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File 160209840038.jpg - (298.21KB , 899x1280 , 22379v3[1].jpg )
34803 No. 34803 [Edit]
Are there series you'd like to see an adaptation of or predict would be adapted in the near future? A few that comes to mind for me would be Dungeon Meshi, 'Tis Time for Torture, Princess, Chotto Ippai and The Ride-On King. The first three I expect would be adapted in the near future especially the first two as they are quite popular. I can see Dogakobo doing Chotto Ippai and 'Tis Time For Torture, Princess.
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>> No. 34804 [Edit]
File 160209867922.jpg - (151.14KB , 739x1080 , Mizore-chan.jpg )
I intend to post on /ma/ about this but I really badly want Melt Away! Mizore-chan to be adapted. I also suspect I'm not the only one in the camp of adapting Jahy-sama.
>> No. 34805 [Edit]
I have that one in my bookmark but have yet to read it. I'm with you on Jahy, the latest chapter was really cute btw.
>> No. 34806 [Edit]
File 160209951620.jpg - (571.54KB , 850x599 , sample_0e48d3b8e6801a8c899a4215156a1db5.jpg )
Kamisama no Iutoori, Uzumaki, Pluto, Platinum End, Dementia 21 and Heads
>> No. 34809 [Edit]
>I also suspect I'm not the only one in the camp of adapting Jahy-sama.
I'd like an adaptation of that. I think it would be fun, I can picture a smug voice for Jahy adding a lot to it.
>> No. 34827 [Edit]
I ended up reading Mizore-chan and it's great, unfortunate that the series was dropped by the scanlators. An adaptation would be nice.
>> No. 35054 [Edit]
File 160427173560.jpg - (565.36KB , 2048x1454 , ElfIUwIU0AA4DzW[1].jpg )
I completely did not expect this but Somato's Shadows House is getting an anime adaptation. I'm excited.
>> No. 35174 [Edit]
Off-tangent but the mangaka of Jahy has a youtube account.
>> No. 37852 [Edit]
File 170635661955.jpg - (204.00KB , 850x1474 , 20240128.jpg )
>Dungeon Meshi
Manga completed about two months before the anime adaption premier...
>> No. 37868 [Edit]
File 170669379934.jpg - (109.35KB , 850x1156 , 20240204.jpg )
Link to that?
>> No. 37879 [Edit]
More isekai would be appreciated.
>> No. 38103 [Edit]
Pretty good accuracy on those predictions: himesama goumon no jikan was not only adapted but cleared for a 2nd season. Dungeon Meishi is currently airing.

I'll consider you the anime soothsayer, and eagerly await the announcement of a Chotto Ippai adaption any day now.
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