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File 159993676673.jpg - (364.00KB , 950x800 , 1431113011663.jpg )
34614 No. 34614 [Edit]
I think there is absolutely no denying it.
The 'golden age of fan-subbing' is (or has been) officially over.
Feels weird to live through one of these things.
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>> No. 34616 [Edit]
It's pretty sad. Used to really bring the community together when you had so many people who were actively contributing to it. I really hate CR for what they've done to fan-subbing.
>> No. 34617 [Edit]
The real shame is that niche shows/shorts/OVAs are increasingly going unsubbed. I think maybe best way to prevent it from dying completely is to thoroughly document the existing knowledge-base so it isn't lost completely a couple decades down the line. The basics such as "grab aegisub, time your lines to frame transitions" are straightforward, but I've always been interested in how they do the fancy typesetting (font matching + perspective transform and karaoke effects) and it's harder to find good resources on those.
>> No. 34618 [Edit]
What did they do? Did they actively hunt down fansub groups? If less and less niche material is being subbed, wont that lead to a resurgence of fansubs?

Post edited on 12th Sep 2020, 9:24pm
>> No. 34619 [Edit]
When did the translation of openings and endings stop?
I feel like one day they were simply not getting subs anymore.
All the older anime have them with subs but I don't know a single newer anime with subbed OP and ED. Could that be somehow related to the decrease of fansubs?
>> No. 34620 [Edit]
Official subs almost never have the OP/EDs translated. I'm guessing it's for licensing reasons.
>> No. 34621 [Edit]
Fan and official subbers don't translate OPs/EDs because they need the official lyrics to translate it properly. If you've ever seen fansubs before and after they've obtained lyrics, you would have seen they were pretty off-the-mark before.

You can see official subs usually translate OPs/EDs if you've bought the blu-ray but maybe not for licesnsed, third-party music, I've not noticed.
>> No. 34624 [Edit]
>fansubs before and after they've obtained lyrics, you would have seen they were pretty off-the-mark before
I misunderstand English lyrics plenty of times, so I'd imagine it's a great deal worse in JP with the more abundant homophones.
>> No. 34628 [Edit]
File 16001992508.jpg - (89.60KB , 728x410 , ayanami-rei-neon-genesis-evangelion-red-eyes-short.jpg )
translating OP/ED songs just takes too much time, meaning it is not economically viable.

1. Unless you find the lyrics written somewhere, transcribing them is MUCH harder than transcribing regular speech. I can understand 99% of the spoken Japanese in an average anime just fine without having to hear it twice (with some exceptions like GitS and Tatami Galaxy), but there are Japanese songs I've listened to literally thousands of times and still barely understand a quarter of the lyrics. I'm sure I'm not the only one who often struggles to understand even the lyrics of English-language songs.

2. Speech is always spoken in the context of the accompanying visuals and the story, while song lyrics don't have these context clues to help you with your translation.

3. Song lyrics use much more colorful and rare vocabulary than regular speech.

4. Songs often deliberately leave the meaning of sentences open for interpretation, frequently by employing word plays and puns that are basically impossible to translate into English.

5. And after you've dealt with all that shit, 50% of the viewers will just complain that your subtitle track and its carefully timed karaoke progression completely ruin the beautiful visuals of the OP.

But yeah, people who are good at that whole typesetting stuff should really make some tutorial videos on how to do that.
>> No. 34638 [Edit]
It seems like the kind of thing people did more of back when it was more difficult. It's weird how that works. Or maybe my perception is completely off-base.
>> No. 34641 [Edit]
Seems like there are parallels to warez groups/the "scene", where part of the competition is trying to outdo the other in terms of showmanship and quality (which is indirectly for the sake of status/name-recognition).
>> No. 34692 [Edit]
Horriblesubs is shutting down apparently [1]. That leaves only Erai ripping CR?

>HorribleSubs began more than a decade ago providing subtitles for anime. We have grown way beyond what was originally imagined. But... as the cliché saying goes, all good things must eventually come to an end.
>This was a hard decision to make for the team, but the truth is, our real life responsibilities have been growing, especially in the times of COVID-19. COVID-19 has really impacted us in various ways, but ultimately it negatively affected how much time we were able to frequently contribute. After some reflection and evaluation, we realized moving on was the best way forward. You could technically say COVID killed HorribleSubs.
>This is naturally a good transition point since the Summer 2020 anime season ended and the Fall 2020 anime season is just about to begin. Yes, we waited to finish most of the series before dropping this news. Be grateful for that. However, do not worry. We're certain that other groups will pick up the mantle.

>> No. 34693 [Edit]
There will be others. I doubt anything major will come of their demise.
>> No. 34694 [Edit]
I'm willing to bet that their shutting down is more due to legal pressure than covid (especially considering one can automate the entire ripping and uploading process).
Either way, there are plenty of raw groups out there so even in the worst case where CR somehow becomes un-rippable, it's only a matter of getting someone to transcribe the subs. OCR is also pretty good nowadays so that could even be automated.
>> No. 34695 [Edit]
>I'm willing to bet that their shutting down is more due to legal pressure than covid
Why now, though? All the streaming sites are making money hand over fist.
>> No. 34696 [Edit]
Does this mean they'll no longer seed/share their files?
I never much liked HS, but after they and CR killed the subbing scene they became my (and I assume any other's) primarily source for anime. This is more than a bit concerning to say the least.
>> No. 34697 [Edit]
Batch torrents should still be well seeded, though I'd expect single episodes of past seasonals may no longer be.
I'm not sure, but the timing on the heels of the recent kissanime takedown seems to be a good barometer for the way the winds are blowing. Or the other explanation is that they're too lazy to fix their ripping bot and are using covid as a scapegoat for folding.
>> No. 34698 [Edit]
Unless you still use their XDCC thing I think everything on trackers should be fine.
>> No. 34699 [Edit]
They killed and "monopolized" the subbing scene and are now bailing out?
>> No. 34700 [Edit]
Amazing how many people think that HS was an actual sub group.

>the timing on the heels of the recent kissanime takedown seems to be a good barometer for the way the winds are blowing.
The kissanime situation is more understanding as it's comparable to the official offerings: it was also a streaming service but free.
>> No. 34701 [Edit]
I meant that there are others who can rip subs.
>> No. 34702 [Edit]
Kissanime isn't actually dead. Their new zealand domain is still up at least.
>> No. 34703 [Edit]
Fair enough. I never used it, nor any such services, so I'm fairly clueless about it outside the announcement of its perceived death.
>> No. 34704 [Edit]
Recognizing HS killed the subbing scene doesn't mean people think HS made subs. Subbing is very time consuming tedious work, and from what I saw it seemed like groups all lost motivation to keep doing it when nearly everything was being quickly released with subs anyway.
>> No. 34705 [Edit]
I'm not talking about people in this thread. Instead, I'm making an observation from what I've seen in other places. I should have made that more clear, sorry.
>> No. 34706 [Edit]
Nah my bad, I should have figured that.
>> No. 34707 [Edit]
>That leaves only Erai ripping CR?
They're better at it anyway. HS rips didn't even retain the very basic typesetting.
>> No. 34720 [Edit]
It has been dead for years. Did you just notice? Regardless, you can still find them on AB.
>> No. 34751 [Edit]
I'm just grateful that fansubs remain ever-present while fansub drama has largely been forgotten.
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