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File 158828318652.jpg - (95.16KB , 1200x1039 , eating.jpg )
34319 No. 34319 [Edit]
How much do you care about encode quality of the anime you watch?

For newer shows there's not really much choice since you're essentially limited to downloading stream rips from HS/Erai (or re-encodes thereof) or waiting until a blu-ray release. But even then, do you go back and re-watch/re-download shows for archival purposes, and if so how much care do you put into select the "best" encode (bitrate, compression format, etc.). Do you use a local upscaler (e.g. Anime4K as discussed in a previous thread on here)?

For older shows you can usually find a plethora of different releases from different groups – especially during the infamous push for 10-bit – and amusingly I used to find myself spending more time sorting through them trying to pick out the "best" than it took to watch several episodes.
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>> No. 34320 [Edit]
It's really hard to pick a good release on the first try since they usually don't have samples or they're just still images that don't show you if they have bad interlacing.
>> No. 34321 [Edit]
I pick some lower quality compromise usually, for older shows usually 480p for newer 720, mostly to save disk space. For shows I really like I'll get some BD release. If there's a fansub I'll usually pick that over dual audio releases also.
>> No. 34328 [Edit]
File 158843958666.jpg - (694.87KB , 1521x1080 , 035_toweb.jpg )
I often go back to download and archive BD releases of shows I enjoyed.

Care a lot for personal favorites. Preferably 1080p x264 FLAC BDrip with scans of the packaging and audio CDs. Also the BDMV.
For shows I enjoyed, HEVC Hi10P, preferrably OPUS.
In both cases I look for encoders and groups I trust/have downloaded from previously and just watch some parts to check for inconsistencies. Sometimes I download an episode or 2 to compare.

For shows I didn't like much, I go for a smaller 720p release, HEVC if available, and just check that it wasn't a 16yo hackerman encode.

Usually raws.
Quality and completion over size.

Because I like to reminisce about shows I've watched; Admire the cover art and character design of the characters I like; Do not trust companies to keep them; Like to think that some day, may be able help someone who is looking for the files of a show they'd like to watch/archive in the future.

These shows and characters are my little treasures.

And to be honest, disk space, transfer speeds, .. do not really constitute a concern for me anymore. Amazing how far we've come in that regard, compared to a decade ago.

It's the same for manga too. I also own a few, physical, manga/doujis/BDs, but still like to keep a digital archive.
>> No. 34333 [Edit]
For older anime I don't mind if it's a DVD rip (it just has to be a good one). I find most of my stuff in high-quality anyway. But for recent anime I try to get the best release available since I've a lot of space with my 2x3TB HDD.
>> No. 34444 [Edit]
File 159384675116.jpg - (390.00KB , 1007x1500 , 20200628.jpg )
I like a decent quality ~ 360/480 for older releases.720 minimum for new releases.

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