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File 160209635264.jpg - (109.55KB , 439x600 , slimes.jpg )
34798 No. 34798 [Edit]
(By the Grace of the Gods)
Slime Rancher: The Animation. It's about a wagie who gets isekai'd into a little kid who takes care of a bunch of slimes and has stupidly high brute strength. There isn't much to say since the first episode just sets everything up but it's a nice little spin on isekai even if it can be called "just a gimmick" like most isekai.
>> No. 34799 [Edit]
What do they need the slimes for?
>> No. 34800 [Edit]
They're not slime girls, so I can't get interested.
>> No. 34801 [Edit]
I don't understand the point of isekai, the premise of "the MC was once a person from the present world but he died and was reincarnated into another world" doesn't add value to the story and in fact most "isekai" would technically still work without it.
>> No. 34802 [Edit]
It panders to the wish of reincarnating in a fantasy world and living a fun life.
>> No. 34807 [Edit]
Can it be called a spin on isekai if most isekai try to do a spin on isekai?
>> No. 34808 [Edit]
That's not really true. It's just that a lot of isekai authors these days are amateur web novel writers who make their big break. In Rayearth for instance the fact that they're from another world is very important both in the status it grants them and how unfamiliar they are with the world itself.
>> No. 34810 [Edit]
I should've been more specific, older stuff like Rayearth and Inuyasha definitely does it better because "isekai" in these instances are actually part of the plot. I'm not completely against isekai mind you, some series like Youjo Senki and The Ride-On King are decent examples because the concept of being from the present actually plays into the plot development and sometimes even gets revisited. I'm not entirely sure but isn't isekai actually a relatively new term/genre? I don't recall Rayearth ever being classed as one in the past. I just feel that a lot of these "new isekai" would've done just as well if not better as a series without the need to add that "the hero was from the present world" just so people could self-insert better.
>> No. 34811 [Edit]
You can always do worse than loli. There's like gay shoujo isekai, it has gotten really ridiculous. Especially in print.
The design looks really cute at least.
>> No. 34812 [Edit]
>I'm not entirely sure but isn't isekai actually a relatively new term/genre?
In English, maybe, which is why nobody seems to understand its usage in English despite being an incredibly straightforward term. Rayearth constantly uses the term 「異世界の少女たち」to refer to the heroines. There's some narrative convenience in having a protagonist that's as unfamiliar with the world as the viewer is, so there's always at least that reason if nothing else.

Post edited on 7th Oct 2020, 2:54pm
>> No. 35762 [Edit]
This one got me to start getting creeped out by isekai escapism.
It now feels like religious propaganda for downtrodden people. It's too obvious and as a result, depressing.
>> No. 35768 [Edit]
>isn't isekai actually a relatively new term/genree
As in stories about people from the real world finding themselves in a fantastical one? I'd say that's literally ancient.
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