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File 159750856468.jpg - (338.50KB , 900x1440 , 25573d65f3bca9698367e4f1960d09de.jpg )
34523 No. 34523 [Edit]
Kissanime has died. The exact reason why is unknown. Kissanime used a legal loop hole and as far as I know, other streaming sites haven't been affected by any recent law changes, so it's a mystery. I'd be willing to bet though that one of the major western streaming sites had something to do with it. I hope this doesn't cause anybody to pay for crunchyroll or fuckimation middle men.
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>> No. 34524 [Edit]
As long as horriblesubs is around, people who aren't already paying for CR still wont.
>> No. 34525 [Edit]
Apparently they censor things based on regional laws. Don't know what's that's all about.
>> No. 34526 [Edit]
The real question is why one would resort to using kissanime in the first place. While I agree that (pirated) streaming sites are more convenient than batch downloading torrents when you only want to sample a single episode, kissanime has always been bottom of the barrel in terms of quality, and they were consistently the most user hostile (banning users for adblock, obnoxious watermarking, etc.). In fact I'm not surprised they were banned considering at one point they were hosting videos on google drive.

That FAQ is completely tongue-in-cheek, right? While I don't see it there now, at one point they had an FAQ entry denying that they ripped from CR/HS. Ditto for the "will you guys sub X show" entry.
>> No. 34527 [Edit]
File 159753465649.jpg - (371.03KB , 1300x1244 , 208fab43b4c5c4c97554f4e5b5ba6a51.jpg )
>why one would resort to using kissanime in the first place
For whatever reason, they'd usually have things like theatrical releases first and they always had everything. It's probably gotten better, but in one instance of gogoanime, there might not be something like gallery fake, while in another there is. At least a couple of years ago, besides kissanime, the most easy to find gunbuster stream with every episode and no audio sync issues was facebook.

>That FAQ is completely tongue-in-cheek, right?
I wouldn't count on it. Their about page says they don't use crunchyroll, Fuckimation, etc. rips.
Here's their disqus rules. NSFW stuff is allowed, but loli falls under "disgusting shit". They give me bad vibes.

Post edited on 15th Aug 2020, 4:38pm
>> No. 34528 [Edit]
I warned you about streaming bro, I told you dog.

>> No. 34529 [Edit]
My hard drive is only around 250 gb and I use it for others things, half of it is already filled.
>> No. 34530 [Edit]
>I wouldn't count on it. Their about page says they don't use crunchyroll, Fuckimation, etc. rips.
Doesn't that lend credence to their whole FAQ page being tongue-in-cheek?
>> No. 34531 [Edit]
Seems like all the more reason to save and horde as much as you can. When the likes of CR finish monopolizing the industry outside of japan, they'll be able to really start cracking down on all the rebels who wont submit. When that happens it'll become harder and harder to find content that isn't directly shared by other fans who keep content hoarded on their own hard drives. In a way it'll be a return to the days of trading anime on vhs.
>> No. 34532 [Edit]
That's ridiculous. West hasn't been able to stop movie piracy, so there's no chance that CR will be able to either. They're just targeting the low hanging fruit, same way they "took down" piratebay a few years back.
>> No. 34533 [Edit]
They might as well have taken down tpb for good. After it was taken down and a flood of clones popped up, many of which were traps or malwear farms, I feel like the average person had no clue which one to trust, destroying the community in the process.
>> No. 34534 [Edit]
can't they just move their servers to mendova or some other third world shithole?
>> No. 34535 [Edit]
Don't they just rip from CR? So if CR censors something due to whatever law then by extension they are too.
>> No. 34536 [Edit]
Well shit I'm not using horriblecucks ever again
>> No. 34537 [Edit]
File 159759872639.png - (817.11KB , 498x700 , sands of time.png )
I remember years ago someone made a 1 hour+ edit of some anime, it was called pizza;gate. It used to be everywhere but now I can't even find it anymore it was erased from the internet as a whole. I could only find one mention of it existing, in a archive thread from years ago.
>> No. 34539 [Edit]
Some things are better forgotten.
>> No. 34542 [Edit]
Buy more storage, mate. It's practically free.
>> No. 34543 [Edit]
Downloading and archiving content seems to have become a bizarre alien concept to the average user of today. They stream all their content from music to videos, and it can be hard to explain to them why they would want to use torrents or xdcc and keep anything. Funny now that hard drives are cheaper than they've ever been. I've had to go extended periods with slow or no internet connection at all, I've hunted for obscure tittles, and I've seen many of my favorite videos get taken down from youtube and other sites. I have more than a PB across my various drives and would never want to be completely dependent on streaming services. That's not to mention all the money I've saved over the last 10 years alone from avoiding streaming/cloud services on the high seas while seeing/playing 10x more content than the average person, which was certainly enough to pay for a few hard drives.
>> No. 34545 [Edit]
File 159767665117.jpg - (38.87KB , 850x1206 , sample_555d1f82419d18a61467af3e86da612c.jpg )
The things you own end up owning you. The idea of managing over a pb of data is intimidating and suffocating to me. What people want is an ideal, utopian enviroment where all information is available instantly and already organized. It can be retrieved and let go of at any time without having to burden yourself or worry about it disappearing.

I make a habit of deleting files which I don't use regularly, but because of reality, I do make an effort to store some things I really like. Things have been lost, but nothing I can't live without. There's a sort of "ethical"/entitled aspect to it too. If you have so much data that can't be found anymore by others, you have a "responsbility" to reupload it so others have access.
>> No. 34546 [Edit]
>The idea of managing over a pb of data is intimidating and suffocating to me.
It mostly just sits there. I don't think there's anything particularly crazy about making a general "anime" folder and dumping videos in it, or doing the same for games which I just separate by system. Small files like photos and music can be a bit more annoying on the other hand to keep organised.
>> No. 34547 [Edit]
>It mostly just sits there
As soon as my first archiving drive got corrupted I had to start thinking about backing up my back ups. No thank you, archiving needs maintenance and really ends up being a burden. I still generally don't stream but my ultimate solution is to just let go of entertainment media and not worry if I can't find it anymore.
>> No. 34549 [Edit]
Use ZFS(/btrfs) alongside raid(-z). Or if you want to avoid thinking about it, get a synology nas which will internally take of pooling and file system details for you and just expose an smb share.
>> No. 34555 [Edit]
>If you have so much data that can't be found anymore by others, you have a "responsbility" to reupload it so others have access.
Just felt like saying, I made a thread for this very purpose a couple years ago here. If anyone sees this and cares feel free to use it. >>29466

Post edited on 18th Aug 2020, 5:16pm
>> No. 34556 [Edit]
Yea I know what you mean fighting against futility is suffocating
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