2022, 7:05pm
>> No. 37044 [Edit]
Second season (All Mix) is out. I'm a bit disappointed the focus is on the other groups this time. Rinku made 1st season so endearing. And song or character-image wise I'm not a particular fan of Lyrical Lilly group. Also I've never played the game so I don't have any exposure to the other groups outside the albums, which means seeing the other groups is a bit confusing without knowing who is who. But I guess that's my fault, I won't fault the anime for assuming that you've played the game.

Post edited on 21st Feb 2023, 12:05am
>> No. 37045 [Edit]
File 167696617566.jpg - (339.77KB , 1920x1080 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Precious shot of Shinobu.
>> No. 37059 [Edit]
Ep6 of all mix (s2) is really interesting, one of the most creative uses of English fluidly intermixed with Japanese dialogue I've seen. And it's particularly unique in that it takes advantage of the fact that Maho's VA does indeed speak English with pretty good fluency (there's a bit of an accent so it's not perfect [unlike like that one other VA/youtuber I don't remember the who genuinely is indistinguishable from a english native], but I think that gets a pass).
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